Sunday, June 21, 2009

Iran and Iraq : 2 brothers in trouble...

Iran and Iraq are examples of countries living dangerously where their internal affairs are being dictated by those with vested interest.

  1. Different country, different set of rules. As members of international community, the countries need to respect the sovereignity of others and this respect is mutually accorded to them.
  2. At least, that's what the ideal situation should be. Or the least, this scribe expects from the so called superpowers, leaders of nations, guardians of mankind. Why? Because we share the same sun, the same moon and breathe the same air. In short, we have nowhere else to go apart from this planet earth we came to call earth.
  3. So, what's wrong? This scribe notice that at least 2 members of Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC), specifically Iran and Iraq, is facing internal crisis. And that crisis is basically borne out of other countries expectation and norms.
  4. For Republic of Iraq, nothing seems normal since the self appointed Marshall of the world, USA attacked Iraq and topple Saddam Hussein in 2003. To this scribe, the act by western countries attacking Iraq and toppling Saddam on the lame excuse of the existence of Weapons of Mass destruction (WMD) is a cheap camourflage for their thirst for back gold aka petroleum.
  5. 2009, 6 years after "liberating" Iraq, the country is still struggling to regain its footings. Saddam Hussein left a big gap between the sunnis and the shiahs. Latest, more than 70 were killed by an explosion in Kirkuk which flattened a masjid after the afternoon prayer. US and Iraqi forces are quick to blame Al-Qaeda for the blast.
  6. Islamic Republic of Iran fared not much better. Although the election commission has announced that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad retained his president's post, the losing presidential candidate Mousavi cried foul and mobilised thousand of supporters into the streets to protest the results. Why it happen? Again, it is because the western media painted that Mousavi, a former Prime Minister, as the reformist who can launch Iran into prosperity. The media will not paint such a rosy picture if their respective Government did not give the encouragement. In my previous posting, it has been hinted that Iran's street protest has the blessing of the western powers.
  7. The first non-White President of USA has openly urge Iran to cease "violent and unjust" actions. Is this the beginning of USA's (again?) intervention in other country's affairs?
  8. When others praise the self appointed Marshall, this scribe will call it otherwise. Let me explain why...
  9. USA is facing an economic downturn. It's manufacturing business is not doing well. And when ol' Sam is sick, it has to find remedies and create opportunities. Where else to strengthened Ol' Sam's economy if not sucking form those middle east countries or potential rich countries? And that is where Iraq and Iran becomes important to USA. Iraq and Iran are neighbouring countries rich in oil reserve. If western countries can siphon billion of dollars from Iraq under the pretet of re-building the nation, then what can stop the western nations to again push for civial unrest in Iran so that they can come in to be the "saviour" and later bleeds Iran dry?
  10. Western nations have study their intended victim well. Iran and Iraq, being arab nations in the middle easr, are full of pride and big egos. If you don't believe me, try playing basketball or soccer with them and you will understand why. Playing basketball with arab players, they want to be superstars and all balls must go to and through them. They will be the guards, the forwards and the center, all rolled into 1 player. They are short tempered and blames everyone for whatever mistakes the team makes, never admitting their own mistakes. This is the Arabs weakpoints which is fully exploited by the west. And that is how Saddam met his maker...or Shah Iran lost his peacock throne.
  11. For the west, Iran and Iraq is the "goldmine" for tha taking. The west are lining up Iran and Iraq so that they can sell all the obsolete weapons to the Iranians and the Iraqis. Irans need to build up their weapons because of the civil arrest which may turn dirty and escalated into civil war. And that is why the western nations are giving full backing to Mousavi. What they are aiming for is for Mousavi to unseat Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and weaken Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.
  12. If the west can push Mousavi to take the reins of Iran's powers, it would not be surpring if Iran will head towards Kamal Ataturk's Turkey and become the stooge of the west. If that happens, the happiest nation in the world will be the Jew state.
  13. What about Iraq? Since 2003, billion of dollars has been used by the invading force to rebuild the nation. 6 years on, the nation is still in turmoil, proving that the current crop of leaders are no match to Saddam Hussein. Yes, Saddam Hussein may be a dictator but he may be the evil Iraq needs to keep the nation intact. With Britain and USA leaving Iraq soon, something must be done to ensure stability post-invasion armies. What happens in Kirkurk today is a soft reminder that all is not well in Iraq. Is USA hinting that their physical presence should be extended? If so, at what cost?
  14. These 2 examples are from 1 hotspot of the world. We have not delved into the Koreans yet. We have not touch base with South East Asia. We have not visited Sri Lanka since Tamil Tigers wipeout. These hotspot areas are building up. All it needs is for the West to provide the spark and all hell will break loose. So for now, these nations are building up arms. And arming thyself is not cheap. This is where the West monopolise the one market they still control - arms market. And these weapons do not come cheap. This is one way for West to get back into the black, out of the economic turmoil.
  15. Maybe hopefully, now you see that the self appointed Marshall is also moonlighting as the bank robbers. How can the Marshall arrest himself for the crimes committed?
  16. Iran and Iraq are examples of countries living dangerously where their internal affairs are being dictated by those with vested interest. It is also an example , like Iraq, where the country's laws and legislations are shoved to them by those invading countries. Iraq has lost its once colourful and glittering history. Iran, a country which Khomeini brings back to embrace Islam is also vigorously attacked by the West. To the West, what is not western and liberated are conservative, reppresive and oppresive. That is the western standards. And that standards is not in the same vein as the Iran/Iraq values. Thus the question - which standard is better? Which standard is more universal? Which standard is more human? You see, we must understand that "not all that glitters are gold"...
  17. Although Iran and Iraq is thousand of miles away, what happen to them can be a lesson to us. Malaysians must live by our own set of standards, rules and regulations. We have the basic components and a strong base. What we need is to build up the components to suit Malaysians of all race, religion and creed. Outside forces are waiting in the wings to destabilise Malaysia. Malaysians must be wary of the hidden threats and should not be egoist as it will be used against us.
  18. The stage for Iran and Iraq is already set...we must jointly make sure that the stage is not set to destabilise Malaysia. We may have shortcomings but this is our country so stand up and be counted...and let's join forces for a better Malaysia, regardless of religion, race or creed.
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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