Monday, June 08, 2009

PAS : Which direction now...or to whose direction now?

  1. The past week has been hectic for PAS. During their just concluded 55th Muktamar, PAS welcomed a new youth chief, stand by the incumbent Nasharuddin Mat Isa, voting in 2 new faces as Vice Presidents.
  2. It is also noticeable that PAS in it's rebranding exercise has elected 11 reformers and 7 conservatives to the decision-making central committee.
  3. In the nutshell, PAS sticks to its age old belief that the ulamas' should be holding the top 2 posts, running the day to day affairs, with Murshidul Am providing guidance to the central committee.PAS delegates had decided. Although many, including this scribe, see Husam Musa as one of the brightest star in PAS, Nasharuddin has better luck beating him for the deputy post. The same about Khalid Samad, the Shah Alam MP who failed to secure a seat in the central committee. He is another unnecessary casualty, as far as this scribe is concerned...
  4. For both of them, all is not lost. PAS Central working committee will meet on 11th June to select 6 appointed positions. If PAS wants to remain polpular within the non-Muslim voters, they will appoint these 2. Why ?
  • Husam Musa is knowledgeable and he is well prepared in his parliamentary debates especially during the "double tracking project" during Tun M's era;
  • Husam Musa is closely associated with Jeff Ooi and other DAP leaders which will make it easier to have pro-active dialogues between the parties;
  • Khalid Samad has won the hearts of non-Muslim with his friendly approach;
  • Khalid Samad is a firebrand in parliament, an asset for PAS;
5. 55th Muktamar highlighted other things as well. It seems that PR's bonding is still fragile. Hadi Awang's unity talk with BN is not well received by DAP, at least. Hadi has earlier explained that PAS has briefed the issue with PKR and DAP. So, the question is, which DAP and PKR did PAS briefed on the unity talk? Why the confusion? And it should be added that LKY's PAP is going to have meetings with DAP in Malaysia this week. Is that meeting sanctioned by PAS? If DAP feels that it is not subjected to queries in the upcoming meeting with PAP, then why should PAP suspicious on unity talks between PAS and UMNO? And if the unity talk is about strengthening Islam, is it wrong?

6. PKR is not doing well with PAS, either. PKR has distanced itself from PAS's call to ban NGO Sister in Islam. Here, it seems that Wan Azizah's (read Anwar's) led PKR is playing politics with akidah. Is PKR willing to forego "akidah" for political gains? At least, PKR can be more accomodating to PAS if they were to sponsor dialogue/debate between PAS and Sisters in Islam. It is good to know where PAS comes from in arriving to resolution that Sister in Islam should be banned. And likewise, the public would like to knows Sister in Islam's stance in issues concerning "akidah".

7. UMNO, as usual, has pounced on this difference to drive a deeper wedge between PAS and DAP/PKR. Khairy Jamaluddin has openly suggested for the unity talk. Whilst the majority of PAS leaders are against the unity talk, the top 2 PAS men are open to that suggestions, before.

8. And that brings us to a million dollar question - whose music is PAS dancing to now? It has been widely circulated that Nasharuddin did not see any harm in engaging in talks and dialogues with BN. If Nasharuddin, as the deputy President, sees talks and dialogues as fruitful, then why is PAS pushing for ban on Sisters in Islam? Coudn't PAS engage Sisters in talks and dialogues first? Has SIS deviated from the Islamic teachings? If yes, at which point did they deviate? Maybe others may not be interested, but I enlightened me on this issue.

9. PAS needs to clearly define its directions now. Which way will PAS go? PAS has come a long way. The delegates has selected a fair balance of professionals and ulamas. It is time for PAS to prove to all their slogan of "PAS for all" is not sales gimmick.

10. At the same time, PAS has to stand firm with their resolution. If PAS calls for unity talk, then spill out the Terms and Conditions. If PAS calls for Sisters' banning, PAS needs to list out the reasons.

11. PAS must learn and accept that Malaysia is a multi-racial country where the needs may not be confined to the select few. Sisters may be wrong, but PAS needs to highlight where they go wrong. PAS must also understand that the rakyat is currently rejecting BN. It is better for PAS to let BN to sort out their own problems. It is no point for PAS to play "doctor" to revive BN. BN needs its own will power to survive. If BN is strong willed, then BN can discuss openly on unity talk. For now, BN can't even practise "unity" in their practise, as proven in PPP, MCA and Gerakan. If BN can't "unite" under its own flags, how can BN talk about "unity" for Malaysians.

12. PAS is also at the crossroad. Will they offer Husam and Khalid Samad the CWC position? Or will PAS, like UMNO, follows the "winner takes all" concept? Hadi may be the President but can he convince his party members? The delegates has rejected "unity government", will Hadi and Nasharuddin listen? Will it be another "Nakhaie" for PAS?

13. Just a word of advise. The old man Nik Aziz is still there. PAS should well learn from his wisdom then to fall to the brashness of Hadi Awang. Nik Aziz knows UMNO trappings very well but Hadi may not learn from his "fall from grace" lessons when PAS lost Terengganu. Hadi is a fiqh man whilst Nik Aziz drew strength from usuluddin. That is where they differ, from the "hard" stand of fiqh to the "logical" stand of usuluddin. Nik Aziz has proved, time and time again, that his stands are right once the statements are fully understood.

14 PAS has survived 55 years. PAS is so close to Putrajaya. This is the last 10 meters in the 4 x 100 meter relay. PAS has the speed, it has the stamina to go for it...and winning the race, together with PR partners.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


Fi-sha said...

Dear Mr Dnightcaller

Somehow listening to what transpired during the Muktamar makes me think that PAS is having multiple personality disorder.

I would very much hope that they would forsaken those in needs of enlightment, instead engage to understand and embrace the difference. Otherwise, they will be seen as a splinter party of UMNO.

So whats lacking now for PAS to finish this triathlon to Putrajaya is to endure or tolerate the difference (make friends, forget enemies) and make the best of what they have (read: get YB Husam and Khalid Samad on CWC) and not forgetting, be true to thyself.


nightcaller said...


PAS is not having multiple personality disorder. What PAS has is multiple thinking from various factions. This resulted in PAS leaders sending various signals which may not be their grassroots thinking. And this is the danger part because PAS grassroots do not blindly follow their leaders like UMNO. If PAS leaders deviate from the delegates, the leaders have to make way, like what happened to Asri Muda and Nakhaie before.

Like it or not, PAS was an offshoot of UMNO. Their difference is on the approach where PAS's idealogy is to place Islam as the most important issue.

PAS is treading in dangerous waters. They know UMNO too well, whilst PKR is still fledgling for directions and DAP is seen as an offshoot of PAP Singapore. PAS needs assurance that DAP/PKR will abides and respect the existing legislation. DAP has on numerous occasions acted against the monarchy system especially during the early days after March 2008. 1 example is when the Johore DAP leader refused to wear the songkok for his swearing in whilst the second is when the Perak DAP proposed a non-Muslim to head the state government.

Those 2 occassions may be small to DAP but to the rural folks, this is a clear sign of DAP's disrespect towards the monarchy. That is why PAS has to be very careful here. They are in delicate situation and position. Small in parliamentary seats but well organised, PAS will be a valuable asset to whichever parties it choose to work with.

Anonymous said...

Few clarifications. First of all, it's never been the intention fo DAP Perak to be MB Perak. At the beginning, it's LKS opposed because PAS seems to be more "extremist" than PKR. DAP Perak fully agreed by having PAS, Nizar as MB. Subsequently, PKR objected. Hence, 3 parties submitted the names for MB & PAS was chosen

Secondly, There is no real protocol in Johore State Assembly Constituition that require Aduns to wear songkoks. Those in the government, perhaps. But not ordinary Aduns

PAS has made several manouvre that can be seen detrimental to PR or to a lesser extend PKR

1) Immediately after 8th March, PAS & UMNO Selangor held secret talks without informing PKR. You know the agenda

2) Subsequently, PAS & UMNO held secret talks again without informing Pakatan Rakyat component parties.

3) Hadi openly saying that DAP & PKR have been duly informed. The fact that is NOT! Just wondering if Islam permits such thing

LKY's meetings with LGE's on official business. Between Singapore cabinet members & Penang Exco members
DAP has stood their ground in anything they have done. Including the selection of DPM1 in Penang.
I believe most PAS members knew DAP's valuable contributions of uplifting PAS & Hence, unwise for Hadi for make such move.
To be continue


nightcaller said...

Looes 74

Welcome...actually i was waiting for ur input on my other posting about roof collapse

Ok, now to ur comments :-

1. DAP Perak may not have the intention but why did DAP first submitted Ngeh's name as MB when they first have audience with HRH. After the proposals were shot down and all are reminded to adhere to Perak constitution on the eligibilty to be MB, only then Nizar's name was proposed as MB of Perak. My take is LKS never "reads" PAS as more extremist than PKR but LKS's view, at that time, is based on the fact that there is no direct pact between PAS/DAP. The common factor is PKR since PKR has understanding with DAP and PKR also has understanding with PAS.

2. There is no written protocol but the customs are there. The DAP leaders were informed about this and they choose to highlight their disagreement in media. To me, frankly, wearing songkok as a gesture of respect towards HRH is highly appreciated and will gain them political mileage.

3. On PAS secret talks with UMNO right after March 2008, it has been highlighted that it was UMNO who make the first approach. And no 2, which is more important, PAS sticks to PR, despite the promise by UMNO to have PAS MB for Selangor.

4. On subsequent talks with UMNO, specifically Abdullah Badawi, PAS has come out clean and say that the meeting has Anwar in attendance in Kota Bharu (this was reported in all media right after the meeting) and PAS expects Anwar to brief DAP on the matter since PKR has direct pact with DAP. And that is why, I have been pointing out numerous times that DAP, PAS and PKR should formalise PR as soon as possible so that all these miscommunication and misunderstanding can be minimised.

5. Finally, the last point, I agree with u, DAP and PAS is on win-win relationship where PAS bring in the Muslims votes to DAP whilst DAP ropes in non-Muslim votes to PAS. It is my sincerest hope that this relationship will continue and both parties must be vigilant against detrators who are bent is seeing DAP,PAS,PKR alliance smashed.

Anonymous said...

It's an honour in awaiting for my inputs on Rooftop collapse. I shall reply on that
Well, I hope that Nik Aziz, Husam & the gang would knock some senses on Nasha when they meet on a secret meeting today
I respect Nik Aziz for being so serene even being told that his words does not represent PAS. Technically, Nasha is correct but on EQ, aiyah........
Yup, indeed I am pretty angry over this. Never disrespect your elders. This is not Islam value but many other values. FYI, I am a christian.
Worst still, to date, there is straightforward statement stating that PAS shall stick with Pakatan Rakyat. Read through the lines mentioned by Mustapha Ali, Nasha even Hadi Awang
Nik Aziz is very clear cut. No to Unity government. out of the question. You see if there is no consistency, they bound to be a problem......
DAP has been very clear on this matter.....


P.S : I am down with bad sore throat & mild fever. Might be on MC tommorrow. Would try to reply on the rooftop collapses

Anonymous said...

It shall read "There is no straightforward statement stating that PAS shall stick to Pakatan Rakyat".....


nightcaller said...


Experience differentiates the men from the boys. Nik Aziz has proven time and time again why he is the grand old man of PAS.

Nasha can say and claimed many things but in the end he has to listen to the clear message of the delegates - no unity government with BN.

I am sure after th emeeting today, PAS will come up with a strong statement that they will stick with PR.