Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Perak and MU : A case of 2 extremes...Malaysian style

2 extremes. One to help BN the other to stop PR. Is this "people first, perfomance now" ?

  1. In TV3's early morning news, Rais "I burnt the bridge" Yatim mentioned that his ministry will prepare a report covering socio-economics and socio-political in the state constituency of Kelantan N41 Manek Urai (MU) and will be distributed to BN and other ministries to enable them to draw up plans to improve the constituents.
  2. In the news, Rais never mentioned or implied that the report will also be distributed to other political parties, apart from BN.
  3. Bernama in their news datelined 2nd June wrote all parties including BN will be given a copy of the report. In both news, there is no mention that other political parties, apart from BN, will be given a copy of the report.
  4. That's Rais for you. Too over efficient and jumping the gun. If this is not a form of political campaign, then what is? Why is the report prepared now? Why Kelantan N41 MU? Why not other constituencies? Why was this not done in Penang N12 Penanti? Rais has a lot to explain. The timing is not right. Unless, Rais is using the report to BN's advatage during the coming by-election. And if this is for by-election purposes, isn't this a form of abuse of power? If it is, what will EC do about this? Will MACC act? Or will both agencies come out with their standard reply - this is part of the ministry's program and is not a form of campaigning or abuse of power.
  5. In a way, there is nothing can be done because the report is being prepared before the official campaigning period. This, my friends, is government's "over-efficiency" in Kelantan N41 MU, a constituency who will have by-election in July 2009.
  6. Now, in other unrelated news, Malaysiakini reported that there is still no sight of written judgement by the court of appeals regarding Perak's MB vs MB despite judge Md Raus Sharif targetted 29th May 2009 to release the written judgement.
  7. Same government, different branches, different priorities? One is too efficient when it comes to report that may benefit BN for the upcoming Kelantan N41 MU, whilst the other is dragging its feet as PR is waiting for the written judgement to prepare for their appeals submission to the Federal court.
  8. Looking at the dates, BN if they decide to contest Kelantan N41 MU has more than 1 month before the campaign officially kicks off. PR, on the other hand has less than 20 days (dateline to submit appeal to the federal court is 22nd June 2009) and there is no clear indication when the written judgement by the appeals court will be released.
  9. What if the written judgement is released on 19th June 2009? Do PR has sufficient time to submit the appeal? Is the written judgement witheld on purpose?
  10. If PR submit the appeal before the written judgement is released, will it hold?
  11. 1M PM6 has promised "People first, performance now". PR has been elected to govern Perak by the people so it is time for BN's federal government to walk the talk. Ensure that the written judgement is released early and request the federal court for an early date to hear PR's appeal on Perak's MB vs MB. Are we asking too much?
  12. We are now facing 2 extremes. One giving all the advantages to BN. One providing all the unnecessary obstacles to PR. You can say what you want. You can choose to agree and you can choose to disagree. But as long as BN did not walk "people first, performance now" promise, the perception will be BN is the big bully, and they have been so for such a long time.
  13. On the footnote, wishing Zorro, Helen Ang and the 69 who were arrested in Ipoh during the last state assembly sitting the best of luck. For all you know, these 69 arrested will be making a short 1-day trip to Ipoh on 4th June 2009 because it is highly unlikely that they willbe charge in the court of law. If that happen, Zorro will be fuming mad ...and may head to the nearest waterhole.
  14. By the way, will Bigdog and Minaq Jinggo hang around Ipoh courts to take photos of the proceedings? And the joys of "graduation" for these heroic 69? To the 69, make my day...
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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