Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Busy weeks ahead...all related to Bagan Pinang

For Najib, nothing else is important except for a thumping victory in Bagan Pinang. Najib may think that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully, for Najib's sake, it is not another mirage - courtesy of PR

Whilst all eyes are focusing on Bagan Pinang proper, let's take time off to see what's coming up during the busy "Visit Bagan Pinang week".

  1. First up will be the expected explosive MCA EGM slated to take place on 10th October 2009. The EGM will discuss on the following resolutions :-

    • Move a motion of no-confidence against Ong Tee Kiat;
    • Declare as null and void the decision of the Presidential council to accept the recommendation by the Disciplinary board to expel Chua Soi Lek (he had since been suspended for a period of 4 years);
    • Reinstate Chua Soi Lek as MCA's Deputy President;
    • Revoke any appointment made prior to the EGM;
    • Dismiss all possible disciplinary actions and sentences against the requisitionists;

    News are surfacing that there is the "third force" in MCA who are working on installing a new team to replace both Ong Tee Kiat and Chua Soi Lek as President and Deputy President respectively. Bear in mind that the MCA EGM will be held just a day before Bagan Pinang by-election and it will be hawkishly scrutinised by the approximately 1,490 Chinese voters. As it is now, the Chinese voters are swaying towards PR and the MCA EGM results will reinforce their commitments to vote PR, this time around.

  2. On the same date, Najib will be launching Parti Makkal Sakhti Malaysia (PMSM) in Taman Pameran Pertanian Malaysia, Serdang. Although MIC wont accept PMSM as an alternative Indian-based party, Najib may has his own ideas on this.

    And that leads to another pertinent question. Why is PMSM so important to Najib? Remember IPF (Indian Progressive Party) which was formed by the late Pandithan in the mid 90's? Even with open support from IPF towards BN, the party is still waiting in the wings to join BN. Further, how does IPF felt when their GA was only officiated by Tg Adnan's replacement. Not only Najib did not officiate their GA, even Tg Adnan failed to show up...and yet IPF is still begging to join BN ranks. What happen if PMSM were to be accepted into BN? Will MIC cry foul? Will IPF still stands behind BN?

    If 1,490 Chinese voters are tuning in on MCA's EGM, approximately 2,824 Indian voters in Bagan Pinang will be following Najib's speech during PMSM's launching. So far, Indian voters are still seething with the "moo-head" protest in Selangor. (I have to abide to Murugiah's warning not to mention the sacred word, as it is forbidden in Bagan Pinang).

    That leads to 1 question. Will Najib officiate MCA's EGM? If he will, he will be a busy man indeed on 10th October 2009 (10 10 10) rushing from MCA EGM to launching PMSM to monitoring Bagan Pinang final preparation before polling day. And what will Najib use to boost his energy? 100 plus? Or does he need to steam off in PD, someplace reminiscence of the many escapades some people do in PD? And who will be his partner to steam off this time? Will it be Zahid Hamidi, Mooyidein or Moorugiah? Or will it be someone fairer this time around?

  3. In the spirit on 1Malaysia, it is impossible to leave the other race out of discussion. Yes, the Malays. Najib is banking on Isa Samad to win Bagan Pinang so that he can drool on 13th October 2009. It's UMNO GA time then and Najib need the feel good factor by then.

    Remember that whilst all eyes are looking Bagan Pinang direction, Najib managed to slip in Omar Ong as Petronas board director member. Blogger Big Dog has posted his reservations way back in May 2009. Another and A voice covered Omar in his October 2008 posting. And both bloggers are "big boys" in blogosphere ! Looking on, the following needs to be addressed properly by BN media spinners :-

    • When did Omar Ong paid his RM 120,000 penalty for supposed breach in Petronas scholarship? Was it done when his name was put up to sit in the Petronas board? If that is so, is it ethically correct? Is it morally acceptable?
    • Is it true that he is an UMNO treasurer in one of UMNO divisions in Johore? Is his appointment has anything to do with his father, Mustapha Ong, who was a former private secretary to Mohamed Rahmat (former Minister of Information)?
    • If Omar's appointment is due to his leadership skill gained from his working experience and studies in Oxford, will his appointment diminish the other Oxford's garduate, whom I just learnt graduated in History from the same prestigous college? (Hint : He hails from the same state as Isa Samad)
    • Is Omar Ong's appointment a teaser to Hamid Albar's possible appointment as Petronas Chairman? If this is true, then Mooyiddein will be happy because two Johoreans will be leading Petronas. By coincidence, Petronas has explorations in Terengganu, Kelantan and Sabah but no oil platforms in Johore and yet 2 Johoreans may control Petronas and its funds. One up for Mooyiddein?
    • Since we are in this subject, Najib can fare better if he choose to appoint Idris Jusoh to warm Petromnas chair. If Najib do that, he can appease the 10 black boys of Terengganu and stabilise Ahmad Said's position. Will Najib do that or is he too afraid of Hishamuddein, another Johorean who happens to head Terengganu UMNO?
    • As Omar Ong has been known to be an ardent supporter of Najib, is there any "behind the scene" drama coming in? More cash outflow from Petronas to certain selected companies and individuals, perhaps?

    Say what you want but Omar Ong's appointment as Board member of Petronas will not ruffle any feathers in Bagan Pinang. The Malay votes will remain status quo at 55:45.

  4. If the first three paragraphs above touches on the three major races who will be playing a major role in Bagan Pinang by election, there is the fourth factor which is BN's safe haven - that of postal voters.

    Najib has started courting the postal voters by naming PD as "Port Dickson - Army Town". His rationale is simple. PD housed a large number of army camps and training centres. Well, that is fine. If that is the case, will Taiping (with apology to Zorro, Looes74 and CS Cheah) be known as "Taiping - Prison town"? I mean Taiping has one of the oldest prisons in Malaysia and is the home of ISA detainees who has prominent "graduates", amongst them Lim KS, Karpal, Anwar Ibrahim, Ibrahim Ali, Zahid Hamidi etc.

    Then, will we have "Tg Malim - Proton city", "Nilai - Education town", "Kerteh - Petronas town", "Gurun - Perwaja town" coming soon?

    By the way, what do PD residents feel naming PD as army town? Are they warming up to Najib's idea? Why not just named PD as "PD - 1Army town" since Najib is so fond of naming everything as 1x ?

This, in a nutshell is distance politics. It may not happen directly in Bagan Pinang but the ripples will reach Bagan Pinang. It also shows that Najib is desperate for a BN win, and he wants a thumping victory so that he can drool himself silly on 13th October 2009. Never mind what Tun Mahathir said about selecting Isa as the candidate, forget about Abdullah's disdain against Isa Samad.

For Najib, nothing else is important except for a thumping victory in Bagan Pinang. Najib may think that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully, for Najib's sake, it is not another mirage - courtesy of PR...before the all important Federal court sitting on 5th November to determine the righful MB of Perak.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

BN's on the run, PR under the spotlight and someone going senile?

Update : BN picks Isa Samad as BN candidate for Bagan Pinang by-election. As posted by Malaysiakini @ 4.18 pm

Now, as all eyes are turning Bagan Pinang, let me make an early call. If BN did not field in either Isa Samad or his son, PR will breathe easy and has a fighting chance. However, If BN choose Isa Samad or his son, then PR's chances will be slimmer by the day. But knowing PR, they will come out fighting to wrest Bagan Pinang away. It will be a good fight, a barometer to gauge the support of the rakyat.

Raya's over and you can see that the crowd is back in town. I mean, those wheeler dealers are now back at their favourite corner in the mall cooking up stories and sharing gossips.

Whatever it is, the recent Raya week sees BN making a dash to revive its fading fortunes whilst PR is under the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. So, this time let's not focus on a specific issue but to list down statements and issues which will either make or break those concerned :-
  1. On Bagan Pinang, Tun Mahathir has make his stand clear that he is not i favour of BN naming Isa Samad as the BN candidate for the coming by-election. Who will be BN's candidate for Bagan Pinang will be revealed by Muhyiddin Yassin on 29th September 2009.
  2. It also shows that Malaysians are a fickle lot. When Abdullah was the PM, the crowds shyied from Mahathir's open house. Now that there is a new kid running the show, the crowdsreturn in droves to Mahathir's with Abdullah's open house not as merry as it was before. A tale of two open houses indeed.
  3. Najib is buzy wooing the Chinese by announcing RM 250,000 for lantern festival which will be an annual event. However, as far as I can remember, the Chinese has been celebrating the lantern festivals ages ago without BN support. Why the sudden interest, Najib? Is it because of Bagan Pinang?
  4. Najib is also busy wooing the Indians by agreeing to launch Indian based Parti Makkal Sakhti Malaysia on 10th October 2009. Is Najib sending a message to Samy Vellu? Or is this another stunt for Bagan Pinang?
  5. What about the Malays? Najib has nothing to worry because his chief backer has called on the people to continue supporting BN. If a person who is supposed to be apolitical, above the politics, entrusted to look after the religous affairs of the state can make that statement, what else can you say? If the call is to support BN, everything is in order, so sayeth Shamsuddin Nawawi aka political secretay of Pahang MB aka small talk. What happen if a person of the same standing make the call to support non-BN party? Will his statement be acceptable to BN and the MSM? Frankly, I doubt let small talk spins. The faster he spins, the more likely he will get a massive headache in Bagan Pinang.
  6. As inducement, Pahang will now get a second university, National Defense Univeristy Malaysia. Deputy Higher Education Minister announced this on 26th September 2009. Is Najib's 1Malaysia meant for Malaysians or is he indicating that the whole of Malaysia (1Malaysia) is his for the taking? I am getting confused here...

    How much does it cost to have the second university in Pahang? Speculations are always there...some says it's UIA revisited. Maybe Anwar can share something on this...

  7. Hassan Ali, it seems could not run away from controversies. Now, he's in the news again for his criticism on Selangor's committee for competency, accountability and transparency (Selcat).

    This time around PR reps blasted Hassan Ali for his stand. I, for one, will support Hassan Ali on this issue. Reason? Although Selcat is a novel idea to stamp out incompetency and establish accountability, it should not be a vehicle to bash past administration. Further, it should also not a venue to blast the state administrators who are following instructions. Selcat, especially those from the PR side should not go overboard in dispensing their duties. Open enquiry to public servants may be fine and fun for PR reps, but it is not for those public servants. Drilling them for something beyond their control is wrong. Overdrilling them for personal gratification or out of personal vendetta is humiliating. Remember that public servants are there to assisst the government of the day. They are not there to swear allegiance to a party (although some did).

    And whilst I am in the mode, Selcat maybe fine. It will be better if it were to scrutinise the spending done under PR governmentship instead of targeting the previous administration. Better still, Selcat should be coming out with guidance and protection for the civil servants to do what they do best with Selcat's guarantee that no political inteference will come into play. Can you do that, Selcat?

  8. Apparently, someone is also trying to cash in on Kugan. Kugan's mum, lawyers and family members tried to present a memorandum to the palace official on 26th September 2009. Actually, it is fine with me but the question is the timing and the foolhardiness of the group.

    Why did the group insisit that all the 20 or so participants witness the handing of memorandum? When the palace officials have agreed to 3, then stick to 3. Some may ask - who should be the three? Well! Kugan's mum, his lawyer and one of the 2 MPs' present. They can represent the whole 20 participants or why create a fuss? Isn't 3 better than none at all?

    I see this as more of a PR exercise by Uthayakumar to promote his newly created HRP. That's the same reason why he calls for candle vigil on 6th september in response to the "cow head" incident in Shah Alam. Why did Uthayakumar choose dataran Merdeka over Shah Alam? If he is against the "cow head" incident then he should be having his candle light march in Shah Alam. The same goes when Uthayakumar make his presence felt in Kg Buah Pala. It was a short lived PR exercise and when the crunchtime came, he was nowhere to be found.

There will be some newsworthy issues not covered this time around. Now, as all eyes are turning Bagan Pinang, let me make an early call. If BN did not field in either Isa Samad or his son, PR will breathe easy and has a fighting chance. However, If BN choose Isa Samad or his son, then PR's chances will be slimmer by the day. But knowing PR, they will come out fighting to wrest Bagan Pinang away. It will be a good fight, a barometer to gauge the support of the rakyat. Najib's 1Malaysia is making the waves but his 1Malaysia F1 team fails to win me over...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Monday, September 28, 2009

Too much rendang and lemang...needs major update :)

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are... Read More

Friday, September 18, 2009

To all the ... I ...before...

Me? How I wish I could be in Bukit Bendera, Kota Tinggi, Puncak Alam, Jerteh, Grik, Kuantan, Sungai Petani, Alor Setar, Rembau, Mata Air, Temerloh, Johor Baru, Kota Kinabalu, Kuching, Bukit Katil, Pasir Mas at the same time but hey ...I am just human. For those whose places I mentioned - thanks for the fond memories which I will always treasure for the rest of my life...and if by chance I missed a few, forgive me as I have no intention to deliberately leave you out.

Balik kampung ! The familiar delightful time is here again and the exodus of cityfolks making beelines towards their respective kampung to celebrate eid fitri will be reaching its peak this coming Saturday 19th September 2009.

For those celebrating the eid in Kuala Lumpur, it will be one of those few days where they will enjoy traffic free highways and uncongested public transport system. A time where the city will be flooded with PATIs' and PADIs'. For these PATIs' and PADIs', they do not have to worry about roadblocks set up by Malaysian public to "sweep" PATIs'. It is just not the Malaysian way...

As for the rest of us, the urge to reach home to the comforts of kampong scenes and the nostalgic memories of distant past should not be a license nor excuse to go against the traffic rules or to overspeed. Let's everybody reach home safely.

For those who are still looking for tickets, this is not the end of the world. It has been announced by the keeper of the Royal seal that the moon sighting shall be on 19th September and going by records, the chances of positive moon sighting is quite minimal. Does that means Eid Fitri will fall on Monday 21st September 2009?

Whatever it is, for those whose marriage bonds necessitates them to criss cross the country from 2nd Raya onwards, these are dreaded times indeed. Travelling from Bukit Bendera, Penang to Kota Tinggi Johor will be a challenge but not as tough as travelling from Alor Setar to Kuala Terengganu through the mountainous east-west highway with the infamous Tanah Merah bottle neck along the way. And all this are part of the yearly sacrifice the majority of us go through each year to be with the family clans. Sorts of going back to the roots.

Me? How I wish I could be in Bukit Bendera, Kota Tinggi, Puncak Alam, Jerteh, Grik, Kuantan, Sungai Petani, Alor Setar, Rembau, Mata Air, Temerloh, Johor Baru, Kota Kinabalu, Kuching, Bukit Katil, Pasir Mas at the same time but hey ...I am just human. For those whose places I mentioned - thanks for the fond memories which I will always treasure for the rest of my life...and if by chance I missed a few, forgive me as I have no intention to deliberately leave you out.

By the time this posting is out, yours truly will be making final arrangements for the long journey to criss cross the country in the next 5 days or so. Time to replenish and to rejenuvate in the company of family, friends and loved ones. Some say that the scenic view of Kuala Berang-Simpang Pulai highway will blow you away. Anybody taking that route this coming holidays?

It will be most unfair if those living oversea are left out. And there are a few who deserved special mention, leaving their families behind in pursuit of educational enhancement. Leaving just before Eid Fitri and then celebrating it in faraway places may be tough for them. Hope they will not breakdown upon hearing "Dendang Perantau". I can understand if you are 18, 20, 25, 30 going for further education but this special friend of mine choose to further his at 52! Well! I hope he has his reasons...:)

There are also those who will be celebrating eid Fitri in USA, UK, Egypt, Bahrain, Vietnam, Japan, Australia, New Zealand. For those celebrating eid Fitri in foreign land with their spouse and children, it will not be as bad. they may even cooked lemang in tin foiled or laksa or rendang. It's just home away from home, with the exception of unfamilar faces and different climatic condition.

Coming back to this special friend who at 52 year and now back in UK as a student. Let me take this opportunity to wish him the best of luck and who knows it may be good for him on the long run. Enough time to sort out his priorities and needs as well as sufficient airtime for him to croon his favourite Willie Nelson (but in this case, its Johny Carson of "the Tonight show" fame in 1984) and Julio Inglesias "To all the girls I loved before"...naughty, naughty you...(you need to listen to the lyrics...)

To those celebrating Eid Fitri, Selamat menyambut hari lebaran Maaf zahir Batin. To those not celebrating, enjoy your holidays...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Thursday, September 17, 2009

My first thoughts on Malaysia's F1 team...

“This is where the cars will be designed, manufactured and tested. It will be ‘Made-in-Malaysia, by Malaysians’ and of course, the pit-stops will be run by Malaysians,” Najib said.
How do I go about this? Najib announced that Malaysia going to have its own F1 team ! Lotus-powered F1 racing car.

In a nutshell,
“This is where the cars will be designed, manufactured and tested. It will be ‘Made-in-Malaysia, by Malaysians’ and of course, the pit-stops will be run by Malaysians,” Najib said.
For a start, 1MF1 team will be a partnership between government and the private sector including investors lead by Datuk Kamarudin Meranon, Tony Fernades and SM Nasaruddin SM Nasimuddin.

Najib said that the team will be based at Sepang International Circuit. That was 15th September 2009.

Sepang International Circuit (SIC) CEO said that SIC has allocated between 8,000 and 12,000 hectares for the deveopment of 1Mf1 team headquarters. Maybe I am poor in numbers. Isn't between 8,000 and 12,000 hectares equivalent to between 19,700 and 29,600 acres of land? If we were to take the average, it is in the region of 10,000 hectares or 24,700 acres of land. Isn't that a little bit too much?

I mean to build 1Mf1 team Hq and wind tunnel needs 10,000 hectares or 24,700 acres of land. The controversial PKFZ takes up only 404.6 hectares or 1,000 acres of land. That means 1mF1 team hq and wind tunnel is almost 25 times the size of PKFZ?

For the sake of good governance, I hope the SUN printed the area needed for 1MF1 team and wind tunnel wrongly. The information available in the net mentioned that the area for SIC is 240 hectares. If 1MF1 really needs 10,000 hectares or 24,700 acres of land, it means a massive land acquisition.

Do anyone realise that the abandoned KLIA east (proposer : Sime Darby/AA) is 2,833 hectares. That means that the area allocated for 1MF1 team hq and wind tunnel is 3.5 times bigger than the abandoned KLIA east. And since 1MF1 team prime mover is also AA's CEO, is there any "link" here? Will this be another scandal ala-PKFZ?

Let me stop here first...the figures just don't seems right...or is it playing games on me after packing too many ang pows for this coming Eid Fitri...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A blogger in need : Yvonne Foong meme

When you are tagged by Zorro, better don't play-play...:) { I hope Z will spare me the rod for being late in putting up this posting}

This posting will be about Yvonne Foong who blogs under Yvonne Foong : Fighting NF. NF stands for Neurofibromatosis which is hereditary in nature. Basically, it is a non-malignant tumour affecting two of our senses ie sight and hearing. She has lost her hearing and the tumour is affecting her eyesight now. She is planning to go on the operation table in December 2009 to remove her tumour.

Yvonne is currently working on raising her funds to cover the medical expenses which comes up to USD 44,000 (RM 154,000) excluding her hospitalisation (USD 915) and travelling expenses.
As of 15th september 2009, she has collected RM 57,094 and still needs all the support and donations to cover her operation expenses.

Her book "I'm not sick, just a bit unwell" in English and Chinese at RM 5.70 each can be purchased from either Malaysian bookstores or from her website store. Visiting her website store will reveal that she also sells other books like "Wild Orchids of Cameron Highlands", T-shirts and her latest product is mooncake.

Two ladies and the unmasked one wrote about her here, here and here.

Give the chance for Yvonne to see and experience together the three things I love :-

1. A unified bangsa Malaysia
2. Healthy discussions
3. Good governance


In keeping with meme tradition, I am tagging :-

1. Hati yang terusik - they say that knowledge open the windows to the world
2. Since the dreamer choose one, I choose Pkari a true blooded defender of our statesman.
3.When looking for latest news, look no more as long as Anil is here.
4. Truth hurts ! Trust Nobisha for frank and candid assessment of issues at hand.
5. He's been there before, proving that economics and politics do mix, so say sakmongkol ak47

For meme rules, please refer here.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hmmmm...another new party?

if PCM is slick, it should be offering membership to Hee Jit Foong, Osman and Zailani, the three independent reps in Perak. To top it up, PCM can also offer membership to Ibrahim Ali, the MP from Pasir Mas. If they can do that, PCM can be transformed into a relevant party overnight just by being a party with 1 senator, 2 MP and 3 ADUN.

It must be profitable to be Malaysian politicians. If not, how can we explain the many political parties mushrooming under Malaysian skies?

Just back in May 2009, several key Hindraf members formed Makkal Sakthi party. Then in July 2009, Hindraf's Uthayakumar launches Human Rights Party. Two months later in September 2009, another party is launched and named Parti Cinta Malaysia (PCM). 6 months, 3 political parties and yet GE 13 is more than 2 years away...

For the purpose of discussion, let's forget Makkal Sakthi and Human Rights party. Both of them are born from Hindraf and proved that Hindraf has lost its cause. Their leaders are leaning towards political ambitions and using the respective parties as bargaining tools to either join BN or PR. Fullstop. So, that means we are left with Parti Cinta Malaysia...

At first glance, PCM came about with the ejection of Chua Soil Lek from MCA. Does that mean PCM is formed by Chua's supporters? If they are Chua's ardent supporters, why is the party's registered address in Perai, Penang? Is there something else than meets the eye?

Before we start speculating, let's look at Malaysia's political picture. Right now, we have partyless T Murugiah ex-PPP, expelled ex-MCA's Chua Soil Lek , suspended Gerakan's Huan Cheng Guan, questionable SPDP's Tiong King Sing, going to be disciplined MIC's Subramaniam to name a few. Some of these leaders are partyless whilst a few have the ambition to expand their party to peninsular Malaysia and one will be facing his party's disciplinary committee soon. In a nutshell, these leaders are urgently looking for a shell party to remain relevant in Malaysian politics.

They could not possibly join Makkal Sakthi as it is an Indian based-party and they could not afford to stay under Human Rights party when the party's "actual leader" is in UK. They may find PKR and DAP getting too crowded and PAS is too foreign for them. As such, these leaders may take over the mantle of Parti Cinta Malaysia, if given half a chance.

Wait, before concluding their next move, let's look at the party itself. As in any commercial ventures, the branding is important and you can't afford to have a weak brand name. Does Parti Cinta Malaysia get the right vibes? It doesn't have the sparkle and the glitter of success. In fact, one blogger mentioned that it reminds him of Parti Communist Malaysia.

Me? I see PCM as a back-up to whatever these few politicians are fishing. For Chua, he may use PCM as his base should his MCA's EGM agenda failed. T Murugiah is a different story. He still has a slight chance of being re-admitted to PPP since Kayveas is having some problems with the Bar council and has lost his court case.

As for Tiong King Sing, he is having his hands full with PKFZ issue that he may need to put his ambition to spread his politics to peninsular Malaysia on a burner and keep it warm. Subramaniam? With the heat on MIC, I did not see Samy Vellu going for Subra's jugular. Not when Palanivel could not muster more than 50 % of the votes in the recently concluded MIC election. After all, Samy is still eyeing for his elusive Tunship and he don't want to be seen in the bad books of Najib.

Who's left? Right...Huan Cheng Guan. I see PCM as a political vehicle for Huan Cheng Guan for these coming 3 years where he will fight tooth and nail with Gerakan in Penang. I see PCM as a party concentrating its strength in Penang and solely registered to bash Gerakan.

Is that all? No, not yet, I am not done...if PCM is slick, it should be offering membership to Hee Jit Foong, Osman and Zailani, the three independent reps in Perak. To top it up, PCM can also offer membership to Ibrahim Ali, the MP from Pasir Mas. If they can do that, PCM can be transformed into a relevant party overnight just by being a party with 1 senator, 2 MP and 3 ADUN.

And since we are at it, why not PCM sniffed around PR. Who knows, if they are lucky, they can bagged a few more ADUNs and MPs....and if that happens, PCM may be invited to join BN pronto...

The chances of it happening is quite remote but anything is possible. What PCM need to do is to entice those few independents to join them. If they cannot be pursuaded, then use whatever resources available to rope them in. I know that Osman and Zailani maybe interested to re-visit their "nostalgic" place in Penang, Hee has been too "lonely" without political companion for more than 6 months and Ibrahim Ali can always be counted on whenever the words "Cinta Malaysia" is on the air.

Well, it is not fair for me to say Parti Cinta Malaysia has no glitter without giving an alternative name. Why not named it Parti Citarasa Malaysia or loosely translated as "Taste of Malaysia party". I have my reasons to say that. Consider this :-
  1. President T Murugiah (since he wanted to head a party so much)
  2. Deputy President - Chua Soi Lek and Subramaniam (as per their previous party position)
  3. Vice President Huan Cheng Guan (he was suspended from that post before)
  4. Treasurer Tiong Sing King (now he can expand his wings to peninsular Malaysia)
Now where else can you find a new party with 1 senator, 2 MPs and 3 ADUNs? In fact, this new party has better representation in parliament than some other component parties in BN. To top it up, this new party will surely bring the smiles to Najib and the rest because with a stroke, all BN internal problems and bickering is solved - by PCM. As long as PCM is not the abbreviation for Parti Cepat mati, then everything will be fine :) (I am switching off my mild sarcastic mode now)

Are we going to see another new party formed in November? Why not make it a new political party for every 2 months? That way, politicians can always scout around for better political platform. By the way, when is PIS going to be registered ?

Hope that nobody come up with the idea of registering Parti Anak Malaysia (PAM). If they do, Persatuan Arkitek Malaysia (another PAM) will be suing them left and right for trademark infringement, same like McD vs McCurry....heh heh

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Of expectation, guidelines and things in-between...

It is quite obvious that PR could not shake off its "opposition" mentality eventhough they have 5 states to run since March 2008. And if the leaders could not differentiate their role as "government of the day" then what can we expect from their followers?

Before proceeding further, let me offer my apologies first. This posting may hurt some nerves but hey...reality hurts. So, if by the end of this posting, some of you feel offended then relax and cool down because I have already offered my apologies even before I penned down the rest of the posting :)

It seems that the government loves to congregate at problematic areas, just like ants attracted to anything sweet and bees crowding flowers. Take PKFZ, for example. After years of persistence highlights by various parties and independent newspapers, the government finally admitted that PKFZ has problems. Whether it is a RM 4.2B or RM 12B does not matter anymore. It shows that someone up there has screw up big time.

Not only that, with new PKA Chairperson's guidance and admittance, the PKFZ bleeps and blunders goes under intense microscope, with special teams formed and tasked to get to the bottom of things. So it goes..reports, audits come filing in, police reports, MACC reports comes filtering in and Najib decided that there should be another super-high powered taskforce to find whether the project is carried out in good governance and to chart out its future direction. This time, the task force will be headed by KSN, Mohamad Sidek Hassan. Some think that the tskforce is one too many considering that the police, MACC and what nots are also getting a piece of action in PKFZ.

Whether it is one too many or one too late is no longer an issue. The issue here is how and why it happens? If it is done in slipshod way, by all means get those involved and put them on trial. It doesn't matter whether they are the backbone of UMNO or a member of the ruling coalition, it does not matter. If these entrepreneurs can do "magic" and makes our RM 12B vanish without a trace, then something is definitely wrong and it begins from the top.

That has been said and mentioned countless times. However what I am focussing is on the person entrusted to head the super task force, Mohamad Sidek Hassan. As if on cue, Malaysiakini posted a 2 part interview with Sidek Hassan that includes his defense on Perak state secretary's decision during the Perak fiasco. In the second part, Sidek mentioned that only a small number of the civil servants are politically active. That, in itself is an honest observation from the top civil servant.

However, for opposition stalwart Lim KS, he took the liberty to question the super taskforce formation and predicted that it is going to be a super "cover-up" taskforce. In other fronts, some of the independent bloggers think that Sidek will bring back happy days to BN people. In short, he is shot before he can even begins. Is that fair?

Remember back in 2007, Citizen Nades of the Sun commended Sidek's swift response to his enquiries. And it is not easy to get commendation from citizan Nades! Apart from that, Sidek is also responsible in setting up Permudah and his continuous unannounced checks to government offices are bearing fruits.

Now, we come to the core part. It is quite obvious that PR could not shake off its "opposition" mentality eventhough they have 5 states to run since March 2008. And if the leaders could not differentiate their role as "government of the day" then what can we expect from their followers? Why did I say that? Consider these :-
  1. Mohamad Sidek Hassan is right when he mentioned in the Malaysiakini interview that the role of the civil servants is to serve the government of the day;
  2. As there are federal list, state list and concurrent list, the position of the civil servants is clearly stated and it is up to the state government to make use of them;
  3. Mohamad Sidek has also stressed that the loyalty of the civil servants is to the government of the day (either state or federal dpending on which department they are serving);
  4. If the state government is unhappy with the performance of the civil servants seconded to the state from PTD (Pegawai Tadbir dan Diplomatik), the state can request for the officer to be replaced and transferred;
  5. In the event that the state government faced a crisis similar to Perak, the civil servant has to make a judgement call, based on the available information (in this case Sidek was silent on the role of the civil servant to abide to HRH Sultan's command);
  6. The civil servant (including the police) serve the government of the day which is suppose to be serving the public (and that means the police has to indirectly serve the public, subject to the government of the day's instruction);
  7. Most government servants are trying to do the best they can;
  8. Sidek commended the media for highlighting various lapses in the civil services and encouraged the media to continue chastitising those deemed to be "political" in performing their jobs;
  9. He however said that credit should be given where it is due;
  10. Sidek agreed that those civil servants who are not doing their job should be chastised;
  11. Sidek foresee that the civil servants are professional enough to know that loyalty lies with the paymasters;
  12. The civil servants have started to practise cross fertilisation of ideas and practises or exchange of officers where 20 top civil servants going into private practises whilst 20 from private practises join the civil servants;
Let me stop at 12. Take a minute or two to digest what Sidek is trying to say and the subtle message he is sending. His points are well delivered and it is up to the public to digest what he said.

Now, what is our expectation on super taskforce ? As mentioned earlier that their scope of work is to determine whether PKFZ project is carried out with good governance and to chart out its future directions. My expectation from this taskforce is easy :-
  1. The super taskforce to determine whether it is done with good governance. If it is not, where did they go wrong? Who are responsible? What are the actions to be taken? And since the AG is one of the members of the taskforce, what are the legal recourses that can be taken? Can Malaysia get back the money it spends? Is PKFZ value for money?
  2. what is the taskforce recommendations on its future directions? Do the public sector runs the show or farm it our to the private sector? What is the ideal price if need to dispose the project. Will the taskforce provide guidelines for future undertakings to prevent a second PKFZ? Who will approve the taskforce findings? who will implement its recommendations?
Looking beyond the taskforce, what will happen after that? Who will be held accountable for the past, present and future of PKFZ? I see that Sidek Hassan will carry out his task in good faith and once he handed his findings, the ball is back onto the government's foot. After that? Will the report be archived and become a home for cobwebs? Will it be hidden in the many reports submitted to the government? Will it be ever discussed in the parliament? Is it another whitewash by the powers that control Malaysia?

Coming back to the "opposition mentality", it is also evidently clear that the opposition's approach is always of mistrust. The opposition has a pre-set and pre-conceived ideas that the public sector are BN's apparatus. It is not. The public sector is there to implement the policies set by the government of the day. This is where the opposition need to go for "Admin 101" classes and learn to differentiate the functions and responsibilities of public sector.

Let us take a case in point of say Perak under PR. What was their mistake when they govern Perak? Nizar, in his haste to show that he can do things has incidentally step on the royalty when he make the decision to transfer out an official from JAIP. No doubt that the officer is BN-biased but Nizar's mistake is to transfer him without consulting and getting HRH's blessing. The point is PR may govern Perak but PR must learn to respect the ruler ie HRH Sultan.

Need another point? Again concerning the Islamic religous council but this time in Penang. Lim GE in celebrating PAS's victory in Permatang Pasir indicated that Ismail will be heading Penang Islamic religous council. Granted Lim GE is the CM of Penang but Penang's Islamic religous council falls under HRH Agung's purview. Wouldn't it be more proper and "beradat" if Lim GE sought the blessing of HRH Agung before announcing his intention? And this is not Lim GE's fault alone. The bigger culprit is Anwar Ibrahim, the once DPM of Malaysia who also said the same thing. Anwar, of all people should know the " raja-raja Melayu" heads the states' islamic religous council. And Anwar, fails big time here...

What about Hassan Ali of Selangor? Same thing...he announced something that he should not. He should be getting HRH Sultan's blessing first and not jump the gun. The way I see it, Hassan Ali is trying to show off his "muscles" and he falls flat when HRH Sultan Selangor called him for a private audience.

Do I need to say more? Do you want me to tell where PAS Terengganu failed during their tenure to govern the state of Terengganu?

Briefly, what PR should be doing now is to give their full backing to Sidek Hassan to do his job in heading the super taskforce. If possible, arrange for aan appointment and offer whatever help available to facilitate his work. Sidek is facing an undaunting task, an additional work burdening his already overloaded scope of work. And all this because of the failures of politicians to keep PKFZ in check. Yes, it is the politicians from both camps who failed us. They failed to highlight the issues early and even when they highlight the issues, it has not been proprly addressed. PR can seek consolation to say that they do not have the numbers then but theyhave sufficient now to highlight it. Did they? And when things do not fall in places, a civil servant by the name of Sidek has been roped in to head the taskforce. So, is it fair to judge him when he has not even started? When he is not the cause of the problem?

PR, up to now a year after 2008, stills see themselves as opposition. They are not! They are running 5 states and in those 5 states, they are the Government of the day. If PR feels that their police chief is not doing the job, call him in, reprimand him and if he still fails then seek audience with HRH Sultan to plead their case to get the inefficient officer replaced. You think that it cannot be done? It has happened before in Selangor. It has happened before in Pahang. In those 2 cases, it's sufficient to say that the officials involved are not from police cotingent but higher up. One of the officials were caught in close proximity or as they say "khalwat". So replacing incompetent officials are nothing new.

It is funny to see that PR is always blaming the system when it is not to their advantageous. Blaming the system is not the answer. The key is how to work within the system and make use of the system to the fullest advantage. This is where PR is lacking. PR has strong willed leaders like Anwar, Karpal, Lim KS, Hadi Awang but none of them has experience working in the public sector. Anwar was parachuted in and never understand the mechanics of civil service. Karpal and Lim KS are outsiders whose life is to criticise and up to now have failed to realise that they are at a threshold of taking over the federal government. Their inexperience in running the government shows where idealism didn't work. The same goes for Hadi Awang.

PR is bent at picking up small issue. PR should be tackling major issues and not the small issues. Picking up and solving small issues are fine but it does not reflect their full commitment. PR has been seen to come into office in a confrontational stance and such, what ever the civil servants are doing is wrong (to PR). But PR itself failed to realise how the system works, how the public servants are tied by bureaucracy created by the government of the day, past and present. That's what PR should be looking at - how to improve the stystem and convert it to people-friendly system.

PR has to act as a responsible opposition (at federal level) and that means to act maturedly. THis is no longer the "us against them" era. PR could not just oppose for the sake of opposing. There are issues where both BN and PR can work together and there are issues where PR can take the lead. PR has level headed MPs' who are ready, but are the leaders ready? Are the supporters ready?

To Lim KS everything must be placed under royal commission. Why? Is it a necessity? A report is only as good as it is and the difference is the followup. The super taskforce will produce its reports, findings and recommendation, then? It is back to the politicians to make out how the reports will be handled. What I am saying is that, it all leads back to the politicians. So, don't blame others and make others punching bags for the politicians' failure to address the issue.

The lists go on but suffice for me to say it again - PR needs to understand the system and make use of the system. And if PR still could not understand, help is just a phone call away...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Friday, September 11, 2009

For Samy, the countdown begins tonight...

Samy's countdown begins tonight...and by tomorrow, his fate is in the hands of 1,464 voting delegates. Samy has show his cards, tomorrow the delegates will show theirs. The winning cards will determine the direction and future of the beleagured MIC

The boys are back and they will paint the town red tonight. Whatever they do, my advice is for them to stay off toddy tonight because tomorrow is D-day. Not the D-day of Normandy but Decision day on the future direction of MIC.

Come 12th September 2009, 1,464 MIC delegates will perform their duty to elect 2009-2012 MIC office bearers. Samy is hoping that his "Presidential team 2009" will prevail so that his dream of a smooth succession plan can be put in place.

The key fight will be the 3-way tussle for the deputy president post with Samy praying that his choice of G Palanivel will retain the post. However, today's Samy is a pale shadow of past years Samy.

Once, a long long time ago, Samy's words is MIC's commandment. Now, even Sothinathan did not heed his wishes to let Palanivel comfortably defend his post. Sothinathan who was Samy's ex-blue-eyed boy has decided to contect the deputy post, leaving Samu fuming mad and accussing Sothinathan of being too ambitious.

But Samy's headache is not Sothinathan. His headache or rather intense migrane is caused by his long time nemesis S. Subramaniam. Samy may not show it but he is bend in making certain G Palanivel wins the deputy President's post. Samy has place obstacles into Subramaniam path when Samy, through teh CWC, decided to ask Subramaniam to show cause for tarnishing the party's image. And only Samy knows what party image he is referring to because MIC has failed big time during GE 12 and at the same time one time MIC strongman V Govindaraj admitted that he pocketed 30 votes to help Samy beat Subramaniam in the all-important 1977 deputy presidency contest. That pocketed 30 votes pushed Samy to MIC presidency.

Subramaniam's matram (change) battlecry is getting into Samy's nerves. Subra alone is not a threat to Samy but Nammavar-backed Subra is another story altogether. Samy's choice words of President team is no longer relevant to MIC. Maybe Samy fail to acknowledge it but his supporters are deserting him.

Makkal Osai's exclusive interview with Mahathir is another blow to samy. There, Mahathir has openly declare his support for Subramaniam. To diffuse the situation, Samy blamed Subramaniam for getting outside help and at the same time MIC youth came out to defend Samy.

For Samy, the writings are on the wall. Just a few night back, Palanivel hinted that he did not follow Samy's instructions. If that is not an indication, then what is Samy waiting for? Is Samy waiting for a voice from the sky to instruct him to step down?

Whoever wins the deputy president's post tomorrow, the message will be the same - move out now Samy. It is only the method will be different. G Palanivel will ask Samy to honour his words that he will step down and pass the baton to Palanivel. Sothinathan will request Samy to heed the voice of change and Samy to pack his bags. Subramaniam? If Subramaniam wins, Samy will be having daylight nightmares and every steps will be a painful journey.

Samy came in when MIC was rising together with Perikatan and later BN. Samy overstayed and brought MIC to the ground because of his penchant for power. Makkal Sakhti has swept Samy off the pedestal, Najib has bypassed Samy in Batu Caves and all indications pointed to Samy's exit. If Samy is smart, he will step down now and wait for his Tunship.

Samy's countdown begins tonight...and by tomorrow, his fate is in the hands of 1,464 voting delegates. Samy has show his cards, tomorrow the delegates will show theirs. The winning cards will determine the direction and future of the beleagured MIC.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Social service : Penan brothers in distress...

The first time this scribe heard the word "Penan" was way back in late 80's. That was when a kwailo, Bruno Manser, overstayed Taib Mahmud's welcome in Sarawak.

The first time this scribe heard the word "Penan" was way back in late 80's. That was when a kwailo, Bruno Manser, overstayed Taib Mahmud's welcome in Sarawak. Then, the word "Penan" and "Bruno Manser" is synonymous and complement each other to the chagrin of Sarawak BN government. MSM wrote about the "Penan blockade" and painted "Penans" as a nomadic tribe who were against development and de-forestation. Bruno Manser managed to stay in Taib Mahmud's radar from 1984 to 1990 before disappearing in 2000.

In 2008, reports of Penan girls were raped by logging company workers hit the news. However, the impact was just not there. Both federal and Sarawak authorities whitewashed the claims, disputing it as hearsay. The police were of no help either when the investigations were painstakingly slow, just because the victims are from the interior jungles of Sarawak. Then...BANG..the government report confirming Penan girls were raped was handed over to one Zuraida Kamaruddin (PKR women chief) on September 8 2009. The report confirmed various cases where Penan girls were sexually abused by logging companies workers.

Prior to the report, STAR told of the plight to bring food aid to Penans in central Sarawak with the ever friendly Zorro questioning on the lack of response from the military (to build bailey bridges), Mercy and Red Cross to help our Penan brothers.

In conjunction with celebrating 46 years of Malaysia, our Penan brothers are pleading our help. How will Malaysia responds? Think about these :-
  1. Why didn't Sarawak government under Taib Mahmud's leadership resolve the issue of NCR (native Customary Rights) land for the Penans? ;
  2. Why did the Sarawak government grant timber concessions to timber companies deep inside the jungle, encroaching Penans' NCR land? ;
  3. Why didn't the Sarawak government provide sufficient information to the Penans regarding the logging activities? ;
  4. Why didn't the Sarawak government provide adequate infrastucture and logistic support to the Penans? ;
  5. Why didn't the Sarawak state government provide sufficient aid to the Penans? ;
  6. Why didn't Sarawak government discuss with the Penans on ways to end the blockade ?;
  7. Why didn't the Sarawak government provide sufficient hostels for Penan students? ;
  8. Why didn't the government provide enough rangers and officers to take care of the Penans ?;
  9. Why didn't the police act on Penans girls claim of being rape and sexually assaulted ?;
  10. Why didn't the Penans plight and lack of food conveyed to the federal government ?;
  11. why didn't the federal government provide developments to the Penans or resettle them ?;
  12. why were the Penans not compensated for the loss of NCR land, natural hunting grounds etc ?;
Bear in mind that Malaysia will be celebrating 16th September soon. 46 years of Malaysia's formation and Sarawak state government failed to provide adequate support and bring enough development to Penans in interior Sarawak. What are we waiting for?

Malaysians have been quick to provide monetary and physical help to Palestine, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, China during natural disasters but we failed to look the sufferings of Penans under our own nose. Whose fault is this?

Don't you feel that 46 years is already sufficient for us to integrate as a nation? To go forward together in meeting the global challenge? If so, why are we leaving the Penans, our brother from Sarawak, behind? It is time for us to look within and ask ourselves - are we doing enough for Malaysia?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Does Terengganu still need Ahmad Said?

Its smoking in Selangor but the real fire is in Terengganu. Whilst Najib has openly declared that he wanted BN to replace PR in running Selangor, things are getting hot in Terengganu.

Its smoking in Selangor but the real fire is in Terengganu. Whilst Najib has openly declared that he wanted BN to replace PR in running Selangor, things are getting hot in Terengganu.

The recently concluded state assembly sitting does not help either when Terengganu's gang of nine sat silently through the 2-day assembly prompting Muhyiddein to fly out to Terengganu to diffuse talks of possible mass defection from the group. However, Muhyiddein's presence does not solve the long brewing animosity against Ahmad Said. Muhyiddein's offer to mediate between the two groups seems to fall on deaf ears. Is it too late for BN now?

10 days on, reports leaked out that Ahmad Said decline Najib's offer to make him a senator and a minister. It has been widely rumoured that Najib will re-shuffle his cabinet after the coming Raya and Ahmad Said's name has been mentioned as one of the options available to resolve the Terengganu crisis. What Najib failed to comprehend is that Ahmad Said just could not blindly accept Najib's offer as Ahmad Said's appointment to the post of MB Terengganu was strongly backed by the palace. Ahmad Said just could not walked away like that.

For record purposes, Ahmad Said's ascendence to the post of MB Terengganu is purely coincidental. After GE 12, the writings are already on the wall for Idris Jusoh to step down as he had step on HRH Sultan's foot one time too many. Apart from that, Idris has became increasingly big-headed and thought that he ruled Terengganu, by-passing the palace in many occassions in his quest to please AAB. Ahmad Said is in because he did not openly backed Idris Jusoh like the group of 9 who went to the extent of defying the palace instructions. And taht is why members of the group of 9 can forget of any hopes to become the nextr MB of Terengganu.

For now, even if Ahmad Said choose to accept Najib's offer, there is no guarantee that the palace can accept his replacement easily if the replacement comes from the group of 9. Another catch 22 situation in Terengganu for BN? It shall be further noted that Ahmad Said has been increasingly isolated and it is believed that 18 out of 25 BN ADUNs are against him continuing his tenure as the MB of Terengganu. It is a rather sticky position for BN Terengganu now.

Ahmad Said's growing frustration can be detected when he openly criticised JKKK for failing to dispense their responsibilities. Signs of frustration and desperation on Ahmad Said's part. Of late, Ahmad Said's RM 8.3M spending to distribute dates and zam zam water to 300,000 houses in Terengganu has also been questioned. Distributing goodies during the fasting month is a kind gesture on the state government part but leaving the goodies at the gates of houses is not. What happen if there is no occupants? Or if someone else took the goodies? If BN workers can spare the time to visit each household during elections, can't they spend the same time to distribute the goodies? Can't Ahmad Said instruct the state officials to distribute the goodies? We haven't calculate the cost yet. Isn't RM 8.3M a lot of money? It works out to RM 27.66 per household and that RM 27 gives them a packet of dates and a bottle of Zam Zam water.

In Mydin, a bottle of Zam Zam water cost RM 6.90 and a packet of dates can be anything between RM 10 to RM 15. That means the government should be spending RM 21.90 maximum for each household and if you were to take a wholesale price discount of 20 %, the goodies should be costing RM 17.50 per household or RM 5.25M. What happen to the balance RM 3M? Hari raya goodies for cronies, perhaps? Ahmad Said should come up with a credible defense regarding this issue...

Back to the core issue, why is Ahmad Said still holding on to the MB's post? No doubt that the previous palace backing is one of the main reasons but Ahmad Said should take the time to fully assess his situation and his options. This is no longer about an individual by the name of Ahmad Said. It has transcended beyond BN and the people of Terengganu. Consider these :-
  1. Terengganu has lost 2 deputy ministerial post in early 2009 when Datuk Razali passed away and Wan Farid lost his senatorship in his bid to defend Kuala Terengganu parliamentary seat. Since then, Najib has not appointed anybody from Terengganu to fill the post (or rather the quota?);
  2. If Ahmad Said accept the offer to be federal minister, will it be acceptable to UMNO Terengganu since Ahmad Shabery Chik (the other Terengganu federal minister) is from the same division as Ahmad Said?
  3. Ahmad Said has lost the confidence of BN ADUNs. It is widely believed that 18 out of 25 BN ADUNs are against him. What does that leave him?;
  4. Ahmad Said has not called for meetings with the group of 9 to diffuse the animosity between them. Is there a silent warfare going on amongst BN reps in Terengganu?;
  5. Ahmad Said has bypassed BN ADUNs in selecting JKKK and other state-appointed posts. Why and for what reasons?;
  6. Ahmad Said has been distributing projects to his cronies, reminiscence of the time when he was an EXCO under previous state governments. Will there be any report against him in MACC?;
  7. Ahmad Said has been known to be hot-tempered and has on various times issue challenges to opposition members to fight it out outside the state assembly. Is he going to continue doing that and keep his notoriety?;
  8. Lukewarm reception to Muhyiddein's visit by BN ADUNs indicated that the issue is getting out of hand. Did Muhyiddein report this to Najib?;
  9. Hishamuddein Hussein's appointment as Terengganu UMNO liason chief is an indication that Ahmad Said has failed in his duties as Terengganu's liason's chief. So far what has Hishamuddein did to diffuse the internal squabblings?;
  10. Hishamuddein's appointment of new UMNO state secretary, treasurer indicates that Ahmad Said is losing control of UMNO Terengganu. So who is really running UMNO Terengganu now?;
  11. If mass defection of UMNO ADUNs happen, then Terengganu may be the next PR-controlled government. Is Najib ready to accept that fact?;
  12. If Terengganu becomes PR-governed state, then the federal government will no longer have any plausible excuse to block the oil royalty payment to Terengganu (to PR government). Will UMNO Terengganu once again appealled for the federal govt to withold the oil royalty money?;
  13. If mass defection happens, who will be the next MB? Hadi Awang? Harun Taib? Any member from the group of 9? Syed Azman? Will the palace accept the new government? Will Ahmad Said go for state assembly dissolution?
The various probabilities and possibilities are endless. However, for the sake of Terengganu, the possible amicable solution to this whole mess are :-
  1. Ahmad Said retires completely from politics. Then Najib can offer him a post as an ambassador to one of ASEAN countries;
  2. As BN ADUNs will probably vehemently oppose to idea of PR ADUN becoming MB, and PR ADUNs may be reluctant to go against the palace, the better solution is for both BN and PR to work on an acceptable third apolitical fugure to be the MB. There are many apolitical figures accepted by both PR and BN and this person can run the state for the next 2 years on coalition government basis. This is a really wild idea but it can be done if the ADUNs place the state above their political idealogies;
  3. For that to happen, the EXCO composition shall be in favour of BN (70 : 30);
  4. If the parties could not accept this, then let the palace work out the solution ;
Najib and BN could not afford to lose Terengganu at this stage. At the same time, Najib cannot afford to have a fragmented BN in Terengganu. Najib needs to spend more time in working out strategies to maintain Perak and re-capture Kedah and Selangor. As such, Najib cannot afford to have a headache by the name of Terengganu.

Hishamuddein has so far failed to resolve UMNO Terengganu's internal bickerings. Muhyiddein came and saw and still failed to resolve the fractionalism. Najib heard but could not offer an acceptable solution. So, it's time for yours truly to dish out crazy ideas. Afterall, when Obama started and state his decision to run for USA President, they think it's a crazy idea too but it works. So why not give it a go?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Monday, September 07, 2009

Of NS N31, imported maids and ...

It must be Ramadan ! When one is supposed to build up one's piety and shore up one's patience in the month of Ramadan, for some that is not the case. Few names have been circulated as potential BN candidate soon after Allahyarham Azman Mohd Noor's burial.

For the time being, Isa Abdul Samad, ex-NS MB and ex-cabinet minister, is the forerunner together with his son Mohd Najib. Sensing victory this time, even wanita UMNO vice head, Kamelia Ibrahim, is urging the party leadership to allow wanita UMNO to be UMNO/BN candidate. It is expected that UMNO Teluk Kemang division will submit its candidate list for NS MB's consideration after the divisional meeting to be held on 10th September 2009.

Meanwhile the EC will meet on 14th September 2009 to fix the dates for nomination and polling for Bagan Pinang by-election.

As I see it, the chances for Isa Samad ending up as UMNO/BN candidate for this by-election is remote or rather very remote). Although Isa is currently the Telung Kemang division head and Bagan Pinang is part of Teluk Kemang division, choosing Isa Samad as UMNO/BN candidate will be another unnecessary suicidal move by UMNO/BN. Unless someone out there relishes the idea of killing Isa Samad's political life in NS.

This is a seat that UMNO cannot afford to lose. Not because the seat is critical to the state government but it should be a seat to be won by BN. A seat where BN leaders can start trumpeting the victory for days to come. For such a long time, BN has been facing defeat after defeat that maybe some of BN leaders has forgotten how to trumpet victories.

For that reason, UMNO cannot afford another Rohaizat nor UMNO has the comfort of putting "tunggul kayu" as their candidate. As it is, Isa and his son, Mohd Najib, can temporarily shelve the idea of becoming UMNO's candidate for Bagan Pinang. If both of them still insist, then they are doing PR a big favour by giving PR the political ammunition to shoot them and UMNO down, as proven in Permatang Pasir.

With Isa and his clan out of the way, UMNO NS will be left with 4 chieftains to deal with ie Mohd Hassan, KJ, Rais and Ishak Ismail. Rais may want to promote himself in NS but his past association with semangat 46 and his past relationship with one Mokhtar Hashim will weaken him. So, again, it is best for Rais to sit this one out.

As for Ishak Ismail, consider him as one of the vanishing dinasours of UMNO's past. Although he is the UMNO Seremban division head, he has lost his aura when he was not chosen to contest in 2008 GE. It is better for him to head for the nearest retirement home.

KJ should play smart this time. His win in Rembau in 2008 is suspect so it is better for KJ to play second fiddle in Bagan Pinang. Let the big boys slug it out and KJ to reap their fruit of labour. With the major players out, Mohd Hassan will has the liberty to push forward his choice. And Mohd Hassan's choice will not come from Wanita UMNO wing nor will it be from the UMNO youth. Unless, MOhd Hassan purposely named a youth leader to stand in Bagan Pinang and pass all the bucks to KJ should UMNO/BN lose the seat.

Mohd Hassan is sitting on a sure-fire situation and he can't afford to lose Bagan Pinang. Not when KJ is looking hungrily at the MB seat.

Enough of that. Let's go to another issue which will be haunting most of the middle class household. That of foreign maid.

Of late, our friendly southern neighbour across the Straits of malacca is demanding tha maids from their country should be paid a minimum of RM 800 per month wage. This is outrages.

Maybe the government can tolerate it but it is doubtful that average Malaysians can afford to pay the minimum wage. And since malaysians could not afford to pay the minimum wage, why not open the doors for Myanmar, Cambodian, Vietnamese, Bangladeshis to come in as maids? Their pay is lower, and with training they can outperform the maids from across the straits. Vietnamese are fast learners and they can adapt to Malaysian household in no time.

The point is, if they are playing "hard to get", then why not shift our focus to other frienly nations? I am sure they will be more than willing to provide training for the maids before they are sent over to Malaysia.

This way, one day in the future, noone can claim that Malaysians are brought up by them. Some cases are sensitive and before the sensitivities hit us, why not we take the preventive measure and source our maids elsewhere.

And whistt we are at it, why didn't our neighbour from across the straits stop and think for a moment - is this what they want? Are they implying that Malaysia is dependent on them? Malaysia has choices to make and why ot Malaysians make a choice to stick by the present rate and that means RM 800 minimum wage will be returned to our neighbour.

Malaysia has so many untapped labour and maybe with a litle bit of diffiulty, we can still get local maids to do the chores.

NS N31 or imported maids, the issue is simple and the solution is out there in front of our eyes...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Piawaian 1 Malaysia untuk seksyen 23...

Nak tulis salah, tak tulis pun salah. Walau apa pun, perkara itu telah berlaku. Tak mungkin kita dapat memutarkan pusingan jam untuk merubah apa yang telah berlaku...Berat mana mata memandang, berat lagi bahu memikul...

  1. Nak tulis salah, tak tulis pun salah. Walau apa pun, perkara itu telah berlaku. Tak mungkin kita dapat memutarkan pusingan jam untuk merubah apa yang telah berlaku...Berat mana mata memandang, berat lagi bahu memikul...
  2. Apa yang telah berlaku dalam perbincangan antara peduduk seksyen 23 Shah Alam dengan MB Selangor? Malaysia dikejutkan dengan tindakan biadab segerombolan manusia yang mengaku diri mereka Islam dan berketurunan Melayu.
  3. Video selama 7 minit merakamkan detik memalukan itu yang diketuai oleh beberapa peserta berketurunan Melayu dan beragama Islam apabila :-

    • gerombolan tersebut memaki dan mempersoalkan tindakan MBSA kerana pada mulanya menghalang dua warga emas dari menyertai perbincangan tersebut;
    • gerombolan tersebut terus mengejek MB Selangor, MP Shah Alam dan ADUN ketika majlis dan memaki hamun mereka;
    • salah seorang dari gerombolan tersebut menarik kebelakang kerusi yang ingin diduduki oleh seorang penduduk berketurunan India menyebabkab beliau jatuh keatas lantai;
    • gerombolan tersebut terus menerus mengecohkan perjalanan majlis;
    • gerombolan tersebut tidak menghormati bulan ramadan dengan mengeluarkan kata-kata kesat terhadap kepimpinan negeri;
    • gerombolan tersebut tidak memberi peluang dan ruang untuk hadirin berhujah dengan cara ilmiah mengenai isu perpindahan kuil dari Seksyen 19;

  4. Itu di Seksyen 23 Shah Alam. Pada hari yang sama, HINDRAF menganjurkan nyalaan lilin di Kuala Lumpur yang berakhir dengan 16 peserta ditahan PDRM.
  5. Video selama 9 minit menunjukkan :-

    • rata-rata perarakan nyalaan lilin disertai oleh mereka yang berketurunan India;
    • lebih kurang 50 orang menyertai perarakan nyalaan lilin tersebut;
    • perarakan tersebut dijalankan sejurus lepas waktu maghrib (berbuka puasa) dibulan Ramadan;
    • sepanjang perarakan tersebut, peserta menyayikan lagu tamil (?);
    • PDRM telah memberi amaran secukupnya sebelum bertindak menahan sebahgian dari peserta perarakan nyalaan lilin;

  6. Walaupun kedua-dua kejadian berlaku jauh antara satu sama lain, ianya berkaitan dengan isu yang sama iaitu isu cadangan perpindahan kuil dari seksyan 19 ke seksyen 23. Selain dari itu, kedua-duanya zahir dari apa yang telah berlaku pada 28hb Ogos 2009 dimana sekumpulan penduduk seksyen 23 telah berarak kebangunan kerajaan negeri Selangor untuk membantah cadangan perpendahan kuil tersebut dengan membawa kepala lembu serta memijak-mijak kepala lembu tersebut. Barang diingat bahwa lembu merupakan haiwan suci bagi penganut ajaran Hindu.
  7. Yang jelas, didalam laungan "1 Malaysia", Malaysia masih terumbang ambing dalam mencari identiti.
  8. Gerombolan seksyen 23 membuktikan keujudan perasaan "ini tempat kami!" dan "Kalau kamu nak, pergi cari tempat lain". Gerombolan ini mungkin terlepas pandang atau lebih mementingkan diri sendiri. Islam mengajar umatnya bertoleransi dan menghormati agama lain. Apakah pendirian gerombolan ini selari dengan kehendak Islam? Kalau tidak, dimanakah silapnya?
  9. Sekilas pandang, seksyen 23 Shah Alam merupakan kawasan perumahan pertengahan dan didiami oleh mereka yang seharusnya berpendidikan tinggi. Malangnya terbukti bahwa pendidikan tinggi tidak semestinya selari dengan nilai hidup yang tinggi. Gerombolan ini telah menjatuhkan maruah mereka yang tinggal di seksyen 23. Gerombolan ini lebih mementingkan perjuangan politik mereka dari hidup dalam masyarakay majmuk dari pelbagai anutan agama.
  10. Sekiranya gerombolan ini begitu berkeras untuk menidakkan hak agama lain, adalah lebih baik bagi gerombolan ini memilih menduduki kawasan simpanan rezab Melayu kerana yang pasti kawasan sedemikian akan didiami sepenuhnya oleh orang Melayu beragama Islam.
  11. Atau apakah gerombolan ini tidak sudi menghuni dikawasan perumahan rezab Melayu kerana bimbang nilaian hartanah mereka tidak tinggi? Dan bimbang kalau-kalau perbuatan mereka mencemar kesucian agama Islam dan mungkin ditegur oleh penduduk setempat?
  12. Dalam masa yang sama, tertanya juga adakah gerombolan ini terdiri dari ahli-masjid? Sekiranya ya, tidakkah mereka mengetahui bahwa pihak masjid telah mengadakan perbincangan-perbincangan dengan penganut Hindu dan secara amnya telah bersetuju dengan cadangan pemindahan kuil tersebut dengan kedudukannya dialih sejauh 50 m dari tapak yang dicadangkan? terbaru, kenyataan ini terbukti ada unsur kebenarannya apabila Khalid Ibrahim menyatakan, selepas satu lawatan tapak yang diadakan pada 7hb September 2009, bahwa cadangan tapak kuil adalah di seksyen 23 dan terletak kira-kira 400 meter dari tapak cadangan asal. Agaknya, apa pula alasan yang akan diutarakan oleh gerombolan dari seksyen 23 nanti?
  13. Kalau gerombolan ini bukan dari jemaah masjid, dimana tempat mereka berkumpul? Tepuk dada tanya selera...
  14. Tidakkah gerombolan seksyen 23 prihatin dengan keadaan yang dihadapi oleh penduduk Islam seksyen 19? Atau memang benarkah bahwa gerombolan seksyen 23 ini lebih mementingkan diri sendiri? Cuma gerombolan itu saja yang dapat menjawabnya.
  15. Apakah ini piawaian 1 Malaysia yang ingin diketengahkan oleh gerombolan seksyen 23?
  16. Berbalik pada perarakan nyalaan lilin yang dianjurkan HINDRAF. Setelah dikecam hebat oleh masyarakat terhadap PDRM yang gagal mengambil tindakan ketika perarakan kepala lembu dijalankan pada 28 hb Ogos 2009, PDRM telah mengambil langkah pro-aktif dengan mengambil tindakan terhadap peserta nyalaan lilin di Kuala Lumpur.
  17. Walaupun jumlah peserta yang hampir sama, iaitu seramai 50 orang, PDRM memilih menahan peserta nyalaan lilin. Munkin bagi setengah pihak ini merupakan "double standard", ianya satu tundakan yang wajar.
  18. Peserta nyalaan lilin sememangnya tidak menghormati bulan Ramadan dan memilih mengadakannya sejurus selepas berbuka puasa. Tidakah penganjur faham bahwa sebilangan besar anggota PDRM beragama Islam dan kerana program HINDRAF, mereka terpaksa berbuka dilapangan kerja?
  19. Selain dari itu, ianya juga menunujukkan kebiadapan HINDRAF yang memilih lagu Tamil ketika berarak. Apakah penganjur tidak mampu memilih lagu Melayu (Bahasa Malaysia) yang sesuai? Apakah penganjur cuba menyalakan api keturunan dalam perarakan nyalaan lilin tersebut?
  20. Harus diingat bahwa perarakan tersebut dianjurkan oleh Waymoorthy yang berada di London dan menggunakan P Uthayakumar dan tunang beliau. Apakah matlamat asal mereka?
  21. Kedua-dua perhimpunan yang dibincangkan berkait rapat dengan cadangan permindahan kuil ke seksyen 23. Jelas sekali bahwa sebahgian masyarakat yang mengaku beragama Islam masih tidak memahami sikap toleransi yang dibawakan oleh Mohamad SAW.
  22. Ia menunjukkan bahwa kita belum bersedia untuk berbincang dengan cara ilmiah atas cadangan yang dikemukakan oleh pihak berkuasa. Ada lagi diantara kita yang merasakan bahwa mentaliti "konfrontasi" dan mentaliti "ugut" boleh menyelesaikan masaalah. Sebenarnya tidak. Ia menunjukkan kebodohan gerombolan seksyen 23 dalam menghadapi sesuatu isu.
  23. Secara ikhlas, didoakan agar penduduk seksyen 23 yang lain tidak berpendirian sebagaimana gerombolan seksyen 23 ini.

Hingga ketemu lagi...selamat malam M'sia...dimana jua anda berada...
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Friday, September 04, 2009

Al- Fatihah : Azman Mohd Noor

Bagan Pinang state representative, Azman Mohd Noor 55 years of age passed away this afternoon.

Our condolence to the family. Al fatihah

For teaser, please note that the postal votes for Bagan Pinang is 4,925 which is up and over the 2,333 majority.

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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Of Negaraku, Balinese pendet dance and Norman KRU...

I have said my piece, let me hear yours...and see how patriotic you are in defending our pride, Malaysian pride...

  1. Remember "withering patriotism"? It was posted on 27th August 2009.
  2. At about the same time, our neighbour Indonesia protested that the Balinese pendet dance featured in tourism promotion meant to showcase Malaysia is not Malaysian heritage but Indonesian heritage.
  3. It was shown over Discovery channel under "enigmatic Malaysia". It was later discovered that a Singapore-based production house produced the showcase advertisement and commissioned by KRU group.
  4. On this matter, KRU group should be responsible for the mis-information. Although it is produced by Singapore-based production house, it is KRU group's responsibility as they were the one commissioned to do the job. Is KRU group saying that they do not vet through the content of the promotion? Did the Ministry of Tourism officials vet through the promotion? Did discovery channel vet through?
  5. It looks like nobody bothers to vet through and just pass it on for screening. Who gives the green light to go ahead? Government officials? or KRU group? Are all of them mere "postmen" who just pass the tape around? Is that the standard operating procedure of KRU group and Ministry of Tourism when it comes to promoting Malaysian? Is this the level of patriotism in KRU group? Or are they only interested in getting the payment?
  6. What irks this writer more is when Norman who is the President and CEO of KRU group claimed that his parents are descendants from North Sumatra. What has that got to do with promoting Malaysia? Just because Norman is a descendant of Sumatra does not give him the license to use Balinese Pendet dance in the promotion and in the process drew protests from Indonesia.
  7. And it gets worse...on 29th August 2009, an executive from a recording company claimed that Malaysia's national anthem "Negaraku" is similar to a keroncong song "Terang bulan" written by Bandung essemble in 1956.
  8. What the executive is implying is that Malaysia took the song from Indonesia. However RPK refuted the claim and pointed out that "Negaraku" is actually taken from a Hawaian song "Mamula moon". It also means that the Bandung essemble also took "Mamula moon" and change it to "Terang bulan".
  9. For the record, "Mamula moon" is recorded in the 40's which is 10 years before the Bandung essemble.
  10. It is also said that the original tune of "Negaraku" originated from the Seychelles, way back in the 1800's and was first hummed in Malaysia in 1901 by Sultan Idris of Perak as Perak's state anthem.
  11. That said, it is clear that the record executive from Indonesia should do more homework before accusing Malaysia of taking an Indonesian song as the national anthem. Why? Because it is not good for the relationship between Indonesia and Malaysia. Whilst we are on the same subject, maybe the record executive should tender an apology to Malaysians for his oversight...
  12. As this is not enough, about 30 Indonesian students took matters into their hands on 1st September 2009 when they pelted Malaysian embassy in Jakarta. Not only that, they attempted to raise the Indonesian flag on the embassy's gate.
  13. All this because of a song? and a genuine mistake from Singapore-based production house? And what did our Malaysian students doing? What is the action of UMNO youth? What is the action of PKR's youth? In short, what is our reaction?
  14. Are Malaysians still bog down in trying to outwit each other? Hey, wake up..GE 12 is more than a year ago. For now, we should be rising as one team - team Malaysia to defend our national anthem. Yes, our national anthem is taken from some other song BUT it is not from "Terang bulan". It is either "mamula moon" of Hawaii or some song from the Seychelles. You pick your choice. Either way, both songs were produced way before "Terang Bulan" and in fact "Terang Bulan" adapted "mamula moon".
  15. As for the tourism promotion, someone up there should better explain. One thing for sure is that Norman does not represent Malaysia and he should be accountable for the glaring mistake done through Discovery channel.
  16. I have said my piece, let me hear yours...and see how patriotic you are in defending our pride, Malaysian pride...
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Yang dikejar tak dapat, yang dikendung berciciran...

Orang tua berpesan, jangan sampai "Yang dikejar tak dapat,yang dikendung berciciran". Namun sebagai makhluk politik peringatan yang tua diketepikan demi mengejar mimpi dan impian.

Bagi Najib, kejayaan beliau merampas kembali Perak dari PR memberi kepuasan yang tidak terhingga dan kini beliau telah berubah arah dengan mensasarkan Selangor sebagai negeri PR kedua yang akan tumbang. Itu harapan beliau sebagaimana yang telah diwar-warkan secara terbuka. Itu kata Najib.

Najib mungkin merasakan masanya sudah tiba untuk memberi tumpuan mengambil alih Selangor setelah kerajaan PR Selangor dituduh bertubi-tubi bahawa:-
  1. ada dikalangan ADUN Selangor yang mempunyai masaalah sosial;
  2. penyiasatan rasuah terhadap ADUN DAP melemahkan kerajaan PR;
  3. masaalah dalaman diantara PAS dan DAP mengenai penjualan arak dikawasan majoriti Melayu;
  4. masaalah perpindahan kuil yang tidak dapat ditangani dengan baik oleh PR;
  5. masaalah dalaman diantara PKR dan PAS mengenai kedudukan kerusi MB Selangor;
Samada tuduhan tersebut benar atau tidak sudah tidak relevan lagi. Selagi Najib boleh menanamkan perasaan syak wasangka, itu sudah memberi ruang untuk BN bertindak di Selangor. Kehilangan ADUN Pelabuhan Klang mungkin menjadi permulaan gerakan Najib untuk mengambil alih Selangor.

Bagi Najib, sekarang merupakan masa yang paling sesuai untuk menawan kembali Selangor sebelum kerajaan PR bertapak lebih kukuh di Selangor. Cara yang paling sesuai untuk menjatuhkan kerajaan PR selangor ialah dengan melaga-lagakan parti-parti PR dengan menanam rasa syak wasangka serta dalam masa yang sama menggunakan jentera kerajaan untuk melemahkan semangat pekerja parti PR dengan mengada-adakan tuduhan-tuduhan yang mencemarkan integriti wakil rakyat PR.

Dalam masa yang sama, Najib sedang bermain mata dengan negeri-negeri Malaysia timur apabila beliau melantik Idris Jala sebagai menteri penuh di JPM yang akan ditugaskan untuk menjaga KPI. Aneh bin ajaib. CEO MAS dilantik sebagai menteri tetapi terpaksa pula melapurkan kepada seorang lagi menteri iaitu Koh Tsu Koon. Pernahkah ada seorang menteri melapurkan kepada menteri lain? Kenapa tidak dilantik saja Idris sebagai timbalan menteri?

Bercakap mengenai Sarawak, apakah Najib sedang mempersiapkan Idris untuk mengambil alih Taib Mahmud? Perlu diingat Taib Mahmud tidak lagi bersemangat untuk meneruskan tugasan politik beliau. Justeru itu, Najib perlu menyediakan pengganti Taib yang bebas dari masaalah politik bagi BN terus berkuasa di Sarawak.

Namun pencaturan Najib kali ini tidak mendapat sokongan padu dari barisan kepimpinan UMNO yang lain. Najib sekali lagi melupakan jasa UMNO Terengganu dalam mempertahankan maruah UMNO pada PRU 12 yang lalu. Terengganu sudah kehilangan 2 kerusi timbalan menteri apabila Dato' Razali meninggal dan Wan Farid tewas dalam PRK yang lalu. Tetapi Najib masih tidak melantik mana-mana pemimpin UMNO Terengganu untuk memenuhi kekosongan tersebut. Apakah Najib dengan sengaja membiarkan UMNO Terengganu dibawah kepimpinan Hishamuddein terkapai-kapai? Adakah ini caranya Najib menghukum cakap-cakap bahwa 9 ADUN Terengganu dari UMNO akan berhijrah ke PR? Apakah akah terjadi pertukaran kerajaan di Terengganu? Yang dikendung berciciran?

Barang diingat, Najib tidak boleh terlalu leka dan berpegang kepada perumpamaan "Kokok berderai-derai, ekor gelumang najis". Mungkin ADUN UMNO Terengganu hanya mengacah dan menjenguk peluang di PR tetapi segalanya mungkin. Pada zahirnya, kemungkinan 9 ADUN UMNO Terengganu untuk berhijrah adalah teramat nipis tetapi tidak mustahil. Cuma, sekiranya penghijrahan itu menyebabkan kerajaan BN Terengganu tersungkur, apakah pihak istana akan mengiktiraf "kerajaan baru" di bawan kepimpinan PR? Atau akan berulangkah kemelut politik sebagaimana di Perak?

Dalam keterujaan Najib bermimpikan Selangor, beliau seharusnya merasa lega kerana pihak SPR telah memutuskan ADUN Kota Seputeh Kedah masih kekal. Ini mengelakkan dari Kota Seputeh dari berhadapan dengan PRK kerana buat masa sekarang PRK tidak menyebelahi UMNO. Dikatakan juga bahwa perancangan Najib untuk mengambil alih Kedah melalui penghijrahan ADUN PR dengan dimulakan dengan ADUN Lunas kurang menjadi. ADUN Lunas tersebut hanya mengisytiharkan keluar PKR tetapi buat masa ini gagal mengheret bersama ADUN PR yang lain untuk menumbangkan Kerajaan PR Kedah.

Yang hairannya, Najib begitu beriya-iya merancang untuk mengambil balik negeri-negeri PR dibawah kepimpinan PKR atau PAS tetapi sunyi apabila berhadapan dengan negeri PR dibawah pengawasan DAP. Adakah Najib gentar dengan DAP? Atau adakah Najib sekadar "juara kampung" yang hanya berupaya membuli negeri-negeri dibawah kelolaan PAS atau PKR?

Kembali kepada tajuk, adakah usaha Najib "mengejar" Selangor satu realiti atau hanya sekadar mengejar bayang-bayang?

Lebih dari itu, Najib seharusnya mengambil seikit masa untuk mengkaji kedudukan UMNO/BN dalam percarturan politik semasa :-
  1. sudahkah Najib membuat benteng pertahanan yang kental untuk menahan kemungkinan penghijrahan beramai-ramai (dianggarkan 9 orang) ADUN UMNO Terengganu kepangkuan PR?;
  2. apakah UMNO bersedia untuk terus kalah dalam PRK yang akan datang?;
  3. apakah Taib Mahmud bersetuju diganti dengan kepimpinan baru di Sarawak?;
  4. apakah UMNO masih boleh berdiri gagah apabila MCA dan MIC sekarang sedang menghadapi kemelut politik mereka?;

Najib harus ingat bahwa adalah lebih baik bagi beliau berkerjasama dengan kerajaan-kerajaan negeri PR dari mengambil sikap pertembungan. Sekurang-kurangnya Najib kini memegang tampuk pemerintahan diperingkat Federal. Seandainya Najib tersilap langkah, tidak mustahi bagi PR menambahkan negeri-negeri dibawah penguasaan PR. Untuk itu, paling baik menjaga negeri-negeri dibawah pemerintahan UMNO/BN dari "tang dikejar tak dapat, yang dikendung berciciran"...wallahuAlam.

Hingga ketemu lagi...selamat malam M'sia...dimana jua anda berada...
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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Of team MIC, MCA EGM and ...

  1. Now that Merdeka celebration is over, the rakyat has been loaded with extra burden of increases in petrol price, bus fare, taxi fare - what else is new?
  2. Two of the original UMNO's partners in Perikatan will be having their own "Merdeka bash" in September.
  3. MIC will be going first with their party election on 12th September 2009. Samy Vellu is currently touring the country with "team MIC" promoting G Palanivel for MIC's no 2 spot together with "preferred list" for VPs' and CWCs'.
  4. Along the way, Samy Vellu labelled those not in his "preferred list" as part-time leaders. Samy says :-

    • get rid the party of "part-time" leaders;
    • not to elect leaders who come to MIC HQ to spend time signing cheques and documents;
    • elect service-oriented, capable and dedicated leaders;
    • MIC is not an entertainment club;
    • he will work with G Panivel on political front;
    • VPs' to implement party policies with the help of the government;

  5. As for Samy, he may be thinking of getting hold of his Tun-ship soon now that there is a vacancy at Tun level with the demise of Hamid Omar (al-fatihah). Then, maybe Samy Vellu will be overly-satisfied and willing to let go MIC to the younger generation. But don't expect a tame affair during MIC's election for 2009-2012 office bearers.
  6. MCA, meanwhile is going for another explosive finale of the never ending saga of President vs Deputy. This time, it will be Ong TK vs Chua SL.
  7. Although the Presidential council has unanimously agreed to sack Chua SL, there are genuine attempts to reinstate Chua and put Ong's head on a platter with 5 EGM resolutions :-

    • no confidence vote against Ong TK;
    • revoke Presidential's council (or any other council) decisions to sack Chua SL;
    • reinstate Chua SL as MCA's deputy president;
    • reject any appointment by CC for party posts, including deputy prior to EGM;
    • reject disciplinary actions against those who supported EGM;

  8. Ong TK himself has also initiated move on his own calling for EGM. However, Ong TK has not set the agenda of his EGM. Whatever it is, the EGM will be held within 30 days from 31st August 2009. And that, my friends is the Merdeka spirit of MCA...
  9. Whichever way you look at it, MCA is going to split in the middle and this will benefit PR to no end...
  10. That's not all...UMNO, the "superglue" that holds Perikatan and later BN together for the past 50 years is also on trial here.
  11. The 28th August "cow head" incident will not be let off easy. Although police reports have been lodged and the police promising swift action due to the sensitivity of the case, Hishamuddein still wants to come out tops by agreeing to an appointment with the "residents representatives".
  12. His reasons?

    • the residents have seek an appointment with him;
    • police are still conducting an investigation;
    • police probe has to be completed before arrests can be made;
    • police will take actions against anybody who have affected sensitive issues BUT need to be fair to the residents concerned;

  13. Can someone enlightened me here? Is Hishamuddein the MB of Selangor? Can he make decisions where the temple will be relocated? Can he make decisions whether the temple will be relocated? Can he pardoned those who raise sensitive issues?
  14. If he can, why not Kg Buah Pala residents make an appointment to see Hishamuddein? They want to stay in their village and fear eviction by the developer.
  15. Since Hishamuddein loves appointment, why not Kuantan syariah court meet him on the caning sentence? See whether Hishamuddein can carry out the caning sentence for syariah cases himself?
  16. And whilst we are at it, why not the Kedah residents who are against the abattoir relocation makes an appointment to see him? Let's see what he wants to say then? Will he re-locate the abattoir to a new place? Will he re-erect the abattoir at the old place?
  17. Hishamuddein is eating more than he can chew and soon he may suffocate on his own doings...
  18. Hopefully, 2009 Merdeka will give Malaysians the true independence from the gang of three ie UMNO, MCA and MIC. If Japan can dream of life after LDP, why not Malaysians advancing without UMNO, MCA and MIC?
  19. Que sera sera....
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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