Tuesday, March 22, 2011

After sodomy I & II, comes...

So be it.

As if sodomy I and the ongoing sodomy II is not enough, now Datuk T (not related to Mr T of the A team) came out with another shocker - that of a 22 minute video of a well known opposition figure.

Let's be clear on this. I intend to remain clear of this issue and simply labelled Datuk T's "gallant" exposure as no more than a slander and I hope that Datuk T has tons and tons of good deeds to offload to this politician for his slanderous accusation on judgement day.

As I see it, Islam (and for that matter all religions) talk about judgement day when all our deeds (good and bad and whatever in between) will be accounted for, no matter how minute. There, you just could not twist and turn your way out as even our organs and body parts will testify to our deeds. In short, nothing will be spared.

Looking through the news, Datuk T is most probably a Muslim, by faith and this makes it more important for him to know that slandering is worse than murder.

Consider this :-
  1. Datuk T claimed that he was instructed by this particular politician to retrieve his Omega watch from the room after the said-tryst. If this is true, then obviously this politician has chosen a wrong assistant to do his bidding. Worse, this politician never learns from his past episode involving Nalla and Saiful;
  2. Datuk T screened a videoclip purportedly showing the politician "in action" with a woman in a hotel room. Is Datuk T drawing behavioural similarity between the politician and his sodomy II accuser, Saiful? If that is the case, then what is the purpose? To potray the politician as an active heterosexual maniac?;
  3. Datuk T claimed that the Omega watch is in the drawer. This is interesting. Do you think that a man who is having a "touch n go" tryst will have time to place his Omega watch (or for that matter, any valuable items) in the drawer? Mind you that reports indicated that the politician is not the hotel guest;
  4. Datuk T claimed that he searched the drawers and noticed the wires and retrieved the tape. If that statement is true, then who is the real conspirators who set up the cameras and the recording devices? Why didn't the real conspirators catch up Datuk T for "stealing" their "goods"?;
  5. Datuk T displayed the carefully wrapped Omega watch. Is he implying that when he recover the watch, he was wearing gloves? If this is true, then clearly he has bad intention from the beginning;
  6. It is not difficult to get one to come out and claim to be the "receiving" party of the tryst. This happened before when 1 lady "openly" claimed (slander) that she has an illegitimate baby with one leading religious scholar. The religious scholar refuse to sue the lady as he has lost faith in the existing legal system BUT he will make his claim on judgement day!
  7. If it is really true that this particular politician is the "man in action", why didn't Datuk T presents his case to the politician and his wife? Or to the party's supreme council? or to the loose coalition of PR leaders? And on what grounds is he asking the politician to quit politics?
That said, let's all stay clear of becoming a party in slandering... even if the politician really did what Datuk T accused him of, let the One god decides.

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Of (possibly) clear and present danger...

It is compounded with (the lack of) media coverage from MSMs'. Rais "I burnt the bridge" Yatim should put country first and encourage MSMs to print these news. Why only Malay Mail and the Sun (whose coverage is within Klang valley) carry these news?
  1. Honestly, I look forward to pick up my daily free Malay Mail from the many kiosk stands around KL for a quick glance of what's happening around us before getting suck into solving sudoka. Many may link the free paper with famous blogger Rockybru, this scribe has no problems with that, as long as it provides worthy news...
  2. Now, for this posting... Actually a week has passed us by and I sense there is no serious follow-up to MM's 8th March 2011 storyline "Ex-militants go to school" . Maybe, everyone else is intensely following sodomy II and Teoh's RCI. Cannot blame them for that but this MM's story should be Malaysia's top priority.
  3. Amongst others, MM's story outlined :-

    • A group of 74 students, all former militant group members, will undergo undergraduate courses in Malaysia;
    • They will be sponsored by Nigerian government;
    • They will pursue their courses in Linton University College Malaysia in Mantin, Negeri Sembilan;
    • They were former members of The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND);
    • MEND members is said to be involved in sabotage, theft, property destruction, guerilla warfare and kidnapping;

  4. What's troubling this scribe is :-

    • Malaysia's federal special task force (operations and counter terrorism) said police are not aware of these sudents' arrival to Malaysia;
    • Linton University College Malaysia declined comment and only said that a statement would be forthcoming (and up till now, there is no statement from this college);
    • Nigerian High Commissioner to Ghana advised these students to get in contact with Nigerian consular officials in Kuala Lumpur immediately on their arrival (meaning that the Nigerian consular officials will not be on hand to personally "welcome" these students in KLIA);

  5. Is Malaysia "easy meat" for foreign countries to send their "pardoned" terrorists to pursue their studies? No matter what the public's general perception on our police force, the police should be keeping a very close watch and on-guard on these "students". Anything can happen and with their "experience", it may pose clear and present danger with possible breach to our internal security.
  6. Are we prepared to handle these foreigners who have "adequate" experience in sabotage, theft, kidnapping and guerilla warfare? What guarantee do Malaysia has that these students will not be a threat to Malaysia or its citizens?
  7. Did Nigeria inform the Malaysia government of their "amnesty" program and their plans to send these students to Malaysia? Why Linton college, Mantin? Being a far-off town, it will be taxing for the local police to monitor the students movement. Is this choice of college made on purpose?
  8. With no reference that the Nigerian consular officials are in KLIA to personally "receive" the students, how many really go to Mantin for study? Who can vouch that these students are in Mantin, poring over their books and not littering Kuala Lumpur? We have seen one too many foreigners breaking our laws and these 74 students are "experts" in doing what they can do.
  9. My wishlist? Simple :-

    • Nigerian government to officially inform Malaysia government on their plans and program pertaining to these students;
    • Nigerian consulate office in Kuala Lumpur to provide the list of the students' name to Malaysia's police for monitoring;
    • Nigerian government undertaking that these students will not take up arms in Malaysia, or involve in training terrorist elements within Malaysian soil;
    • Linton University College Malaysia to ensure that these students attend all their classes and not using the college as a simple gateaway to do "other" business in Malaysia;
    • These students can pursue their studies in Nigeria, why choose Malaysia? And more important - are they academically qualified to pursue their tertiary education? Or is Linton college turning "deaf and blind", all for the sake of greenbacks?
  10. Mind you that these 74 students are just pioneers, there are 290 students more waiting to be placed in colleges to pursue their studies. Since Nigeria is part of Commonwealth and since UK is the "unofficial" commonwealth leader, why didn't Nigeria send these initial batch of 74 students to UK? Or did UK rejected them?
  11. It is time for the Malaysian government to focus on real issues which may pose (possible) clear and present danger. Enough of sodomy II when the evidences seems to point out legally that the prosecution's case is bombed. Enough of playing around Teoh's RCI when the hearings indicated that there is something seriously wrong with MACC's procedures and SOPs'. Enough is enough! Let's get back on track to safeguard our nation...
  12. Just read another free newspaper The Sun on "Hot cargo seized from vessel in Port Klang". Not only ex-terrorists are here in Malaysia but equipments to make weapons of mass destruction (WMD) are making Malaysia their stop. This is scary as it picture Malaysia as ex-terrorist and WMD friendly. This scribe hopes that these recent recent developments will not put Malaysia in USA's bad light...
  13. Let's get back in track. Off with personal vendetta or pinning your political enemy with false (dubious) accusation. Let the record stand and give the rakyat the chance to evaluate things... it's not that hard to do. We are too engrossed with internal "moves" to the extent that we are slacking in getting Malaysia protected from all (possible) clear and present danger from abroad.
  14. It is compounded with (the lack of) media coverage from MSMs'. Rais "I burnt the bridge" Yatim should put country first and encourage MSMs to print these news. Why only Malay Mail and the Sun (whose coverage is within Klang valley) carry these news? What happen to MSMs? Too busy scooping for those potential candidates in Sarawak?
  15. This scribe hope that Malay Mail and The Sun will continue to pursue these news. I want to sleep in peace... don't you?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Of unofficially legitimate... (with update)

You know Nazri Aziz? Rumour has it that he was an ex-beau to one ex-PM's daughter and along the way, things did not end up as should be, leaving this Nazri fuming and jump at any little chance he has to bad-mouth the ex-PM. Rumour or not, maybe those in the corridors of powers is privy to this episode...

Today, it looks like Nazri Aziz is sucking up to 1MPM6 by coming out with another political statement in his quest to remain indispensable to 1MPM6's cabinet.

Nazri is reported by Malaysiakini to utter
"The term is an unofficial title which has no basis in legal provisions but (is based) purely on convention and accepted international practice," .

So, dear Nazri, if this FLOM is unofficial, yet legitimate, then :-

  1. Why is the FLOM directory listing was removed?;
  2. If Nazri said it is legitimate, what confusion is he referring to?;
  3. Where is it mentioned that FLOM can receive grant and budget to operate?;
  4. If FLOM can have six (6) officers assigned to Ros"CT"mah, then how many officers are assigned to HRH Permaisuri Agung?;
Nazri, dear...are we having an unofficial First Lady of Malaysia? If so, then who is the Official First Lady of Malaysia?

Nazri, Nazri...anything goes eh? As long as you can be BN's candidate in GE 13...

Update : And how do you expect our UFLOM (Unofficial First Lady of Malaysia) reacts to the Japan tsunami? The less said the better... you guys read it out here. My! Oh my!, why is this "important" UFLOM's statement not reported in MSMs' and Bernama? Or is Rais "I burnt the bridge" Yatim sleeping on the job? Afterall, it is Rais who himself declared that the MSMs' and Bernama is "fair" in their coverage...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hey... caste your political beliefs aside...

  1. My Malaysia, your Malaysia, our Malaysia... I feel for thee... What's going on to this blessed country when everything is politicised!
  2. Yesterday, I was in PWTC's vicinity when I hear of Dr Halimah Ali, Selangor's EXCO on education, higher education and human development stand-in for Khalid Ibrahim in one of those UNISEL's diploma convocation of a joint Malaysia-Japan associate degree program. What pissed me off are the points highlighted by Halimah Ali :-

    • Japan's LDR 50-year government rule toppled by liberals;
    • Japan's past government provided all the basic necessities but still the people choose to oust LDR;
    • It will happen in Malaysia "sooner or later";

  3. What's that got to do with Malaysia and more importantly what's that got to do with these 80+ 20-year old students? They are there receiving their diplomas and Halimah should be encouraging them on human development and not bringing politics into the convocation.
  4. It's a good thing that both Rosli Mat Hassan and Shafie Afdal did not directly counter her politically-inclined speech with their own speeches later. It's also a good thing that Chancellor an Sri Raja Arshad Tun Uda played the issue down by advising the students to concentrate on their studies and bring pride to Malaysia.
  5. My point? Please keep politics out of these students' minds. They are going to pursue their studies , SO PLEAAASEEEE do not cloud their young minds with politicial differences and political sales during convocations. When the time comes (and after they have registered as voters) then by all means woo them in correct, appropriate places.
  6. If you think that that's bad, there's worse! Remember about the recent case on several students detained by police in Kuala Kubu Baru?
  7. What riles me is the way HRP is projecting this thing, the same as Makkal sakhti which is trying it's best to demonise Interlok.
  8. I would say that these form five students would not have done what they have done if there is no "encouragement" from external sources. My solution (for the time being) is simple :-

    • these for five students can keep their "on loan" Interlok books and return them at the end of the year. There is no reason to burden the teachers by returning the books and there is no harm in keeping the books in the house;
    • if these students feel so strongly about the book, ten they can always pass the books to their peers for safekeeping until the end of the year;
    • has these students read the novel in full? I bet even Makkal Sakhti and HRP did not read the book in full but rather choose to "pass comments" based on hearsay;
    • we cannot restrict the author's freedom to express his creativity. This is a, era novel, so be it! I did not hear the Chinese complaining about Hai San and Ghee Hin being potrayed as secret societies and detrimental to Chinese community. The same goes for the Malays who never question about how some novels painted the Malays as pirates in the early days! So, what's so special about the Indians that everything must be "painted" to their liking? Are we saying that the caste system never happens in India and Malaysian Indian community? If so, prove it!
    • Malaysian education department can relook on the suitability of the novel in 2012;

  9. It takes a turn to the worse this morning when I learnt that a community project in the neighbourhood is going to be downscaled. Reason? The community leaders decided to invite the MP (who incidentally happens to be from the "other" side) and TNB higher-ups decided to withdraw from sponsoring the event.
  10. Aiyah! This TNB is shortsighted or what? Think again:-

    • TNB is a public listed company, it is not owned by BN as per say. Therefore, there is no need to "punish" a community for inviting the incumbent MP (which happens to be from "the other side");
    • TNB officers should refrain from making "politically-linked" decision and must put social services above the rest;
    • if TNB so decides that their social service are only for BN's reps, then explain the logic behind the decision;
    • is this TNB's public stand or only "applicable" to this case (community) only?

  11. Conclusion? I do not understand why decisions and actions are clouded by political idealogies. Differ in opinion, yes BUT not at the expense of the public. I do not pass by PWTC to hear the political statements of Halimah Ali nor do I symphatise these form five students for their unintelligent action on the novel nor do I support TNB's decision to withdraw from it's annual soiial responsibility.
  12. Being low profile and witholding comment on certain issues does not mean that the silent majority accept whatever is loaded on them.
  13. Just ask those who attended Halimah's event yesterday. I am sure 80% of them do not speak the same language. I, for one, do not believe in loading these young graduates with her beliefs.
  14. Just ask other form five students across the nations. 95 % will not support these for five students. Just wait for the government-appointed panelist to come up with their findings. Is that too difficult to understand?
  15. Just ask members of the community. Think TNB so great, ah? Keep on reaping the profits but seldom giving back through social services. Just because TNB is the sole electricity supplier does not make them emperors!
  16. Mahathir's memoirs? Right or wrong, it seems that Anwar's and Mahathir is never going to kiss and make-up. Uuuuurrrrrrgh! Seriously think that some brave soul needs to start the "road to reconcialiation" between these 2 men. And that person is obviously not Abdullah Badawi... Sultan of Brunei, perhaps?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Monday, March 07, 2011

Of M N27 and C N28 : BN wins... so what?

Congratulations to BN for retaining both seats!
  1. All major MSM splash on BN's double win in both Kerdau and Merlimau. Congratulations to BN for retaining both seats!
  2. Now that we have gone over the feel good factor for BN, let's look at the figures :-

    BN wins Kerdau by securing 5,060 whilst PAS manage to get 2,336 with majority of 2,724 in 83 % voter turn-out by-election.

    BN similarly wins Merlimau by obtaining 5,962 with PAS collecting 2,319 and the majority is 3,643 with voter turnout recorded as 79%.
  3. OK, let's assume that all the 5 % increase in voter turnout is all out for BN and some of the former PAS voters voted BN this time to "avoid" detection, BN should be getting 4,809 in Kerdau and 6,022 in Merlimau.That's not the case here. Why? The strong BN showing in Kerdau is attributed to 2 factors :-

    • The "Najib" factor because Kerdau voters has to prop up Najib as he is from Pahang;
    • Kerdau FELDA settlers are looking for their "payday" when BN promise them financial windfall after the by-election win;

    Now that BN wins big, let's see how BN developes Kerdau and Merlimau. In reality, support for PR is still there, maintain within the 2008 limits. The only thing for PR to do now is to "woo" the fence sitters in the coming GE 13. Not impossible when the battlefronts are all over Malaysia and Santa Muhyiddin and 1MPM6 unable to cover all places at one time...
  4. I will let the rest of numerical "experts" to digest their figures. This posting is originally thought out to outline where PR goes wrong and I will stick to that for now.
  5. PR lost "big" in both Kerdau and Merlimau due to various factors. These factors may be minors but combined is a recipe for failure. What are they?

    • Media coverage and caricature blitz;

      This is expected but nevertheless it is a major contributing factor to both areas. Although Merlimau is more urban compared to Kerdau, the voters primary's source of information is from the MSM and national TV. Bombardments of BN virtues and development promises wins most of the fence sitters.

    • Instant projects;

      It goes without saying of these numerous instant projects. The less said the better as this is BN's SOPSOP dishing out instans projects to curry the voters.

    • 1M dinners and lucky draws

      Say what you want but this is actually winning votes as a full stomach makes one happy regardless of the fact that this is on "promotional" period only. By claiming that 1M NGO is apolitical, it has manage to rope in unsuspected and wanting voters into their trap. How can it be apolitical when the same 1M dinner "volunteers" took the trouble to burst the balloons handed by DAP supporters across the fence? DAP workers did not encroach 1M dinner. The same when 1M organiser invited BN politicians to their events. If they are apolitical, why invite Ali Rustam? If the rply is Ali Rustam is the CM of Malacca, why were the same not extended to Nik Aziz in Galas? Isn't Nik Aziz the MB of Kelantan?

    • Sex, sex and more sex...

      BN is actually desperate. To break and to neutralise Anwar's "bigger than life" persona, BN is willing to bring out Ummi Hafilda and a string of other B-rated actors to continue painting lurid picture of Anwar. Forget about the truth, as long as it sells to the rural voters, go ahead. Forget about being religious, it is not in BN's book of ethics.

    • Buy outs and shutting up

      Remember Ketua Wanita Jasin? Remember how she complained about potential candidates being sidelined and the movement's decision to "boycott" the by-election? That fizzled out when Ali Rustam has a "one on one" talk with the Ketua Wanita. How did Ali Rustam buy her support? Make your guess - it is either financial or project form.

      Remember about another blogger from Pahang? His "mysterious" disappearance from PAS's operation centre is something to look for. PAS has been naived for too long and their naievity leads to the "other" side getting all the "strategic" blueprint". Shutting out that blogger may not be much but there is an effect...

    • Technology co-ordination

      The historic 308 shows what technology can do. Working from limited budget, alternative media and free bloggers are unable to compete with BN's state of teh art technology and the broadband coverage is found wanting in these areas, leaving PR friendly alternative media stranded.

      It did not help when PR staffers are not being helpful to these small alternative media. They have their reasons too - being overly cautious with possible saboteurs

    • Intimidation (straight or implied)

      Honestly I am disgusted with the way these orange-coloured "rempit" brigade rule the streets during the by-election. Their noisy machines and numbers are physical intimidation. It becomes worse when the authorities present do not make serious attempts to control the brigade. This is KJ's "secret army" and like cowboys on bikes, they coralled the voters to vote for their political masters.

      What about the "You don't help me, I don't help you"? Is this not another form of intimidation. Straight, simple and still BN can get away with it.

  6. More? Of course there are more. It is time for PR to think seriously about their future. Are they moving as one or are they going solo? There have been too many spokespersons and they are contradicting each ther. PR has been talking about formalising their political pact. That was a year ago. That was when Zahid Ibrahim is still in PKR. When are they going to form that pact? Mind you, the GE is coming soon and PR is still in disarray.
  7. PR should also start organising their supporters and provide specific tasks based on their speciality. Points must be argued on some intellectual level... and must be back up with some facts, not hearsays.
  8. I will write more when I have settle down... for now, I see PR is a mess especially in Sarawak. You want to win? Clean up your act. No need to issue ultimatum and fan the infighting.
  9. One free tip - if PR wants to go far, Anwar Ibrahim has to make the ultimate sacrifice. If he is truly innocent from the accussations that he is facing now - then by all means lead PR (if it is accepted by the majority). If not, then Anwar can gracefully withdraw from the limelight as he is becoming a liability especially in the rural areas.
  10. Me? I will continue my ways. I have been doing that for the past GEs, so why stop now?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Melaka N27 Merlimau : Rekod lagi...

  1. Pertama, tahniah buat Roslan yang kenduri besar di Merlimau. Tetapi tahniah yang sebenarnya dikhaskan untuk Othman Muhamad, speaker DUN Melaka yang super effisien... mengalahkan Ali Rustam, KM Melaka.
  2. Othman Muhamad super effisien? Yea... super effisien kerana inilah julung kali seorang pemenang pilihanraya mengangkat sumpah dalam tempuh kurang dari 24 jam setelah menang. Inilah yang dikatakan Malaysia Boleh, Melaka lagi boleh!!!
  3. Ini bukan cerita yang dibuat-buat dan bukan juga berita yang direka-reka. Ini adalah dari liputan berita mstar berjudul ADUN baru Merlimau dijangka angkat sumpah Isnin ini - Speaker DUN Melaka. Kalau ini keluaran harakah ke, Malaysiakini ke, Malaysia today ke, Suara Keadilan ke, Rocket ke, UMNO online ke mungkin boleh dikatakan bermotifkan politik. Tetapi ini keluaran mstar beb, akhbar MSM yang dicop telus dan benar, tidak saperti Utusan Malaysia yang sememangnya mengaku akhbar bantuan UMNO!
  4. Berbalik kepada topik asal, bolehkah seseorang yang menang pilihanraya kecil terus mengangkat sumpat sebagai DUN sebelum SPR mewartakan keputusan itu?
  5. Kalau boleh, apa gunanya SPR untuk mewartakan keputusan? Apakah speaker dewan mendahului SPR? Bolehkah ini berlaku?
  6. Apapun, sekalung tahniah kepada Othman Muhamad yang mencipta satu lagi Malaysian Book of Records sebagai seaper paling cekap seantero Malaysia. Mungkin Othman Muhamad akan naik pangkat selepas GE 13 nanti, untuk menjadi speaker Dewan Negara. Ganti Pandikar pun boleh juga... kalau tak pun jadi speaker UMNO dala persidangan UMNO akan datang!
  7. Tengok sajalah... pukul 8 malam diisytihar menang, pukul 8 pagi angkat sumpah jawatan dan pukul 10 terus masuk DUN. Hebat sungguh orang bernama Roslan ini. Jauh lebih hebat dari Syed Ibrahim. Walaupun kedua-dua calun yang menang adalah anak si Ahmad, bezanya seorang ber"bin"kan Ahmad manakala yang satu lagi ber"bin"kan Syed Ahmad.
  8. Jadi, apakah speaker Pahang akan memecahkan rekod Othman Muhamad? Masih ingatkah ketika YDP Melaka mengeluarkan bintang2 kebesaran Melaka dulu? Bagaimana Pahang memintas Melaka dalam mengeluarkan bintang2 kebesaran, begitu juga tidak mustahil untuk Pahang memintas speaker DUN Melaka. Caranya? Hanya speaker DUN Pahang yang tahu! Kalau speaker DUN Pahang tak tahu, maka malulah kerajaan Denan kerana tidak mampu "mengatasi" Ali Rustam dalam hal ini...
  9. Puan Zaleha kita kena2lah belajar panggil YB Roslan... mana tahu untung sabut timbul, untung batu tengelam...
  10. Yang lain-lain tu, jangan sibuk-sibuk nak "challenge" speaker DUN Melaka... Roslan Ahmad dah pun mengangkat sumpah, jadi jangan lah ada yang berangan-angan nak menambah kerja tuan-tuan hakim kita yang sememangnya tidak menang tangan...
  11. Waema mana pun, selamat menjalankan tugas sebagai YB Merlimau... jangan lupa itu lembu jaga punya orang sudah tanya mana lembu tenusu mereka..., itu ah lee pun sudah tanya mana sekolah kebangsaan tionghua, dan jangan lupa sama bayaran Ummi Hafilda tempoh hari..., dan yang paling penting itu pekerja-pekerja BN termasuk "rempit-masters" yang meriuhkan suasana semalam...
  12. Roslan mengantuk? Sori... kerja berlambak perlu dibereskan. Lepas GE 13 nanti, boleh tidur...

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Friday, March 04, 2011

Of going overboard : The blaming game...

  1. Let me start with this - for reasons best known only to this friend of mine, he thinks that I am a teacher and fondly calls me "cikgu" whenever we meet or talk. I guess I have to respect his intuition but one thing is clear - I am not a teacher :)
  2. BUT, eventhough I am not a teacher, aren't we all teachers in our own way? Teachers in real life, that is, and not teachers in close compounds they call school!
  3. Now, I am not that happy reading this news today. Let's be clear here, I am not standing up to say what the discipline teacher did was right but let's look at it from a different angle...
  4. Why were the students punished in the first place? They were caught skipping the morning assembly with two boys.

    Now, are we saying that it is alright to skip the morning assembly? There must be good reasons for the prefects to bring the case to the discipline teacher's attention. So, can we say that these students (including the two boys) are guilty of skipping the morning assembly?
  5. After they were caught, they were alledgedly "molested" by this discipline teacher. Fine but think about this - there are 11 students there. Do you mean that these 11 students "allow" for the molestation to take place right infront of their eyes?

    And where are these two macho boys who, I presume, lead the "let's skip the morning assembly" thingy? What are they doing when this "suppose molestation" took place? Don't tell me from mighty tigers, they became as timid as mices?
  6. Yes, agreed that the discipline teacher may have gone overboard with his disciplinary actions. this, in itself is the slack of the system. Where did this happen? In the teachers room? Or in the classroom?
  7. Is putting the discipline teacher in the dock the correct move? Think this way - will it not be a pat to these deliquent students as if skipping the morning assembly pays. No one and I mean noone can do anything if they choose to play truant. Is that the message we are giving to our school-going kids? Are we teaching them the wrong way? Are we encouraging them to defy school rulews and regulations?
  8. There is a better solution than this. I am not defending the wrong that the discipline teacher did but I am saying there are better soltion, if and only if this issue is not politicised. Alas, the Teratai assembly person has make the police report and I am sure that this assembly person loves to see the discipline teacher jailed for his "misbehaviour". But is that the best solution?
  9. Instead, to me, these students should pay a heavier price for their decision to skip the morning assembly. These are the elements that may plant bad influence to our school-going children. Do something wrong and along the way get your hated (normally discipline teachers are hated/avoided by the students) out of the way.
  10. I call for these students to be served severe punishment. Suspend them or better still sack them from that school! Schools are not breeding grounds for indiscipline students. When you are in schoold, by all means follow the regulations. That's it,no buts, no ifs ....
  11. But then again, can we blame them? When "kepimpinan melalui tauladan" leader comes out with his statement that election goodies are not bribes. There will come a day when these problematic students will retort "we do no wrong, we follow Muhyiddin..."
  12. You get my drift? When the EC director is unsure what is termed election bribery, Muhyiddin comes out teaching the EC director that election goodies are not bribes... if this is the way our Minister of Education acts, then I guess our education system is going down the drains soon...

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Dari C N28 Kerdau dan M N27 Merlimau : Pertandingan dua MB...tersempit...

  1. MSM menggambarkan seolah-olah Merlimau dan Kerdau sudah berada didalam genggaman BN. Itu gambarannya... bukan hakikat lagi.
  2. Oleh kerana MSM begitu beriya-iya benar mendahului keputusan, apa kata kalau kita menyelak disebalik Merlimau dan Kerdau... pasti ada yang menarik bukan!
  3. Lupakan tentang omong-omong Ali "tak boleh bertanding" Rustam mengarahkan semua anggota RELA mengundi BN dengan rela hati. Alasan Ali? Dia merupakan Bridgadier General RELA dan anggota RELA mesti mendengar arahan ketua.

    Aik! Nie dah terlebih melampau nie... Apa, Ali Rustam ingat kita masih dizaman medieval lagi ke? Time tu, pengantin perempuan pun terpaksa memulakan zaman perkahwinan dengan ketua tentera (zaman dulu depa panggil "king"). Tapi, ini tidak heranlah...kerana mentaliti Ali Rustamlah yang keluar dengan idea "bernas" skuad skodeng yang akhirnya berkubur setelah mendapat teguran bos politik.
  4. Ali Rustam juga menghadiri jamuan makan malam NGO 1M di Merlimau. Bezanya? Bezanya, kali ini jamuan makan malam 1M menjurus kepada pengundi India, siap dengan cabutan bertuah motorsikal, TV LCD dan sebagainya.

    Nie yang pelik bin ajaib! Andainya BN Melaka begitu konfiden dengan kemenangan di Merlimau, kenapa NGO 1M membuat satu jamuan khas untuk pengundi India, siap dengan cabutan bertuah lagi? Dan kenapa pengundi India? Adakah ini satu mesej tersembunyi bahwa pengundi Melayu boleh dipikat dengan sehelai kain pelikan dan sekilo gula? Tak perlu jamuan, tak perlu cabutan bertuah kerana pengundi Melayu sudah layu dengan cerita Umi "I am a virgin" Hafilda?
  5. Apakah Ali "tak boleh bertanding" Rustam sedang berlumba dengan Adnan "my GF is a Selangor corporate"Yaakob?
  6. Adnan "my GF is a Selangor corporate princess" Yaakob mengambil pendekatan berlainan dari Ali Rustam. Beliau menggunakan cara "asalkan jawab, balun sajalah labu..."

    Yang dipersoalkan ialah cara menguruskan kewangan, tup, tup Adnan jawab Pahang tidak bankrup. Yang ditanya "A", dijawabnya "ba"... kesian dier. Nak kata pekak, tidak, nak kata buta pun tidak. Jadi apa ke hal Adnan merapu menafikan Pahang bankrup?
  7. Adnan menggunakan projek segera dan kelulusan segera untuk menenangi pengundi dan dalam masa yang sama untuk mengikat pengundi untuk terus bersama BN.

    Masaalahnya,janji lama Sanglang masih belum terlunas, Adnan terus menggali lubang membuat janji baru Kerdau. Ada duit tak ni?
  8. Dalam saat-sat akhir ini, Adnan menggunakan "kehebatan" malam Jumaat dengan menjemput Umi Hafilda untuk berceramah di Kerdau. Mungkin Adnan berharap sangat "pendedahan" Ummi akan "menceriakan" persiapan pertembungan malam Jumaat...
  9. Dua MB, satu dari Pahang dan satu dari Melaka. Kedua-duanya "bermasaalah".

    Adnan sedang sibuk merangka peluang untuk hidup ala "madu tiga" dengan buah hati pengarang jantung dari Selangor. Adnan alpa bahwa kedudukan beliau sebagai MB Pahang sekian hari sekian goyah kerana kegagalan beliau untuk menangani pengurusan kewangan negeri dengan baik. Lapuran audit negara mengatkan begitu dan Adnan tidak mungkin menyangkal apa yang dilapurkan oleh Audit Negara! Audit Negara bukan tunggangan parti politik, justeru itu Adnan tidak mungkin mempalitkan Audit Negara dengan parti pembangkang!

    Ali Rustam pula bercita-cita tinggi. Citanya tidak tercapai apabila JK displin UMNO melarang Ali dari bertanding sebagai Timbalan Presiden UMNO dulu. Ali Rustam kini mungkin menggunakan Shah Rukh Khan untuk "menjinakkan" Rose"CT"mah yang memang diakui sebagai "PM" sebenar. 1M Najib? Hanya sekadar Najib Kerja Rose"CT"mah Arah (NKRA). Apakah Muhyiddein akan membenarkan Ali Rustam terus naik dan menggantikan beliau? Tak mungkin, tak mungkin... Atas sebab itu, Ali Rustam juga dalam "perhatian" untuk di"sarakan"...
  10. Adnan bermasaalah, Ali bermasaalah. Dua-dua menggunakan apa cara yang ada untuk teruis membodek 1MPM6 Najib. Dua-dua dahagakan kemenangan besar untuk "memujuk" Najib terus mengekalkan mereka dalam GE 13.
  11. Oleh itu, Kerdau dan Merlimau sebenarnya bukan pertandingan diantara PAS menentang UMNO (BN) tetapi sebenarnya diantara UMNO Pahang menentang UMNO Melaka!

    UMNO Pahang ingin menghadiahkan kemenangan Kerdau kepada 1MPM6 Najib yang juga berasal dari Pahang. Adnan benar-benar berharap kemenangan besar Kerdau dapat terus menjamin kedudukan beliau sebagai MB Pahang! Untuk itu, BN perlu memenangi Kerdau dengan lebihan undi yang banyak! Mungkin majoriti 2,500 atau lebih ialah jangkaan BN!

    UMNO Melaka pula ingin kembali kekegemilangan mereka ketika Tun Ghaffar Baba. Sekiranya Ghaffar baba boleh menjadi timbalan presiden UMNO, apa kurangnya Ali Rustam? Untuk itu, UMNO Melaka terpaksa mengunci pagar estet, membuncitkan pengundi Cina dan India dengan jamuan dan cabutan nombor bertuah, melalaikan pengundi Melayu dengan cerita lucah Ummi Hafilda. Kemenangan besar di Merlimau akan meninjolkan Ali Rustam sebagai General RELA yang sentiasa rela untuk dinaik pangkat! Muhyiddin dan UMNO Johor boleh diketepikan dengan kemenangan besar di Merlimau dan dalam masa yang sama Ali akan menggunakan kesempatan "menghindustankan" Rose"CT"mah, QC 1MPM Najib, dengan kehebatan SRK.

  12. Akhirnya, apa pilihan pengundi? Mudah saja kan... sudah terang lagi bersuluh... Merlimau dan Kerdau bukan "kuda" tunggangan Ali "tak boleh bertanding" Rustam dan Adnan "my GF is a Selangor corporate princess" Yaakob!

    Inilah masanya untuk pengundi tegar UMNO menterjemahkan "sayang" mereka kepada UMNO. UMNO tidak mungkin sanggup melihat Muhyiddin diketepikan oleh Ali Rustam. UMNO juga tidak ingin peristiwa 2 Muhammad dari Selangor berulang kembali... kerana ini akan menjejaskan "hubungan akrab" UMNO dan istana!

    Jika pengundi tegar UMNO di Merlimau dan Kerdau sayangkan UMNO, maka pilihan mereka ialah untuk mengundi calun yang bukan dari UMNO (BN). Undilah sesiapa saja asalkan bukan calun UMNO (BN)! Mudah kan? Cuma satu saja lawan UMNO (BN) di Merlimau dan Kerdau...
  13. Bagi pengundi tidak tegar BN? Pilihan mereka menjadi lebih mudah dan senang! Undilah untuk masa depan dan inilah masa untuk berubah! Setelah 52 tahun berada dibawah kepompong UMNO (BN), inilah masa untuk pengundi Merlimau dan Kerdau memecahkan tempurung dan melihat dunia luar. Keluarlah mengundi dan undilah selain BN (UMNO).

    Jom, kita sama-sama menuju kearah perubahan...

    Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Dari C N28 Kerdau dan M N27 Merlimau : Mencurah air di daun keladi... itulah BN

  1. Ada orang kata BN tu Barang Naik...tu dia punya hal lah...
  2. Mungkinkah BN bermaksud BeNak? Tahu apa makna benak? Webster online dictionary menterjemahkan benak sebagai stupid (bodoh, tolol, pandir), silly (bodoh, bahlul).
  3. Kenapa benak? Apa tidaknya... apakah masih ingat dengan kata-kata 1MPM6 Najib bahwa beliau sudah mendengar keluhan rakyat yang diterjemahkan kepada undi dalam tsunami 308?

    Lanjutan dari itu, Najib mula mendekati rakyat dan dalam masa yang sama meminta pimpinan BN dan UMNO mendekati rakyat. Itu tahun 2009, 2 tahun yang lalu...

  4. Kini, pimpinan BN sudah mula alpha dan lupa tsunami 308! Perangai kepimpinan BN sudah saperti sebelum 308. Lihat saja apa yang berlaku di Merlimau, Melaka.

    • sebahgian pentas DAP dibakar menjelang jamuan besar pada 4hb Mac 2011;
    • pintu cermin, kunci motorsikal dipecahkan semasa ceramah PKR;
    • mencetak dan mengedar gambar lucah kepimipinan parti lawan;
    • mengugut (secara halus) pengundi, calun PAS;
    • menggunakan agensi kerajaan untuk berkempen;
    • mengunci pagar estet dan tidak membenarkan perayu undi PAS dari memasuki kawasan estet;

  5. Itu di Merlimau, bagaimana pula keadaannya di Kerdau? Antara lain :-

  6. BN pasti tidak akan mengaku kesalahan-kesalahan ini. Tetapi apa yang berlaku di Merlimau tidak berlaku sebelum PRK. Apakah kadar jenayah naik secara mendadak di Merlimau kerana kemasukan orang luar?
  7. BN juga akan menyangkal penggunaan agensi kerajaan dalam kempen mereka. Itu biasa dan SOP BN.
  8. BN juga akan menyangkal mengenai projek mee segera dikawasan PRK.
  9. Dan SPR akan terus "buta, pekak dan bisu" dengan kesalahan-kesalahan "tidak berbukti" ini. Itu pun SOP SPR.
  10. Maka harapan untuk membetulkan keadaan terletak ditangan pengundi Merlimau dan Kerdau.
  11. Ayuh! Buktikan kepada "Raja BN" bahwa rakyat sudah cuak dengan gelagat mereka. Setiap kali pilihanraya, maka terhenggeh-henggeh lah bertandang ke Merlimau dan Kerdau untuk undi.
  12. Jom Merlimau dan Kerdau! Kita ajar BN dengan mengundi calun bukan BN. Tak kiralah siapa calun itu asalkan bukan BN. Boleh? Sama-sama kita berganding bahu menegelamkan BN di Merlimau dan Kerdau pada 6hb Mac ini...

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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Dari C N28 Kerdau dan M N27 Merlimau : Jom kita apit P113 Jelebu...

Woit! Ingat semua PHd cerdik?...baca yang ini...
  1. Let's start with a simple geography quiz, shall we? What stands between Kerdau, Pahang and Merlimau, Melaka?
  2. Couldn't find ol' trusted atlas? No need to stand on chairs or desks... the answer is Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan.
  3. Since this is about Rais "I burnt the bridge" Yatim, I choose to switch mode... to Bahasa Malaysia.
  4. Jom, kita mula... nak kata cerdik, bodoh. Nak kata bodoh, ada PHd. Woit, ni bukan PHd beli tau! Ni ori punya. Dari King's College, London lagi.....
  5. Malangnya PHd holder kita dari Rembau ni tak berapa pandai buat kenyataan. Beliau dipetik oleh Bernama mempertahankan liputan berita dari mainstream media (MSM) dengan mengatakan bahwa liputan dari MSM adalah adil dan tepat (fair and accurate).
  6. Sah, bahwa anak si Yatim ni tidak merujuk Utusan Malaysia sebagai MSM kerana baru semalam ketua Pengarang UM menyatakan bahwa tugas utama UM ialah untuk mempertahankan UMNO/BN. Dah kalau mempertahankan UMNO/BN, sudah pasti liputan berita dari UM tidak akan "adil dan tepat"!
  7. Rais membuat lawak "kurang cerdik" dengan menyamakan MSM dengan harakah/rocket / suara keadilan. Rais seharusnya lebih mengetahui bahwa harakah/rocket/suara keadilan merupakan lidah parti politik sebagaimana UMNO mempunyai lidah resminya.
  8. Apa cerdiknya Rais apabila menyamakan atau membandingkan lidah resmi parti politik dengan MSM?
  9. Mungkin inilah yang dikatakan "Cerdik tak boleh diikut, bodoh tak boleh diajar"...
  10. Jom, pengundi Kerdau dan Merlimau. Apa kata kita pakat-pakat apit P113 Jelebu nie. Bukan apa...perabis ke beras je MP yang syiok sendiri nak jadi TPM nie...
  11. Kenapalah UMNO/BN terima Semangat 46 reject yang bernama Rais "I burnt the bridge" Yatim ni? Tengok apa dah jadi? Sudahnya...mengeluarkan kenyataan paling kurang cerdik (setakat ini) untuk PRK C N28 dan M N27...
  12. Sebagaimana Jerry Lewis berganding bahu bersama Dean Martin, sudah pasti Rais "I burnt the bridge" Yatim pun ada pasangannya. Siapakah pasangan Rais? Tak lain dan tak bukan Hishamuddin "the clown" Hussein. Nanti kita sembang lagi mengenai Hishamuddin dalam "Nasi lemak kopi O"... heh heh heh
  13. Jangan lupa... 6hb Mac 2011, jom kita ramai-ramai jangan mengundi BN di C N28 Kerdau dan M N27 Merlimau... undilah selain BN!

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Dari M N27 Merlimau : Ummi? ...

  1. Hebat! Hebat!... Memang hebat orang Melaka....
  2. Masih ingat dengan Rahim Thamby Chik? Rahim menjaja kes sodomi I seantero Malaysia. Rahim naik pentas turun pentas bersama side kick Ummi Hafilda...
  3. Dan...jeng jeng jeng.... malam ini dan malam ini saja and "for one night only".... Merlimau akan berlipur lara bersama Ummi "I am a virgin" Hafilda.
  4. Konon-kononya Ummi Hafilda akan membuat pendedahan "tell all" . Betul ke nie? Atau Ummi Hafilda akan "bare all"? Tsk tsk... kalau dier "bare all", ada ke yang nak tunggu dan lihat?
  5. Nampaknya UMNO/BN yang dikatakan selesa di Merlimau perlu menggunakan Ummi untuk terus mengeluarkan kenyataan yang tidak berasa dan tidak terbukti kebenarannya. Maka UMNO/BN nampakya masih lagi berputar sakan dengan aksi lakonan SRK.
  6. Kenapa Ummi? Kerana Ummi tidak mendapat tempat di negeri lain...dan hanya berjaya "menembusi" pasaran Melaka dalam usaha beliau "menjualkan" diri sebagai aset UMNO. Mana "geng" beliau iaitu Rahim Thamby Chik? Atau apakah Rahim Thamby Chik sudah "tidak berselera" dengan Ummi?
  7. Ummi? Kenapa tidak Ezam "6 kotak"? Nampak jelas sekali UMNO Melaka meletakkan taraf Ummi lebih tinggi dari Ezam "6 kotak" walaupun Ezam dimartabatkan sebagai si-nato ("no action, talk only").
  8. Apapun, saya pasti Merlimau lebih cerdik dari Ummi "I am a virgin". Merlimau harus pandai menilai... kalau UMNO membawa Ummi ke sana, yang pasti Ali "tak boleh bertanding" Rustam beranggapan pengundi Merlimau sebagai lembu-lembu yang dicucuk hidung!
  9. Ayuh... pecahkan belenggu itu dan pastikan kemenangan kepada PAS. PAS for all... sementara BN hanya untuk penyokong BN sahaja... anda bukan penyokong BN? Ali Rustam tidak akan menolong kamu kerana beliau sendiri telah bertitah "Saya hanya menolong penyokong BN sahaja"
  10. Tolong penyokong BN sahaja? Betul ke ni Ali?... Apakah anda lupa bagaimana Ali menempelak PPP ketika kongress PPP di Melaka dulu? Kalau Ali boleh menempelak PPP yang merupakan komponen parti BN, apa ntah lagi dengan kita rakyat marhaen?
  11. Rumusan? Jom... kita berubah.... Undilah PAS kerana UMNO/BN tidak mungkin berubah!

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Dari C N28 Kerdau : Modal insan atau hamper pakai buang...?

  1. Kerdau, kerdau...apakah kita akan terkedu?
  2. 1MPM6 Najib begitu beriya-iya menjelajah skim FELDA dalam kawasan Kerdau. Tambah pula dengan kehadiran Rose "CT" Mah dengan dendangan "Saya bukan penipu"...
  3. Diikuti pula dengan skuad 1M yang pantang berjumpa rakyat, terus bersalamkan hamper...
  4. Denan "I love tut tut" dengan konfidennya melaungkan kemenangan kepada BN... TETAPI apakah itu benar????
  5. Apakah Denan lupa dengan ucapan beliau dalam DUN Pahang pada 22hb April 2010? Antara lain, beliau menyebut tentang program kerjasama diantara FELDA dan AADK (Agensi Anti Dadah Kebangsaan) untuk memerangi gejala penggunaan dadah di rancangan-rancangan FELDA di Pahang.
  6. Ini dengan sendirinya menggambarkan bahwa rancangan-rancangan FELDA dalam negeri Pahang sedang berhadapan dengan satu masaalah besar - dadah!
  7. Apakah Denan dan BN kini membelakangi modal insan dan lebih mementingkan hamper pakai buang untuk memenangi undi Kerdau?
  8. Apakah hamper pakai buang dapat menyelesaikan masaalah dadah yang menghantui FELDA dalam kawasan Kerdau? Atau Denan lebih gemar mengambil sikap tutup mata dengan gejala yang berada dihadapan mata?
  9. Apakah Denan dan BN hanya mementingkan 1MPM6 Najib untuk menziarah "kawasan putih" yang berlatarbelakangkan "All is well"?
  10. Rose "CT" Mah bilang "saya bukan penipu"... apakah itu sama dengan penagih dadah yang akan merayu kepada polis "Saya bukan penghisap dadah"?
  11. Alang-alang kita menyebut Rose "CT" Mah - apakah beliau mempunyai permit untuk berucap dalam perjumpaan politik? Atas kedudukan apa yang beliau berucap? Ketua Wanita UMNO?
  12. Malang sungguh bagi BN dan UMNO apabila Rose "CT" Mah mengambil alih tugas Shahrizat dalam menagih undi Kerdau... dan lebih malang lagi apabila 1MPM6 Najib membawa Rose "CT" Mah kearena politik melalui payung terjun...
  13. Pengundi Kerdau, saya pasti, lebih bijak dari BN. Hamper pakai buang bukanlah penyelesaian kepada masaalah harian mereka...
  14. Dan penyelesaian yang berkekalan ialah dengan membina modal insan yang mantap..sesuatu yang bisa dicapai melalui PAS.
  15. Ayuh, rakyat Kerdau... habiskan, pulunlah hamper pakai buang sumbangan BN tapi undilah PANADOL untuk pembinaan insan sejati...

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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Of Utusan's main mission : propping UMNO...

Malaysian truth? Utusan's (malysia) role is to back UMNO.

  1. The truth is out there. So claims "The X-file" that shot Mulder and Scully to fame. Malaysian truth? Utusan's (Malaysia) role is to back UMNO.
  2. This is basically the gist of the internal inquiry probing charges that a senior journalist had tarnished the newspaper's public image.
  3. It happened when the newspaper take action against Hata Wahari who is also the present NUJ President.
  4. Imagine that! If it can happens to Hata who is a senior journalist and the current NUJ President, then what stop Utusan Malaysia from pushing other more junior journalist to submit to the paper's whims and fancies?
  5. Mind you that Aziz Ishak (group editor-in-chief) is the one who told the inquiry that it was the duty of Utusan Malaysia to defend the interest of the ruling BN coalition.
  6. So, from Aziz's statement alone, it is proven without doubt that Utusan Malaysia will not give fair news coverage when it involves BN coalition.
  7. As for the declining Utusan sales, it proves that no amount of BN-licking can improve the sales! Reason? People are just plain fed-up with BN Coalition!
  8. So, let's start all over again with Merlimau and Kerdau. Let's show the door to Utusan's BN-licking ways...
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Of M N27 Merlimau : Rumah kerajaan BN punya ke???

  1. Apa dah jadi dengan BN di Merlimau? Panik ke?
  2. Kalau sebelum ini Ali "tak boleh bertanding" Rustam membuat pengakuan terbuka bahwa beliau akan memberi kerja (dan projek) kepada penyokong BN sahaja, kini Muhyiddein "menang kerana Ali tak ada" Yassin mengeluarkan satu lagi kenyataan tahap mengarut!
  3. Muhyidein, antara lain, berucap mengatakan bahwa calun PAS merupakan rakyat yang tidak berterima kasih kerana menduduki rumah kerajaan (quarters).
  4. Apabila pemimpin sudah tidak dapat membezakan yang mana parti dan yang mana kerajaa, ini sudah masuk ketahap kritikal.
  5. Muhyiddein, pemimpin UMNO yang akan mangambil alih tempat Najib sekiranya Najib mengikut jejak langkah ayahnya, seharusnya tahu membezakan yang mana satu parti dan yang mana satu kerajaan.
  6. Adalah menjadi tanggungjawab kerajaan untuk menyediakan kuarters untuk wargakerja mereka. Itu bukan kemudahan tetapi tanggungjawab! Sebagaimana sudah menjadi tanggungjawab kerajaan untuk menyediakan bekalan air bersih, elektrik kepada rakyat.
  7. Dan apabila seorang isteri yang kebetulan pula menjadi isteri calun PAS mendapat kemudahan itu, Muhyiddein tidak mempunya kuasa untuk menidakkan kemudahan tersebut!
  8. Lagipun kuarters itu dibina dengan wang rakyat, bukan wang UMNO dan sudah tentu bukan wang BN.
  9. BN seharusnya berhenti dari membuat kenyataan-kenyataan yang berupa ugutan samada kepada calun PAS, penyokong PAS/PR mahupun pada rakyat biasa. Apa yang BN (sebelumnya Perikatan) sediakan adalah tanggungjawab kerana mereka diundi sebagai parti pemerintah. Atas itu juga, rakyat boleh menyatakan ketiadakpuasan hati mereka atas sifat "pilihkasih" Ali Rustam dan keangkuhan Muhyiddein.
  10. Seandainya Muhyiddein ingin lama bertapak diarena politik, Muhyiddein perlulah mengeluarkan kenyataan-kenyataan yang lebih cerdik... maklumlah Muhyiddein hanya setangkuk lagi untuk menduduki kerusi empuk Najib.
  11. Rose si Timah tidak mungkin menggantikan tempat Najib... hanya Muhyiddein yang mempunyai peluang itu. Jadi Muhyiddein, mulalah belajar buat kenyataan cerdik...

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