Friday, February 27, 2015

Of pantun nasi lemak and the blues in me...

Yeah...I still got the blues....

Nasi Lemak Buah Bidara;
Daun Selasih hamba lurutkan;
Tinggal emak tingal sedara;
Kerana CheMah hamba turutkan...

Power push man to do crazy things...With power, you can wield your influence and dictate things to go your way. Is that what's happening with 1MPM6?

Hot after NYT expose and the "inheritance" statement issued by PMO, Najib's band of brothers consisting of lawyer, banker, architect and corporate players issued a joint statement regarding their father, our beloved PM2 Allahyarham Tun Razak. The statement was released at 8:26 pm last Tuesday to all mainstream media especially those controlled by BN parties.

Being a joint statement from Najib's band of brothers, I would expect that it will be on the front page of MSM. Surprisingly, that's not the case. Apart from STAR online, the rest of MSM ignore to print out the joint statement in their dailies. Is it a deliberate attempt from PMO to bar and ban the joint media statement? Who is the all-powerful PMO guy who dictates what the BN-contriolled MSM should print? Does it starts with a P? Or does the directive comes from R?

Better still, does Najib knows about it? Or is it possible in the "waiting list" area to be vetted and approved by the editors of the said MSM? Fortunately, the joint statement find its way to Malaysiakini and a few bloggers decided to upload the statement. To be fair, the joint statement was carried by Chinese vernacular papers, such as Sinchew Daily, Nanyang Siang Pau and the China Press.

The following is the statement taken verbatim from Apanama's blog :-

"We are extremely concerned that some recent news articles and postings have given rise to speculation as to the nature and extent of the inheritance that our late father, Tun Abdul Razak, had left behind, " the family said in a statement signed by four of Razak's five sons – Datuk Johari, Datuk Nizam, Datuk Nazim, and Datuk Seri Nazir.
"We wish to put on record that Tun Abdul Razak was a highly principled man, well-known to all who knew him for his frugality and utmost integrity and any statement or inference to the contrary would be totally false and misleading to his memory and to his service and sacrifices for the nation.

"We take issue with anyone who taints his memory, whatever the motive.

"We would also like to add that our whole family is united on this issue," they added in the three-paragraph statement sent to The Malaysian Insider tonight. – February 24, 2015.

There is a limit to everything and most probably the latest PMO's statement is the last straw for the Band of Brothers. And this should be rightly so, as even Lim Kit Siang, who is Perikatan's and later BN's arch nemesis pay tribute to Tun Razak as he vouched for Tun Razak's frugality and utmost integrity.

Mind you that way before Najib's BN decided to skip the upcoming Chempaka by-election as a mark of respect to Tn Guru Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, PAS and DAP has done it before when they skipped Pekan by-election waving the way for Najib to win uncontested. And that was,years before PKR was formed.

To me, the importance of band of brothers' joint statement is multifold :-

1. It is meant to clear the air on Tun Razak's wealth and legacy, and I have strong feeling that the joint statement has the blessing of their mother;
2. It clears the doubt and the brothers did not want any part of it when the PMO tried to drag the family name into Najib's/RosCTmah current predicament;
3. It is a subtle reminder to Najib that he has three other children from his past marriage. Did he spend the time and make effort to be around when the three grew up?;
4. If there were efforts to convince Nazifuddin Najib to let go his share in the past, then the same efforts should be taken to convinced Najib's younger children and step-children to off-load their shares, regardless it was done in overseas ventures;
5. It is a gentle reminder of Dominic Torreto's Fast and Furious 6 "You don't turn your back on family, even when they do.". Najib should realise that what he is having now is all temporary...and if one day , God forbids, he got his dose of being left alone as how he "snatched" someoneelse's companion, then he has his family to return to...
6. Could it be Mama Najib's way of telling najib to toe the line? And telling Najib to take control of his life as well as his PMO?;

There are many possibilities. Or has Najib failed to rein in his PMO due to his over-reliance to PMO in getting his dream golf date with Obama?

One by one, Najib is sidelining others on someone's behest. The latest is his own band of brothers. One of the most important thing in life is to obey and serve your parents. Najib still has his mother. It is to his benefit if he take care of his mother..better than others, whilst he can. Simply because, once they are gone, they are gone and there is nothing you can do to bring them back.

Najib has "menentang arus" one too many. Does he feel any guilt for leaving his first three kids when they need him most? Did he has any reservation to go "honeymooning" when these 3 kids face their first Raya without him? Najib may be the PM of Malaysia, but in the eyes of His al-mighty, he is just a speck of dust.

Truthfully, I did not know his band of brothers although I did have some form of association with them. As brothers from various professional backgrounds, it is not easy for them to issue the joint statement unless there is a common ground for their decision. And that common ground is the strong family bonding they have with their mother.

Is there anything permanent in life? No... we were born small before and as the years passed by, each and everyone of us grew and fit in the mould as He has planned. It is best to make full use of what we have now before it is gone or taken away from us. You think we will be young forever? You think we will be healthy forever, You think we will be rich and powerful forever? You think we have all the freetime in the world forever?

How many of us will know what happen next in our life? Yes, we can plan but it is He and He alone who will determine what will happen next. Today, we may be sipping coffee and enjoying our normal round of golf. Tup..Tup, we may be comatose with stroke. If that happens, who will be by our side? Family!

Yes, when we are young, we feel that the world is under our feet. We forsake family over lovers. But will love last forever? Will that "loving feeling" the same when we touch 60? 70? Do you think the one next to you feel the same if you cannot satisfy her with bags, shopping, jewelries, and ...? When the time comes, the pantun "Tinggal emak tinggal sefdara" will no longer apply.

maybe the pantun will then be :-

Nasi Lemak buah bidara;
Sayang Selasih hamba lurutkan;
mana Emak mana sedara;
Kerana Hamba sudah ditinggalkan...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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