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Of declining education trend, 1MDB and...

My friend asked "What is the similarities between statistical and lady figure"
The answer will be somewhere along the post..

23 Rabiul akhir 1436 sees Malaysia lost one of his learned Ulama' and past MB Kelantan Tuan Guru Nik Aziz Nik Mat. In his 84 years, he had served the nation in many areas, the last as PAS Murshidul Am. May the Creator placed him in Al jannah...

Whilst watching Astro Awani live telecast in Shah Alam's Mak Uda restaurant, this writer met with former boss and later joined by one ex-UTM lecturers. After the normal cordial update, the conversation turn to education. These 2 gentlemen concluded our state of education is declining. The leading factor to this decline is the mushrooming of over 400 college/college universities/universities and the failure of Malaysia's Ministry of Education to ensure the quality of our graduates.

The ex-UTM lecturer who is now a lecturer in one of the private colleges mentioned that there is no substance in our education. Reason? Our new breed of lecturers lacks the working experience and rely on their academic qualification to teach. As a result, our students are force feed with academic knowledge but lacks the hands-on experience and application. This is expected when the lecturers are themselves devoid of adequate hands-on experience. That said, the lecturers are then beholden to books and papers. This is different from the time when the ex-lecturer was roped in from his government post to become lecturer in UTM.

Now comes the better part, this ex-lecturer said that although he has been on the private college's payroll for the past 2 years, he hardly had any class. Despite that, he has been extended for another year with the college. When asked, he believed that his appointment is mote to get the college accreditation as well as the college promo as having few senior lecturers in their set-up. How wide is this practise? Apparently quite common in the private colleges...

This partial revealation stunned the ex-boss as he happens to be sitting in the assessment committee. From tertiary education downwards, Malaysia's education system is spiralling. The latest HOTS ie High Order Thinking System bares the truth - Malaysian students are no longer what they are 20-30 years ago. Our students are too exam-oriented and lacks the substance nor critical thinking. The reason may lies with our changing education system which is time and time again reviewed by incoming Ministers. Just because these Ministers want to leave their trademark, the system is now a pasembur - mixture of the wrong kind.

You think that's bad? Worse is yet to come.. In my recent travelling, I came to know of another scheme. That of online education. There is a person now who is looking of introducing online education to our ASEAN neighbours. His scheme? A person will sign-up for distance MBA course for say USD 2,000' payable in 24 monthly scheme. By the end of 2 years, the candidate will be bestowed with an MBA from one of UK's colleges.

What if the person is not affluent in English and writing skills? No problemo. This set-up can "assist" the MBA candidate to write up a good thesis. Janji..semua beres. This friend is looking of launching his MBA scheme somewhere in April...(not in Malaysia, of course).

Can we say that we are still proud of our education system? I pointed out that UTM has been too selective and as far as this writer knows, the university is not offering tutor posts to Masters students. In the end, many potential Masters students drop their course halfway and choose to work over pursuing the Masters course. UTM is also not offering PHd scholarships to lighten the students. You want PHd from UTM? Go find your own sponsor as the university did not have any young lecturer's scheme.

Do you think employers care? Not so... to employers, a degree is a degree regardless you come from UM or private college. Full stop.

1MDB? Yes, news say that 1MDB has paid it's 2B loan using Ananda Krishnan. The question now is - at what cost? Economist will tell you that there is no such thing as "free lunch". If that is the case, what is Ananda Krishnan getting out of it?. Is 1MDB's new CEO's job is to take a loan to pay another loan? If that is the case, any Tom, Dick and Harry can do the job.

Is there anyone out there who knows what happens to 1MDB cash? Or just because Malaysia's J Lo's hands is in the cookie jar, everyone needs to shut up. Or is there any connection between 1MDB and Washington's post article on someone's inherited wealth?

If that is true, are we admitting that Malaysia is on the wrong side of things since 1970's? Now that Anwar Ibrahim is out of the way, Tun M should be firing more and Najib should come up with credible answers. It is time for Najib to stand up and says hie piece. That means, stop relying on one Mat Salleh whose favourite hunting place is Zouk.

But then again, can Najib be reliable when his "pow wow" betwen Pala and Subra is down the drains, up to the limit that ROS may deregister MIC. The best Najib can d s to arrange for meeting between the three come Monday or Tuesday. Here, on its own shows Najib's indecisiveness. Why can't Najib just set a date? Afterall, he is numero uno in BN. If a simple date fixing also Najib fails to decide, how can he decide on MIC's problems?

Ah...what is the similarities between statistics and lady figure? My friend answered "What it reaeals is very interesting, what it hides is very crucial!"

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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