Monday, February 23, 2015

Of Nurul's "tak boleh diwarisi"...

Raihan, one of Nasyid's premier group had a song "Iman Mutiara". Part of the lyrics goes "Iman tidak dapat diwarisi" (Faith cannot be inherited)..

As many other things, there are certain things that cannot be inherited, one of them is leadership...

Free Malaysia Today mentions about PAS Ulama's stand on parliamentary opposition leader nomination if and when Anwar has to let go of that position. It is coming soon and it is only a matter of time for the parliamentary speaker to declare Permatang Paun parliamentary seat is vacant.

Let's be realistic. Sodomy II is different from Sodomy I. Apart from Adam, Nik Nazmi and few others,not many turned up last Saturday to rally against Sodomy II. This should be a clear message to PKR :-

1. Don't plan rally on long holiday stretch. many are in their hometown;
2. The public is getting tired of Anwar and his continual "political conspiracy" claim;
3. PKR needs to acknowledge that PAS support is crucial for a rally to go mega;
4. Adli, a one-time student leader, needs to accept the fact that he is not a rally mover;
5. Nik Nazmi should make use of his position as elected rep constructively, and not be caught in unnecessary predicament;
6. Only 50 supporters? PKR has lost its shine and glamour. It shows PKR is not Anwar alone. PKR need to moves on;

Whack PAS if you want but I agree with their stand. Nurrul Izzah is not ready yet to be opposition leader. If you want to talk about seniority, there are two that comes into mind ie Hadi Awang and lim Kit Siang. Both are seasoned politicians. If PR wants to show maturity in their approach, it should be either one of them.

Alas, PKR always wants to act as kingmaker. To them, opposition leader and the right to lead PR belongs to PKR. Where do they get this mindset? None other from their imbedded mentality of UMNO. You see, many of those PKR leaders are ex-UMNO leaders. They joined PKR because they are in Anwar's camp. Just because of that, they feel it is their birth-right to be PR leader.

When it comes to PR leader, PKR forgets about joint responsibility. And that is why I strongly feel that Lim Kit Siang or Hadi Awanf should be parliament opposition leader. Full stop.

Nurul Izzah has many things going against her :-

1. She is young and politically immatured;
2. She needs to spend more time with her children aged 7 and 4;
3. She has not shown sufficient leadership quality to merit as opposition leader;
4. She has not grown out from her father's shadow;

Now, who should be the opposition leader? If I am the sole voter, it will be Hadi Awang. However, if you leave it to the oppoition MPs, it will be Lim Kit Siang.

Let's widen the possibility, what about the 2nd ecelon leaders? It will then be Lim GE, Khalid Samad, Azmin Ali. With Azmin steering Selangor, Lim GE helming Penang, the one left standing will be from PAS.

PAS has taken a lot of heat lately. The reason is mainly to covert op to bring down PAS from within. It is not because thay hate PAS but because they want to ensure that PAS follow PKR direction. You see, some of PAS current crop of leaders has been subtly influenced and openly declare subviernce to Anwar. To them, what Anwar did is all right. Something they must learn is not to accept everything at face value.

PAS has been conned by UMNO before and now PKR is doing the same to PAS. PAS has declared that they will never cooperate with UMNO again, and PKR is showing that they are not much better than UMNO. Where does PAS goes from here?

Fortunately I am not Hadi Awang. For me, if given the choice, PAS should stand alone and let BN fights out with PKR/DAP. PAS remains the "lone ranger" party and work from there. When that stand is accepted and realised by PKR/DAP, maybe then PKR/DAP will respect PAS for what they are fighting for.

Whatever it is, Nurul Izzah is not ready to be parliament opposition leader...

-+Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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