Monday, February 16, 2015

Of MIC's teacup storm...

Broken brokered peace...that's what I see in MIC of today

1MPM previously brokered a deal between Palanivel and Subramaniam. The deal was simple..Palanivel to lead MIC and then "hand over" the baton to Subramaniam somewhere in 2015 or 2016. However, it looks like the deal is going down the drains when ROS instructed MIC to carry out fresh elections. Palanivel plays slow thus earning the wrath of MIC members and with 1MPM calling both Palanivel and Subramaniam to meet him today, something breaks loose, and the deal is as good as gone.

When things seems to be too slow for MIC, Subramaniam declares that he will challenge Palanivel for MIC President post. Subramaniam claims that he has more than 60 % support from MIC branches and division throughout the country. Everybody can make a claim. Whether that is a legitimate claim or not, let the MIC election decides.

One thing that interest me is the absence of Palanivel when 1MPM6 invited both Palanivel and Subramaniam to discuss MIC party issue today. Palanivel claims that :-

1. He could not attend the meeting because he has an emergency concerning his wife;
2. He send S Sothinathan as his representative;
3. Sothinathan was blocked from entering the meeting;

Come on Palanivel, stop the drama! Are you not an MP from Cameron Highland? Are you not a minister in 1MPM6's cabinet? 1MPM6 is just a phone call away and you choose to dispense the protocol and send Sothinathan as your rep? Who is Sothinathan? He maybe MIC sec-gen but 1MPM6 calls for President and Deputy President to the meeting...not MIC sec-general!!You cannot claim bias when you did not take the necessary steps to inform 1MPM6 nor do you take the appropriate steps to contact BN secretary general. What game are you playing? Further, Palanivel has no guts when he opts to choose using SMS when he can always call 1MPM6 247.

Palanivel opts to use his wife as the reason for his absence. Regardless whether it is a real emergency or not, I see Palanivel using his wife in the hope to gain symphaty from RosCTmah. You think RosCTmah will bite the bait?

Palanivel wanted to test his market value by slamming BN and accusing BN of interfering in MIC's crisis. All 1MPM6, DPM and BN sec-gen proposed are :-

1. Barisan Nasional (BN) secretariat to oversee MIC's administration until its fresh elections
2. stick with the 23 current central working committee (CWC) members elected in the 2009 election until the fresh polls are done
3. MIC president is also not allowed to appoint the nine additional members into the CWC during this period
4. the proposed secretariat will help clear up all the illegal branches as pointed out by the Registrar of Societies (ROS).
5. MIC presidential election steering committee that was agreed together with its head Tan Sri K. Kumaran to chair and conduct the elections

Suddenly, Palanivel is now threatening BN for meddling in MIC affairs. This is going to be interesting. Not on MIC but on 1MPM6..can he force Palanivel to toe the line. Does 1MPM6 has the guts to strip Palanivel of his Ministership?

The next few days is going to be interesting especially when ROS is under the purview of another UMNO warlord cum Deputy President. Let's see Palanivel cards when 17th Feb 2015 sun sets...Will Palanivel send his lawyers to ROS?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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