Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Of tidak apa, suka-suka, kasi susah...

Cuti cuti Malaysia...welcome to Malaysia, truly Asia..

And somebody take advantage of our warm hospitality...

If my memory did not fail me, I once highlighted about a private college offering courses to those who gain amnesty.

Regardless of whatever shortcomings, Malaysia is still a good place to stay. It may have its ups and downs, with few getting all the meat whilst the rest of us scrap on the leftovers. Still...there's no place like home.

That said, Malaysians should feel strongly against those who misuse our warm welcome. The STAR reported of firearms seized from an abandon yatch.

The cops revealed the following :-
1. It is a foreign-owned yatch;
2. 5 rifles and 2 pistols with 900 rounds of ammunition;
3. yatch belongs to a South African with criminal record and wanted in his home country;
4. Left unattended since August 2014;

If the man is wanted in his home country, why is he allowed to enter Malaysia? Or are yatch-going persons exempted from the normal CIQ procedure? Is this man passport stamped? If yes, then where is his whereabouts since he left his yatch unattended since 5 months ago?

Does our Marina has a standard SOP preventing unwanted elements from entering and berthing their yatch in the country? Who did the inspection of yatch to ascertain that there are no guns or bombs on board?

Are we getting complacent to the level that our security can be easily breached?

If that is not enough, what about the video inciting protest against the judiciary? The video message :-
hold protests against the judicial system by setting off fire crackers on February 18 at 11.30pm.

Common sense will tell you that tomorrow, our Chinese friends will set off fire crackers near the stroke of midnight to welcome their lunar year. That does mean they are holding protest against the judiciary.

If there is unhappiness against the judiciary, then we have to take the correct method to correct whatever injustice. You have to use the judicial system to prove them wrong.

Malaysians have to be more caring and sensitive of what's going on around us. We can no longer have the "tidak apa" attitude. Our security needs to be tightened and close all the loopholes. We can't afford having wanted criminals as our guest. We have to weed out the wanted criminals, regardless whether they are from Africa or Kazakhstan. Just like Zahid Hamidi says "Equal treatment to all criminals". If all are treated the same, then when is this South African who is wanted in his country? When is the scammer who skimmed off his own father? By the way, how long is an ideal time for engagement before the 2 lovebirds are joined by marriage?

Malaysians can no longer "suka suka" do things. The person(s) who uploaded the video may feel that it's funny but seriously, it is not. Stop making fun of judiciary..eventhough you have your own reservation. Judiciary do not "cabut" when they have done their job. I guess you know what may happen if you do not "cabut"...9 months down the road, you have a child :)

Stop "kasi susah" Malaysians. 2 years down the line, there are those who are still arguing "Did najib/Anwar negotiate prior to GE 13?" With 1MPM6 muted silence, it is up to Rahman Dahlan and KJ to bark off. I wonder - were they in Indonesia as part of najib's negotiation team?

We invited our friendly neighbours to construct our high rise buildings, now it seems that we need to invite them over to tell us who is telling the truth on 1MPM6's offer to Anwar Ibrahim. Is it Anwar or is it KJ/Rahman Dahlan?

Gung Xi Fa Cai to all...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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