Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Of communication, PR handlers...

Is it miscommunication when a "yes" means "No"?. PR is not Pakatan means Public Relations, just to minimise miscommunication..

Christmas use to be a season to me merry. Now, a season to be merry has cross boundaries and includes Chinese New Year as well. In a pre_CNY function, we were talking about those who have left us, either due calling from His almighty or by way of imprisonment. Of course, we also talk about the wealthy and someone remarked about 1MPM6's PR man.

Today, Malaysiakini touch on the subject. Let's see if PMO can come out with the same speedy Gonza;les response when it touches one of their own. It seems that this ex_APCO man is paid millions to be in 1MPM6's team. Not only that, there is whispers of his reputation as a clubber in Zouk. As one Urban "legend" says it, he is holding court every night in the entertainment outlets of KL. If that is true, whe will he ever be able to handle his communication and 1MPM6's PR?

Tun M touch on the subject of something rotten in Malaysia. Maybe, 1MPM6 is surrounding himself with rotten apples and this PR guru is just one of the many rotten apples in 1MPM6's basket.

How rotten? travels as far as Sarawak, if not more when Sarawak report says too much partying for 1MPM6's PR guru. Read it and you may be surprise of what happens. My question is simple - Does 1MPM6 knows about all the partying? Or is 1MPM6 too busy travelling that he overlooks the rotten apple in his basket?

Reading Sarawak report, it reminds me of a book somewhere out there detailing how a guy make his fortune by leeching from his own employers. How does he do it? simple...The employer gives him an assignment and he comes back with his proposal and how much it cost to do the job. Once approved, he sub-let it to a hardworking honest Indian IT savvy guy from the sub-continent whilst this guy enjoys his heart out. The next morning, the subbie will prepare all the necessary report and voila, the employee makes a double killing : report to the boss and gets his monies (and maybe extra perks/incentives) and he then pay a meagre fee to the guy across the world.

I am seeing the same with this PR guru guy when he manage to convince 1MDB (again?) to engage him for PR and he then sub it to one of his friends..easy money. How can this happen? It only happens when the boss is a sleepyhead. Or is it a joint effort from Malaysia's J-Lo/Paul who gets the decision maker to fall for their trap?

With the way it is going, I say that Malaysia is in for more PR trouble soon. The only way to overcome this is to send off Paul. Do you think 1MPM6 is ready for that? As it is, 1MPM6 himself has been giddy for the past few weeks and his inheritance claim is putting 1MPM6 in a difficult situation. Is 1MPM6's mother happy to hear 1MPM6's PR claiming that his riches comes from his inheritance? If that is true, why were there no legal tussle for 1MPM6's wealth when he was Pahang's MB and when he decided to say sayonara to his then woman?

If 1MPM^ was rich due to his inheritance, I would expect a massive matrimonial case ala-Taib's son from Sarawak. I did not recall that happen. On the other hand, Tun Razak is a frugal person and the thoughts of him leaving vast properties and cash as inheritance to his children seems absurd. Unless, of course if 1MPM6 inherited it from other sources... if it can happens in "Great Expectations", then it can happens to 1MPM6...

Maybe the next time around, jounalist can just camped out at one of paul's favourite place for 1MPM6's press statement. That way, news can be dissemate faster...right from the morning wee hours...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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