Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Of unprecedented precedence...

Bagai pinang dibelah dua...(like betelnut split into two, with a saw)...

Let's cut the intro and straight to the nitty gritty. First off is Anwar (again?). Remember how his family submitted for royal pardon? Yeah..they have every rights to do so but wait a minute!!! Can they come with plausible answers to :\:-

1. Going by a self-proclaimed learned constitutional expert, a third party (in this case Anwar's family) can seek for royal pardon for a convicted person;
2. The application for royal pardon can be submitted at any time and basically do not has a time limit nor constrain;
3. Now the fun part begins, if that is the case, why is Anwar's family chose the 11th hour of the 13th day of his sentencing to submit the appeal?;
4. Is it because they are trying to ensure that Anwar has a lifeline to his Permatang Pauh MPship?;
5. Is it because they hope Pandikar would not declare Permatang Pauh parliamentary seat vacant?;
6. If that is their intention and strategy, then Nurul's argument that the family is seeking justice goes down the drain;
7. Why? Simply because they are acting like "killing two birds with one stone" ie seeking for pardon and at the same time getting Anwar to retain the MP ship;
8. is no longer about holding up the justice. t is now being selfish to he highest degree;
9. Reason? If the family is seeking justice, then they should be willing to submit the appeal after yesterday..and let the time lapse for Pandikar to declare the seat vacant;
10. They did not do so..that means they are selfish and if they are now selfish as well as self-centered, what hopes do Malaysians have if PR ever manage to govern the country?;
11. Will it then be Anwar as PM, Nurul Izzah as DPM, Kak Wan as Selangor MB, other daughters and sons as GLC heads? If this is not nepotism, then what is?;
12. PKR jumped on the bandwagon insisting that Anwar be allowed to be in March 9 parliament seating;
13. If this is allowed, then might as well we get other convicted criminals to be our that they can have their days off and attend parliamentary seating;
14. If I remember corre tly, this is not accorded to Lim KS, Karpal and the rest when they were in ISA what is so special about Anwar that he should be given the priviledge?;
15. If this is allowed, then soon enough Anwar will be asking for ime off from Sg Buloh to attend to his constituency needs...where got road????

Second, let's revisit 1MPM6 "inherited wealth" makeover... PMO should learn to behave themselves and not dragging those who have left us to protect their boss..

1. Tun Razak that I learn is a frugal person;
2. He is a strict person and willing to break new grounds including establishing ties with mainland China;
3. He is close to the rakyat and that is how FELDA is born;
4. Like Tunku before him, he did not amassed great weath when he was the PM of the nation;
5. Saying that, how can PMO or is it Paul who picture that Najib inherited his wealth?;
6. Even if Tun Razak was a bit richer, then would the wealth be diluted through Faraid, the Islamic way of dispensing wealth of Arwah;
7. If Tun Razak was that rich, then why did najib's brothers come out with the statement?;
8. And if Tun Razak was that rich, would he not has an elegant house in Pekan fit for RosCTmah to stay when Najib is back in Pekan?;
9. If that is true, why did RosCTmah opts to stay back in Kuantan instead of Pekan?;
10. Pekan's ancestor home not fit for PM's wife but fit for PM?;
11. If Najib inherited the wealth, then why only Riza is the one with $100M unit in NY, why not Najib's natural children?
12. Najib's siblings may be rich by their own rights but none of them contribute their ealth to inheritance;
13. Or PMO is saying that Najib "sapu" all Najib's wealth? If that is so, then Najib did not follow faraid? what say you, Jamil Khair Baharom";

Finally, when the rakyat are sweating like mad on the coming GST implementation, 1MPM6's wife best comment is about her hairstylist? Aiyaa... consider these :-

1. How many of us use to sit on stools infront our house with a self-made newspaper apron with our mother/friends snipping our hair;
2. How much that haircut cost? Maybe a bowl of Maggi as appreciation;
3. Or how many of us goes to the barber shop for a RM 5 haircut;
4. Anyone ever heard of RM 1200 haircut?
5. Not only 1MPM6's wife had a RM 1200 dye treatment, she grumbled and ask the government to relook into her hairdo's GST;
6. Whilst he rest of the country is tightening our belts, she can spend RM 1200 for dyeing her hair, Is this 1MPM6 "yang berjiwa rakyat";
7. I would have dismiss the news as "misquotation" but when Ahmad Maslan is looking into the matter, then this is no longer a joke;
8. 1MPM6 is too rich that he can afford RM 1200 for his wife's hair dyeing, how much is 1MPM6 haircut??? Can PMO issue a statement and confirmation on this?;
9. If the government looks into RosCTmah's grouse, then where is the government's prioroties? Towards the rakyat or towards 1MPM6's family?;
10. As Bee Gees say.."The joke is on e", is RosCTmah playing an April fool's joke on us? Hey...this is only February...;
11. If 1MPM6 could not even control his missus, then how can he control his cabinet?;
12. No wonder, MIC is suing ROS;
13. No wonder 1MDB is in limbo;
14. No wonder FGV's profit reduces by 96 %;
15. No wonder, MAS employees may stage a walkout;
16. No wonder Ismail Sabri can call for boycotting products with racist undertone;
17. No wonder Zahid can write directly to FBI;
18. It shows that 1MPM6 is not in control...

The above three is an unprecedented precedence... and we as the rakyat will be bleeding to live through our daily lives...
I pray to Him to guide us all and give Malaysia worthy leader...Amin...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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