Saturday, February 21, 2015

Of life, live, leave and...

"Life in the fast lane"

Lately Sirul grabs the headlines with all the right wrong move? Now, it is my turn to see from angle...

Out in the outbacks, Sirul, one of the two accused of killing Altantanya, claimed that he acted under orders. Before his PR man can strategise answers, 1MPM6 rubbishes Sirul's claim. I have nothing against that but the question is "Why should 1MPM6 reacted to a statement made by a fugitive way out in Australia. Has 1MPM6 nothing better to do? It is his rights to comment on anything but why chose Sirul's statement? Unless 1MPM6 is keeping track on the Mongolian case...

I have no problem if PAS extends their hand to get Sirul's mum to Australia. However, the question is - "If Sirul can travel to Australia, his mum could not afford to travel there, meh?" Why did Sirul choose Australia? Why not Indonesia? Philippine? Cambodia? Bigger mystery is - Why only Sirul? Why didn't Azilah, his supposed to be partner not travelling prior to the Apex court decision?

Let's us spare the "who dun it". Let's be rational and think both inside and outside the box. Sirul claimed that there is a miscarriage of justice because some is not called to the witness stand. He further claimed that the court failed to determine the motive of killing and he is found guilty due to circumstatial evidence. Fine, consider these :-

1. Sirul's co-accused is a Cif Inspector. Bwteen the two, who do you think will receive the "order to kill"?. I bet it is the Cif who receive the "inspiration" and he rope in Sirul to complete the mission. That said, do you think Sirul knows all the "background story" or did he only knows on a "need to know basis"?;
2. Why is Cif in Malaysia when Sirul can "travel" to Australia? So far, Sirul did not reveal why he travels to Australia and whether his travelling is "sponsored" by someone else. I am not belittling Sirul but at this time and age, it is not easy to spend thousands to travel. What more when you stay in Australia for months. Where did he get his money? Or is it part of the "payment" from bumping someone off to another world?;
3. Why is Cif's lawyer quiet. Cif accepts his sentence and happ to see Sirul out there, still free and enjoying his limelights?;
4. Or is CIF the last secret weapon who will finally say that Sirul acted beyond orders? They were never meant to bump the girl off but to scare her? Only Sirul cary it one step too far?
5. Sirul has been plying "cat and mouse". One time, he indicated he wanted to tell all and at some other point he says he acted on orders. Will the real Sirul stand up and tell the world what really happen?;
6. Both Sirul and Cif is in 1MPM6's elite squad. Most probably they will be travelling with 1MPM6 around the world. Is it possible for Sirul and Cif to know the model through their mission and either one or both of them has intimiate relation with the girl? I heard bodyguards make better lovers than their bosses... And it is them and they only who decidesto bump off the girl, anticipating they are doing it for the "boss"?;
7. Cif resigned to his fate as he has a fiancee at the time of the crime. Is it possible that he is currently at peace with his conscious?;
8. Cif in Sg Buloh, Anwar in Sg Bulog. Both in solitary confinement. One on murder row, the other on political death it possible for them to join hands and come with their version, something about political conspiracy?;
9. If Sirul's mum manage to meet Sirul, is it possible for something happening happen that Sirul will be unable to tell his side of the story?;
10. I agree with some when they say Sirul should has open up during the trial. However, how can he do it if the "hooded" persons walking into the court is not really Sirul or Cif? It may be far fetched but not impossible...;
11. If Malaysia inteliggence has done the impossible before, it is not difficult to silence Sirul. Maybe Raja Bomoh can "knock off" Sirul with another of his ridiculous stunt;

Sirul choose to live "life on the fast lane". In fast lane, life is an uncertain commodity. It is his choive to live it and bask in the glory whilst the time last. I did not see other media taking hoot on Sirul. No CNN, No ABC...not many Australia media paying attention to him. 2 weeks down the line, Sirul's story will be another one down the drain, unless he is willing to make more definitive explosive revealation.

Sirul choose to leave Malaysia, in fact he did not choose to leave Malaysia but rather chose to run from Maaysia. I could not use the word "escape" and he walks out with a legitimate passport. It is also Sirul's choice to return to Malaysia on his free will. The only thing is, if he do choose to return and tell - wll it be the end for one politician? political adviser? Or will it be another one of those possible "time sharing" case..and Sirul together Cif is the real fall guy?

I remember years ago about another case involving a beaiful girl, ony she was local. The case was sensational and there is an unknown DNA in her case. Surely the "mrderer" was sentenced and later freed. Not only that, the last time I hear, he was promoted to head of department. He was a fall guy but it was worth it. For Sirul and Cif? Time will tell..

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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