Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Of Maafkan kami...

P Ramlee sang "Maafkan kami, maafkan kami..." As if on que, Anwar's family file for royal pardon...

I wrote on 11th Feb that one of the options available for Anwar is royal pardon by HRH. Despite PKR's early denial, Anwar's family filed for HRH royal pardon this evening.

Yes, it is one of the available option to get Anwar out of Sg Buloh and at the same time retain his current status as Permatang Pauh MP. One unnamed lawyer called it a brilliant move, I termed it as an "arrogant, not clever, troublesome move" by Anwar. Do anone out there rally believe that the pardon appeal is made without Anwar's blessig or planning? You must be kidding! I did not see anybody from his stable f family who can make an independent decision without his consent.

I say that the move is pre-planned. I want to see Rafizi coming out and swear that he did not know of the move. I bet he will not do so...

Why my statement? Simple..consider these :-
1. The family choose the last possible date and the last possible minute to file the pardon appeal;
2. The family has preempt the move by painting the "deplorable" condition that citizen Anwar has to endure in prison ie thin mattress, mosquitoes, inconvenient toilet etc;
3. The family choose the last minute timing to submit to Parliament speaker;
4. The family claimed that they will pursue all available recourse to seek his release;

Now, consider my argument :-
1. Why choose last minute and last date to seek pardon? What the family is doing is not to seek justice but to pressure HRH to make a decision. Remember that it is Anwar who go against the wishes of HRH Selangor Sultan in the recent MB issue. And is it not Anwar who was stripped from his Selangor's Daukship for his action? Is this a picture of a person who obeys the royal institution? Now that he is stuck, is it right for him to use his family to seek a royal pardon?;
2. Is citizen Anwar so special to be given special treatment? Is he Abdullah Ang? Is he so attractive that mosquitoes swarmed him for his juice? What about the Ahmads', Ah Kows', Sivas' who are there in Sg Buloh? Don't they get the same treatmet as Anwar?
3. Talk about thin mattress, has Anwar forgotten that our prophets never sleep on thick mattress, and if Anwar quoted so much of religion, why can't he follow the example set by our great prophet? Or serve his sentence like Hassan al-banna and the rest? Were they guilty? No, So if they can serve the injustice, why can't Anwar do the same? Or is Anwar claiming that he is better than the rest of the brotherhood?;
4. Does the family thinks that our spreaker has nothing better to do than to waig for a copy of the royal pardon copy to postpone declaring Permatang Pauh seat vacant?
5. Nurrul Izah talked about all available recourse. What has Nurrul Izzah do to those who are unjustly convicted and now serving time or facing death sentence? Give me one case where Nurul Izzah seek royal pardon for others apart from Anwar..

That said, I see the family as ego-centric and arogant. They feel that it is their god-given right for Anwar to be free and they might feel that only Anwar is capable of leading the nation. Others like Surendran, Rafizi and Tian Chua are their pawns to get their wishes.

Now, don' get me wrong...I never say tat Anwar is guilty nor will I swear that he is innocent. leave it to Him as He knows the truth. Saiful swear and Anwar claim he swears...

Good move? Nah, I doubt it. What Anwar is doing is to put the royal house in a tight spot. However, at the same time Anwar has now expose a weakness. Anwar is pulling ool over his face when his family who incidentally is the current PKR President and PKR's vice President..and PKR claimed ignorance? Kak Zah can't even confide her moves to PKR leadership? Hogwatch...

Ok, what did I foresee?
1. t is better for Speaker to clam that Permatang Pauh eat is vacant;
2. The pardon board will meet before June and will accept the apex court decision. This is just to send a point that the judiciary is independent;
3. Anwar's contribution is taken into account and he will be realeased due to his "supposedly" ill health and place under house arrest, strip of his MP standing and monitored by movement shackles;
4. Anwar will be barred from active politics;

Maafkan saya...if Anwar can do cycling in NZ last december, then he is capable of doing things... simple as that.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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