Monday, March 02, 2015

Of busy March...

Since Malaysia do not experience four season, will it be like :
1. Bz as squirrels collecting nuts for the winter?; or
2. Bz like bears eating as much food before hibernating?; or
3. Bz like dung beetle..for its offspring?

Yes..March is going a busy month for some and equally busy for us to follow the news.

First up will be 7th March #lawan rally. Although so far the rally receives mute and lukewarm response. If the organise has some sense, they will wisely called off the rally and re-scheduled it to a different date. Giver whatever excuse possible as long as the rally is not held on 7th March. What if they continue with the rally? For one, it may reflects that Anwar's case has lost it's shine and glamour. PKR could no longer bank in on their normal war-cry of "political manipulation and agenda". Is he a political prisoner or a victim of his own makings?

Why the need to reschedule the 7th March rally? Simple...UMNO is having their "meet the division leaders" on 8th March 2015. Nobody is certain what will happen when Najib meets the 170 division leaders. Najib may has his own agenda but will his agenda in line with the 170 division leaders? So why do the 7th rally as a catalyst for Najib to call UMNO to his side?

Najib is cornered with the continuous Sarawak Report's exposure of 1MDB and J-Lo. The latest exposure implying USD 700M were damaging if Najib fails to address the issue. The 1MDB financial standing has partly weakens Ringgit to the lowest since 2009.The implied relationship and J Lo's manouvre in "siphoning" 1MDB money is damaging. Najib has to either admit or declare J Lo's part in 1MDB dealing. Yes, Najib is not running 1MDB on day to day basis but surely whatever major decision made should has his consent or his instruction. Which is which? Did Najib instruct or wa he briefed on 1MDB's Petrosaudi deal? It is certainly something that Najib cannot sweep under the carpet. If Sarawak Report is harsay, then Najib needs to take the lead to sue Sarawak Reort and London newspaper for their exposure on 1MDB-Jho Lo-Najib connection. Why? Najib has to prove that he is not "Jaguh Kampung" who only dares to sue Harakah daily for printing out Sarawak Report contents but did not dare to sue the source. What more if it is publish in UK or USA...

Will it be Najib's swansong as UMNO's president? Malaysiakini reported Najib defended his father as frugal and principled person. Now, now..which is true? Najib or PMO? PMO says it's inherited and now Najib says his father was a frugal and principled person..Is PMO issuing a misleading statement or Najib is parroting what his band of brothers are saying? If he parrots his brothers, then what is Najib's action on PMO's statement? Let go and let Paul continue his wild parties and clubbing? Slap on the wrist? Or claim that PMO is being misquoted? Worse still, is Najib blur on what PMO is doing?? Is PMO sleeping on their job?

I see the writings are on the walls for Najib. Even if he survive the 8th March "Meet the division leaders" session, it will be hotter and hotter for Najib and he will be sweating in his pants. Remember that FELDA's profit is down by 96 %, Prima group is posting losses, and Petronas is down by 25 %. 1MDB is flushing in the drain. What is going right for Najib now?? Even RosCTmah's hairdo cost is an issue...

Remember Ahmad Said, Terengganu's ex-MB? He got Najib's "You are fired" when he was in the midst of preparing his daughter's wedding. I wonder if 8th March will signal the "Najib, you are fired" conclusion. If that happens, Najib gets what he sows. He fired Ahmad Said when the latter is preparing his daughter's wedding. Where will Najib host his daughter's wedding if he "got fired" on 8th March? Or will he begged the division leaders for some extra-time to see to his daughter's wedding? For those in te dark, Najib's daughter marriage is set on 28th March 2015. Hmmm...come to think about it, has Najib knows what's coming to him when the wedding is done in KLCC?

8th March will also be the day when Pandikar return to Malaysia. Will he has sufficient time to give his ruling on Anwar? Can Anwar attend parliament on 9th March? Will Anwar be able to attend his tea=time chat wit HRH Agung? Will Anwar be able to participate in the debate?

Frankly, I see the situation as "play the musical chairs". Deputy speaker is not willing to give his opinion whilst Zahid Hamidi says it is up to AG, Prison dept and Pandikar to decide on Anwar. That said, I see minimal chance for Anwar to attend 9th March parliament opening. PKR will cry "political conspiracy"..that's their standard war cry. If and when Anwar is free from his sodomy ghost, there is no reason for PKR to exist anymore... Why? To PKR, there is no longer political conspiracy above Anwar's head.

One day after, MIC will have their day in court. The high court set 9th March to hear Palanivel's application to quash ROS directives. Is this the beginning of MIC's extinction?

Yes...early March is really busy. If Najib is going to be shown the exit, then he is like the dung beetle, collecting dung together with his #1 lady for their offspring. It may be nutritous to them but definitely nauseous to others. And before he goes, make sure the 1MDB fund is fully accounted.

And if 8th March is the day when all the divisions pledge undivided support and loyalty to Najib, then be sure he will be like the bz bear, gobbling everything insight before he goes on hibernation mode..You know that UMNO division leaders are a fickle lot and Najib has send a signal to those who question his decision. Just look at Kamaruddin of Penang. He raise out the 1MDB issue and now he is sacked from UMNO position because he is a bankcrupt. Anybody else dare to raise any issue against Najib?

Bz like squirrels?..Nah..not appliacable to our 1MPM6 nd RosCtmah..How can they be when their time is seeking for Bilkins, jewelries, expensive hairdo, golfing, and Najib's stepson equally busy making money from you know where whilst partying with the likes of Paris Hilton.

To those taking their SPM results best wishes to you guys and gals...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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