Monday, March 09, 2015

Of "Sound of Silence"...


Yes, all the major MSM thumped "UMNO division leaders in solidarity with 1MPM6". Is that for real?

A portion of "Sound of Silence" reads :
"And in the naked light I saw
Ten thousand people maybe more
People talking without speaking
People hearing without listening
People writing songs that voices never shared
No one dared
Disturb the sound of silence "

160 out of 1910 UMNO division leaders turned up on 8th March to listen to Najib's explaination. Funny, out of 160, not even one question. Everything is OK? Or are they hearing without listening?

My lecturer is always worried when there is no question coming from the lecture hall. Are the students sleeping? Cannot understand? or they are not physically there? The same goes for Najib's grand explaination on 8th March - are the division leaders listening or are they hearing Najib's explaination. There is a difference between the two.

And before I go further, mind you that Muhyiddin has prior commitments elsewhere and so does Sabah division leaders. Tsk..tsk.. is this the "signs" of what next is coming to Najib? Mukhriz is not there and I did not see KJ in red, either.

What I see is 160 UMNO division leaders putting up a "front for show", a false feeling of strength in time for 9th March parliament session opening. It is a breather for Najib, a lifeline to last until end of March for Najib to celebrate his daughter's wedding. After that? It will be an open hunting session!

Look carefully at the detail of the picture. Did you see UMNO youth leader aka KJ? Apart from Zahid and Ku Nan, the rest of the division leaders keep a safe distance from Najib? Why? If they want to show and proof solidarity, they should be swarming Najib...but no..not in the picture. Sorry to say, Najib looks like the odd man out, the black sheep in a flock of red sheeps. o distinctly different, like a sore thump, like a leper in the community. Njib, don't be lulled by false pretense. Watch your back, your expiry date is coming soon.

Since yesterday's "hear the PM session" is held behind closed doors, it is up to you to interpret what happened behind the door. If Najib claimed that noone is above the law and he will pursue those who "damage" 1MDB reputation, did Najib quoted MACC's arrest to FGV CEO over hotel buy in both PD and London? Mind you that one of those who were asked to give his statement is Felda's Chairman's son who happened to be UMNO's ex-VP. Is that the message Najib is sending to UMNO division leaders? Is Najib signalling that he has no issue to go after UMNO VP, f the need arise? If he can go for UMNO's ex-VP, then what stops him from going after 160 UMNO division leaders?

Ah.. did you read about one of my favourite guy, Sabbaruddin Chik ex-Tourism minister and ex-UMNO Secretary General? He service as Bank Rakyat's Chairman was not renewed and in an interview with writer Shahbudin Husin, Sabbaruddin Chik who hails from Pahang and a close friend of Najib reveals why his service was not renewed. It has something to do with RosCTmah's cousin. Interesting enough, the book was launched today by another UMNO veteran Sanusi Junid.

Now, now..Sanusi Junid is a hardcore Tun M's man before, even when he lost his bid to be UMNO's VP. Why the book now? For those still in the dark, the book mentions about one carpet seller who once command Ros's attention.

Yes..Najib has his sea of red shirts. But this is not Thailand...What Najib is lacking is his trusted and close friends. It seems that there is a systematic purging going on affecting Najib's friend. Not only that, the book will also reveal that Najib has at least 3 family members in the cabinet. Himself, Hishamuddein and Ros's cousin. No wonder Najib needs a big cabinet..he needs to fill in his family members.

With the current parliament seating, Najib has lots and lots of explanation to do. He can buy over his Division leaders but can he appease the opposition?

His UMNO division leaders are giving him the "sound of Silence". What if Nurul Izzah stands tomorrow reading Anwar's speech in silence? How will Najib react? How will Pandikar react?

The Sound of Silence is most potent. You do not know what the rest is thinking. Are they with you or are they there to give you a fond "send off"? Najib may be crying in his laughter. Who can he turns to? UMNO division leaders? His "once upon a time" mentor? His close friend?

The sound of can kills whilst you are sleeping..heh heh..

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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