Thursday, March 05, 2015

Of Serkap Jarang...

Normally it is poker face for me..and honestly I have no intention to pen anything tonight in my blog. However, Malaysian Insider posted an article of someone I thought will be missing forever...

Damn if you do and damn if you don't...that's how serkap jarang catch you...

Is 1MDB going to be Malaysia's Titanic? And if it is, will it be Najib and RosCTmah reprising the role of Jack and yeah, Rose. Good luck to them with the sinking Titanic oops 1MDB.

Enough of them. It's been ages since Malaysian J-Lo's name was mentioned in this blog and with Sarawk Report linking him to 1MDB, he will be hardpressed to come up with credible explaination to 1MDB dealings.

7th March #kita lawan? Not interested! I will give it a pass as the rally call is not about Malaysia. It is more of a personal rally cry of the person in Sg Buloh's Hilton. Frankly, there are other better avenues to fight his cause but most important he has to come clean. Hiding behind his MP immunity is not the solution. The recycles issue of thin mattress, mosquitoes, squatting toilet, mouldy walls is getting stale.

PKR is making issue out of eveything. Just because Anwar may not be able to sit down for tea with HRH is also an issue. Anybody in PKR ever question Anwar for his Kajang move? Did he show respect to HRH Sultan Selangor during the recent MB conflict? Anwar fails to use diplomacy to resolve Selangor MB issue up to the extent he was stripped of his Datukship. And now he is looking forward for tea with HRH Agung? Be real, PKR. That's what you get when Anwar slighted HRH Sultan Selangor.

This is not about 7th March...this is more on Serkap Jarang.

How is Najib going to impress UMNO's 170 Division Leaders? There are many issues that needs his explaination. Leading them is 1MDB. No less important is his wealth and "inheritance" issue, his other half's hairdo and maybe the needling issue will be Tun M's constant comments on 1MPM6's actions.

Did you notice how his PR team is delftly rerouting 1MDB? Now Najib is getting his Auditor General to audit 1MDB and report their finding to PAC. See how Najib is distancing from 1MDB and at the same time declare "no stone unturned and whoever did wrong will face the music". It is always "whoever" is never 1MPM6 taking the responsibility. Anybody noticing how the 1MDB is shifted to be cabinet's baby? This is all planned by PMO and maybe Paul.

The Division Leaders get together is a sign that all is not well. Najib needs to do some convincing explaination and maybe spiced with more monies to be made available for the leaders. Najib needs to keep looking back as by now he will not know who will be Najib's Brutus. Remember Datuk K? The one who made a police report bout 1MDB? Now he is gone. Isn't it the work of unseen hands who finds his weakness and expose his bankcruptcy status. Yes, UMNO can declare it is not witchunting on their part but is it really? All these years Datuk K has been enjoying his status as Deputy Division head and with a sleigh of the hand, he is out of UMNO's inner circle on the basis of his financial standing. Boleh percaya ke?

If Najib is having sleepless nights in Putrajaya, some are trying to do the same to PAS's Hadi Awang. The latest incident involving Dzulkefly Ahmad drives Mujahid Yusof Rawa to call on Hadi to rein in PAS members from hurting each other. Is this not jmping the gun? Who has the proof to say that it is PAS members? And why put Hadi Awang into the position?

If Hadi issues a statement for PAS members to calm down, then it will be politicised and will damage PAS further. This is what PAS enemies and PAS's "musuh dalam selimut" wants. They love to see PAS splitting and this is the sort of "serkap jarang" that is most harmful.

However, Mujahid fell into this trap and just because he is an MP, he thinks this is a right move. Kawan, you have a lot more to learn. is "serkap jarang" but is is potent weapon that can brings down PM and at the same tme can split a political party. If that happens, who will be left standing? Most probably the Sg Buloh long term tenant...

By the way, just a friendly question " Will WJ Khairy return to blogging?"

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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