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Of "Kalau tak malu, buatlah"...

The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said, ‘From the words of the previous prophets that the people still find are: If you feel no shame, then do as you wish.'” (Recorded in Bukhari)

One of the hadiths by Prophet Mohamad SAW which is significant and should not be taken lightly. For record, this is one of the sahih bukhari ie authenticated and without doubt a strong hadoth that can be used as hujjah.

If you have no shame, then do it.. simple but has a very deep meaning. I am not going to explore via religous approach but more towards the going ons of today.

Like it or not, Raja Petra of Malaysia Today has a point when he blogged on Anwar's efforts to bring down Hadi. Yes, Hadi may be a fiqh (person who studies Islamic law) and by virtue of this learning, he may be seen as "hard". He may not be as "diplomatic" as arwah Tuan Guru Nik Aziz but he is still open to discussion and is straight forward in his dealings. I cannot vouch the same for Anwar, who is willing to leave his ABIM friends behind in search for DPM post and now thinking that he is the "legitimate" heir to PMship.

That said, I would not be surprised if Anwar goes for the "split and rule" strategy. Splitting PAS by using Mat Sabu and the professionals is Anwar's way of pushing Hadi out. Whilst I have no issue with professionals but it must be reminded that PAS's slogan and inspiration has been clear since it's inception. There is no two way about it. That is why PAS has no regrets to leave BN in 1972 and at the same time PAS is not afraid to lose Kelantan before.

What I am saying is simple - PAS has it's own principles and they are not ready to bend their principles to suit human logic. The professionals in PAS is correct to dream of governing Malaysia but it should not be done at the expense of foregoing the party principles. So, "If you feel no shame, then do as you wish". After that? those who have no shame in abandoning Islam for worldly gains are answerable to Him. We all do...

The same goes to government action on 1MDB. Last week, DPM mention that there should not be any bailout. Now, Finance Minister II informed the August house that RM 950M is set aside to be injected into 1MDB. Funny...a week earlier, the cabinet agrees that there is no more fund or bailout for 1MDB and here today, we have second finance minister confirming in Parliament of RM 950M fund for 1MDB.

What do you call that? Euphemism? Politicians being politicians will snake their way out of situations and when cornered will lay the blame on miscommunication as well as different names for certain actions. Heck! A rose is a rose nomatter what names you use to describe it. Politicians? They may even called it a hibiscus when they know damn well that it is a rose.

What does it leads us? That's why I quoted the hadith which literally means "Kalau tak malu, buatlah..." Be forewarned that you might escape your sins and your actions in this world but you will never get away in the days of reckoning.

Look at Anwar Ibrahim. If what Raja Petra writes is true (and I am certain that it is at least 80 % true), he has no shame to plot the downfall of his one-time comrade in ABIM. All is fair for Anwar as long as he gets what he wants and as long as his opposition post is inherited by his daughter. It is also a shame when the professionals in PAS resort to plotting to oust the Ulamas from PAS hierachy. One question - are they experts in Hadiths and the laws of Islam or are they whatsapp ulamaks who think and use logic to justify their actions?

The same goes to the present day government. Have you no shame to twist and turn when it comes to 1MDB? RM 960M? Divide that with 160 UMNO division leaders who attended 8th March briefing and you get RM 6M. Is that what Najib is hinting on 8th March 2015? If that is so, then what happen to MCA, MIC, Gerakan, PBB and the rest? Are they not BN family too?

Just ask - how can a person responsible for 1MDB walk smiling knowing that 1MDB is RM 42B down? Blame on the press? Blame on everybody else except himself? Is that the correct way? Did he has no shame knowing that 1MDB is in RM B trouble? And did he go further asking J Lo to claim that he is in political crossfire?

To me, it is the mt shameful of acts when you are plotting behind your friend's back and you are equally shameful when you misuse your responsibilities for your personal gains.

Only those who are unshameful will go the "membujur lalu melintang patah" way. For them, the rest of the worlds are their pawns. Everything is A OK as long as they get what they want and they will not turn their back out of shame. They have no shame and when one has lost the shameful feeling, he can go overboard agains the act of nature and he can also goes overboard in reaping wealth to his own family.

Latest : As I posted this last night, See how Hanipa Maidin blasted the Ustadz for their lack of general knowledge. Is that really so? Who is really falling into the trap? The "know all" professionals? or the "know nothing" Ustadz? Good question which I might take it head on in future blogging...

Latest againMana ada malu? Where got shame? Did you read about 1 senior lawyer who goes around town telling his side of the story and some of his supporters claimed that noone dared to debate/challenge the lawyer's side of the story? Well..if he has such a strong case, why is he applying the 11th hour application to stop the malaysian bar from discussing a motion on his conduct?

Apa lagi mahu malu? The senior lawyer has been jabbing and giving undercuts version of his story. Now that the Malaysian bar wants to discuss a motion on his conduct, why be afraid if you are in the right? Why hide behind the courts? There is nothing to be ashamed of if you have notihing to hide.. or does this senior lawyers did really has something fishy.. a smell that he is so shameful?

Wait!!! He is not the only one. A while back, I blogged on one of my favourite ex-minister Sabarruddin Chik. and how another ex-minister Sanusi Junid launched a book concerning one super extraordinaire carpet seller. As if magic, the carpet seller obtains an injunction against the author, one UMNO member Shahbudin Husin. It is no shame if you borrow from the bank and have problem paying bank the loan but is is shameful if the loan is exposed in a book. Buat apa malu?... or is there any hidden issue behind the loan??

As I see it, you can take a loan of several million ringgit and when faced with problems and if there is a book detailing the loan, you can take countermeasure to sue the author for billion ringgit. Senangnya orang mahu buat wang... maybe this one, no need to be malu... so..since you are unshameful. Me? Thank god that I still have that shameful feeling, it helps me through life. I may not be rich nor cunning enough to make use of others but at least I am blessful with what He has given me.

Truthfully, I hope you guys still possess the shameful feeling to guide you through...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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