Sunday, March 08, 2015

Of Menegak benang basah...

Honestly, I have no intention to write today. Politically, let time decides the natural course for #kitalawan as well as 1MPM6's future.

However, Malaysiakini article today needs addressing. Be forewarned that I am not the authority to go into details but suffice to say that what I am going to write will give some insight on the issue.

This morning Malaysiakini's article touched on Malaysiakini forum on Ahmadiyya teaching. Granted that Malaysiakini has its rights and freedom to hold such forum. Only I wonder if those present knows what are the real issues here.

In this particular forum, one Ahmadiyya follower Salahuddin Syed Ali claims that the movement is target of slander and prosecution and he feels that the movement is right because they believe in the five pillar of Islam and the six articles of Islamic faith (Rukun Islam and rukun Iman).

Without going further, the same movement followers believe the following :-

1. they believe that the Prophet Isa (Jesus) has died and that the second coming of Jesus is metaphorical in nature;
2. they also believe that their founder, Mirza, has fulfilled the second advent of Jesus and is the Imam Mahdi (the Promised Messiah);
3. they also believe that Prophet Muhammad was Khataman Nabiyyin (Seal of the Prophets) and that more prophets will be sent to mankind;
4. they agree that Prophet Muhammad is the most noble prophet, but prophet-hood can be given by God whenever He wants to and to whomever He wants to give it to;
5. stressing that Ahmadiyya founder Mirza did not bring new teachings, Mirza merely continued with Prophet Muhammad’s teachings and was considered a prophet;

Now, before Ahmadiyya's stand is rebutted, it is equally sad to see how the commentators choose to view issues based on their logic thinking. Out of 11 comments thus far, I see only 1 comment is made from an Islamic point of view. His comments "Muhammad is the seal of the prophets. That means there will be no more prophets after the Prophet Muhammad.If this belief is compromised, there will be hundreds claiming to be new prophets to all and sundry. This is why they are outside Islam and Pakistan outlawed the Ahmedis as non-Muslim. To create this schism in Islam is the way to breakup the Islamic Ummah. Thus enemies of Islam give them support in the name of so called freedom of religion. Islam is finite and there is no need further prophets"

My turn, and my choice is to answer based on a point to point issue raised by the Ahmadiyya followers reasoning :-

1. Ahmadiyyas believed that Prophet Isa has died. If they are Muslims prophessing to the 5 pillars of Islam and six artcles of Iman, then they should profess that Quran is the last of the books and there is no other kitabullah after that. By the same observation, Ahmadiyyas must prophess that what is written in the Quran is true. In the Quran, it is mentioned that Isa did not die. Instead, one of his followers who betrays him has been change by Al Mighty to looks like him and the soldiers killed him and Al Mighty brings Isa up to the heavens and will be sent down to earth again when he will fight the final battle with Dajjal. By this, Ahmadiyyas has already deviated from their so-called claim to follow the six article of Iman;
2. Ahmadiyyas believe that their founder fulfilled the second advent of Jesus (Isa AS) and is the Imam Mahdi. How can this be true when Islam mentions that Isa AS will return to earth to kill Dajjal and with Imam Mahdi they will follow the teachings of Islam and that time is when the end of the world is very near. Anybody hear Ghulam killing Dajjal and what is their prove of killing Dajjal?;
3. If Ahmadiyyas believe that Prophet Mohamad is the seal of the prophets, then how can they explain their belief that Ghulam is a prophet? It is clearly stated in Quran and Hadith that Mohamad pbuh is the last of the prophet and there is no other prophets after him;
4. Ahmadiyyas agree that Mohamad pbuh is the most noble prophet and at the same time Ahmadiyyas derailed from Islam when they say that prophethood can begiven by God whenever He wants to. This is in contrast with the Quranic and Hadiths which specifically mentions that prophet Mohamad pbuh is the last prophet and there is no other prophets after him;
5. If Mirza did not bring any new teachings, the why is Ahmadiyyas teachings mention about Mirza being the second advent of Isa AS, he is also the Imam Mahadi and he is also a prophet after prophet Mohamad pbuh? These statements alone disqualify Ahmadiyyas claim that their beliefs is consistent with Islam.

So what do we call Ahmadiyyas? They are non-muslims as their teachings is not inline with mainline Islam and on top of that there are gross deviance from Quran and hadiths as well their beliefs which is inconsistent with the five pillars of Islam and the six principles of Iman.

With that in mind, it is the right move for Islamic authorities to refuse discussing with Ahmadiyyas as their beliefs run afoul of Islam. In short, how can you call a peach an apple? The same goes to Ahmadiyyas regardless of whether they claim otherwise. Now, where do that lead us? Simple...

In this age, there are many who claim they are experts but in reality they are not. We think through logic whilst religion does not work that way. WE tend to enforce our own set of rules and we ignore the Ulamas'. When that happen, we goes further and further away from the real teaching.

That said, let me emphasize that let the Ulamas handle Islam as we (layman) are far from understanding the methodology of edicts and why they are given as such. We are not Imam Shafie, or Hanafi, or Maliki, or Hambali. In fact, our generation is way below from the three mentioned by prophet Mohamad pbuh. Even Mirza is not within the first three generation of Islam as mentioned by prophet Mohamad pbuh.

Finally, as a word of caution, this writer hopes Malaysiakini will be more careful in dealing with issues like Ahmadiyyas. There are many elements outside who likes to comments based on their thinking without facts and figures as well as the relevant Quranic and Hadiths to support their stand.

Yes, we are free to state our minds but let's ensure that the statements are based on knowledge and not based on logic. Me? I have done my part explaining and I am sure there are Ulamas outside who are willing to give more insight, if needed.

To Ahmadiyyas followers, usah Menegak benang yang basah...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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