Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Of Hudud, who dude, wow dud and...

Steering clear is no option...

HRH Sultan Kelantan indicated that he is all for Hudud in Kelantan. Today, Kelantan state assembly debate ammendments to Syariah criminal code. UMNO Kelantan stand in solidarity with Kelantan government on the hudud bill.

For record, I am not going to question the sincerity nor the political gambit taken by UMNO Kelantan. To me, Hudud is applicable to Muslims and in the ammendments, Kelantan government has conveniently excludes non-Muslims from Hudud despite Islam has provision for non-Muslims to choose either to be trialled under Hudud or civil laws. Effectively, it means that Kelantan has provided for non-Muslims to be trailed under civil law and that also means there should not be any questions on whether non-Muslims are forced to adapt to Hudud or not! In short, apa lagi DAP/Gerakan/MCA anda mahu?

As things are flowing, I did not see any major obstacle for Kelantan state assembly to pass the amendments to Syariah criminal code. What does the amendments cover? It covers seven key criminal offences under the hudud, apostasy, illegal sexual intercourse, alcohol consumption, making unproven accusations of illicit sex, theft and robbery, causing hurt and murder.

Even if Kelantan state assembly approves the amendments to Syariah criminal code with 100 % aye, it still needs parliament's stamp of approval before the amendments can be implemented in Kelantan. Now, this is where it gets interesting..

Kelantan's deputy Menteri Besar has put it nicely by urging all interested parties to let Democracy run it's course in Kelantan's amendments to Syariah criminal code. This shuld be the way as it lets Democracy to run and the majority rules whether Kelantan can implement the amendments to Syariah criminal code or not. Simple as that.

If Gerakan feels strongly against the amendments, then let Gerakan MPs' translate their objection in the august house and let the record shows tha Gerakan is against hudud implementation. It is useless for Gerakan to bark outside parliament and lodging police report. What Gerakan achieves thus far is belittling Kelantan state assembly and that means Gerakan does respect the decisions of any state assembly if it does not benefit them. Is this a new trend? Are we going to question every resolutions passed by state assemblies as well as parliament? We don't have anything better to do?

Even MCA is at the crossroads now. Why must they jump the gun by threatenng to sever ties with UMNO if the latter supported Kelantan's amendments to Syariah criminal code? Now that Kelantan UMNO has fully support the amendments, how is MCA going to wriggle out from this issue unscathed? MCA has been sidelined by the Chinese in recent GE and now MCA is playing with fire with this threat and may see them wipeout n the coming GE. Is that MCA's wishlist?

Do you think I am going to leave out PAS's partner ie PKR and DAP? No chance!!!

However, Pakatan has a readymade escape clause..In being different but join together in their efforts to deny BN 2/3 majority as well as a chance to govern Malaysia in the future, Pakatan's stand of "the agreement to disagree" gives indiviual parties the choice to stand for or against Kelantan's amendments to Syariah criminal code. In fact, Kelantan's amendments to Syariah criminal code will be more challenging to PAS rather than to their Pakatan artners PKR and DAP.

With the coming PAS's June party election, Kelantan's amendments to Syariah criminal code will be one of the criteria in delegates' choice of who should lead PAS. This is an acid test for several outspoken PAS MPs'. Will they be for or against Kelantan's amendments to Syariah criminal code? I resist naming names here and let the beholders' stake their stand on the amendments.

PKR? It is simple logic that the party will let individual MPs' to make their own choice. How they voted can be easily predicted. The non-Muslims MPs' will go against the amendments whilst the Muslim MPs' vote will be scrutinised a length by their supporters and voters.

DAP? No brainer. I foresee DAP MPs with an exception or two will vote against the amendments.

UMNO? Haah..another interesting choice. Will UMNO Malaysia follow the footsteps of UMNO Kelantan? If Najib wants to extends his political life, it is best for Najib to throw his support behind Kelantan's amendments to Syariah criminal code. If Najib does so, he will be in HRH good books but at the same time can Njib go against his concience when part of Kelantan's amendments to Syariah criminal code hit him smack in the face. Which part? You readers have all the time to figure hat least until the next posting...

By supporting Kelantan's amendments to Syariah criminal code, UMNO can show full solidarity amid threats from MCA/Gerakan.

Of course, as in all cases, there is always a backdoor exit to Kelantan's amendments to Syariah criminal code. What is that? Simple!!! Those who wants to run from the possible heat and hits can abstain their votes or absent themselves from that particular parliament seating. Another choice? Parliament speaker rejected the motion to discuss and put to vote Kelantan's amendments to Syariah criminal code. These options can be rightfully exercised by the MPs' as well as the parliament speaker. However, I don't want to remind verybody that the next in line to be installed as the incoming YDP Agung will be HRH Sultan of Kelantan. Should I say more??? He will be watching...

Need I add who is most comfortable in this situation? Clueless??? He is none other that "the Man in Sg Buloh". Since he is now serving his time, he did not need to attend the current parliament seating. Is that a blessing in disguise?? You guys decide...

Me? Thank God I am not an MP... but truthfully I support Kelantan's amendments to Syariah criminal code..

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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