Friday, February 27, 2015

Of pantun nasi lemak and the blues in me...

Yeah...I still got the blues....

Nasi Lemak Buah Bidara;
Daun Selasih hamba lurutkan;
Tinggal emak tingal sedara;
Kerana CheMah hamba turutkan...

Power push man to do crazy things...With power, you can wield your influence and dictate things to go your way. Is that what's happening with 1MPM6?

Hot after NYT expose and the "inheritance" statement issued by PMO, Najib's band of brothers consisting of lawyer, banker, architect and corporate players issued a joint statement regarding their father, our beloved PM2 Allahyarham Tun Razak. The statement was released at 8:26 pm last Tuesday to all mainstream media especially those controlled by BN parties.

Being a joint statement from Najib's band of brothers, I would expect that it will be on the front page of MSM. Surprisingly, that's not the case. Apart from STAR online, the rest of MSM ignore to print out the joint statement in their dailies. Is it a deliberate attempt from PMO to bar and ban the joint media statement? Who is the all-powerful PMO guy who dictates what the BN-contriolled MSM should print? Does it starts with a P? Or does the directive comes from R?

Better still, does Najib knows about it? Or is it possible in the "waiting list" area to be vetted and approved by the editors of the said MSM? Fortunately, the joint statement find its way to Malaysiakini and a few bloggers decided to upload the statement. To be fair, the joint statement was carried by Chinese vernacular papers, such as Sinchew Daily, Nanyang Siang Pau and the China Press.

The following is the statement taken verbatim from Apanama's blog :-

"We are extremely concerned that some recent news articles and postings have given rise to speculation as to the nature and extent of the inheritance that our late father, Tun Abdul Razak, had left behind, " the family said in a statement signed by four of Razak's five sons – Datuk Johari, Datuk Nizam, Datuk Nazim, and Datuk Seri Nazir.
"We wish to put on record that Tun Abdul Razak was a highly principled man, well-known to all who knew him for his frugality and utmost integrity and any statement or inference to the contrary would be totally false and misleading to his memory and to his service and sacrifices for the nation.

"We take issue with anyone who taints his memory, whatever the motive.

"We would also like to add that our whole family is united on this issue," they added in the three-paragraph statement sent to The Malaysian Insider tonight. – February 24, 2015.

There is a limit to everything and most probably the latest PMO's statement is the last straw for the Band of Brothers. And this should be rightly so, as even Lim Kit Siang, who is Perikatan's and later BN's arch nemesis pay tribute to Tun Razak as he vouched for Tun Razak's frugality and utmost integrity.

Mind you that way before Najib's BN decided to skip the upcoming Chempaka by-election as a mark of respect to Tn Guru Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, PAS and DAP has done it before when they skipped Pekan by-election waving the way for Najib to win uncontested. And that was,years before PKR was formed.

To me, the importance of band of brothers' joint statement is multifold :-

1. It is meant to clear the air on Tun Razak's wealth and legacy, and I have strong feeling that the joint statement has the blessing of their mother;
2. It clears the doubt and the brothers did not want any part of it when the PMO tried to drag the family name into Najib's/RosCTmah current predicament;
3. It is a subtle reminder to Najib that he has three other children from his past marriage. Did he spend the time and make effort to be around when the three grew up?;
4. If there were efforts to convince Nazifuddin Najib to let go his share in the past, then the same efforts should be taken to convinced Najib's younger children and step-children to off-load their shares, regardless it was done in overseas ventures;
5. It is a gentle reminder of Dominic Torreto's Fast and Furious 6 "You don't turn your back on family, even when they do.". Najib should realise that what he is having now is all temporary...and if one day , God forbids, he got his dose of being left alone as how he "snatched" someoneelse's companion, then he has his family to return to...
6. Could it be Mama Najib's way of telling najib to toe the line? And telling Najib to take control of his life as well as his PMO?;

There are many possibilities. Or has Najib failed to rein in his PMO due to his over-reliance to PMO in getting his dream golf date with Obama?

One by one, Najib is sidelining others on someone's behest. The latest is his own band of brothers. One of the most important thing in life is to obey and serve your parents. Najib still has his mother. It is to his benefit if he take care of his mother..better than others, whilst he can. Simply because, once they are gone, they are gone and there is nothing you can do to bring them back.

Najib has "menentang arus" one too many. Does he feel any guilt for leaving his first three kids when they need him most? Did he has any reservation to go "honeymooning" when these 3 kids face their first Raya without him? Najib may be the PM of Malaysia, but in the eyes of His al-mighty, he is just a speck of dust.

Truthfully, I did not know his band of brothers although I did have some form of association with them. As brothers from various professional backgrounds, it is not easy for them to issue the joint statement unless there is a common ground for their decision. And that common ground is the strong family bonding they have with their mother.

Is there anything permanent in life? No... we were born small before and as the years passed by, each and everyone of us grew and fit in the mould as He has planned. It is best to make full use of what we have now before it is gone or taken away from us. You think we will be young forever? You think we will be healthy forever, You think we will be rich and powerful forever? You think we have all the freetime in the world forever?

How many of us will know what happen next in our life? Yes, we can plan but it is He and He alone who will determine what will happen next. Today, we may be sipping coffee and enjoying our normal round of golf. Tup..Tup, we may be comatose with stroke. If that happens, who will be by our side? Family!

Yes, when we are young, we feel that the world is under our feet. We forsake family over lovers. But will love last forever? Will that "loving feeling" the same when we touch 60? 70? Do you think the one next to you feel the same if you cannot satisfy her with bags, shopping, jewelries, and ...? When the time comes, the pantun "Tinggal emak tinggal sefdara" will no longer apply.

maybe the pantun will then be :-

Nasi Lemak buah bidara;
Sayang Selasih hamba lurutkan;
mana Emak mana sedara;
Kerana Hamba sudah ditinggalkan...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Of MIC's "PK"...

Take 5 guys (and gals...)...

Time off from Anwar's chameleonic moves as well as 1MPM6's inheritance claim and hairdo styles...

Remember Hindi movie "3 idiots"? Now the hero is back with "PK". In PK, he played the role of an alien questioning the religious dogmas and superstitions. Recommended to those who loves expanding their minds in search of the truth. Agent Mulder claims the "truth is out there" and maybe both Anwar and 1MPM6 should prescribed to "PK" to get the truth.

Word of caution - I would categorically classify the film as "R" and "PG18". is not sexist or excessively graphically nudity. My classification is to avoid some of you from claiming the film as "possibly apostatic" in nature. For that it at your own risk...heh heh.

What is becoming of MIC? You heard about " a ship with 2 captains"?. MIC is now sailing into the Bermuda triangle with 3 navigators.. 2 of them ie the President and the Deputy President agreed to BN leadership advise in running the party with 2009 CWC members.

The third navigator is the new MIC strategic Director, the one who replace Vell Paari. His name? AK Ramalingam... not related to "PK".

Ramalingam filed for judicial review seeking ROS to retract its directives to MIC. You think Rama acts alone? No way!!! Whos is the prime suspect to Rama's moves? Simple!!! I see the prime suspect to Rama's moves and possibly his banker is the same one who elevate Ramalingam as MIC's Strategic Director. (Drum roll pleaase...) And he is non other that Palanivel, the President himself. A case of "Baling batu sembunyi tangan"? maybe..

It seems that nowadays, the courts will be busy handly judicial review it from MIC, Anwar or any other Tom, Dick and Harry who has monies to spare. I wonder if they too spend RM 1,200 for their hair dyeing services...

Is Ramalingam acting on his own accord? No, I did not think so. The real mastermind behind Ramalingam's moves may not be willing to face Muhyiddin's wrath. Both Palanivel and Subramaniam agrees to follows 1MPM6/Muhyiddin's advise on how to move MIC ahead. Now, Ramalingam, who is appointed by Palanivel to be MIC Strategic Director is asking for Judicial Review. maybe Ramalingam comes from the same planet as "PK" and did not understands BN's political dogmas... If that is the case, shame on you Palanivel for appointing Ramalingam as your party's strategic director...

"Have Guns will Travel" M Saravanan now claims that Ramalingam may lose his MIC membership because :-

1. Ramalingam take the party to court;
2. He take the party to court which is against the CWC decision;
3. He takes the party to court without consulting the CWC;

Maybe, in Ramalingam's "PK" plant, he can bring the party to court without CWC's blessings. Or maybe, he is acting as an independent third party. If he is an independent third party, Ramalingam needs to quit MIC first. Did he or did he not quit from MIC prior to filing his Judicial Review application?

Or maybe, MIC needs more Saravanan to keep their members toeing the line. If you need more "Have gun for travel", then the best way is to hire "Paladin", the original "Have gun for travel" since Azilah and Sirul has been decommissioned from carrying guns...

MIC, on its own is already a "weak link" in BN. Don't let DAP's Kula to incite them more... MIC is ready to burst and a small spark from Kula may do the job to finish off MIC and get MIC turning their anger against Muhyiddin.

Let's forget about RM 1,200 hairdo, or 1MPM6's inheritance trail or Anwar's "I am innocent" but "please forgive me manouvre..." let's download PK and enjoy the show... unfortunately the hero is not Ramalingam..Alternatively, if you prefers, start digging on Malaysia's "Band of brothers"..quite an interesting read...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Of unprecedented precedence...

Bagai pinang dibelah dua...(like betelnut split into two, with a saw)...

Let's cut the intro and straight to the nitty gritty. First off is Anwar (again?). Remember how his family submitted for royal pardon? Yeah..they have every rights to do so but wait a minute!!! Can they come with plausible answers to :\:-

1. Going by a self-proclaimed learned constitutional expert, a third party (in this case Anwar's family) can seek for royal pardon for a convicted person;
2. The application for royal pardon can be submitted at any time and basically do not has a time limit nor constrain;
3. Now the fun part begins, if that is the case, why is Anwar's family chose the 11th hour of the 13th day of his sentencing to submit the appeal?;
4. Is it because they are trying to ensure that Anwar has a lifeline to his Permatang Pauh MPship?;
5. Is it because they hope Pandikar would not declare Permatang Pauh parliamentary seat vacant?;
6. If that is their intention and strategy, then Nurul's argument that the family is seeking justice goes down the drain;
7. Why? Simply because they are acting like "killing two birds with one stone" ie seeking for pardon and at the same time getting Anwar to retain the MP ship;
8. is no longer about holding up the justice. t is now being selfish to he highest degree;
9. Reason? If the family is seeking justice, then they should be willing to submit the appeal after yesterday..and let the time lapse for Pandikar to declare the seat vacant;
10. They did not do so..that means they are selfish and if they are now selfish as well as self-centered, what hopes do Malaysians have if PR ever manage to govern the country?;
11. Will it then be Anwar as PM, Nurul Izzah as DPM, Kak Wan as Selangor MB, other daughters and sons as GLC heads? If this is not nepotism, then what is?;
12. PKR jumped on the bandwagon insisting that Anwar be allowed to be in March 9 parliament seating;
13. If this is allowed, then might as well we get other convicted criminals to be our that they can have their days off and attend parliamentary seating;
14. If I remember corre tly, this is not accorded to Lim KS, Karpal and the rest when they were in ISA what is so special about Anwar that he should be given the priviledge?;
15. If this is allowed, then soon enough Anwar will be asking for ime off from Sg Buloh to attend to his constituency needs...where got road????

Second, let's revisit 1MPM6 "inherited wealth" makeover... PMO should learn to behave themselves and not dragging those who have left us to protect their boss..

1. Tun Razak that I learn is a frugal person;
2. He is a strict person and willing to break new grounds including establishing ties with mainland China;
3. He is close to the rakyat and that is how FELDA is born;
4. Like Tunku before him, he did not amassed great weath when he was the PM of the nation;
5. Saying that, how can PMO or is it Paul who picture that Najib inherited his wealth?;
6. Even if Tun Razak was a bit richer, then would the wealth be diluted through Faraid, the Islamic way of dispensing wealth of Arwah;
7. If Tun Razak was that rich, then why did najib's brothers come out with the statement?;
8. And if Tun Razak was that rich, would he not has an elegant house in Pekan fit for RosCTmah to stay when Najib is back in Pekan?;
9. If that is true, why did RosCTmah opts to stay back in Kuantan instead of Pekan?;
10. Pekan's ancestor home not fit for PM's wife but fit for PM?;
11. If Najib inherited the wealth, then why only Riza is the one with $100M unit in NY, why not Najib's natural children?
12. Najib's siblings may be rich by their own rights but none of them contribute their ealth to inheritance;
13. Or PMO is saying that Najib "sapu" all Najib's wealth? If that is so, then Najib did not follow faraid? what say you, Jamil Khair Baharom";

Finally, when the rakyat are sweating like mad on the coming GST implementation, 1MPM6's wife best comment is about her hairstylist? Aiyaa... consider these :-

1. How many of us use to sit on stools infront our house with a self-made newspaper apron with our mother/friends snipping our hair;
2. How much that haircut cost? Maybe a bowl of Maggi as appreciation;
3. Or how many of us goes to the barber shop for a RM 5 haircut;
4. Anyone ever heard of RM 1200 haircut?
5. Not only 1MPM6's wife had a RM 1200 dye treatment, she grumbled and ask the government to relook into her hairdo's GST;
6. Whilst he rest of the country is tightening our belts, she can spend RM 1200 for dyeing her hair, Is this 1MPM6 "yang berjiwa rakyat";
7. I would have dismiss the news as "misquotation" but when Ahmad Maslan is looking into the matter, then this is no longer a joke;
8. 1MPM6 is too rich that he can afford RM 1200 for his wife's hair dyeing, how much is 1MPM6 haircut??? Can PMO issue a statement and confirmation on this?;
9. If the government looks into RosCTmah's grouse, then where is the government's prioroties? Towards the rakyat or towards 1MPM6's family?;
10. As Bee Gees say.."The joke is on e", is RosCTmah playing an April fool's joke on us? Hey...this is only February...;
11. If 1MPM6 could not even control his missus, then how can he control his cabinet?;
12. No wonder, MIC is suing ROS;
13. No wonder 1MDB is in limbo;
14. No wonder FGV's profit reduces by 96 %;
15. No wonder, MAS employees may stage a walkout;
16. No wonder Ismail Sabri can call for boycotting products with racist undertone;
17. No wonder Zahid can write directly to FBI;
18. It shows that 1MPM6 is not in control...

The above three is an unprecedented precedence... and we as the rakyat will be bleeding to live through our daily lives...
I pray to Him to guide us all and give Malaysia worthy leader...Amin...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Of Maafkan kami...

P Ramlee sang "Maafkan kami, maafkan kami..." As if on que, Anwar's family file for royal pardon...

I wrote on 11th Feb that one of the options available for Anwar is royal pardon by HRH. Despite PKR's early denial, Anwar's family filed for HRH royal pardon this evening.

Yes, it is one of the available option to get Anwar out of Sg Buloh and at the same time retain his current status as Permatang Pauh MP. One unnamed lawyer called it a brilliant move, I termed it as an "arrogant, not clever, troublesome move" by Anwar. Do anone out there rally believe that the pardon appeal is made without Anwar's blessig or planning? You must be kidding! I did not see anybody from his stable f family who can make an independent decision without his consent.

I say that the move is pre-planned. I want to see Rafizi coming out and swear that he did not know of the move. I bet he will not do so...

Why my statement? Simple..consider these :-
1. The family choose the last possible date and the last possible minute to file the pardon appeal;
2. The family has preempt the move by painting the "deplorable" condition that citizen Anwar has to endure in prison ie thin mattress, mosquitoes, inconvenient toilet etc;
3. The family choose the last minute timing to submit to Parliament speaker;
4. The family claimed that they will pursue all available recourse to seek his release;

Now, consider my argument :-
1. Why choose last minute and last date to seek pardon? What the family is doing is not to seek justice but to pressure HRH to make a decision. Remember that it is Anwar who go against the wishes of HRH Selangor Sultan in the recent MB issue. And is it not Anwar who was stripped from his Selangor's Daukship for his action? Is this a picture of a person who obeys the royal institution? Now that he is stuck, is it right for him to use his family to seek a royal pardon?;
2. Is citizen Anwar so special to be given special treatment? Is he Abdullah Ang? Is he so attractive that mosquitoes swarmed him for his juice? What about the Ahmads', Ah Kows', Sivas' who are there in Sg Buloh? Don't they get the same treatmet as Anwar?
3. Talk about thin mattress, has Anwar forgotten that our prophets never sleep on thick mattress, and if Anwar quoted so much of religion, why can't he follow the example set by our great prophet? Or serve his sentence like Hassan al-banna and the rest? Were they guilty? No, So if they can serve the injustice, why can't Anwar do the same? Or is Anwar claiming that he is better than the rest of the brotherhood?;
4. Does the family thinks that our spreaker has nothing better to do than to waig for a copy of the royal pardon copy to postpone declaring Permatang Pauh seat vacant?
5. Nurrul Izah talked about all available recourse. What has Nurrul Izzah do to those who are unjustly convicted and now serving time or facing death sentence? Give me one case where Nurul Izzah seek royal pardon for others apart from Anwar..

That said, I see the family as ego-centric and arogant. They feel that it is their god-given right for Anwar to be free and they might feel that only Anwar is capable of leading the nation. Others like Surendran, Rafizi and Tian Chua are their pawns to get their wishes.

Now, don' get me wrong...I never say tat Anwar is guilty nor will I swear that he is innocent. leave it to Him as He knows the truth. Saiful swear and Anwar claim he swears...

Good move? Nah, I doubt it. What Anwar is doing is to put the royal house in a tight spot. However, at the same time Anwar has now expose a weakness. Anwar is pulling ool over his face when his family who incidentally is the current PKR President and PKR's vice President..and PKR claimed ignorance? Kak Zah can't even confide her moves to PKR leadership? Hogwatch...

Ok, what did I foresee?
1. t is better for Speaker to clam that Permatang Pauh eat is vacant;
2. The pardon board will meet before June and will accept the apex court decision. This is just to send a point that the judiciary is independent;
3. Anwar's contribution is taken into account and he will be realeased due to his "supposedly" ill health and place under house arrest, strip of his MP standing and monitored by movement shackles;
4. Anwar will be barred from active politics;

Maafkan saya...if Anwar can do cycling in NZ last december, then he is capable of doing things... simple as that.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Monday, February 23, 2015

Of Nurul's "tak boleh diwarisi"...

Raihan, one of Nasyid's premier group had a song "Iman Mutiara". Part of the lyrics goes "Iman tidak dapat diwarisi" (Faith cannot be inherited)..

As many other things, there are certain things that cannot be inherited, one of them is leadership...

Free Malaysia Today mentions about PAS Ulama's stand on parliamentary opposition leader nomination if and when Anwar has to let go of that position. It is coming soon and it is only a matter of time for the parliamentary speaker to declare Permatang Paun parliamentary seat is vacant.

Let's be realistic. Sodomy II is different from Sodomy I. Apart from Adam, Nik Nazmi and few others,not many turned up last Saturday to rally against Sodomy II. This should be a clear message to PKR :-

1. Don't plan rally on long holiday stretch. many are in their hometown;
2. The public is getting tired of Anwar and his continual "political conspiracy" claim;
3. PKR needs to acknowledge that PAS support is crucial for a rally to go mega;
4. Adli, a one-time student leader, needs to accept the fact that he is not a rally mover;
5. Nik Nazmi should make use of his position as elected rep constructively, and not be caught in unnecessary predicament;
6. Only 50 supporters? PKR has lost its shine and glamour. It shows PKR is not Anwar alone. PKR need to moves on;

Whack PAS if you want but I agree with their stand. Nurrul Izzah is not ready yet to be opposition leader. If you want to talk about seniority, there are two that comes into mind ie Hadi Awang and lim Kit Siang. Both are seasoned politicians. If PR wants to show maturity in their approach, it should be either one of them.

Alas, PKR always wants to act as kingmaker. To them, opposition leader and the right to lead PR belongs to PKR. Where do they get this mindset? None other from their imbedded mentality of UMNO. You see, many of those PKR leaders are ex-UMNO leaders. They joined PKR because they are in Anwar's camp. Just because of that, they feel it is their birth-right to be PR leader.

When it comes to PR leader, PKR forgets about joint responsibility. And that is why I strongly feel that Lim Kit Siang or Hadi Awanf should be parliament opposition leader. Full stop.

Nurul Izzah has many things going against her :-

1. She is young and politically immatured;
2. She needs to spend more time with her children aged 7 and 4;
3. She has not shown sufficient leadership quality to merit as opposition leader;
4. She has not grown out from her father's shadow;

Now, who should be the opposition leader? If I am the sole voter, it will be Hadi Awang. However, if you leave it to the oppoition MPs, it will be Lim Kit Siang.

Let's widen the possibility, what about the 2nd ecelon leaders? It will then be Lim GE, Khalid Samad, Azmin Ali. With Azmin steering Selangor, Lim GE helming Penang, the one left standing will be from PAS.

PAS has taken a lot of heat lately. The reason is mainly to covert op to bring down PAS from within. It is not because thay hate PAS but because they want to ensure that PAS follow PKR direction. You see, some of PAS current crop of leaders has been subtly influenced and openly declare subviernce to Anwar. To them, what Anwar did is all right. Something they must learn is not to accept everything at face value.

PAS has been conned by UMNO before and now PKR is doing the same to PAS. PAS has declared that they will never cooperate with UMNO again, and PKR is showing that they are not much better than UMNO. Where does PAS goes from here?

Fortunately I am not Hadi Awang. For me, if given the choice, PAS should stand alone and let BN fights out with PKR/DAP. PAS remains the "lone ranger" party and work from there. When that stand is accepted and realised by PKR/DAP, maybe then PKR/DAP will respect PAS for what they are fighting for.

Whatever it is, Nurul Izzah is not ready to be parliament opposition leader...

-+Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Of life, live, leave and...

"Life in the fast lane"

Lately Sirul grabs the headlines with all the right wrong move? Now, it is my turn to see from angle...

Out in the outbacks, Sirul, one of the two accused of killing Altantanya, claimed that he acted under orders. Before his PR man can strategise answers, 1MPM6 rubbishes Sirul's claim. I have nothing against that but the question is "Why should 1MPM6 reacted to a statement made by a fugitive way out in Australia. Has 1MPM6 nothing better to do? It is his rights to comment on anything but why chose Sirul's statement? Unless 1MPM6 is keeping track on the Mongolian case...

I have no problem if PAS extends their hand to get Sirul's mum to Australia. However, the question is - "If Sirul can travel to Australia, his mum could not afford to travel there, meh?" Why did Sirul choose Australia? Why not Indonesia? Philippine? Cambodia? Bigger mystery is - Why only Sirul? Why didn't Azilah, his supposed to be partner not travelling prior to the Apex court decision?

Let's us spare the "who dun it". Let's be rational and think both inside and outside the box. Sirul claimed that there is a miscarriage of justice because some is not called to the witness stand. He further claimed that the court failed to determine the motive of killing and he is found guilty due to circumstatial evidence. Fine, consider these :-

1. Sirul's co-accused is a Cif Inspector. Bwteen the two, who do you think will receive the "order to kill"?. I bet it is the Cif who receive the "inspiration" and he rope in Sirul to complete the mission. That said, do you think Sirul knows all the "background story" or did he only knows on a "need to know basis"?;
2. Why is Cif in Malaysia when Sirul can "travel" to Australia? So far, Sirul did not reveal why he travels to Australia and whether his travelling is "sponsored" by someone else. I am not belittling Sirul but at this time and age, it is not easy to spend thousands to travel. What more when you stay in Australia for months. Where did he get his money? Or is it part of the "payment" from bumping someone off to another world?;
3. Why is Cif's lawyer quiet. Cif accepts his sentence and happ to see Sirul out there, still free and enjoying his limelights?;
4. Or is CIF the last secret weapon who will finally say that Sirul acted beyond orders? They were never meant to bump the girl off but to scare her? Only Sirul cary it one step too far?
5. Sirul has been plying "cat and mouse". One time, he indicated he wanted to tell all and at some other point he says he acted on orders. Will the real Sirul stand up and tell the world what really happen?;
6. Both Sirul and Cif is in 1MPM6's elite squad. Most probably they will be travelling with 1MPM6 around the world. Is it possible for Sirul and Cif to know the model through their mission and either one or both of them has intimiate relation with the girl? I heard bodyguards make better lovers than their bosses... And it is them and they only who decidesto bump off the girl, anticipating they are doing it for the "boss"?;
7. Cif resigned to his fate as he has a fiancee at the time of the crime. Is it possible that he is currently at peace with his conscious?;
8. Cif in Sg Buloh, Anwar in Sg Bulog. Both in solitary confinement. One on murder row, the other on political death it possible for them to join hands and come with their version, something about political conspiracy?;
9. If Sirul's mum manage to meet Sirul, is it possible for something happening happen that Sirul will be unable to tell his side of the story?;
10. I agree with some when they say Sirul should has open up during the trial. However, how can he do it if the "hooded" persons walking into the court is not really Sirul or Cif? It may be far fetched but not impossible...;
11. If Malaysia inteliggence has done the impossible before, it is not difficult to silence Sirul. Maybe Raja Bomoh can "knock off" Sirul with another of his ridiculous stunt;

Sirul choose to live "life on the fast lane". In fast lane, life is an uncertain commodity. It is his choive to live it and bask in the glory whilst the time last. I did not see other media taking hoot on Sirul. No CNN, No ABC...not many Australia media paying attention to him. 2 weeks down the line, Sirul's story will be another one down the drain, unless he is willing to make more definitive explosive revealation.

Sirul choose to leave Malaysia, in fact he did not choose to leave Malaysia but rather chose to run from Maaysia. I could not use the word "escape" and he walks out with a legitimate passport. It is also Sirul's choice to return to Malaysia on his free will. The only thing is, if he do choose to return and tell - wll it be the end for one politician? political adviser? Or will it be another one of those possible "time sharing" case..and Sirul together Cif is the real fall guy?

I remember years ago about another case involving a beaiful girl, ony she was local. The case was sensational and there is an unknown DNA in her case. Surely the "mrderer" was sentenced and later freed. Not only that, the last time I hear, he was promoted to head of department. He was a fall guy but it was worth it. For Sirul and Cif? Time will tell..

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Of communication, PR handlers...

Is it miscommunication when a "yes" means "No"?. PR is not Pakatan means Public Relations, just to minimise miscommunication..

Christmas use to be a season to me merry. Now, a season to be merry has cross boundaries and includes Chinese New Year as well. In a pre_CNY function, we were talking about those who have left us, either due calling from His almighty or by way of imprisonment. Of course, we also talk about the wealthy and someone remarked about 1MPM6's PR man.

Today, Malaysiakini touch on the subject. Let's see if PMO can come out with the same speedy Gonza;les response when it touches one of their own. It seems that this ex_APCO man is paid millions to be in 1MPM6's team. Not only that, there is whispers of his reputation as a clubber in Zouk. As one Urban "legend" says it, he is holding court every night in the entertainment outlets of KL. If that is true, whe will he ever be able to handle his communication and 1MPM6's PR?

Tun M touch on the subject of something rotten in Malaysia. Maybe, 1MPM6 is surrounding himself with rotten apples and this PR guru is just one of the many rotten apples in 1MPM6's basket.

How rotten? travels as far as Sarawak, if not more when Sarawak report says too much partying for 1MPM6's PR guru. Read it and you may be surprise of what happens. My question is simple - Does 1MPM6 knows about all the partying? Or is 1MPM6 too busy travelling that he overlooks the rotten apple in his basket?

Reading Sarawak report, it reminds me of a book somewhere out there detailing how a guy make his fortune by leeching from his own employers. How does he do it? simple...The employer gives him an assignment and he comes back with his proposal and how much it cost to do the job. Once approved, he sub-let it to a hardworking honest Indian IT savvy guy from the sub-continent whilst this guy enjoys his heart out. The next morning, the subbie will prepare all the necessary report and voila, the employee makes a double killing : report to the boss and gets his monies (and maybe extra perks/incentives) and he then pay a meagre fee to the guy across the world.

I am seeing the same with this PR guru guy when he manage to convince 1MDB (again?) to engage him for PR and he then sub it to one of his friends..easy money. How can this happen? It only happens when the boss is a sleepyhead. Or is it a joint effort from Malaysia's J-Lo/Paul who gets the decision maker to fall for their trap?

With the way it is going, I say that Malaysia is in for more PR trouble soon. The only way to overcome this is to send off Paul. Do you think 1MPM6 is ready for that? As it is, 1MPM6 himself has been giddy for the past few weeks and his inheritance claim is putting 1MPM6 in a difficult situation. Is 1MPM6's mother happy to hear 1MPM6's PR claiming that his riches comes from his inheritance? If that is true, why were there no legal tussle for 1MPM6's wealth when he was Pahang's MB and when he decided to say sayonara to his then woman?

If 1MPM^ was rich due to his inheritance, I would expect a massive matrimonial case ala-Taib's son from Sarawak. I did not recall that happen. On the other hand, Tun Razak is a frugal person and the thoughts of him leaving vast properties and cash as inheritance to his children seems absurd. Unless, of course if 1MPM6 inherited it from other sources... if it can happens in "Great Expectations", then it can happens to 1MPM6...

Maybe the next time around, jounalist can just camped out at one of paul's favourite place for 1MPM6's press statement. That way, news can be dissemate faster...right from the morning wee hours...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Of tidak apa, suka-suka, kasi susah...

Cuti cuti Malaysia...welcome to Malaysia, truly Asia..

And somebody take advantage of our warm hospitality...

If my memory did not fail me, I once highlighted about a private college offering courses to those who gain amnesty.

Regardless of whatever shortcomings, Malaysia is still a good place to stay. It may have its ups and downs, with few getting all the meat whilst the rest of us scrap on the leftovers. Still...there's no place like home.

That said, Malaysians should feel strongly against those who misuse our warm welcome. The STAR reported of firearms seized from an abandon yatch.

The cops revealed the following :-
1. It is a foreign-owned yatch;
2. 5 rifles and 2 pistols with 900 rounds of ammunition;
3. yatch belongs to a South African with criminal record and wanted in his home country;
4. Left unattended since August 2014;

If the man is wanted in his home country, why is he allowed to enter Malaysia? Or are yatch-going persons exempted from the normal CIQ procedure? Is this man passport stamped? If yes, then where is his whereabouts since he left his yatch unattended since 5 months ago?

Does our Marina has a standard SOP preventing unwanted elements from entering and berthing their yatch in the country? Who did the inspection of yatch to ascertain that there are no guns or bombs on board?

Are we getting complacent to the level that our security can be easily breached?

If that is not enough, what about the video inciting protest against the judiciary? The video message :-
hold protests against the judicial system by setting off fire crackers on February 18 at 11.30pm.

Common sense will tell you that tomorrow, our Chinese friends will set off fire crackers near the stroke of midnight to welcome their lunar year. That does mean they are holding protest against the judiciary.

If there is unhappiness against the judiciary, then we have to take the correct method to correct whatever injustice. You have to use the judicial system to prove them wrong.

Malaysians have to be more caring and sensitive of what's going on around us. We can no longer have the "tidak apa" attitude. Our security needs to be tightened and close all the loopholes. We can't afford having wanted criminals as our guest. We have to weed out the wanted criminals, regardless whether they are from Africa or Kazakhstan. Just like Zahid Hamidi says "Equal treatment to all criminals". If all are treated the same, then when is this South African who is wanted in his country? When is the scammer who skimmed off his own father? By the way, how long is an ideal time for engagement before the 2 lovebirds are joined by marriage?

Malaysians can no longer "suka suka" do things. The person(s) who uploaded the video may feel that it's funny but seriously, it is not. Stop making fun of judiciary..eventhough you have your own reservation. Judiciary do not "cabut" when they have done their job. I guess you know what may happen if you do not "cabut"...9 months down the road, you have a child :)

Stop "kasi susah" Malaysians. 2 years down the line, there are those who are still arguing "Did najib/Anwar negotiate prior to GE 13?" With 1MPM6 muted silence, it is up to Rahman Dahlan and KJ to bark off. I wonder - were they in Indonesia as part of najib's negotiation team?

We invited our friendly neighbours to construct our high rise buildings, now it seems that we need to invite them over to tell us who is telling the truth on 1MPM6's offer to Anwar Ibrahim. Is it Anwar or is it KJ/Rahman Dahlan?

Gung Xi Fa Cai to all...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Monday, February 16, 2015

Of MIC's teacup storm...

Broken brokered peace...that's what I see in MIC of today

1MPM previously brokered a deal between Palanivel and Subramaniam. The deal was simple..Palanivel to lead MIC and then "hand over" the baton to Subramaniam somewhere in 2015 or 2016. However, it looks like the deal is going down the drains when ROS instructed MIC to carry out fresh elections. Palanivel plays slow thus earning the wrath of MIC members and with 1MPM calling both Palanivel and Subramaniam to meet him today, something breaks loose, and the deal is as good as gone.

When things seems to be too slow for MIC, Subramaniam declares that he will challenge Palanivel for MIC President post. Subramaniam claims that he has more than 60 % support from MIC branches and division throughout the country. Everybody can make a claim. Whether that is a legitimate claim or not, let the MIC election decides.

One thing that interest me is the absence of Palanivel when 1MPM6 invited both Palanivel and Subramaniam to discuss MIC party issue today. Palanivel claims that :-

1. He could not attend the meeting because he has an emergency concerning his wife;
2. He send S Sothinathan as his representative;
3. Sothinathan was blocked from entering the meeting;

Come on Palanivel, stop the drama! Are you not an MP from Cameron Highland? Are you not a minister in 1MPM6's cabinet? 1MPM6 is just a phone call away and you choose to dispense the protocol and send Sothinathan as your rep? Who is Sothinathan? He maybe MIC sec-gen but 1MPM6 calls for President and Deputy President to the meeting...not MIC sec-general!!You cannot claim bias when you did not take the necessary steps to inform 1MPM6 nor do you take the appropriate steps to contact BN secretary general. What game are you playing? Further, Palanivel has no guts when he opts to choose using SMS when he can always call 1MPM6 247.

Palanivel opts to use his wife as the reason for his absence. Regardless whether it is a real emergency or not, I see Palanivel using his wife in the hope to gain symphaty from RosCTmah. You think RosCTmah will bite the bait?

Palanivel wanted to test his market value by slamming BN and accusing BN of interfering in MIC's crisis. All 1MPM6, DPM and BN sec-gen proposed are :-

1. Barisan Nasional (BN) secretariat to oversee MIC's administration until its fresh elections
2. stick with the 23 current central working committee (CWC) members elected in the 2009 election until the fresh polls are done
3. MIC president is also not allowed to appoint the nine additional members into the CWC during this period
4. the proposed secretariat will help clear up all the illegal branches as pointed out by the Registrar of Societies (ROS).
5. MIC presidential election steering committee that was agreed together with its head Tan Sri K. Kumaran to chair and conduct the elections

Suddenly, Palanivel is now threatening BN for meddling in MIC affairs. This is going to be interesting. Not on MIC but on 1MPM6..can he force Palanivel to toe the line. Does 1MPM6 has the guts to strip Palanivel of his Ministership?

The next few days is going to be interesting especially when ROS is under the purview of another UMNO warlord cum Deputy President. Let's see Palanivel cards when 17th Feb 2015 sun sets...Will Palanivel send his lawyers to ROS?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Of declining education trend, 1MDB and...

My friend asked "What is the similarities between statistical and lady figure"
The answer will be somewhere along the post..

23 Rabiul akhir 1436 sees Malaysia lost one of his learned Ulama' and past MB Kelantan Tuan Guru Nik Aziz Nik Mat. In his 84 years, he had served the nation in many areas, the last as PAS Murshidul Am. May the Creator placed him in Al jannah...

Whilst watching Astro Awani live telecast in Shah Alam's Mak Uda restaurant, this writer met with former boss and later joined by one ex-UTM lecturers. After the normal cordial update, the conversation turn to education. These 2 gentlemen concluded our state of education is declining. The leading factor to this decline is the mushrooming of over 400 college/college universities/universities and the failure of Malaysia's Ministry of Education to ensure the quality of our graduates.

The ex-UTM lecturer who is now a lecturer in one of the private colleges mentioned that there is no substance in our education. Reason? Our new breed of lecturers lacks the working experience and rely on their academic qualification to teach. As a result, our students are force feed with academic knowledge but lacks the hands-on experience and application. This is expected when the lecturers are themselves devoid of adequate hands-on experience. That said, the lecturers are then beholden to books and papers. This is different from the time when the ex-lecturer was roped in from his government post to become lecturer in UTM.

Now comes the better part, this ex-lecturer said that although he has been on the private college's payroll for the past 2 years, he hardly had any class. Despite that, he has been extended for another year with the college. When asked, he believed that his appointment is mote to get the college accreditation as well as the college promo as having few senior lecturers in their set-up. How wide is this practise? Apparently quite common in the private colleges...

This partial revealation stunned the ex-boss as he happens to be sitting in the assessment committee. From tertiary education downwards, Malaysia's education system is spiralling. The latest HOTS ie High Order Thinking System bares the truth - Malaysian students are no longer what they are 20-30 years ago. Our students are too exam-oriented and lacks the substance nor critical thinking. The reason may lies with our changing education system which is time and time again reviewed by incoming Ministers. Just because these Ministers want to leave their trademark, the system is now a pasembur - mixture of the wrong kind.

You think that's bad? Worse is yet to come.. In my recent travelling, I came to know of another scheme. That of online education. There is a person now who is looking of introducing online education to our ASEAN neighbours. His scheme? A person will sign-up for distance MBA course for say USD 2,000' payable in 24 monthly scheme. By the end of 2 years, the candidate will be bestowed with an MBA from one of UK's colleges.

What if the person is not affluent in English and writing skills? No problemo. This set-up can "assist" the MBA candidate to write up a good thesis. Janji..semua beres. This friend is looking of launching his MBA scheme somewhere in April...(not in Malaysia, of course).

Can we say that we are still proud of our education system? I pointed out that UTM has been too selective and as far as this writer knows, the university is not offering tutor posts to Masters students. In the end, many potential Masters students drop their course halfway and choose to work over pursuing the Masters course. UTM is also not offering PHd scholarships to lighten the students. You want PHd from UTM? Go find your own sponsor as the university did not have any young lecturer's scheme.

Do you think employers care? Not so... to employers, a degree is a degree regardless you come from UM or private college. Full stop.

1MDB? Yes, news say that 1MDB has paid it's 2B loan using Ananda Krishnan. The question now is - at what cost? Economist will tell you that there is no such thing as "free lunch". If that is the case, what is Ananda Krishnan getting out of it?. Is 1MDB's new CEO's job is to take a loan to pay another loan? If that is the case, any Tom, Dick and Harry can do the job.

Is there anyone out there who knows what happens to 1MDB cash? Or just because Malaysia's J Lo's hands is in the cookie jar, everyone needs to shut up. Or is there any connection between 1MDB and Washington's post article on someone's inherited wealth?

If that is true, are we admitting that Malaysia is on the wrong side of things since 1970's? Now that Anwar Ibrahim is out of the way, Tun M should be firing more and Najib should come up with credible answers. It is time for Najib to stand up and says hie piece. That means, stop relying on one Mat Salleh whose favourite hunting place is Zouk.

But then again, can Najib be reliable when his "pow wow" betwen Pala and Subra is down the drains, up to the limit that ROS may deregister MIC. The best Najib can d s to arrange for meeting between the three come Monday or Tuesday. Here, on its own shows Najib's indecisiveness. Why can't Najib just set a date? Afterall, he is numero uno in BN. If a simple date fixing also Najib fails to decide, how can he decide on MIC's problems?

Ah...what is the similarities between statistics and lady figure? My friend answered "What it reaeals is very interesting, what it hides is very crucial!"

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Thursday, February 12, 2015

No update today

Tuan Guru Nik Aziz returns to his maker tonight at 9:40 pm

This blog will not update tonight...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are... Read More

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Of erasing, forfeiting and bargaining...

Anwar, IMDB..the saga continues

By now, the reality of not seeing Anwar Ibrahim in action should sink in. Regardless whether one is a BN supporter, opposition supporter or fence sitter, one thing is clear - Anwar is in Sg Buloh..

His family may want to keep his candle burning by announcing 'March to Freedom'. They have every rights to do so and their supporters should be given the space to voice out as long as it did not create disturbance to the country. Honestly, when CJ starts reading his judgement, it is already clear where they are heading to. Nothing to shout about as their judgement is based on what they believe is facts. Are they right? Are they wrong? As far as this writer is concerned, only He is the final judge as both parties claimed they are on the right side.

Saiful felt that he is vindicated with the judgement and Shafee did not feel any joy in this case. However, there are issues and questions which will be ringing in everyone's minds - did it happened? Malaysia's top judges believed it happened. Some observers said it is a political make your own stand.

Me? I say that Anwar did not listen to his conscience. Anwar's failure is when he misjudge and thinks he is almost untouchable. When does that happened? Way before Sodomy I and way before he was sacked as DPM. When exactly? It started when he was bestowed the DS title and when he belittled others who fondly called him AI. When was that? Anwar knows...

This time around Sg Buloh will be his home for the next 5 years. Will he served the full sentence? Only God knows. Do he has a chance to be released before his 5 years is up? Yes, he has. How? One of this possibility...
1. Full pardon by HRH the King
2. Early release due to good behaviour
3. Early release due to political and external pressure
4. Early release due to judicial review
5. Early release on God's calling

There will be another by-election soon. This will happen when Speaker Pandikar declare Permatang Pauh parliamentary seat vacant as Anwar is serving time in prison. Who will stand for him in Permatang Pauh? Honestly, this writer hopes that it will be someone other than Azizah. Reason? She vacated the seat to make way for Anwar once and for that reason she should not stand in Permatang Pauh lest t will be a political issue to BN. Who will it be then? PKR has several choices..let's see whothey choose and I will be my views...

Anwar's issue should not cloud us from the real threat by the name of 1MDB. Despite the announcement of new CEO, local banks has issued an ultimatum, pay up or face loan default. During lunch today, a CEO friend lamented where's the dough? 1MDB claims they have sufficient funds, this CEO friend is sceptical. 1MDB should make good on it's name and should avoid using the federal government and 1?? to armtwist local banks. Pay if 1MDB has the money or else 1MDB will further pull Malaysia down the drains...

Will Anwar starts bargaining with 1??, will 1MDB bargains with local banks? If the bargains starts taking place, will Tun M be happy keeping quiet? You have your stand and I have mine...
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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