Monday, April 02, 2018

Of anti fake news and revisiting re-delienation exercise...

parliament has voted on one and will be voting on the second soon...

Days ago, Parliament has voted 129 - 80 on the re-delienation of seats. As briefly mentioned, YDP Agung has the discretionary powers to hold permission up to 30 days as stated in article 66. If he did that, then :-

1. It can become law only after 30 days of first submission to him;
2. That said, even if Government of the day dissolve the parliament on 4th April 2018, it cannot use the new electoral boundaries until 30 days has lapsed;
3. Can SPR runs on new electoral boundaries or must it revert to the old boundary?

That was all academic now because YDP Agung consented the EC redelienation exercise the day after Parliament voted.

Now, the Government is trying to push through anti-Fake news within this parliament session. In fact, It was supposed to go for voting at 2 pm. Using the same approach, YDP Agung can withold his permission (if Parliament voted for anti-Fake news). If he choose the option, then :-

1. Assuming parliament is dissolve on 4th April 2018, anti-Fake news will not be in effect until 30 days later;
2. Based on SPR's past record, election (PRU) will be held within 14 - 21 days when parliament dissolve;
3. That means anti-Fake news will not be in effect during the campaigning period;
4. Will this be an open session for both sides to shoot Fake news?

I see everything as timing. It may be wrong timing timing for PM to dissolve parliament now,but then again his window is closing fast. Hopefully this time around, the timing will give a brighter future for Malaysia...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


bumi-non-malay said...

This particular Agong who stole throne from dad in the same manner Pasor Koh was kidnappped and murdered WILL agree with Najib UMNO-PAS Hudud Hadi to pass ANY law as long as the $35 Million Ringgit yearly bonus end up in an overseas account as Donation....this is I help you and you help me from Najib Bangsat Negara(BN) style to progess Failed state MaluSIAL!!

nightcaller said...

His dad is unable to fulfil his duties and thus the law rightfully is applicable where he is the rightful heir to the throne. His mother, on the other hand, prefers others to take over and this is righfully rejected.

On Pastor Koh, I have no comment as the case is more of a "Mission Impossible" where video footage is concerned.

Hadi PAS is a lost cause.... Let's see how the voters judge him and his party... in PRU