Friday, April 13, 2018

Of Najib's high-income nation and AEON Tebrau...

Malaysian Government had prepared the National Transformation Plan to help the country achieve high-income developed nation status by 2020
- Najib Tun Razak

Now is 2018, 2 years from Najib's targetted high-income nation. Do you think we are going to be there?

If Najib's 2020 vision of high-income nation is on track, everything should be fine.

However, in preparing for GE 14, there is a shocking reality and it happens in Johor.

One fine day, TMJ decided to shower his subjects with a RM 3,000 per shopper offer in AEON Tebrau. It is said that TMJ spent RM 1,000,000 for his deeds. I look at it from a different angle and it has nothing to do with TMJ.

TMJ's actions rear an ugly side of Malaysians (regardless where they come from). It shows that Malaysians are freebies-hungry and worse, what they left behind when they were not fortunate enough to be in TMJ's time-frame freebie.

The picture above shows the aftermath when TMJ's time limit is over. The gesture is selective in the sense that not all can patronise AEON Tebrau especially the old and the handicapped. One guy commented that it is better for TMJ to handout AEON vouchers to the shoppers as a way to avoid the ugly scene. Maybe he is right but I am sure TMJ's minders did not think of that.

Not only that, NST reported that some families resorted to tactics of stocking their shopping carts with various goods and use different checkout lanes. So, imagine if you happen to have 4 family members at that particular time. You have 4 loaded carts of goods. Isn't that depriving others of their opportunity to share TMJ's kindness?

Worse, how do you stack-up 4 loaded carts of goods in your vehicles? Multiple trips, perhaps? I see this as "looting", the only major difference is these guys "looted" legally whilst most looting happens during rioting.

It will not end there. What will happen if someone starts spreading fake news of more AEON-like freebies across Johore or God forbids the nation. Many opportunists, young and old, handicapped or not, rich or poor will make beelines to these outlets. More chaos perhaps?

I remember reading during Umar Abd Aziz'z time as Caliph, there is no fakir (the poor) for his officers to distribute zakat. What does it means?

Umar Abdul Aziz reminds his subjects to voice out if his actions is against the Islamic teachings. What can we say of today? Can Najib claims he is fully submissive to his Creator, that he is free from any wrongdoings - be it public knowledge or private matters? Can Najib claims that he has uplifted the poor? If he does, then what happens in AEON Tebrau should not has happened.

I see the AEEON Tebrau's incident as a manifestation of Najib's failures. He has created generation of free-loaders and worse, it shows that Malaysians are still in dire needs, or in short Malaysia is not heading towards high-income nation come 2020.

That brings 1 question to mind. With Najib's going places claiming job opportunities are aplenty, where are the jobs? And who benefits from all these jobs creation? Is it Malaysians? Is it Bangsa Johor? Is it Bugis? Is it Indonesians? Is it Nepalese? Burmese? Bangladeshis? China Chinese?

Someone chart out the incoming investments in Peninsular Malaysia as in the plan.

Billions of investments coming and how much are the locals getting? If Investments is not translated to economic growth, then is it not economic colonisation? Are we becoming economic colonies to others?

If these jobs are not for locals, then Najib's vision is self-defeating. If there are no opportunities to the locals, then Najib is a failure to the nation.

If we take AEON Tebrau as a yardstick, then Najib fails in his vision as evident from the mad scramble for goodies dished out by TMJ. TMJ is not at fault here. The failure lies in Najib. If Najib's high income nation is on track, I doubt there will be such chaos in AEON Tebrau.

Unfortunately, AEON incident happens when GE 14 is just around the corner. Maybe, it is an omen of things to come when GE 14 is underway.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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