Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Of added liability... Equanimity

Time is running out... tick tock, tick tock

For PRU 13, Najib dissolve the parliament on 3rd April 2013. The first parliament seating was held on 24th June and technically, the 13th Parliament will be automatically dissolve on 24th June 2018.

Now, it is the "cat and mouse" game where the windows are closing fast for Najib. Yes, he pushes the re-delienation exercise and get it gazzeted a week before and yesterday his coalition party pushes through the anti-fake news which is considered as a "shock and awe" strategy for PRU 14. Then, what?

Yong Teck Lee has filed a summons in Sabah High court to compel PM to table re-delienation report for Sabah. Najib is getting sweaty with this. Yong might win the case and then, what will happen? What will be the legal complication if Najib decided to dissolve the parliament before High Court decides. Let's assume Najib dissolving the parliament on 6th April 2018, will SPR called the same date for Sabah?

Najib's shock and awe may not be effective. Why? Equanimity's, the yatch, owner has withdrew their initial challenge in Indonesian courts and submit a second challenge to stop Equanimity's seizure. The Indonesian court set 9th April as hearing date and it might coincide with Najib's 13th parliament dissolution. Not easy to be PM, eh Najib?

Worse, this is not the time to party in karaoke. Hard lesson for a certain division chief. A friendly fire from within the same party to possible candidates-in waiting?

Back on Equanimity, the following should be noted :-

1. Pre-trial hearing scheduled on 2nd April 2018 has been postponed;
2. Application was withdrawn and new date ie 9th April 2018 has been set;
3. Claimants has added more document to challenge the seizure;

I am sure US FBI will have a field day to counter the claimant's documents and more will be revealed during the hearing. And that "more" may politically hurt someone in Putrajaya... Equanimity is becoming an unwanted added liability for Jho Low and those within his circle (wink.. wink)

ssshhh... let the fun begins...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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