Thursday, April 05, 2018

Of polical ambush, gambits and goodies...

No doubt about it, the countdown has begun...

5 years (or is it 10years?) of mismanagement and suddenly everything seems to "spring" out on the last days of 13th Parliementary sitting. It only points to few things :-

1. The countdown has begun and PM is going to dissolve parliament in the next coming hours;
2. The ruling party is potraying itself as the defenders of civil services;
3. Those who are in the running for candidancy will be open to internal sabotage;

Everything seems hotting up now. As mentioned, the ruling party manage to bulldoze the EC redelienation exercise whereby political opponents suggested gerry mandering. On this, you can read it elsewhere on the views from both sides, depending on your political inclination.

For PM to announce additional pay rise seems a bit odd especially on the timing. Of course, some will claim as political corruption whilst others will claim that the pay rise is due.

Apa lagi awak mahu...

Malay Mail noted the following on PM's announcement regarding additional pay rise :-

1. Effective date : 1st July 2018. Why 1st July 2018? Could PM bring it much closer to say, June 2018 as majority of civil servant will see additional cash as handy in June 2018 in conjunction with Hari Raya.
2. Non-Muslim staff will be allowed 7 days unrecorded leave for religious events yearly. What about those with no religious beliefs? And 7 days yearly? Is Malay Mail misquoting PM?

In the same news, next paragraph, Malay Mail wrote PM said "Therefore, the government has agreed to extend unrecorded leave for non-Muslim staff, to carry out their respective religious activities, subject to a maximum of seven days, throughout their period of service. It takes effect beginning January 2018."

Is it 7 days yearly or is it 7 days once in their period of service?

Elsewhere, 1 UMNO aspiring candidate came out blaming political sabotage..

In short, this guy claimed :-

1. He was being trapped as part of political sabotage;
2. It jeopardise his chances of being nominated as candidate for Bandar Tun Razak;
3. He was only drinking coffee at the karaoke joint;

It must be some coffee... Wiki said Irish coffee has a mixture of coffee, Irish whiskey and sugar. Whatever he consumed that night may not be Irish coffee as the same newspaper report mentioned
"It was reported by theSun that Rizalman tested positive for banned substances methamphetamine and amphetamine". I am no Irish coffee drinker but I doubt methamphetamine and amphetamine is part of Irish coffee ingredient.

Tough luck, Rizalman. Now you have an uphill task to convince Najib and Zahid that you are worthy to be BN candidate for PRU 14. As it is, even UMNO secretary hinted of possible sabotaged from political enemies, internally or externally.

Hadi seems eager to up his party's chances too. Malaysiakini reported Hadi's RUU 355 may be debated on the last day of 13th Parliement sitting.

Malaysiakini in their report said :-

1. Hadi's motion on RUU 355 may be debated;
2. If passed, it will be referred to Government committee that will decide whether to accept the changes or ignore it;
3. If debated and voted, it might force a show of hands where MP's are either for or against RUU 355;
4. BN component parties, with the exception of UMNO, has clearly stated their stand against RUU 355;
5. It might be a "subtle" way for Najib and Hadi to ward off potential Malay tsunami;
6. RUU 355 might be debated or the Government might choose to abort it at the last minute.

Hadi is banking on RUU 355 debate to potray himself as championing RUU 355 and give whatever added boost to his pledgling PAS.

Unfortunately, Hadi's grand last stand came to a nought when Azalina moves to adjourn the parliament immediately after Government business. What does that means? Simple... Hadi has been played out (again) by Najib. In short, PAS is getting the short hand of the stick from BN-led Najib.

PAS has nowhere to go now and with its party President and his inner circle accused of RM 70M buyout, PAS is looking at getting bashed in PRU 14 by both BN and opposition-coalition. Far cry from PAS of 2013, Hadi is leading PAS into the abyss...

Guys, get ready yeah... It all system go.... let the countdown begins where Santa Claus comes to town...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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