Monday, April 09, 2018

Of new engine...

MY friend used to say "If the 1st generation builds a legacy, the 2nd will expands the legacy whilst the third will destroy the legacy through complacence.

yes... the heat is on. With Najib announcing the dissolution of the 13th parliament, it is expected that the states (except Sarawak) will follow suit in the coming hours and days.

Election is about returning the power to the rakyat to determine which party(ies) will govern Malaysia for the next 5 years. This time around, it is not an easy walk in the park for BN. Even before SPR could announce the nomination and polling dates, someone down south started to "contribute" his part.

Will his "opinion" sway the voting pattern? Honestly, the answer is no. Why? Simply, his timing is not right and someone would say "he jumps the gun".

Rafidah Aziz, on the other hand, has something refreshing to say. She openly ask Najib to explain on the so-called 40,000 hecatres of privatisation of "military land". Now, that is NEWS. In short, Rafidah claimed :-

1. 40,000 hectares of "military land" gone to a three-person company;
2. It happens in 2008 when Najib was DPM and Minister of Defense;
3. Land leased for 40 years, done without open tender;

You want more? Read it here.

Najib has plenty to explain. It is not only about BN's performance but his own decisions that are now questioned in the open.

Najib coined the word Glokal. He talked about championing Malays. He boasted that he is Pahlawan Bugis etc.

Now, let us visit him from a different angle. How can he claimed that he championed the Malays when the "Malays" he knew comes in the form of Jho Low. Bear in mind that Najib was sent to study overseas when he was in his early teens. He returned when his father passed away. Do you think Najib feels the same way as we do? Do you think he played "lastik", "kayu tiga", "congkok"? Naahhh... his game will be crickets, lawn tennis, canoeing etc.

That said, Najib does not breathe the same air we breathe nor did he experience growing up in Malaysia. Najib can claims a lot of things but he is no Tun Razak. He did not have the same passion like his father. His passion is different...

This is not about advising the skipper of the ship. This is about replacing an incompetent skipper. Not only that, it is time to replace the whole engine. An uncharted approach but something that is needed to put Malaysians back in a correct path.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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