Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Of Qurban : Yours, mine, theirs...

  1. 10 Zulhijjah where millions of pilgrims descended Mekah to perform the haj. It is also known as Eid Adha or Qurban (sacrifice). It commemorates the date when Ibrahim (Abraham) was ordered by the Creator to sacrifice his son Ismail (Ishmael) to test Ibrahim's and Ismail's faith towards religion.
  2. That aside, Qurban symbolise the sacrifices that one made in life. Although I have registered to perform my pilgimage this year, it is not meant to be when my name is not on the list as one of those selected 26,000 Malaysians who are currently in Mekah to perform the haj. I know that one of Malaysia's favourite bashing boy is currently in Mekah to perform his haji and it is also another known fact that Nik Aziz decided not to perform the haj this year due to political and personal reasons. Who knows, maybe next year I may be performing the haj side by side with the learned Nik Aziz...God willing.
  3. This is not about, let's get on with the show....we will discuss on Qurban and the sacrifices some of us has to it on personal note, national or international causes....
  4. First off on the subject of Qurban is about the sacrifices of a mother. Remember Siti Amynur Ain Putri? Although her beloved mother has been called to face her Creator, her sacrifice has not been in vain. There are genuine efforts on the ground now to provide financial and spiritual aid to Siti. You can read more about this when proper announcements will be made by another friendly blogger in his blog. SK Taman Dusun Nyiur have set up a bank account to channel financial aid to Siti. Apart from that, Negeri Sembilan state and one of NS's chieftains are also making making plans to provide assisstance to Siti.
  5. Siti's case is not the only case. There are others and there will also be others. The question is - are we doing enough? Or are we forever in a reactive mode? We will only react when things have happened? Do we have better mechanism to prevent Siti's case from recurring? The answer is NO - we can make a difference and that can only be done if there is a combined effort to drive the difference. To this scribe, if there is a need to have a ptron - then lit be one. Who is the patron is not important but what's more important is the objective. If the objective is to help those in need, regardless of race, religion or political background - then I am all for it.
  6. However, there is still another sacrifice to be made for Siti. Someone has to sacrifice to follow through Siti's progress and ensure that whatever funds for Siti is put in good use...
  7. Maybe some did not see my way but I see that Justice Alizatul Khair Osman Khairuddin is sacrificing her future to uphold "justice", the way she sees it. Justice Alizatul has ruled that Kota Siputeh seat is vacant and has instructed Malaysia's EC to conduct a by-election. She has also dismissed EC's appeal for stay of execution meaning that EC is compelled to arrange for by-election within the next 60 days. Alas ! it is not to be when the appelate court grant stay order...within 24 hours of Alizatul's decision. How can an appelate court act in lightning speed here when the same court is still waiting to hear Nizar vs Zambry case regarding who is actually the MB of Perak? Between the two, it is without reasonable doubt that Nizar vs Zambry case is more important and should be given utmost priority because this involve on the legitimate issue on who really governs Perak? As for Kota Siputeh, whatever the outcome does not change the state government of the day.
  8. That leads to another question - is there no one else in the judiciary bench who is willing to sacrifice for Malaysia? Here we are not discussing on whether a judgement is right or wrong but whether there is justification in speeding ne case whilst delaying others when the other case is more urgent and have higher priority? What is the standard of measurement used in determining which case goes first?
  9. Alizatul can play safe and delay hearing EC's appeal and play along with the system. She refuse to do that and sit to reject EC's appeal (although I believed she knows that her judgement may be overturn by higher court). She can even choose to tag along the system and deliver a verdict to EC's favour and thus "score" some points for her next elevation. She did not do that. She sacrifice all that...
  10. MCA? Someone has to sacrifice there too... The circus needs to stop now. Liow TL has to choose whether to go for President's post or the Deputy's post. Liow TL and his group of 3 should not be making demands here and there.
  11. If MCA choose to go for fresh elections, then it should include all levels. It is ridiculous for the party to hold fresh elections but omiting the wanita and youth wings. It shows the true colours of Liow TL who is still looking and hoping for fail save locks, in the event that he lost the party polls. If Ling LS and Lim AL sacrifice for MCA, then Ong TK, Chua SL, Liow TL should also be ready to sacrifice for MCA.
  12. In truth, this scribe is equally confuse why MCA needs UMNO to tell them what to do. Has MCA truly lost its directions?
  13. Sacrifice comes in many forms. as for Nik Aziz of Kelantan, he has to forego his relationship to instruct his SIL to resign from PMBK's CEO's post. It must be one of the tougest decision made by Nik Aziz.
  14. Hopefully, Nik Aziz's judgement is the right one which will leads PAS to far greater victories....
  15. Talking about sacrifice, it knows no boundaries. Not only those on the streets have to sacrifice but those sitting in the corridors pf power should also be ready to sacrifice. The only problem is - are they ready to sacrifice to cleanse themselves from perceptions and accussations?
  16. For that, let's go to the top of the charts. PI Bala has resurfaced with various allegations against Malaysia's numero uno public servant. Whether PI Bala's accussations is true or not is immaterial. What matters is that PI Bala has pointedly accussed him of being directly or indirectly invlved with the model's case.
  17. It is time for 1M PM6 to come out and resolve the issue. Did he or didn't he? It may means sacrificing his plush post in Putrajaya but what Malaysia needs now is a boost of confidence. Malaysia has lost its rankings in TI. It has been quite humiliating to see our corruption index sliding down year after year. We do not need to read another dose of bad PR of getting involved in the model's murder.
  18. For that, maybe the police needs to sacrifice more (of their time) to locate PI Bala and get to the bottom of things. Was Bala offered RM 5M to shut up? If that is true, then obviously PI Bala's integrity is also at stake. Did he come out because of his conscious or because he was played out? And the police should go one step further and investigate on PI Bala's friends and associates. PI Bala is painting that there are moonlighting activities within the force and the moonlighters are no ordinary rank and file. They can come from higher rankings and involve in multiple business ventures.
  19. The point is - everybody has to sacrifice. If the rakyat has to sacrifice to support the nation, then we are also demanding the politicians to sacrifice for the betterment of the people. If the rakyat has sacrifice for the past 52 years, then it is time for the politicians to repay our sacrifice - even if it means a new leadership is in order...
  20. With that - let's sacrifice for a prosperous Malaysia. Amin.
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Friday, November 20, 2009

2 in 1 : Happiness and sadness...and who can she turns to?

Siti is in need...who will be her protective angels?

UPDATE : Another blogger, WJ K of Rembau Times, has take up the challenge and will be setting up a bank account to manage the fund. Essentially, we are looking for 100 persons who is willing to contribute RM 100 for Siti's education and future. So far, we have 4 and it is still a long way to go but it is a start...

By the way, this is not a politically motivated come on and chip in.

  1. Where do I start? Or rather how can I start writing? Fortunately this scribe is not a political wimps like Chew Wee who cannot control their sobbings because they are no longer in the elite MCA's Presidential council.
  2. This scribe chanced upon MStar's article tagged "Terima keputusan cemerlang UPSR depan jenazah ibu".
  3. In the nutshell, Siti Amynur Ain Putri scored 5A's in her UPSR. Coming from a poor family, Siti lost her father when she was 8 years old and that was 4 years ago.
  4. Her mother, Rusmah Abdullah, took care of Siti and her elder brother (aged 14) since then with a monthly income of RM 500 before she has to quit her job 4 months ago to take care of Siti who broke her leg in an accident. Since then, the family survive on RM 400 per month financial aid.
  5. Her mother walked 1 km daily to deliver packed food to Siti because Siti has to stay back in her school to attend extra classes in preparation for her UPSR.
  6. 2 weeks ago, Rusmah Abdullah was hospitalised for low blood pressure and died on Wednesday night before the UPSR results were announced.
  7. The headmistress of her school rushed over to personally handed Siti's UPSR's results before her mother's burial took place.
  8. It is a sad day indeed when Siti could not share her joy with her mother and she received her results when she is now an orphan (yatim piatu) with both her parents gone. Now Siti is a member of family of two ie left with her brother who is 14 years old.
  9. What else should I say about Siti. Apart from seeking His blessings Compassion and Benevolence towards Siti, how I wish we could do more to minimise her burden. 12 years old, she needs all the guidance possible.
  10. Maybe, coming from Sekolah Kebangsaan Taman Dusun Nyiur, Seremban helps. I sincerely hope that a friendly blogger can highlights this case to his Rembau MP so that something positive can be done to help out Siti.
  11. Apart from that, I am also hoping that some generous souls will take up this issue and give Siti the needed support that she needs to face the future. Maybe in the form of an elder foster sister?
  12. Siti is in need...who will be her protective angels?
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Of Chew Wee : Don't cry for me...MCA

  1. Well, the writings has been on the walls but both Chew and Wee choose to ignore it and now they are paying the price for their own negligence.
  2. First, Wee Ka Siong as the Youth chief and Chew Mei Fun as Wanita Women chief openly called and backed Liow's proposal for 2nd EGM slated to be held on 28th November 2009. This is done despite Ong TK's Greater Unity Plan (GUP) which has been discussed with the parties involved including Chua Soi Lek, Liow Tiong Lai before briefing 1M PM6.
  3. Basically, Wee KS and Chew MF has jumped the gun together with Liow TL. maybe in their haste to be elevated to the party's top post, they forego the procedures and show utmost disrespect towards the President.
  4. Afterall, in the briefing open to all party division leaders on 15th November 2009, it has been lined out the general direction of the GUP inclusing a possible fresh elections to be held wihin 6 months to a year after the GUP is fully implemented and the party stabilise. Is it a wait too long for the impatient 3 of Liow TL, Wee KS and Chew MF?
  5. Why did Liow & gang failed to turn up to listen to GUP plans? Have they pre-set and pre-planned to bulldoze with their own EGM despite knowing that their EGM effort has been declared illegal by the party? More so, who is behind Liow & gang?
  6. Liow TL could use a better approach by lying low until the fresh election is called. His actions of pressing for 2nd EGM does not reflects his maturity in politics.
  7. Bigger still is Muhyiddin's press conference in Rome. TV3 showed Muhyidin questioning the GUP and frowned on Ong's decision to drop Wee KS and Chew MF from the Presidential council.
  8. Most probably, our DPM is getting the wrong information or is he taking sides now? The first impression from his PC is the DPM has not being briefed by Ong TK yet. Yes, granted that Wee KS and Chew MF were booted off from the Presidential council but bear in mind that Chew MF may still be in the Presidential council as an invited member.
  9. In fact, what Ong TK is doing is to increase the numbers of women participation in the Presidential council from th eprevious 2 to 3 with Chew MF slotted to be the invited member. Is Chew still going to chew the hands that feed her?
  10. Saying it all, it is pathetic to see Chew Wee sobbing uncontrobbaly during their press conference. Why are you crying now? Isn't it too late?
  11. Let's give GUP a chance to unfold. If does not bloom then by all means go for the EGM. What Malaysia needs now is a strong MCA to back UMNO and push UMNO to go for greater transperancy, arresting the sliding image of Malaysia in terms of corruption (as reported by TI).
  12. Wee KS and Chew MF may be thinking that they have the whole youth wing and the women delegates under their control. Are they really in control? I shudder at the thoughts of some young cikus who may use this opportunity to demand for EGM to remove Wee KS and Chew MF as tables turn....what say you?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Of things coming our way?

Kota Siputeh, PI Bala, Anwar, Husin, DMU, FGM, corruption index. It's all in there. Take your pick and select your choice just like browsing the menu in Kenny Rogers. So many things coming our way and too little positive vibes...
  1. Some talk enthusiastically of Kota Siputeh and feels that Mukhriz Mahathir vs Mat Sabu is on the cards. If it happens, it will be the match of the year...So far, all this scribe can say is - wait for EC's and UMNO's appeals to the higher courts. For all intent, the courts may override the high court decision. Maybe the appeals will be heard in 2010 and beyond. Afterall, all is fair in politics (not only love, my dear)...
  2. For those into suspense thrillers, PI Bala's revelation is gluing them for more bombastic evidences. Never mind that some of PI Bala's responses to the questions are downright speculative (like there is no passport stamping at Johore Immigration which is correct because Malaysia has already practise the "chip"system - so no elements of things done under the counter here)
  3. Then, there are also cases where police and law enforcement agencies were accussed of wrongdoings like the Air Molek prison death or the suicide attempt in Klang. Yes, the police has been accused of many things but to accuse them of causing wrongful death or driving families to suicide is a little too much. Whilst we should be working hand in hand to prevent repeats of Kugan or Teoh BH, it should not be used as a blanket coverage to point police as the guilty party. Let them do their job first...
  4. Instead of letting our imaginations runs wild with fantasies and theories, it is better to focus of Anwar's appointment as Selangor's economic advisor at RM 1 per year. The only thing that this scribe will say is - Apa ni? main-main ke? How could a rich state like Selangor pay a meagre salary of RM 1 per year to the state's economic adviser? Is PR playing "dolls and houses" with the state's coffers? If some of you out there feel offended, I am sorry but I strongly believe that a state's economic's affair is not something to toy about. What if it fails? Will Selangor state government issue a statement to say that the state economic's fail because the salary for the economic adviser is too small? Grow up Selangor, grow up Khalid...and Anwar, please stop hoodwinking rakyat with this type of political gimmicks...
  5. Syed Husin as senator? Just consider this - is his name up because he is PKR's deputy President or because of his past PSRM's connections? Will he use his socialist's approach? Bear in mind that Kelantan verhemently oppose to PKR's suggestion to place Husin as PKR candidate in Kelantan a few GE before. What is PAS's say on this matter? What is DAP's say on this matter? Or is everything a OK now?
  6. KTMB has been put under spotlights this week with the used DMU from Spain. Hopefully things will turn out better end of this year...and just for a peek of what's coming our way...enjoy it and start salivating. Better still, start booking for tickets now :)

  7. Say what may, this scribe is getting restless with the recent corruption index released by TI's corruption perception. Malaysia in down to 56th ranking from last year's 47th rank with CPI of 4.5, down from last year's 5.1. What happen? Is this the international community's perception of Malaysia? Our best ranking of 33rd place in 2002, we are down by 23 places within 7 years. I really do hope MACC will wake up and stop hounding the ikan bilis but instead go for major caes, sending a strong message that Malaysians do not tolerate corruption. Better still, MACC to announce which "major cases" has pass their investigations and there is no trace of corruption practise. Can MACC be transparent, at least to that stage?
  8. Still on corruption index (can refer to the table here), amongst the Islamic nations, Qatar is placed at 22nd place with CPI score of 7 and Malaysia is placed at 6th nation amongst the Islamic countries. Amongst Asian countries, our neighbour, Singapore is first with CPI score of 9.2 (and Singapore is placed 3rd in world standing) and Malaysians are 7th behind HK, Japan, Taiwan, Brunei, South good, no good...
  9. Many things coming our way now...and some naughty e-mails are flooding around to say that KL will be hit by snow-storm this 20th November 2009. I will not say that it is not true or impossible but the chances are too minute...
  10. Oh yes...I am not looking fondly at Malaysiakini's Colin's article about genital mutilation either. However, I will let others to comment on his article before I put mine up. Over to you guys and gals....

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Monday, November 16, 2009

Of SILs' ...and time to bade farewell.

  1. Words don't come easy. But sometimes you have to say what you have to say...
  2. The past few days has been frustrating because the internet connection is downright slow that to gain access to internet is virtually impossible. No thanks to Maxis broadband...(maybe they are too busy with their IPOs').
  3. Today, it is not about the recently concluded APEC meeting in Singapore nor Tun Mahathir's coverage in History channel or another stunning revelation by PI Bala (will he change his story again?).
  4. Today, it's the family relationship will take centre stage. Yes, SILs' or Son-in-laws. Somehow..why are the SILs' become thorns in the flesh? Is it because there are no specific criteria for a good SIL? I mean, there are some guidelines for a daughter-in-law such as :-

    • pious in performing her religous obligations;
    • good family background;
    • fertile (can bear children);
    • beautiful; and lastly should I add
    • rich and influential (which is an added bonus)

  5. Since there are no specific guidelines for Son-in-laws', 2 father-in-laws (FIL) are paying the price for their mistakes in "overlooking" the minute guidelines for a good SIL. What more, both these FIL are leaders in their own rights.
  6. The first is AAB. Taking the mantle from Mahathir Mohamed, he promised to sweep corruption, cronism and what nots. Big in promises but AAB failed to deliver and his failure is singularly pointed to his SIL, KJ. Since this has passed, let's not make this as issue, for now...
  7. Now, trouble is brewing in "Serambi Mekah". This time, it is not AAB who is under the microscope but Nik Aziz, PAS spiritual leader. And again, the centerpiece of the whole problem is SIL. For Nik Aziz, the SIL comes in the name of Arffahmi Abdul Rahman, PMBK's CEO. Let's call him SIL 2.
  8. It started small...and this blogger posted it in "Sometimes...when we are out of touch". When DPM pour kerosene to the issue, this blogger posted "DPM sir : It's better to keep quiet than to talk nonsense".
  9. Now the issue is getting bigger when Kickdefella posted "Tauke Teng, Nuding Awang and George Michael". The points raised by Kickdefella that caught my attention are :-

    • Nudin Awang is the person who intended to sponsor Nik Aziz's hajj pilgrimage. Nudin Awang flaunt his receipts for all and sundry to see that he is sponsoring the trip. Nudin Awang is a director of Great Eastern mill;
    • SIL 2 is the one who talk Nik Aziz into agreeing to perform the hajj this year;
    • SIL 2 is an UMNO lifetime member with card membership 0266057 from Machang division. In fact, all his family members (except one of his brothers) are UMNO members;
    • SIL 2 hold a secret meeting and hatch plans to replace PAS President with another person;

  10. Rightly, SIL 2 shot back and claimed that :-

    • he is not an UMNO member and he has not fill in any application form;
    • he is involved in Islamist activity when he was a student in UTM;

  11. It's clear that there is something wrong with our political system. If Ariffahmi's claim that he never applied to be an UMNO member is true, then who put in the application form? Who did it and how did UMNO screen their potential members?
  12. If not, then Kickdefella has accused wrongly and should offer his apology. However, if SIL 2 is indeed an UMNO member, then this surely worse than Brutus stabbing Caesar. It will be worse still if SIL 2 planned this in collaboration with UMNO (either Kelantan UMNO or federal UMNO).
  13. Being an Islamist activist does not make SIL 2 a PAS member. The proof is already out there...Mashitah was an Islamic scholar and so is Firdaus. But they became UMNO members...
  14. Truly, I fear that SIL 2 is the thorn in Nik Aziz's flesh. A thorn that must be removed at all cost.
  15. You see, I respect Nik Aziz for his wisdom and his religous stands. His simplicity in responding to MSM's questions mirrored his sincerity. And now SIL 2 is blurring the good deeds of Nik Aziz.
  16. Hopefully, all ends well in Kelantan. I hope Nik Aziz will fall back to his wisdom again to differentiate the haq from is not easy to uphold one's integrity especially when one is standing behind the banners of rightousness...
  17. Of course, you cannot blame UMNO for using this opportunity to run down Nik Aziz. they have tried for the past 18 years and they are hoping that this time they will succeed, with the help of SIL 2...and my prayers are with Nik Aziz to ride off the storm, courtesy of his own SIL 2...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Friday, November 13, 2009

DPM sir : Its better to keep quiet than to talk nonsense...

2 statements in 1 day is enough. DPM sir, my advise is simple - It's better to keep quiet than to talk nonsense. You see, someone use to say - the emptiest drums makes the loudest noise. There is also another Malay saying "Jadilah resmi padi, lagi menjadi lagi tunduk" which literally means be humble in everything. The more knowledgeable you are, the more humble you should be....

  1. Politicians. If you give then a microphone, they can talk until the cows come home. Someone told me that a good example of this is one PM from Asean country (hint : start from C) who will talk for hours in his speech.
  2. The same goes for Malaysian politicians. Give them a microphone and they will talk. Provide them with media reporters and they will issue statements. Some are relevant but most are craps. For now, let's focus on 2 crappy statements from our DPM.
  3. First off is the Bernama report on "Muhyiddin" order (instructed) Kota Siputeh Rep to attend assembly sitting" taglined 12th November 2009. NST, Star, The Sun carries the report too...
  4. The gist of the reports are :-

    • Muhyiddin instructed Kota Siputeh assemblyman to attend state assembly (Kedah) sitting;
    • the state assembly sitting is scheduled on Tuesday (17th November 2009);
    • BN concurred with EC which ruled there was no vacancy for Kota Siputeh;
    • Kedah speaker (Dr Abd Isa) has filed for judicial review on the EC decision;

  5. Now, let's see the counterarguments :-

    • Granted that the Kota Siputeh assemblyman declared that he is now an independent assembly man and BN-friendly, that does not mean that he is a BN member. He maybe BN-friendly but he may also opt out to support PR if he feels that it will benefit the people. So, the question is - who do DPM think he is to instruct the said assemblyman to attend the assembly sitting? On what standing was the instruction given? Would it not be better if the DPM advises the assemblyman to attend the sitting?
    • how can Muhyiddin said that BN concurred with EC on the decision? Does EC has locus standing? Can EC be the judge and executioner of election laws?
    • why must Muhyiddin jumps the gun? The sun reported that the high court will decide whether a fresh election for Kota Siputeh is necessary or not this Monday 16th November 2009;
    • Since the state assembly sitting will only start from 17th November whilst the high court will give its decision on Monday 16th November, then Muhyiddin should not have jumped the gun. What if the high court decides in favour of Dr Abd Isa (PR)? Will Muhyiddin and BN issue a statement to say that BN did not concur with the court's decision? Is Muhyiddin implying that legislative powers supercedes judiciary powers (when it comes to court decision)?

  6. On the same day, Bernama reported "Opposition supporting 1Malaysia concept, says Muhyiddin". The media report, in a nutshell :-

    • The 1Malaysia concept receive the support of...including leaders of opposition parties;
    • the 1M concept is not merely political rhetoric;
    • the 1M concept has been implemented as a new policy by BN;
    • Nik Aziz only knows how to pray but does not know how to administer;

  7. Tsk tsk....a dangerous statement indeed DPM sir. Consider these :-

    • The backbone parties for BN are UMNO (United Malays National Organisation), MCA (Malaysian Chinese Association), MIC (Malaysian Indian Congress). As stated by their political names, these parties are purely race-based. UMNO, in their plans to expand their wings to Sabah (and "take over" Sabah state government) widen their base to include Bumiputras from Sabah. Is this 1M concept?
    • Compare that to the parties forming the loose PR-coalition of DAP (Democratic Action Party), PAS (Parti Islam seMalaysia), PKR (Parti Keadilan Rakyat). Even their political names has already suggested that their parties are open to all Malaysians. PAS is open to all Malaysian muslims. So, who mooted the 1M concept first? UMNO or DAP/PAS?;
    • Even in forging relationship between the various races and ethnics, PR has put these ideas forward during Mar 2008 elections. BN, only coined the term after 1MPM6 Najib was sworn in as the PM. Who copies who now, DPM sir?;
    • when Muhyiddin says that 1M is a new BN policy, this scribe just jumps off the roof...whoa....Muhyiddin, are you telling us that BN never works towards 1M since BN inception in 1970s? Are you telling us that Perikatan government never works towards an integrated Malaysia since 1963? Are you admitting to us now that BN is only starting to wotk on 1M in 2009, after 46 years of (formation) of Malaysia?;
    • regardless of political standings, Nik Aziz is a reverred religous scholar and teacher. He regularly teaches every Friday morning. Muhyiddin, didn't anybody tell you not to belittle religous teacher/scholar? I, for one, feel deeply offended when Muhyiddin gives that statement. If he feels that Nik Aziz is not up to his marks (as an administrator), then explain how did Nik Aziz administer Kelantan for the past 18 years? Is Muhyiddin implying that Kelantan survives the last 18 years on doas and prayers alone?

  8. 2 statements in 1 day is enough. DPM sir, my advise is simple - It's better to keep quiet than to talk nonsense. You see, someone use to say - the emptiest drums makes the loudest noise. There is also another Malay saying "Jadilah resmi padi, lagi menjadi lagi tunduk" which literally means be humble in everything. The more knowledgeable you are, the more humble you should be....
  9. DPM sir, it's time for you to reflect your statements these past few days. Maybe, it's high time for you to get a better PR man to manage your statements. Kalau tak tahu, pergi belajar lagi....

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Thursday, November 12, 2009

EMUs, DMUs'...and they think our heads are stuck in the hole?

Sheeesh. Sometimes really feel like MOT (read : the government) is taking us for another ride. Are they thinking that consumers are like emus (or ostriches)? Are they still looking at consumers like emus with their heads in the holes and unable to see through the smokescreen?

  1. Ministry of Transportation (MOT) termed it as clarifying a media report on the purchase of used DMUs'.
  2. It all started harmless enough when several BN backbenchers called for MACC probe into DMU (Diesel Multiple Unit) decision. Their rationale for the probe :-

    • Malaysia bought the 4 20-year old DMU trains for a total of RM 30 million whilst Argentina and Costa Rica bought it at a third of the price;
    • The purchase is opposed by KTMB board;
    • Bought broken down things at higher price than other countries;
    • Did not follow specifications and regulations;
    • the top speed for DMUs' is only 80 kph compared to KTMB other trains that can attain 90 kph;
    • the aim of double tracking project is to accommodate high speed trains of up to 120 kph;
    • purchase of DMU's after KTMB has decided to switch to EMU trains(Electric multiple units);
    • is KTMB ready to maintain the 4 DMUs;

  3. In MOT's clarification, MOT partly replied :-

    • Issues raised was not accurate;
    • the cost is EURO 1.492 million (RM 7.57M) for 2 passenger coach units compared to EURO 2.0 million (RM 10.15M) paid by Costa Rica for similar units;
    • purchase of used-DMUs' was to overcome shortage of trains for commuter service in the Klang valley;

  4. Let's do some 2+2 analysis together :-

    • There is no discrepancy in purchase price. MOT (read : Government)/KTMB bought the 4 DMU trains for a total of RM 30.2M;
    • KTMB runs on metre gauge track whilst Costa Rica runs on narrow gauge. For the uninitiated, that means KTMB's track is 1000 mm wide whilst Costa Rica track is 1067 mm wide. How can MOT consider this as similar? How can you compare a 1 ton truck to a 5 ton truck?;
    • If the purchase is opposed by KTMB board, then who approve the purchase? MOT or MOF or DOR (Department of Railway)? It has been long said that KTMB is only the end-user of the rail services whilst all assets belongs to DOR. And if MOT is the one who do the purchasing, who advises MOT whether this is a feasible and good purchase? Is it done by open tender or by way of negotiated proposal? Did the purchaser (MOT/MOF/DOR/KTMB) express their intention to purchase used-DMUs' and invite interested parties to submit their proposals? If not, why not?;
    • It is a serious matter when the backbenchers termed the used-DMUs as broken down things. What drives them to say so? How broken is broken? Do the DMUs' needs major repairs? Do they need to be re-fitted? If they do, who do the re-fitment - the seller or the purchaser?
    • it is also equally serious when the backbenchers claim that it does not follow specifications and regulations. Whose specifications and whose regulations? How does one expects for specifications to be fulfilled if one buys a used-product?
    • the DMU top speed is 80 kph. Looking at the existing stations interval, how do you accelerate to more than 80 kph before slowing down and gradually stopping at the next station (normal interval of 5 minutes?). Wouldn't it be straining to the engine to be revved up for maximum speed then braking for stop at next station? What about wear and tear? Given the circumstances, one has to make do with 80 kph trains for short distance travelling;
    • although the double tracking project is to accomodate to high speed trains, but as mentioned earlier the wear and tear factor should also be taken into account. KTMB can use high speed trains for express EMUs covering KL-Ipoh sector, Seremban-KL-Ipoh sector. As for the rest, normal EMUs (existing stock) can meet the demands;
    • is KTMB ready to maintain the 4 DMUs? That is a good question. Is KTMB ready? Where will the depot be? What about the spares and parts? Is these the first DMUs maintained by KTMB? Will the maintenance crew fully utilisised by just 4 DMUs? What about the failure rate (record from seller?);

  5. Let's go a step further. Since this scribe is nocturnal, by nature, some bats echoes concern on :-

    • Initially there were a total of 60 EMUs' available for KTMB. After some years of operation, some of these EMUs' were write off and victims of cannibalism (KTMB do practise cannabalism (on parts), don't they?), only around 30EMUs' are service worthy. What are the plans for the 30 or so stranded EMUs'? Will MOT/DOR/KTMB write them off?;
    • in one of the first visits by the present Transport Minister, he promised that the company engaged to rehabilitate the EMUs' will complete the works on time. What happens? Mr Minister, sir - is the works completed? If not, what are the actions taken against the contractor? If yes, why did KTMB has to resort to changing the komuter schedule?
    • talking about the komuter schedule, initially the service interval is every 15 minutes. Then, due to the frequent delays and technical glitches (read : no EMUs'), the service interval is re-timed for every 20 minutes (that was a few months back). Now, it is believed to be every 30 minutes. Is this what they call as "people first, performance now"?
    • again, stretching on the service intervals, somebody in KTMB is not sensitive to consumer needs. Just imagine - they have shuttle service from Port Klang to KL Sentral in the morning BUT the shuttle service in the evening is from KL Station to Shah Alam only. What is the rationale behind this?
    • on the "early bird" service from Port Klang to Sentul, the new time-table indicated that the first train departs Port Klang at 5:35 am. The next train (happens to be shuttle train) departs from Jalan Kastam at 5:54 am. The third train (normal) is at 6:05 am. How insensitive of KTMB! Don't they know that the "Subuh" azan is at approximately 5:45 am? How do you expert Muslims at Port Klang to catch the first train or the second train out? As a remedy, may this sribe propose that (if KTMB needs to keep to the timing/scheduling), to re-category the first 3 trains out start from Port Klang on normal stops? This will take care of all the passengers at all stops/stations from Port Klang to board this early trains. KTMB can then start the "shuttle service" from 6:30 am onwards. The same goes for other sectors as well. If the planners do not know how to kowtim this, they can always call on the transport planners to help out. If they cannot find the planners, komuter consumers are willing to help out;
    • why buy 4 DMUs'? Will these 4 DMUs' solve the problem? Or is this an ad-hoc decision to capitalise on 1MPM6's Najib's first stimulus package? By logic (using Mydin analogy), the more you buy, the cheaper is the unit price. Maybe buying 8 DMUs' will be cheaper (unit price) than buying 4 DMUs'. Why 8? It is believed that there are 17 available used-DMUs for sale. Buying 8 (or 50 %) will give MOT/DOR/KTMB a better deal as well as give the end-users the option to choose the used-DMUs'. We don't want MOT/DOR/KTMB to buy scrap iron, do we?;
    • What are the terms of S & P? Does it cover shipping them to Malaysia? Is it FCA, FOB, FAS, FIO, "as is where is" condition? This is important too because it might cost MOT/DOR/KTMB another RM 1M for shipping the used-DMUs' to Malaysia.
    • if we were to literally take MOT's clarification, then the 4 used-DMUs are meant for Klang valley sector. Geographically, does that mean these 4 used-DMUs are purchased to serve Sentul-Port Klang sector?
    • on the age of used-DMUs - it is also mentioned that the DMUs' are 20 years old. Can someone clarify - are these engines enviromental-friendly ie green engines? If yes, fine. If not, are non-enviromental-friendly engines acceptable? We are already facing the smog and smoke- will these DMUs contribute more smog significantly? Do these engines have spare parts available? Are these engines still in production or obsolete? If obsolete, then what are the guarantee given on their performance and lifetime?
    • back to the maintenance crew. Is this a ploy for the seller (or agent) to milk more money from KTMB? Does the purchase agreement include maintenance service/coverage? If not, why? Who will do the maintenance? Are the spare parts available in the market or is it monopolise by the seller?
    • by the way - are these engines tropicalised ie made to bear our heat and humidity? We don't want an eskimo getting burnt in the equatorial belt, do we?
    • it is also believed that KTMB sentul depot is getting smaller by the day, no thanks to YTL's ambitous Sentul east/west project. Where is the depot for these DMUs'? Sentul is too small and congested now. Tg Malim is not in Klang valley. Anyone has an inkling?
    • who is the supplier/Malaysian agent of this used-DMUs'? What is their track record? Are they punctual in delivery? Are they technically capable? Are they reliable?
    • Is the DMU manufacturer still operating? We don't want another case of closed-down manufacturing plant like that of existing komuter, do we?

  6. Sheeesh. Sometimes really feel like MOT (read : the government) is taking us for another ride. Are they thinking that consumers are like emus (or ostriches)? Are they still looking at consumers like emus with their heads in the holes and unable to see through the smokescreen?
  7. Kudos to the backbenchers who raise the questions on DMUs'. No doubt MOT reply the queries but the answers are vague. An answer is not an answer until it has satisfactorily explain and lay down all the bare facts. Answering for the sake of answering is pure rubbish.
  8. Hoping that MOT will come up with better and more comprehensive answers. In short, Mr Minister sir, please do your homework unless you want us to give you an F (failing grade) and kick your butts off in GE 13.
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sometimes..when we are out of touch...

A few months back, Kickdefella has already penned down that he will be leaving Kelantan when his contract expires. So, what gives? Did PMBK extended his services and has a change of heart? If not, can't PMBK wait for his contract to expire?

  1. The way it happens is just too sudden and suddenly one feels so detached from this world. It's just "the way we were"...courtesy of Barbara Streissand and Robert Redford.
  2. Another sifu blogger, Kickdefella, suddenly found himself out of job when PMBK issue him a termination notice with immediate effect. Rockybru posted on his blog about the same issue later.
  3. I am not interested in the backroom manouvres. The only thing that I am going to say is "Kelantan has just disposed a precious uncut diamond". My reasonings are simple :-

    • When Kickdefella return to Kelantan to accept the assignment, he has made known his political standing;
    • Through his association with Husam Musa, Kickdefella uses his lenses to capture the essence of Kelantan;
    • Kickdefella managed to move a lot of people to tears with his postings regarding his family and the sufferings of those in need;
    • Kickdefella has been quite laid back in his political stands, something that should be appreciated by all;

  4. Why did PMBK make that decision? On whose order? On whose authorisation?
  5. For once, can politicians, both PR and BN, stand clear of this issue? Granted that PMBK is currently being investigated by MACC. That is not Kickdefella's fault. MACC has a job to do - let them carry out the investigation.
  6. To some, MACC is there under BN's bidding. So what? Should we be afraid if we do not make any mistakes? Let them turn PMBK inside out. A white is still a white.
  7. Honestly, I am waiting for PMBK to come out in the open and list down Kickdefella's offences which drives them to terminate his services. Will it be coming?
  8. A few months back, Kickdefella has already penned down that he will be leaving Kelantan when his contract expires. So, what gives? Did PMBK extended his services and has a change of heart? If not, can't PMBK wait for his contract to expire?
  9. Hats off to Kickdefella for his action. He did not over-react. Instead he thanked Nik Aziz for the opportunity to serve Kelantan.
  10. I wish Kickdefella a better future. Sometimes we have to let go of the present to grasp a better future. God willing, everything will turn out for the better.
  11. Going by the comments posted in various blogs on Kickdefellas's termination, all roads lead to Abdul Ariffahmi Abdul Rahman, Nik Aziz's son-in-law and PMBK's CEO. If indeed Ariffahmi is responsible for KIck's termination, it is obviously done in bad light without considering Nik Aziz's stance.
  12. Is that what they say "Sokong membawa rebah?". In Arif's haste to "cover" his tracks, he snuff off the person who may have the expertise to help him ride off the storm. Ariffahmi failed to differentiate between "permata" and "kaca". I see that Ariffahmi choose "Zircon" over the real diamonds. Well, maybe his loses is someone else's gains.
  13. I pray that Nik Aziz will be shown the correct path and not fall into the same mistakes done by AAB. If AAB has KJ as his liability, will Nik Aziz's liability comes in the form of a man named Ariffahmi Abdul Rahman?
  14. Hopefully, Kickdefella will keep on blogging for a better Malaysia...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Of US's J LO and Malaysian's J Low...

On the other end, it leaves this scribe wondering - how does J Low do it? His expertise or his "know who" connection? If he did it on his expertise, why was his achievement thus far not spotted by the many "head hunters" prowling the corporate world? Why didn't Donald Trump "catch" him as his "apprentice"? I bet, a lot of 27 year olds out there will be willing to pay few hundreds to know his secret. Maybe, J Low's luck and expertise can flow to others so that they too can make it to the top!

  1. Once in a while, it's good to take a break. And this time around, let's get cheeky...
  2. Whilst cruising through the numerous blogs, this scribe came upon Anilnetto's "Big spending Malaysian in New York". Malay Mail carry the story as "Malaysian man of mystery".
  3. Honestly, the first thing that crossed this mind is the familiar sound of J Lo versus J Low (only it's J Lo as per Jennifer Lopez and J Low as per (Taek) Jho Low).
  4. Another similarity between the 2 Js' is that their bottom half is much talked about. Without mentioning J Lo's assets, one comment in New York Post's "Big spending Malaysian is the mystery man of city club scene" is an acidic "He (J Low) has to compensate for having a small dck."
  5. It sure proves that Kwailos think that they have the biggest assets in the world. How wrong they might be...after all, who has the "Big, Strong and Friendly" bank? It also shows that "limped" kwailos are self-centered egoistic individuals. Let me clarify by saying - not all but some kwailos are just like that.
  6. This scribe is just speechless! Maybe this 27 year old Malaysian beats our self-proclaimed greatest Financial wizard and KJ # 1 fan hands down with his age and style of living. I mean, just imagine at 27 years old, he has the "world" at his fingertips. He has the back-up of politician by way of his "post" in UBG and he can afford to pay for the "companionship" of Megan Fox whilst having the luxury to "bring out" Pink Elephant's waitresses. Who else can do that?
  7. Hopefully, J Low will not cross path with our "cigar chopping man in Washington". It will be another bombshell if Malaysian's man in Washington were to be implicated for another "bottom" pitching of pink elephant waitresses, courtesy of J Low.
  8. With these track records, Jho Low may have bettered the records of one top corporate figure who currently monopolise Malaysian airwaves with his entertainment package whilst providing a chance for his subscribers to own shares in his mobile phone provider. In his heyday, this corporate figure was linked to the "King" MJ and rubbed shoulders with the high and mighty in Hollywood. Unfortunately, his claims were never backed by photographic evidence. This
  9. Now, let's see what an average 27 year old Malaysian should be doing, at best. If a person goes through his tertiary education and decided to continues his post-graduate studies, he will be almost 25 when he graduated. Can he achieved what (Taek) Jho Low achieve with 2 years working experience?
  10. Given our Government decision to "glorify" Bahasa Malaysia, can our graduates matched J Low's English competency to a level that he can communicate and "convince" the Pink Elephant club's manager to arrange for 8 of his club's waitress to go on "long distance" assignment to Malaysia?
  11. At one end, this scribe is happy to see the "achievement" of (Taek) Jho Low. His flair and elegance is beyond compare. It is also said that his USD 160K splash was partly sponsored by an Arab friend. In short, J Low is at par with the Arabs in spending for good times in New York city.
  12. On the other end, it leaves this scribe wondering - how does J Low do it? His expertise or his "know who" connection? If he did it on his expertise, why was his achievement thus far not spotted by the many "head hunters" prowling the corporate world? Why didn't Donald Trump "rope" him as his "apprentice"? I bet, a lot of 27 year olds out there will be willing to pay few hundreds to know his secret. Maybe, J Low's luck and expertise can flow to others so that they too can make it to the top!
  13. Then again, if J Low's "achievements" is due to his "know who" connections - how did he managed to do it? Whose money is he spending on? Imagine paying for RM 340K monthly for an apartment. And that does not count on his entertainment yet. Who is footing the bills? And who is benefitting from J Low's extravagance? Are we on the way to put a Malaysian at the "biggest spender of the night" spot? Are we going for another Guiness book of records?
  14. Ah yes, talking about records - this scribe is also curious where did the Pink Elepahants waitresses finally landed? Sarawak? or Peninsular Malaysia? And most importantly - who were the "mahouts" of these elephants? Do these Pink Elephants waitresses have valid travel documents to enter Malaysia?
  15. Strange times indeed. Now, even Pink Elephants came out and play...
  16. Indeed...maybe the words "how low can you go" is no longer appropriate since J Low's low is already too high for average Malaysians to match...
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Of Blues : Kelantan and waves...

"Wang ehsan" politics is really a dangerous game to play. The reasons are clear

Update : After putting the post, this scribe chanced upon Kickdefella's blog on "wang ehsan" and deeply symphatise with Mazlan Hashim. For those of you out there who has the influence to employ, please consider to employ Mazlan Hashim.

  1. Hah ! I caught most of you grinning with the catchy "blues". Sorry to disappoint you but this posting has nothing to do with the other notorious blues made famous by Linda Lovelace...
  2. It all started small and reaches its first peak during the height of Manek Urai by-election campaign. PAS raised the issue of oil royalty money because oil has been extracted from Kelantan offshores.
  3. As usual, BN sidestep the issue then by passing the buck to Petronas. Muhyiddein did instructed Petronas to answer over Kelantan's oil royalty claim way back on 9th July 2009. And we are still waiting for Petronas's explanation or stand on this issue ...
  4. Again, as promised, PR legislators continuously brought up the issues with the federal government until finally 1M PM6 Najib announced in the parliament that the federal government will pay "wang ehsan" or compassionate fund to Kelantan.
  5. People, Don't jump up with joy yet. There are catches to Najib's announcement. Amongst them :-

    • 1m PM6 announced that the wang ehsan, in the for of development programmes, would begin next year;
    • the allotment of wang ehsan will take into consideration of production and sale of Petroleum from Bumi Selatan field;
    • Development programmes will be carried out by federal government;
    • 1M PM6 denied that the payment (wang ehsan) is related to the possibility of snap polls;

  6. If 1M PM6 thinks that his announcement will make Nik Aziz happy, he better thinks again. Nik Aziz said that although he is grateful for the "wang ehsan" but he is not satisfied.
  7. Annuar Musa was quick to jump in and declare that UMNO Kelantan too has also fought for the compassionate fund. My response to Annuar Musa's statement is simple - if Kelantan UMNO also fought for the compassionate fund, then Kelantan UMNO fail to see that Kelanan deserve royalty money and not "wang ehsan".
  8. "Wang ehsan" politics is really a dangerous game to play. The reasons are clear :-

    • what is the reason for wang ehsan programmes start in 2010? Records showed that the oilfields in Kelantan started their production in 2005. What happen to the monies from petroleum production from 2005 to 2009? 4 years is along time and surely a lot of money involved here. What happen to the monies "set aside" for oil royalty? Where is it? Who spends it? What is it spent for?;
    • Why only Bumi selatan oilfields? There are various records that indicated a total of approximately 35 platforms operating off Kelantan. Are all of these fall within Bumi selatan oilfields? If not, where is the rest? Why is it not considered in the "wang ehsan" programme? Where will the money set aside for oil royalty for these oilfields spent? On whose instruction?;
    • Federal government to carry out the development programmes, why? On what basis must federal government control the spending? Previous auditor general's report has highlighted the many blunders that federal government incurred in developing the nation. Should the same be burdened to Kelantan? Is this not a form of siphoning funds for the benefit of the few? Shouldn't the monies be paid to Kelantan government so that they an manage their state?

  9. "Wang ehsan" has been synonymous with Terengganu to such an extent that it draws a frightening parallel if "wang ehsan" development is carried out in Kelantan. Back in 1999 when PAS managed to wrest Terengganu from BN, the federal government then announce that the "oil royalty" enjoyed by Terengganu state has been withdrwan and replace with "wang ehsan" development programmes.

    From 1999 to 2004, the federal government channel "wang ehsan" project through several individuals and UMNO divisions, totally by-passing PAS-controlled state government. How BN spend the monies then to "pursuade" the voters to retrun the state to BN. They did that in 2004 wih what was termed as "Gelombang biru" or "Blue waves".

    Except for the name change and the individuals involved, the script will still be the same. 1m PM6 will use the same strategy used by AAB in Terengganu to win over Kelantan and maybe...just maybe...after BN won Kelantan then Najib will consider to re-termed "wang ehsan" into "oil royalty", fully controllled by the state government.

  10. So there you have it...Kelantan Blues for getting what they are asking for. They ask for oil royalty and the Najib responded with "wang ehsan".
  11. Kelantan is also hoping to do ala-Mexican waves in Bukit Jalil this 7th November. After all, the last time they came this close to win the Malaysia cup is in 1970. For the sake of Malaysian sports, hope that Negeri's fans will also participate in keeping the waves "rolling" around Bukit Jalil.
  12. I wonder whether Rembau times, Barking magpie, Husin Lempoyang, Kick defella will be huddling together at the sidelines as cheerleaders to their teams...if they do, forget about politics and finance for that 2 hours, will you?
  13. As I penned down this posting, the Federal courts are sitting on the crucial Perak's MB vs MB case. Going by the latest news that it will be a 5-bench sitting (instead of the full 11-bench, as requested by Nizar) headed by Alauddin and Malaysian Insider's views, I will say that it is already a forgone conclusion that Zambry will win the case by at least 3-2. If ever the results is in favour of Nizar, then I foresee Alauddin will be in hot soup to defend his decisions regarding this case.
  14. Kelantan blues, ala-Mexican waves - who will be triumphant this coming Saturday? Will it be Annuar Musa or will it be Mohd Hassan? Mohd Hasan needs Negeri to win badly too, at least to keep his political life in NS afloat. Annuar Musa hopes that a Kelantan win will propel him back into Najib's good books (and the lucrative "wang ehsan"). Nizar needs the win to seek audience with HRH Perak to dissolve the state assembly whilst Zambry needs the win to continue governing Perak.
  15. Wang ehsan or not - 1m PM6 Najib should give the money to Kelantan state to spend on development. The federal government has been proven to be "big spenders" by Auditor General, should Kelantan suffer more out of federal's shortcomings? You, out there, can make up your mind - either to continue living under "BN hallucination" or "PR reality", the choice is yours. Make your stand and be heard (or be seen clue : go visit Shanghai fish)

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Numbers game 2-7, 7-1, overall 9-8..what it means...

Finally, let's summarise the result and you will get BN 9 against PR's 8. The numbers show that BN has the upper hand in this game. PR should not be hoodwinked in thinking that the road to Putrajaya is clear. BN has many more traps laid along the way.

UPDATE : A reader and commenter, Sunwayopal, pointed out about the 2 MPs' who left BN via SAPP's decision to sit out of BN. Sunwayopal quoted
Fair enough. But what abt BeeEnd lost the 2 MPs from Sabah. The 2 from SAPP.
Although they didnt join Pakatan, but they are certainly out of BeeEnd right?
If you class Ibrahim as a +1 for BeeEnd, these 2 surely counts as +2 for Pakatan ?

Taken the new numbers in, it shall be 2-7, 7-3, overall 9-10 in favour of PR. Thks Sunwayopal for pointing out my "political amnesia" :)

  1. For some, today's MACC blitz is something to shout about. Nazri said MACC is colour blind. So far, the number stands at 5 and I am not complaining...the more, the better and merrier.
  2. My numbers today is not about MACC, it is going to be some simple observation that I feel some bloggers and MSM miss. Let's look at the figures, OK?
  3. For clarity, let's use alphabetical order in deriving to the numbers.
  4. 2 -7 means BN 2, PR 7. This, most knew that it represents the total numbers of seats won by BN in the current by-election season. BN manage to retain Batang Ai and Bagan Pinang whilst losing the rest to PR.
  5. Now, let's go to more interesting numbers. 7-1. BN 7, PR1. How do I get that figure? Simple...This category represents those who jump ships or shift their allegiance. Where does BN 7 comes from? Well...first is Pasir Mas MP. He chose to be BN friendly although he has been kicked out from UMNO. He won the parliamentary seat, courtesy of PAS Kelantan.

    What makes him leaned towards BN? I will say that this Prince of frogs chose the path because of his lack of confidence of PKR de-factor leader. Apart from that, he played an intelligent game whereby BN has to fall back to him for crucial votes in parliament. Alas, although he has openly declared that he is BN-friendly, there are those in BN camps who goes all out to discredit him because accepting him into BN fold will jeorpadise the detractors' chances to be elected as BN candidate in GE 13...

  6. Then the famous 4. 4? is 4 and these are the persons who managed to deliver Perak back to BN. Although most of you thought that it's 3 but initially it is 4. Remember Nasruddin of Pasir Salak? At first he jumped to PKR and later reverse his decision to stick with UMNO. As for the other 3, let's just say that they has reaped their rewards. 2 of them who are currently on trial for graft charges may win the case. The last 1 is rumoured to be driving her Merc...

    Perak's MB vs MB will be coming up to the federal court this 5th November 2009. If the federal court rules in favour of PR, then these 4 will have vital roles to play. Maybe more goodies on the way?

  7. Up North, Kedah has 1 BN friendly rep by the name of Mohd Radzhi (Lunas). Although Radzhi did not have the same impact like Osman and Jamaluddin of Perak but it is still a swing towards BN.

    Singularly, Radzhi change in his stand is not detrimental to PR-led Kedah government. However, Radzhi can count on his buddy, another loose canon in the parliament to be on his side. Will Radzhi pursuade his Parlieamentarian member to switch allegiance?

  8. Latest is our friend from Pelabuhan Kelang, Badrul Hisham Abdullah. Malaysia Today picture him as a "no go" from the beginning and wondering why PKR chose him to stand in Pelabuhan Klang. He was not prepared when he lodged in his nomination papers, did not do active campaigning, were sleeping when PKR knock his door to inform of his victory and finally, he savour his victory with UMNO members.

    There are also talks that Badrul Hisham is related to the late Datuk Z thus vulnurable to the temptations. It has also been said that Badrul failed to service his constituents. But that is not all...

    The ongoing political drama in Selangor is reaching new heights with PAS taking firmer actions to investigate the accusations hurled towards their state commissioner. Not only that, JAIS' action against the former mufti of Perlis had tongues wagging. Who is the "hidden" hands that instructed JAIS to arrest Dr Asri? 1M PM6 is efficiently fast to deny any involvement from the federal government. Khalid Ibrahim believed JAIS will conduct the investigation professionally hinting that PR has no part in JAIS's actions. JAIS has also come out to say that it is not politically motivated, thus indirectly relieved Hassan Ali of any responsibility. So if BN, PR is not involved, who else has the authority to direct JAIS?

    A reminder for PR Selangor to prepare for the coming onslaughts as 1MPM6 has promised to return Selangor into BN's this the tip of an iceberg?

  9. Finally, let's summarise the result and you will get BN 9 against PR's 8. The numbers show that BN has the upper hand in this game. PR should not be hoodwinked in thinking that the road to Putrajaya is clear. BN has many more traps laid along the way.
  10. Whilst PR toil and sweat its way to win the by-elections, BN use time-proven methods to induce cross-overs. And I bet that these cross-overs do not come in cheap....
  11. It is also time for BN to use the BN 9 PR 8 slogan to show that they have the numbers and they won more battles than PR. The more battles you won, the higher is the chance for you to win the war.
  12. They used to say that 3M will determine whether the project will be successful or completed or not. That 3M stands for Manpower, Money and Machineries. BN has the money but they are lacking in terms of manpower. BN's manpower is money based and not idealogical based. In terms of political machineries, both BN and PR is at level with no significant advantage to either party.
  13. It must be noted that BN will be taking full advantage of situations where allegiance change. It is cheaper and cleaner too. BN did not need to wash any dirty linen in open BN is still the masters, not because they are efficient but because they have the money to rope in the best talents. It will not surprise me if BN can "pursuade"others to be more BN-friendly.
  14. Going through the issues, PR needs to fortify themselves or risk losing more elected reps through allegiance shift. Is PR ready for that? It is critical for Anwar to shift his thoughts from his "self-centered" idealogy to "ketuanan rakyat". It is no longer about Anwar against sodomy, it is about Malaysians for equality and transperacy. Who is ready for that change? BN's shouted 1 Malaysia but so far there is no concrete proof that 1M PM6 walked the talk. So far, it is all hogwash..just talk no action...Please bear in mind that Malaysia is not a member of NATO but judging from how the government deals with problems, Malaysia maybe overly qualified as NATO (No Action, Talk Only) un-official member.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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Monday, November 02, 2009

The family of three -

As fellow human being, my stand is clear. I will fight against this injustice in my own way...and maybe someday this family of 3 will find their way out of the existing predicament.

Bon Om Teuk. It is a 3-day Cambodian festive season when they celebrated the "turning of flow" when Tonle Sap waters discharges into the Mekong. And how they celebrate...people from the far reaching provinces trek their way down to Phnom Penh, camping wherever possible to celebrate the festivals with boat racing offered as the main attraction whilst the nights are filled with boat parade, fireworks and shows at various venues.

The fun does not stop there. This is also the time when kwailos enjoy the scenery with cool jugs of fermented grapes. The price? What about USD 0.90 (RM 3.00) for a bottle of Angkor and maybe slightly more for the famous long, cool dane...more to the likings of my blogger friends who meet regularly at Jalan Klang Lama (and you know whom I am referring to). I am sure they will be like fishes along Phnom Penh riverside, gulping jugs of "grape" juices.

But this is not about Bon Om Teuk, and definitely not about grape's something about our lost values. Something that we once had but have misplaced it, in our quest for monetary and financial fame...we lost our identity...

After a whirlwind tour of Vietnam and Cambodia within a space of 3 days, this scribe took the chance to travel on board of Transnasional double decker bus to a familiar destination. A refreshing experience indeed when this scribe discovered that the seats are adjustable - not only it can be inclined (that's old news) but the seat can also be move slightly sideways. The advantage of this innovative idea is that it gives "more" space between the passengers. No more getting edged out by bigger fellow passengers or feeling uneasy when a "non-muhrim" sits besides you. In short, there are some welcome changes in Transnasional services.

However, the pleasant memories were short-lived. This scribe chanced upon an odd situation, something that jolts us back to reality. In a rented home in a semi-urban town of Malaysia, one landlord has taken drastic steps to cut off elecricity supply and water supply to his tenant. The main reason is because the landlord wanted to force out the tenants. The irony of the case is that this tenants paid their rental diligently and promptly. The only excuse by the landlord is because the tenant's wife is "mentally unstable". This scribe asked "Is it necessary?"

I mean, who on earth would like to be "mentally unstable"? Hats off to this tenant for having the guts to live with his "mentally unstable" wife and his 10-year old girl. And for information, this "mentally unstable" wife is not aggresive in nature, and was never known to be aggresive.

Imagine, living in a semi-urban home with no electricity and water! This family lives on candles to light their nights and carry pails of water courtesy from their caring neighbours. The landlord?

The landlord is a daughter of a pious man and perform her daily prayers without fail. Summarily, she is the role model in that community. What drove her to make the decision to vacate her tenants out is beyond comprehension. And her other siblings are sympathetic towards the tenants but falls short of providing support and stand up against their eldest sister. The question is - what makes her do what she did? What crime did the tenants do that earn her wrath? Where is her humility? Her concern for fellow beings who are already burdened with a "sick' wife?

Unfortunately, further journey beckons the scribe forcing me to abandon my initial idea of offering a helping hand. The only thing that I am capable of now is to pray to the Maker hoping that the landlord will change her mind. I know it's her ancestral home but I did not condone her actions of terminating electrical supply and cut off the water to the tenants' house.

The tenants are not from well to do family who can afford to send off their "mentally unstable" family members to selected asylum. They are just a simple family with the bread winner toiling the market using his strength to carry gunny sacks on his back. And the 10 year old daughter is studying using candlelights fo her final yearly examination. Just ask - who will be responsible if they incidentally trip over the candle causing fire which may take their lives? Who will bear responsibility if the 10 year old girl stumble on the road whilst peforming her duty as a filial child?

Are we beyond repair? Have we lost our humanity in this fast changing, quick pace society? Have we lost that humanity feeling toward brother human beings? Are we getting too cold to be humans? Have we lost our tears?

Life is but a human cycle. Now you are up, tomorrow you may end up in slums...all this designed by the Al-Mighty. I am too far to reach out to the family. The only availble option for me now is to raise my hands towards the Maker so that the family will be strongwill facing this awkward situation.

As fellow human being, my stand is clear. I will fight against this injustice in my own way...and maybe someday this family of 3 will find their way out of the existing predicament.

What is the similarity between Om Teuk and the family? They resign to their fates...little realising that God's creation is vast. Anything can happen within a blink of an eye. Today, you may rule the world and tomorrow you may come crushing down. The choice is yours. I have made mine. You?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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