Wednesday, January 28, 2009

UMNO : Of Clipped wing, sacking, disciplined, leaving and...

On the first day of work after celebrating CNY, the ox is bullish. Yes, another hit to UMNO when Tg Ahmad Rithauddeen, the Umno disciplinary committee chairperson suggested that UMNO dispenses with the wings i.e. the wanita, Pemuda, Putri UMNO and Putra UMNO. The suggestion is made as a way to keep the scourge of money politics in check. On further reading, the Chairpersonpoints out that money politics could be checked if the party elections could be reduced by abolishing the wings, especially those recently established which refers to Putri and Putra UMNO.

Maybe as pure coincidence, Tengku Rithauddeen said Puteri and Putera members who were still young, should focus on their studies rather than on politics. Is this in relation to the recent students election results for UM, UKM, UTM, UIAM where the pro-mahasiswa group, which is seen to be as anti-establishment, are making big gains in the campuses?

As if the suggestions is insufficient to prop up the ailing UMNO, JAKIM has decided to sack the service of Ramlang Porigi, the former imam who witnessed the oath-taking by alleged sodomy victim Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan - and then revealed details during the Permatang Pauh by-election.

As it is, Ramlang will be lodging his appeal within 2 weeks. If teh sacking is made with bad intentions, then Ramlang is a victim of circumstances. Dan ingatlah, doa orang yang teranayai akan dimakbulkan, apatah lagi sekiranya perjuangan Ramlang berlandaskan kepada kebenaran dan keikhlasan. But then again, maybe there is an opening for Ramlang in one of the 5 states controlled by PR ? Rezeki ada dimana-mana...

Back to UMNO, the disciplinary board suspended another 2 of their members for various offences including offences related to money politics. One of them is a fellow blogger, Muzamir Ismail of weblog sangkut. Since Muzamir is Taiping UMNO youth member, he might follow the footsteps of Datuk Nasaruddin who join PKR recently. Kalau ini berterusan, nampaknya berdondong-dondonglah ahli UMNO yang dipecat kerana tindakan disiplin, masuk mahkamah,
disiasat macc, menyertai PR...sudah nyata UMNO sedang menghadapi cabaran paling hebat dalam sejarahnya. Untuk pemulihan, mungkin UMNO perlu dibedah dan segala ketumbuhan yang memudaratkan dibuang, hatta kalau perlu, UMNO terpaksa menggunakan jantung baru untuk terus hidup dan berdenyut. And that, will be addressed later...

Latest, UMNO Perak is in disarray, screams Malaysian Insider. When most of the MSM reported that Datuk Tajol Rosli will be reliquishing his post as the BN Chairman and UMNO head for Perak, UMNO state secretary refuted the claim. And that, by itself prove that something is wrong in the state.

It is clear now that PR coalition for Perak is gaining strength when the defection of Datuk Nasaruddin gives PR more breathing space in the state assembly. With one in the bag, there are rumours that 2 more Perak DUN will be joining PR soon. If that happens, it will be another major blow to the already weakened UMNO and BN.

Whilst riding on the recent crest of good fortune, Selangor PR announced report card road show for Selangor, giving the rakyat a chance to evaluate the performance of local authorities and PR state government, beginning in March 2009. When will BN held states going to have their road shows?

Before signing off, what does Hamid Albar is more interested in, right now?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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