Tuesday, January 20, 2009

P36 : Of settling dust, self assessment and...

The announcement for P 36 Kuala Terengganu parlimentary seat by election came at 9.15 pm on 17th January 2009. YB Wahid Endut was proclaimed the victor with a majority of 2,631 over his nearest rival, Datuk Wan Farid Wan Salleh of BN.

The day started with clear advantage to PAS when their supporters control most of the pondok panas. The mood is there and continue until 5.00 pm when the polling station closed.

The rest, as they say it, is history.

MSM and bloggers offer their analytical reasons for BN loss. Big Dog, self declared Ronin (pade doh), nut graph, malaysia today to mention a few. Even this scribe offers his unsolicited views regarding the losing candidate and BN's election machinery which was later posted by Ronin.

Regarding victory night Zorro wrote "Hey, NIGHTCALLER, it was great of you to come meet me on Victory Night and allowed me to hug you. It was sad you couldn't stay even for a cup of coffee. I know you wanted to render assistance to the 100 of your comrades that were arrested.

Good night, nightcaller, wherever you are."

It is my duty to help and assist those in need and I cannot stand looking my brethen randomly whipped by police sticks when a simple reminder by the Authority is sufficient to get the victory marchers to stop. And as I have numerously mentioned, I will remain apolitical in my views. But, it is nice to be acknowledge, once in a while...:)

Regardless of what is said and highlighted, the dust has settled and it is time to "muhasabah" (self assessment) of where we are and our destination.

On PR, this is not the time to gloat on the victory. Instead PR shall follow the tone of TG Nik Aziz who is gracious in his comments on PAS victory. A win in P36 is a wake up call for BN to wake up. The wake up calls of March 2008 and later in Permatang Pauh was put on snooze mood by BN and it is time for BN to come face to face with reality that they have lost the edge and advantage held for the past 50 years.

PR must realise that there are still differences that needs patching as future endevours will see PR facing the awakened BN. The one thing that PR should avoid is to mirror what BN has done. The poll volunteers should instead follow the PAS way with the highly regarded Pasukan Amal, which control the crowd. PR (especially PKR) should avoid confrontational approach adapted by Pemuda UMNO.

PR was lucky that TG Hadi Awang chose Wahid Endut over Mustaffa Ali and Wan Mutallib. If TG was to chose either Mustafa Ali or Wan Mutallib, the P36 by election may see a different result. This scribe will not delve into the why's since this is already a non-issue with Wahib Endut's victory.

However, PAS needs to look deeply into its own self and redefine its direction. Will PAS sacrifice its ambition to implement islamic laws in return with co-existence with both DAP and PKR? What will be the role of TG Nik Aziz, TG Hadi Awang, Nashruddin, Hussan Musa,Mohd Sabu, Mustaffa Ali and the Dewan Ulama in PR. History has not been kind to PAS Terengganu when they rule the state from 1999 to 2004. PAS still has 3 years to set the tone for 13th GE. PAS needs to go beyond the silo mentality and has vast potential in terms of their second and third echelon of leaders.

BN, on the other hand, shall need to do serious soul cleansing. Muhyiddin Yassin was partially correct when he says that UMNO needs to regain the "wow" factor. To do that, UMNO must first do a thorough house cleaning, ridding all the deadwoods and driftwoods come March 2009 UMNO General assembly. Those who are known to be corrupted (although not proven in court) shall make way for the others. UMNO leaders must ask themselves , are they ready to go for serious make overs?

UMNO must make way for young, idealistic members who wish to contribute to the party's strength. UMNO must ensure that those who are interested to contribute to the party shalll not be blocked from doing so. The tie for apple polishing, warlords, sponsorship is now over.

To stay relevant, UMNO needs rebranding. Excess baggage needs to make way for those who are clean. UMNO may need to rope in independent analyst and experts as well as man on the streets to itemise what is wrong with the present UMNO. UMNO has to discard it's "Kow tow to me, I am the boss" sydrome.

UMNO needs to go back to basics and re-doctrinetheir members that being an UMNO member is to serve the nation. And UMNO needs to remind themselves that all the hanger on that is crowding them now will be gone the moment UMNO lost its power. When that happens, UMNO may end being the barber...

If UMNO loves Islam and the nation, UMNO must change now...
This scribe rest his case and let the dust to settle.....

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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