Friday, January 30, 2009

KLIA East : Thinking, shelving, going and ...

When Rocky Bru quoted Najib Abd Razak , the DPM and MOF on 23rd Jan '08 as saying "the government has yet to decide" on the airport project, questions are raised on what really happen. Were both Air Asia and Sime Darby misleading the Joe publics or is the Government having second thoughts on the project due to the outpouring protest against KLIA East. Or is it another case of miscommunication between the parties involved?

It doesn't take long for the DPM to make a stand when Malaysian Insider, Malaysiakini and blogger Sime Darby Watch posted on "KLIA East shelved, MSM is not picking up the news, just yet. Any special instructions to block out the news? Or the news is considered as non-newsworthy?Updated : Mstar pickup the news here.

The catch on the possible shelving of KLIA East is - Najib Abd Razak mentions that the final decision will be announced after the next cabinet meeting next Wednesday. So, please put off the celebration until the formal announcement is made.

The trade off to the decision are listed as follows :-
1. Malaysia Airport Holdings Berhad (MAHB) to complete building a new terminal by 201;
2. Air Asia to be consulted on the design and other issues pertaining to the operations of the facility;
3. MAHB was told to lower charges for the budget carrier;

Although it is consider to be a win-win situation, the idea of AA to be consulted on the design of the new terminal should not be taken lightly. AA is only one of the possible end user. It is not the operator of the airport and terminal, MAHB is. So, whatever input or ideas put forward by AA should only be taken as a wish list by an end user. It should be construed as the absolute demand nor be interpreted as the "must do/must have" list.

The final decision shall lies with MAHB with Government's approval as the project funds shall be raised and provided by MAHB.

Finally, a whisperer informed that someone is going to loss big with the impending Government's decision to shelve the project. And that someone has bought a large chunk of land around Labu, in anticipation of the KLIA East project. It is said that the opportunity loss is in the region of RM 200m, True, false, rumours? Maybe, the whisperer knows more but he is not saying more than what he wishes to whisper...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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