Sunday, January 11, 2009

Of unfair advantage, ceasefire and ...

The continuous Israeli onslaught on Gaza has Muslims and human rights activist to jointly denounce the despicable acts of Israel. With hundreds dead, there is still no positive action from the so called superpowers and the UN security council.

With one sided story from newspapers, it painted a picture that Israel is under attack Hamas. And yet the assam rockets purpotedly fired by Hamas freedom fighters did not inflict serious damages nor does it invoke fear amongst the Israelites.

With a full army with warplanes, tanks, warships encircling above the Gaza skies and cutting supply routes to Gaza residents, it seems that Israel is bent on seeing Gaza destroyed with maximum human casualties, regardless of what the International community is saying. This, Israel do knowing that big brother USA will be helping them and will find excuses to deflect the international condemnation. In fact, Israel is fully and wholly confident that USA will find ways and means to justify Israel acts.

To Israel and Bush led USA, Palestinian lives, regardless of their religion and political stand has no value and can be butchered at any time at will. There is no fear of war tribunal threats, no fear of repercussion
, no fear of economics sanctions or boycott.

Whilst the Gazans will be again relentlessly bombarded with bombs and artillery fires, the Superpowers will still find time to sleep comfortably on their beds. And Israel knows very well that USA will not act in this period since USA are working hard on the oath taking ceremony for their President elect. This, by itself will buy Israel another 7 days or so to ensure maximum carnage to Gaza.

Closer to home, Aman Malaysia co-ordinator, Mukhriz Mahathir has called for "ceasefire" between BN and PR on P 36 by election and instead utilise 24 hours to educate the voters on Israel atrocities. However, the timing of 15th January 2009 may not be ideal as that is just 24 hours prior to the P 36 election day.

Mentioning Mukhriz, it is quite surprising to notice that an earlier posting in Malaysian Insider regarding the "cease fire" with Mukhriz picture was taken off within such short period. Is it because of the "kopi janda" factor??

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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