Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Of Santa, gentle and ...

Santa comes to P36 early this year. The nation's free newspaper, Sun reported of severe cold snap hitting across Thailand, Malaysia' northern neighbour and most probably Santa misreads his GPS and beached on cloudy Kuala Terengganu.

The 80's and 90's will see BN trumpeting on development where loads and loads of electrical poles will be lining the dusty roads for street lighting and instant new premix roads suddenly appear like mushrooms at the end of the rainy season. Guess who was the Santa Claus then? None other than former DPM and MP of Jasin, Melaka, the late Tun GB. He fits the bill with his simplistic approach of the 60's coupled with his pounching belly...

Now modernisation and IT has caught up with BN. Their new Santa has despatched and done with the red coat and pants, gone were his beard. Instead of riding with his trusted herd of reindeers, he now has executive jets at his disposal. Instead of bags of goodies sling over his broad shoulder, he now uses the click of the mouse. As Asia Sentinel said it "infrastructure works were distributed at random by having the contractor to come to the stage to click on a computer. Upon pressing the button, a contract would be awarded, details of which would instantly appear in a big screen in the hall. Thus the contractor would walk home with his “early christmas present” (a contract with a pre-determined price), with no questions asked whether he has been a good and obeying Contrctor for the past 1 year or not" Of course, the scribe has change some wordings to fit the Christmas theme. For the full news, pls click this.

Blogger Zorro goes a step further with his entry.

And the Santa is ...obviously...

And to show that Santa NTR really cares, he even hace sape some time off his packed campaign trail to attend tahlil for arwah Dato' Razali.

And yet politicians being politicians ask "where is Dato' Farid, the BN candidate during the tahlil?" The scribe is not commenting but rather soeculates that the BN candidate is not respecting his future boss, NTR and the BN candidate is not close to arwah Dato' Razali...

On the other side, blogger Sakmongkol ak47 says "Being pragmatic and businesslike people, the citizens of KT cannot decide on account of being unhappy" For the full posting, read here.

Now, enter Zaid Ibrahim, the former de Facto law minister. throwing his support to PAS candidate.

Is the scale tipping? Your gues is as good as mine.

Terengganu people are a gentle lot. They are simple minded but don't be fooled by their slow pace life. Behind the gentleness, lies deep rooted individual belief that many fail to notice.

Even in the 50's and 60's when Perikatan (before they expanded into BN) rules the country, Terengganu folks voted in Datuk Onn Jaafar, the grandfather of Hishamuddin Hussein as the MP of Kuala Terengganu in 1959. And who dare says that KT people are not receptive to outsiders??

What about Maria Hertogh? Remember her? No? What about her another name Natrah. The person who cause 3 days riot in Singapore from 11 to 13 December 1950. Well, she was raised in Kemaman, Terenganu. Now beleive me, to say Terengganu people are gentle and has that "tidak apa" attitude is wrong. They have strong conviction to whatever they stand for.

So saying that, the scribe wishes to both BN and PR thebest of luck in the coming 17th P36 by election. No matter who you work for, the bottomline is we are all Malaysians and we are all thriving to give our best to our homeland, Malaysia.

The scribe will be visiting KT soon and hopefully will be able to oenned in one or 2 more postings from ground zero. Whatever it is, the scribe will remain invisible to both BN and PR...(and maybe BR too) :)

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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