Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tenang: Losing the calm...

Is this the Islamic standards of Chua Soi Lek?

Remember about the previous posting regarding Husnudzon? Yeah, the one about good faith or "bersangka baik". It doesn't happen in Tenang, at least not for Johor N5 by election.

Before the dust of the nomination process settled, it is pure disgusting for some "unwanted" elements to raise the temperature by a few notches with "wild and unsubstantiated" allegations against PAS candidate, an attempt to demonise her, perhaps? Well, this scribe is not going to put the blame squarely on the ever-enterprising UMNO but if it is indeed the works of UMNO's M16! Worse when Tenang is suppose to be one of UMNO' safe seats!

Imagine what would have happen if Tenang is not UMNO's stronghold! What would have happen and how low will UMNO (and for that matter BN) goes will be unprecedented -all for that grip for power! It is beyond comprehension why someone can goend this my friends is not politics, it is responsibilites towards another Muslim!

Now, now...about MCA's claims of PAS candidate being anti-social for her stance to avoid shaking hands with men, obviously UMNO is not a good role leader on Islam...and that's why MCA is yelping on non-issues! Why should Normala shake the hands of men? Why can't BN respect the wishes and religous stands of individuals? Afterall, what Normala did is in line with her religion! No wonder, we have BN MPs' who loves degrading women in parliament, because their big brother UMNO fails to "schooled" their party members on the can and can't for this scribe pity UMNO for their failures. It is thus not a shocker when their leaders' wife goes about with "open top" like Rosmah did in her recent "tour of duty" to the middle east!

Why is BN getting over-hype in Tenang, their stronghold? Is it because everyone is trying to get into Najib's good books for the upcoming GE? If that is so, why is MIC going against the tide with their stand on one novel? Is MIC craving for attention or is it Palanivel's way of declaring that their is a new man in MIC house?

Goodies? Keep em coming in Tenang...courtesy of N,and 1M NGO. Hopefully Tenang will deliver one strong message to BN, this scribe is not looking for an upset in Tenang, reduce majority will suffice...

Me? Most probably will not be able to drop by Tenang...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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Wenger said...

I think the "hand shaking" issue has really backfired on BN. It was quite amazing and now the TPM has just reprimanded Chua Soi Lek, the BN machinery will be thrown into disarray.

We should contrast this campaign against the campaign BN ran in Hulu Selangor. In that one, they were on message - namely demonizing Zaid, promising goodies and ensuring the Malay & Indian vote bank was solid to counter the drop in the Chinese vote bank. Even Dr. Mahathir was roped in and Najib was back and forth in the consituency.

For Tenang, it seems that BN has made some big blunders. The candidate is ripe for political stab in the back by disgruntled UMNO factions. MIC is not present, with the major strings being pulled by CSL and CSL Jnr.

I thought this race was done and dusted BN but the events of the last 48 hrs may reveal a backlash of women voters. I think BN will win it but with a majority of about 1k - 2k votes, which in Najib's book is a moral defeat and for PAS a moral victory.