Sunday, January 02, 2011

I am back...

Yes, I am back! No, I will not change my style nor will I be taking the high road of gung ho-ism in getting my points across! Maybe, I will be more direct in my future approach. Whatever it is, as Neil Diamond's I am...I said, it goes something like this...(with some minor adjustments...)

Well, I am Malaysian born and raised,
But nowadays I am lost between two shores,
Madinah's fine but it ain't home,
Malaysia's home but it ain't ours no more...

During the past 2 months that I was away and chose to be on "silent mode", there are some disturbing developments that will shape our future political landscape. And this time around, let me be frank in outlining what I think about these developments...So, like or not, here goes my mumbo jumbo rumble of 2011...
  1. Federalist invasion of state administration

    It started from Perak and now it seems to be creeping in Selangor as well! To some, all is fair in love and war. This scribe does not think so, not when our votes are horse traded for the financial advancement of the selected few. Perak is done and dealt with, regardless of morality prostitution by those who are power crazy. And let history records the action of those responsible to reverse the peoples' decision for, some say RM Billion project which is in the pipeline. Is this the "you scratch my back, I scratch yours" approach applicable in this 1M era?

    However, what happen in Selangor ie the selection of the incoming State Secretary is totally beyond comprehension! For one, who is the government of the day for Selangor? Is it PR or is it BN? Or is it some other entity? If it is a non-political entity, then how do we re-define the government of the day? Are we in a democratic, autocratic, or is it automatic states? 2008 has provided way for PR to govern Selangor. And as far as this scribe can recall, there is no change in Selangor why is the federal government (inclusive of KSN) by-pass the duly elected Selangor government to announce the incoming State Secretary. Are we transcending all the rules to achieve our political ambition? Is this what 1M is all about? It is only 1M way and that's it? No choice for laymen like you and me? Is this the 1M democracy?

    No! Don't pass the ball to Istana Kayangan. Istana Kayangan is suppose to be apolitical! So, please tell me...who is the authority to forward the nmes to Istana Kayangan? Selangor state government or KSN or Putrajaya? Or is this going to be another "coming soon" legal blockbuster?

    Whatever it is, common sense can still prevail as the swearing in will only be held on 6th January 2011. The decision lies within KSN, Khalid and Najib...and Najib can shoot his foot (again) if he continues to do his 1M way to regain Selangor through some dubious ways...

    A friendly advise is to allow Khalid's administration to propose their state secretary choice and get along with it! The people are tired of the Perak saga and they do not need the Selangor saga to start 2011!

  2. Najib riding high in 2010 Will Galas and Batu Sapi be the turning point for BN? Regardless of what the MSM wrote, actually both Galas and Batu Sapi is BN's for the taking. But there are some lessons from here too...Galas is in Gua Musang parliamentary seat and is Tg Razaleigh's stronghold. It is only a matter oh how much majority BN will win Galas. Not only that, it is a strong indication of how much BN needs old warhorses of Tg Razaleigh's calibre. Take it or leave it, BN is still dependent of old war horses. And that signals trouble in the coming GE 13...Batu Sapi message is clear. Yong TL is no longer the king maker. That is a clear signal that Sabah is ready for changes but that changes will be dictated by the rakyat, not by political pretenders like Yong TL, Ansari and even Jeffrey! And Anwar Ibrahim can be rest assured that he is a non-starter in Sabah politics...As for Najib, this is the time for him to go for the kill, before PR knows what really hits them...provided Najib has the guts but seriously with NKRA (Najib kerja, Ros*** arah), Najib will not take that political decision, not on his own mind. Unless, someone pushes him to do has been said years ago that Najib is a lallang. He follows the breeze and that is well documented during the Mahathir-Tg Razaleigh era when he pledge his last minute allegiance to Mahathir when it is well known that he is a Tg Razaleigh supporter. What changes him? Is it not the conveted post of Ketua Pemuda UMNO?Whatever..whenever...what goes around comes around. It is also said that he is an opportunist, a calculated opportunist. If that is true, then maybe another opportunist is riding on him now, which is weighing him down even within UMNO! That Najib has to be aware but unfortunately Najib choose to ignore the threat. And the more this scribe look at it, the more this scribe see the image of a younger Imelda Marcos ruining Najib's 1M era. Unfortunately, this wannabe Imelda is shorter and a little bit more plumb than the original Imelda. If Najib wants to leave a legacy, let it not be ruined by the wardrobe as what Imelda Marcos is infamous is all up to Najib. Does he has the guts or will he swallow his pride...

  3. Anwar, the crippling factor in PR

    What is the problem with PKR? Clueless? Heh heh...PKR's main problem is Anwar's hero-worshipping syndrome!This scribe has written before in no uncertain terms of his obsession to be the next PM. That's where he fails! And in failing , he has "effectively" dismantle PKR. Look where is PKR today? Their internal bickering is shameful and their MPs are tagged with "For sale" signs! And Anwar could not control this cancerous rot! How can he, when he is not even PKR's President?

    Look at Anwar's achievement. Since becoming the opposition leader, he has handed the 2/3 parliamentary majority to Najib on a silver platter. Is that the way of a seasoned, experienced politician? Forget about Anwar's claims of proofs on APCO's involvement with 1M slogan. Does it matter? No...So why is Anwar harping on non-issues? This scribe will not even raise an eyelid even if Najib claims that 1M slogan comes from PR!

    The bigger issue is - when Anwar effectively handed BN the 2/3 parlimentary majority, BN can now do what they pleases, like how they do it before 2008 and there is nothing Anwar can do about it. Not in the next 6 months, at least! So, will we see GST being approved? If it does, this scribe will never forgive Anwar for his "betrayal" to the rakyat!

And we have not even touch on the bloggers yet...Maybe, in next posting yeah...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


Wenger J Khairy said...


I thought the lines
Well, I am Malaysian born and raised,
But nowadays I am lost between two shores,
Madinah's fine but it ain't home,
Malaysia's home but it ain't ours no more...
sounded a bit like the Fresh Prince of Bel Air :-)

Welcome back .

Now for some comments.

If I was a Batu Sapi voter fresh from Mindanao, of course I would vote BN esp. when all the free stuff was given. Furthermore, I thought that in Batu Sapi the Opposition did not even get going and DSAI was very much overrated.

But take all of those things together including the by-election, and BN's performance was about flat compared to 2008.

The big news - the one that keeps on getting mentioned even by the loyalist UMNO bloggers is the price increase. Now this is going to hit folk real hard, I wonder whether you noticed it.

Najib wont rush to call an election. He will test the calm waters in Tenang. But as the old folks say

Air Yang Tenang Jangan Di Sangka Tiada Buaya

zorro said...

Welcome back brother.