Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Husnuzhon... what's wrong with that?

Husnuzhon is positive thinking or simply put "bersangka baik". There is always two sides to a coin (unless you have a double sided coin)!

Husnuzhon or thereabout (in terms of spelling). That's the approach to be taken by all quarters if we were to avoid the embarrassing tit for tat statements. I mean just look at the following issues dogging our consciousness :-
  1. Rais "I change my mode" Yatim refuted allegations, including of rape, made against him by bloggers and political parties.

    Funny thing about this whole issue is Rais let it spin out of control for almost 10 days before refuting the allegation. And even then, it is so conspicuously close to 1M PM6's first 2011 cabinet meeting. Did he refuted the allegation so that it is not brought up during the cabinet meeting? Does anybody instructed him to refute the allegations?

    The puzzling part is why did our PHd minister blame the bloggers? The first thing that the bloggers ask is for the minister (and they never named Rais, during the first few days) and the government to seriously look into the allegations, investigate and come out clean. The political parties jump into the bandwagon at a much later stage and even that, they do it to get our police to investigate the report from one so-called NGO.

    So, is there any need for Rais to jump? Or is his hair getting messed up, just like the days when a political murder case hit the news many many years back? Back then, there were talks of a certain NS political figure coming to work in slippers...hhhmmm I wonder if that's true!

  2. Najib "1MPM6" announced RCI to probe violations on TBH's human rights. What? Najib promised to set up up RCI on 17th July 2009 and now almost 18 months later, Najib only manage to come up with the RCI's terms of reference!

    18 months has passed and the coroner's "open verdict" may not be acceptable to many but at least it rules out suicide. So, what does that mean? We do not have a time machine to visit that fateful day when TBH met his Maker, and the police has so far reach dead ends in solving the mysteries behind his unexpected demise.

    Yet Najib choose to limit the TOR to human rights violation. Why? If that is his intention, does he really needs the coroner's verdict before setting up the much-awaited RCI? As far as this scribe is concerned, there is no necessity for Najib to wait 18 months as the coroner's TOR and the proposed RCI's TOR are worlds apart! Unless, this is another carefully staged act by Najib.

  3. The recent appointment of the new Selangor State Secretary certainly is certainly extraordinary! Khalid (as Selangor MB) claimed that he did not recommend Khusrin, whilst Sidek (as KSN) claimed that he notified the state government on their recommendation and short-listed candidate. The palace came out claiming the palace has no say in Khusrin's appointment, apart from consenting the appointment. So - Who's the Boss?

    Khalid is currently Selangor's CEO. By that virtue alone, he should be the right person to make the final recommendation. Unless, Ramli (the recently retired SS and newly-appointed to Selangor's Royal Council member) by-pass Khalid and in the process rewarded with the powerful council member seat.

    Based on the belief that more clout should be given to the Sultan and the state government in matters pertaining to the appointment of Selangor state Secretary, there will be a special Selangor legislative assembly to ammend the state constitution this coming 24th January 2011. Now, why 24th January 2011? Is this going to be a political weapon to be launch during the up and coming Tenang by election scheduled to be held on 30th January 2011?

The list can goes on and on but there must be a stop to it. That's why there is a need husnuzhon. Husnuzhon is positive thinking or simply put "bersangka baik". There is always two sides to a coin (unless you have a double sided coin)!

Maybe Rais did not do it regardless of possible "new" developments. If he did not do it, then Rais should be demanding for the NGO to retract their statement and publicly apologise to him. This is more-so critical when the "accusation" may jeorpadise our good relationship with our ASEAN neighbour. Maybe it is not plausible for a "learned PHd" like Rais to stoop that low as he has better access to many other much more prettier SYT as he is in directly in charge of local-breed artistes...A little bit of husnuzhon should be applicable here, don't you think so?

The same goes for Najib and TBH. Maybe Najib is genuinely concern with the accusations that touches on MACC's integrity. That's why after a long and hard 18 months, Najib finally decided to set up a RCI whose members are still unknown. It may takes 1MPM6 Najib another 18 months to come up with the names of those who will sit on RCI's board...Maybe the events leading to TBH's untimely death will never be known but one thing is for sure, it will never match Who actually killed JFK...Husnuzhon, my friends husnuzhon...Najib is doing his 1M best to determine that there is no human rights abuse when it comes to TBH...and Najib is not leaving any stones untouched to get to the bottom of it (and that is why Najib hibernated for 18 months to come out with the RCI decision)!

Is it possible for Selangor State Secretary appointment is caused by pure miscommunication? Sidek send a letter to Selangor state government through (melalui) Selangor State Secretary...and he did not forward it to Khalid. Instead, he comes out with the list of candidates and being a strong "ahli sunnah wal al jamaah", he commended Khusrin for JAIS raid on "shiah" and rewarded him with the conveted post? As for Khalid, he is genuinely working on legalising more clout for the Sultan and has nothing to do at all with the upcoming Tenang election...Husnuzhon, husnuzhon...what is done and happen in Selangor is for the benefit of the people and shoring up support for HRH. No hidden agenda...if everyone look at it husnuzhonly...

Uuuuhhh...do this scribe write the posting in deep husnuzhon? :)...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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