Saturday, July 28, 2018

Of clueless PAS... in Sg Kandis

No... Yes... "We are not with them", "We want HARAPAN to lose Sg Kandis"

In short, PAS is headlessly clueless of what they wanted in Sg Kandis. PRU 14 has PAS spinning to nowhere...

Who is in charge of PAS now? Hadi Awang has been silent and his defeated Info Chief will be campaigning for UMNO in Sg Kandis. It must be frustrating for Nasrudin Hassan when PAS decided to sit out PRK Sg Kandis. So frustrating that he seems clueless to tell his party supporters who to vote for, comes 4th August 2018.

Nasrudin Hassan is caught with roundabout statements of :-

1. He will campaign against HARAPAN's candidate because the candidate must not be allowed to win;
2. He refused to say if PAS is asking the party's supporters to vote BN candidate;
3. He claimed that PAS stand is for HARAPAN candidate to lose Sg Kandis;

In Kota Bharu, PAS VP said something else :-

1. PAS is not going to campaign for BN in Sg Kandis;
2. How can PAS and BN be together as they are from different parties;

Now, now... is PAS info Chief implying something that it's VP doesn't know? PAS Deputy Presiden says it clear :-

1. PAS will allow its members to vote for anyone they prefer in Sg Kandis;
2. PAS Sec Gen says that PAS' non-contest in Sg Kandis does not mean it will work with UMNO/BN in Sg Kandis;
3. PAS should vote in the interest of Malays and Islam in Sg Kandis;

Maybe PAS has lost its stings when they go for broke in PRU 14 with many of their candidates losing deposits and pants during the historic 9th May election. Now, PAS is without funds and as such could not even put a decent candidate for a Malay majority area such as Sg Kandis.

I was in the area last night and things are not getting heated up for PRK. That said, PAS is still licking the bashing they had in Selangor and that said... it is wise for PAS supporters to stay home on 4th August and see how UMNO/BN fare.

Me? It's nice going Durian and mangosteen hunting...

Next stop.... PKR dismantling government from inside...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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