Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Of Selangor's 3 by-elections... 1 down, 2 to go...

Purposely let Sg Kandis by-elections over before I penned down this piece. My thoughts on Selangor's 3 by-elections... here we go...

N27, N32 and N49... Three by elections in Selangor.

Let's go N49 (Sg Kandis) first
PH 55.6% 60%
BN 26.7% 40%
PAS 17.5% sit out
PRM 0.2% sit out

% of voters coming to vote : 49 % (lowest in history?)

My read on Sg Kandis are :-

1. Despite PAS leaders' open support for BN's Lokman, PAS supporters did not come out in full force to vote BN in;
2. In PRU 14, one of the factors for PH wins is the high turnup (more than 80 %). In PRK, even with a low turnout of 49 % PH still wins and increase its share of votes to 60 %, up by 5%;
3. Najib should not be campaigning for BN in PRK. His reputation is tainted and it is better for him to stay away;
4. BN's candidate (Lokman) is using race, religion as his core slogan and this backfires in semi-urban Sg Kandis;
5. BN's choice of UMNO supreme council member and non-local is rejected by voters. It send a message to UMNO - Game over;
6. There is no "Santa Claus in Sg Kandis promising million dollar projects, a far cry from BN's tactics in previous by-election. A brilliant strategy by PH;
7. Without the grease, BN machinery limps towards the finishing line. "Money is King" is no more;
8. The voters did not see any urgency to come out and vote as Selangor state legislative as superior majority to PH. Even with that, the voters did not vote BN as sign of rejection to the party;

Next stop is N27 (Balakong)

PH 77.5%
PAS 11.6%
BN 10.9%

EC has set 18th Aug as nomination date and 8th Sept as polling day for Balakong by-election. Despite talks of Yunna Tan as DAP candidate, Lim GE stated that DAP has not make any decision until they ha their meeting.

MCA's desire to use its own logo during the by-election took a back seat when UMNO said the decision will be made collectively by BN.

Where is the "opposition" co-operation now? If PAS can make way for BN in Sg Kandis, why cant BN give way to PAS in Balakong. PAS fared better than BN in Balakong and this time, let it be a straight fight between PAS and PH in Balakong. Or is PAS shying away from Balakong? Where is the fiery rhetoric of PAS putting up its candidates where there are Muslims in the area?

Final stop, N32 (seri Setia)

PRU 14
PH 66.6%
BN 22.5%
PAS 10.4%

UMNO indicated that they will allow PAS to go mano to mano with PH in Seri Setia. If that is the case, then it is clear as daylight of the "alliance" between UMNO-PAS.

If this is true, then UMNO and PAS should not hide behind vague statements.

Maybe, it is for the better if N27 and N32 by-elections is carried out on the same day. If they can run PRU 14 in one day, why not 2 by-elections?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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