Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Of Gentlemanly conduct... with or without

It is a dying breed. Yesterday, the youth of Malaysia teach the rest a thing or two about Gentlemen conduct...

Najib has been finally charged. Let the court decides whether he is innocent or guilty of the charges levelled on his person. That's for the lawyers to argue and present their case.

At the same time, it should not stop the rest to provide their comments based on their perception. For me, there is always this statement "Legally right but morally wrong". Even if Najib is proven legally right, what he did is morally wrong... That's my personal opinion. And that's why I am not a judge heh heh heh.

A day after the full cabinet is revealed, Syed Saddiq clocks in for work as Minister of Youth, a position previously held by KJ. What is interesting is the manner these 2 young guys acted. KJ is magnamous in handing over the job to Syed whilst Syed complimented KJ for the job well done.

Looking back, I guess this is the only Ministry that undergoes a "proper" handing over since PH took over Putrajaya in 9th May 2018. Shame on others (old guys) who failed to provide a proper handing over, and that includes ex PM Najib Razak.

This is what I am talking about. The youth of Malaysia has great potential and if this maturity persist, we have a great future ahead. This in part is matured politics.

On Najib, I am not going to comment on the charges and the perception. Whilst many were initially concerned if Najib will be in the famous Orange MACC lock-up suit, the opposite is true. MACC has been gracious towards the ex PM and accorded him the dignity of wearing a suit to court when he was charged earlier today.

Najib can claim of anything under the sun as what his daughter is pleading for the rakyat to think of her father just this once.
Did Nooryana ever think of the rakyat? I don't believe so, not when she lavishly spent her friends on several occassions at the expense of the rakyat. Did she ever know how the rakyat suffers and will be suffering to repay 1MDB debts and those that is still unaccounted?

Nooryana as a daughter is correct in asking for moral support but as z citizen of Malaysia, Nooryana must also go to the grounds and feel the pulse of the normal people who are trying to survive daily. Don't just stay lofty in Pavilion suites forgetting about the less fortunate amongst us.

How many of UMNO members came to Putrajaya last night in show of support towards Najib? My information says only around 50 turn up. What a far cry when Najib was in power. Where are those who screamed "IM4U"? Lost in transit?

This shows one thing. In UMNO, you are only beholdenly golden when you are in power and able to dish goodies. Without those, you will face the world alone.... and Najib is slowly learning this. 42 years of spoon feeding is over. Now Najib has to answer for his misdeeds.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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