Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Of PKR's potential blast in own face...

Of late, PKR is putting the rest of HARAPAN's partner on edge claiming that since PKR has the most number of MPs' within the coalition, they should be getting the majority of posts.

Well.... the bad news is, it might be a potential blast on PKR's face and worse, it may jeorpadise the new Mahathir-led government. Is that what PKR (read : Anwar Ibrahim wants?)

Let just say that this posting is pure academic. That way, it will not affect anything already in place. Hopefully, it remains academic if HARAPAN's Speaker choice is someone other than Johari Abdul.

When Johari's name is mentioned as possible HARAPAN's choice for Parliament speaker, his own party colleague came out to shoot the proposal down.

Surendran pointed out the following :-

1. Johari needs to vacate his Gurun state seat and this will trigger a by-election in Kedah;
2. HARAPAN's simple majority in Kedah will be compromise and this can leads to possible BN-PAS takeover of the state;

On surface, Surendran is quite right but on the other :-

1. Surendran is Johari party colleague, why can't he whisper his case to Wan Azizah instead of bleating out in the open?
2. Is Surendran trying to imply that since he is a lawyer by profession, he wants to be considered as a candidate to Parliament speaker?
3. There is an uneasy political turmoil in PKR with proxies fighting for the top posts. Is Surendran a proxy too and his statement is directed by someone higher up?

There are too many cooks now. Everybody wants to say their piece. Where were they when BN was in power? Look at G25 as an example. They were not in the forefront when HARAPAN takes on BN's juggernaut. Now that HARAPAN is in the driver seat, G25 is "telling" HARAPAN who should be what... Is G25 really eminent government officers who are neutral or are they part and parcel of the parcel that brings Malaysia to RM 1T debt bracket?

Back to Johari Abdul. It is not about him now but look at the macro picture. If PKR insist on Johari Abdul as Parliament speaker, PKR is actually putting Kedah at risk.

Is this PKR's move to say that "I am the big brother" of HARAPAN? Or is this Anwar Ibrahim's way of saying "I control what happens"?

I say, giver Tun M and his cabinet space to do what they do best. No interference from Surendran or others. What Surendran is doing is just like the Malay saying "Kalau saya tak dapat, semua orang tak dapat"

Remember ex-AG Apandi? Swiss AG now openly claimed that Apandi refused to extend cooperation when he headed AG's chambers. Where were G25 at that time? Silent!!! Not even one quack from the so called eminent ex-government top post bearers. I love to see their response now...

Is Apandi acting on Malaysia's best interest or the better interest of ex PM? Apandi should come out and explain if he truly believes that he is acting on government's behalf. Keeping silent is no longer an option, not when the Swii's AG clearly mentioned Apandi as the person who refused to extend cooperation.

What has Lokman Adam get to say on this? maybe another bout of cash donation to help Apandi to sue Swiss AG, perhaps?

Me? I prefer to look from afar...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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