Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Of Hadi's GST stand... yes, no, confused

PAS is becoming a confused party. All thanks to their President's digitally on, off mode.

When GST was first tabled in Parliament, PAS MPs is up in arms protesting highlighting that taxes should not burden the people especially those who are in the lower income bracket.

Hadi Awang in 2017 (or late 2016) supported GST as seen here.

Now, with PRU 14 approaching fast, Hadi came out with an opaque revised view regarding GST.

Is his latest views meant to placate voters and gain additional votes for the struggling PAS? Amongst others, Hadi lined up :-

1. Malaysia could do away with GST if Government manages its wealth well;
2. It can be abolished if no leakages in wealth management as well as no wasteful projects;
3. Leaders who are only thinking of implementing taxes are not fit to be leaders;

Now, which Hadi is talking? The Hadi that shook hands and embraced Najib? Or the Hadi who co-operated with DAP?

Hadi should be more specific when he talks about leakages and managing the country's wealth. Isn't this the same Hadi who protected 1MDB because there is no "proof" of criminal act? So Hadi should be more specific in talking about leakages or is he relying on hearsay to make his statement? If it is based on "proof" then Hadi should make a police report and presents his "proofs" for the police to take action. Why? Because this is the same hadi who wanted every wrongdoings be supported by proofs.

Wasteful projects? How does Hadi comes to conclusion of wasteful projects? Instead of relying on his rhetoric, Hadi should be listing what are the wasteful projects. He can starts from his own state or if there is none there, he can start with Federal-funded projects. What is his definition of wasteful projects? I bet many are waiting for his listing...

He concluded that leaders implementing taxes are not fit to be leaders. Can he make an example? Is he talking about the present PM? If he does, what makes him making the statements? Is the greasing drying up, Hadi?

I see Hadi making the statements to gain support for his party. He knows that PAS is facing an uphill battle this time and his &) or 90M donated funds are drying up. He needs reinforced funds to manage PAS in ensuring UMNO (read BN) landslide win in the coming PRU on PAS' expense.

He knows it, Nik Abduh knows it, Taki knows it and few others know it. But does PAS members endorse it?

Hadi is surely giving confusing statements nowadays. That's what you end up if you eat too much out of your opponents' hands... and when the feed is no more, Hadi is left stranded...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


bumi-non-malay said...

No BIAS Islam Malay race run administration , state or Nation is ANY good in this world....the quicker we Get a COmbine Sabah-Sarawak to Sack Malaya and bring back English as the National Language...the Quicker Sabah-Sarawak will be like Singapore and beyond....Keep Sacrificing your childrens and grand children to the pariah State like Islamic Nation like Syria, Libya, Pakistan, Afganistan, Bangladesh, and soon you will be Rohingyas ....unwanted in Sabah-Sarawak because IS Islam have taken over!!

nightcaller said...

@bumi-non Malay
I see we need a consistent and principled person to lead Malaysia or at least the political parties in Malaysia ie nation above self.
Hadi Awang has become a liability to PAS with his constantly changing views that are not totally in line with Islam.
Yes, I may agree with you that we need an integrated Malaysia, an all-inclusive members for Malaysians... guided by a universal legislation which is not human-created.