Thursday, March 29, 2018

Of 129 - 80 : So what?

129 -80 and the new Electoral boundaries affecting 98 parliamentary seats excluding Sabah is passed.

Expected? Yes... Effects? Plenty...

It cannot be fake news as The Sun "Telling it as it is" reported it.

Drama? Aplenty. Malaysia Insight reported about 800 ignored police orders and marched to Parliament's gate to protest EC re-delineation report. The numbers are not important but the intention is...
For the protesters, there is elements of gerrymandering and malapportionment benefitting the ruling party.

Rightfully or is it expectedly, Lim Kit Siang who is one of opposition's outspoken MP demanded an explaination why the EC redelienation report was embargoed. His persistent demand for explaination earned him the wrath of Speaker Pandikar. Is Lim Kit Siang suspended for 6 months? Or is he reprimanded? He was seen at his place in the evening when the voting takes place. Does that means he is not suspended?

Pandikar or rather the Speaker's office seems vague in implementing suspension. Why can't it be clear? Must everything be vague and transluscent?

It doesn't end on parliament floor. Deputy Home Minister Nur Jazlan remarked Cathay Pacific's waiver rebooking fees on polling day (PRU14) was intended for regime change. Nur Jazlan like to politicise everything... just like Pandikar says everything is being politicised.

What is wrong if Cathay Pacific decided to waiver rebooking charge? It is their business decision and it affects their financial end. Nothing to do with Nur Jazlan. Maybe, it is good for Cathay Pacific to waiver because :-

1. It is not specifically for Malaysians travelling on Cathay Pacific;
2. it is open to all and may be further incentive for tourists to visit Malaysia;
3. Malaysian who return to vote has the option to vote for BN or for opposition. Hoe sure is Nur Jazlan that these voters will vote the opposition (only) or BN(only)? Can Nur Jazlan see the future? Or is Nur Jazlan getting cold feet?

EC redelienation has been approved by parliament and EC can update their electoral roll by 1 week. After that, it is all system go for PRU 14.

Personally, the redilenation report adds challenges to the opposition and should be a catalyst for them to work harder. At the same time, BN should not be complacent thinking the new EC electoral boundaries will be a walk in the park. Tun M's return to active politics may add some unexpected twist, something BN or opposition cannot gauge and can only assume.

Me? I am always fascinated and ask why administrator's boundary differs from police coverage boundary? Will it not be better if the boundary is standardise so that it remains the same? This goes for electoral boundaries too...

Imagine when the District Officer calls for meeting and the district police chief says so and so place is not in their jurisdiction but in another officer's charge whilst the elected politician says so and so village is not within his constituency... will it not be rojak decision?

I call for cool heads to sit down and once and for all work on a single administrative, police coverage and electoral boundaries for a more efficient system of administration, policing and politicking... what say you?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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