Monday, January 18, 2010

All I am asking is prayers...

This time this posting is a personal posting. No politics, no social services...
If some of you read the last part of my earlier posting, you will see some updates there which really transpired last week (you can read it after the latest news...).

Latest :-

  • 29th Jan '10 - It will not be fair if I witheld information on the operation. It is a 10 hour operation starting from 9.30 am. By 1 pm, the lymph node lab tested and confirmed negative meaning that she is in stage 1. The Doctor proceeded with the hysterectomy and she came out from the operation theatre at 7pm and placed in the recovery room and later to high dependancy unit for observation. Right now she is recovering well and is resting.

    I would like to take this time to thank all the well wishers as well as private advise and suggestions for post-op. Rest assured that I will try all the proposals for her well-being.

    The Doctor briefed us that he will send more samples to the lab to test for cancerous cells for our peace of mind. The results will be out next month and we are confident that it will turn out negative, as well. God willing. With that, this posting comes to an end...thanks for the concern and the well wishes and prayers offered, in whatever language, faith and school of thoughts available.

Briefly :-

  1. On 12th january 2010, the other side of me checked in a medicare centre for normal and routine medical check up;
  2. On 13th January, she underwent D & C and two samples were taken for biopsis. Before discharged, her doctor informed us that visually the samples looked OK and nothing to worry about;
  3. 14th january, we were called in by the doctor where she broke the news that the biopsis result indicated +ve cervix cancer. The Doctor immediately set us up with an appointment with another doctor to perform surgery.
  4. On 15th January 2010, the other doctor suggested hysterectomy and his prognosis(?) is 1st stage cancer. He ordered MRI the same day.

    And at the same time,we also visited alternative medicine where the practitioner concurred the same thing ie early stage and he recommended Germinium tablets to be taken for 1 week. Our next appointment is on 22nd Jan 2010.

  5. On 16th January, MRI results came back and we asked for some time to take second opinion and discuss on the options available.

    After consulting family members and logistics check, we first sought insights from former patients. So far, it is all positive...

  6. Then we go for other Doctors, and there are 2 options available for us :-
    • hysterectomy
    • radiotheraphy
  7. We decided hysterectomy. The ops is scheduled to be held on 26th January 2010.
  8. We will be visiting our alternative practisioner this Friday and see whether the Germanium tablets provided is effective or not.
  9. All I am asking is prayers for her speedy recovery....
  10. In the meantime, please bear with me if there is no new postings forthcoming. For some comments that is left unresponded, I will respond to it soon...maybe later in the day.
  11. Thank You for your understanding...(please note : I will update the progress here from time to time)

Updates :

  • 18th Jan '10 - Another hectic night. Drive all the way to Bangi to collect "Maharaja Dewa" herbs and tea and some other supplements for immune system. Understand that the patients numbers in Sg Pusu have been snapped up, so we might not be able to visit the Tuan haji for spiritual treatment. With another 7 more days to go, time is too short to do the things we are supposed to do.

    We have already lined up our planned program for the next day ie meeting with the insurance guy to pass him all our previous receipts and bills, going over to Klang for another traditional treatment, stock up medication for our elders since we might not be able to carry out the chores during post-op period. Maybe another late day (early morning) for me...

  • 19th Jan '10 - Drive to Klang to hand over all the funds kept in trust to another trustee (don't worry, it doesn't involve millions, just some "kutu" funds) before heading off to Meru to collect another set of traditional "paste on" medicine. Although both of us are modern educated, there is nothing wrong in trying all sorts of treatment to arrest the C. The power to heal lies in the One God as it has always been. The only non-curable disease is death.

    With that, it is confirmed that we will not be able to visit the Tuan haji for spiritual treatment.

    Both of us are getting more positive by the day and I guess we are coping well with the C factor. My other half's self-determination and confidence is high and we can overcome, God willing.

  • 20th Jan '10 - The pace slowed down allowing us to reitalise and re-energise in preparation for the ops. Time to reflect - do you know that daily there are 4 new cases of cervical cancer in Malaysia? I got that by reading pamplets in hospitals...Do we also realise that very 1 in 4 of us have cancer of sorts, compared to every 1 in 2 in USA have cancers (note : some cases are healed through time with our own natural antibodies).There is a new HPVD vaccine that can helps to prevent cervical cancer. Young girls of 12 to 15 and who are not sexually active can take this vaccine from hospitals and private clinics. The cost? Approximately RM 1500 for three doses. The government is also trying hard to make it available for free for all young girls but the vaccine cost is a stumbling block, thus far...

  • 21st Jan '10 - Sometimes you do not know what is in store for you. Words of encouragement and advice comes from many quarters which is good for my other half."Doa selamat" is done and so is "Sembahyang hajat". We will be visiting the alternative practitioner on Friday and see the latest reading. Truthfully, I am not expecting miracles but just enough progress to limit the cancerous spread for that will boost my other half's confidence before going on the operation table. I will mention his readings here before I will be incommunicado until after the operation.

  • 22nd Jan '10 - Visit the alternative practitioner and his readings are good. For the cervix area, there is an increase of 5 marks meaning to 46 (50 being normal) meaning that the Germanium tablets are working and the cancerous cells are contained and being treated. It also means that the it is healing.

    However, the lymphatic system is not that encouraging. It shows a slight improvement of 2 marks ie 42 (50 being normal). The lymphatic vessels are breached with cancerous cells and more time is needed for the tablets to take effect and control the disease. The good news is that it has shown improvement and another good news is that it is not that critical yet.

    We will be meeting our oncologist to discuss this and seeks his second opinion. We are positive that we can overcome the disease, whilst waiting for the Doctor's final decision...latest news will only be available after 26th (when the hysterectomy is scheduled to take place)...thanks for your prayers. Amin.
Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


Fi-sha said...

Dear Mr Nightcaller

Your silence is indeed deafening and I was thinking to give smoke signals to ask if everythings OK at your end.

Sadly, it isn't and it involves the better half of you.

My prayers for her speedy recovery and may she be strong during this difficult time for I know she is being surrounded and supported by people who loved her dearly, unconditionally.

Please be strong for her, as you always have been Sir.

Take care

nightcaller said...

Fi sha

Thks for ur prayers. Let's hope for the best...

Anonymous said...


Semoga dia cepat sembuh.


psc said...

my family and i pray for a speedy brave for.may the force be with you.God Bless

nightcaller said...

Haris and psc

Thks for the prayers. It is also hecyic time for us transversing the states looking for "quick wonders" hoping to minimise the spread and hopefully it is stage 1 instead of stage 2a...

ahoo said...

Hang in there brother for your better half ! You need to be her pillar of strength at this hour. We sometime question God as to why such thing happen to our love ones. How we wish that life on earth can be smooth all the way. But reality is that as we learn to overcome each obstacle that comes along, we are being refined to be a better person.

Trust that your relationship with you wife will be strengthen even more as you brave through with her during this crisis. May the Almighty God blesses your wife with peace and comfort. And may you be blessed with all that your heart desire and for her speedy recovery.

sakmongkol AK47 said...


my wife and I join others in saying our prayers to your wife and also you in going through this very difficult ordeal.
we understand the great distress and anxieties borne by the both you. we pray and hope for her speedy recovery.
our thoughts are with you and your wife.

nightcaller said...


Thks for your thoughts and words of encouragement. And yes, we do hope to wade through the obstacle and come out as better persons.


My thanks to u and ur family in giving encouragement. We have passed the stage of shock and now mentally better prepared to face the coming weeks. May the One God answer our prayers...amin.

zorro said...

Nightcaller, I will put up a post to storm heaven for your significant other's speedy recovery.

nightcaller said...

Thks Zorro...Appreciated it :)

KS Cheah said...


I met you at one of the rallies introduced by Zorro. My best wishes go to your wife and your family. Lucky you guy found out early. Remember to take care of yourself too in these trying times.

The Tiger

nightcaller said...

KS Cheah

Yes, remember the time when we "conquer" the roads leading to Dataran Merdeka...:)

It is indeed fortunate for us to discover it early (and by incident too). The One God really works in mysterious ways. I will take note of ur advise. Thks.

Anonymous said...

At times like this, give her your all. Keep her confidence up and the prayers may be answered.


Anonymous said...

Dear sir,

I suggest you visit this website, if you havent done so, I am sure you can get a lot of useful information. Fear not, this is not a disease that cannot be overcome, you just need to be positive and have faith, remembering that we are all praying for her.

pinsysu said...

Dear Lord Jesus

I pray for Your healing touch on D'nightcaller's wife who is suffering from cervical cancer. Please set anything that is out of balance in perfect condition. Please heal her of her disease & strengthen her body to successfully endure her medical treatment. And when she sleeps may she wake up completely rested, rejuvenated, and refreshed. And I pray that her family will remain strong for her in every step of her healing process.

Lord, You mention that "I have heard your prayer, I have seen your tears; surely I will heal you." (2 Kings 20:5). I pray that they will have their faith in You.

In Jesus Christ most precious name I pray. Amen.

caravanserai said...

Positive values
Generating chi within
A process to awaken the lazy soldiers
Fight on the intruders

Prayers and believe
God will listen......
Empowering angels
Using the 'golden fleece'
The life healing powers
Invincible yet it works

The big C
The fear registers in the mind
Of journey breaks looking life itself
It is only temporary as proper medical cares begin

Positive values
Believing all will be well
Nothing is impossible
With prayers and needful help

nightcaller said...

Anon 6:15, 8:34

A good man needs to do something, that's the least he should do...

And yes, I will surf the address and see how to best make use of the information...


Thks for ur prayers


Nice poetic advise, will follow and keep the Big C away...

ummu asiah said...


Ziarah disini melalui blog ZORRO..mungkin pernah berjumpa cuma tidak saling mengenali...

Moga Allah berikan kekuatan kepada anda berdua, sudah pasti isteri akan mendapat kekuatan semangat dari sokongan suami untuk terus berjuang melawan penyakit yang menyerang..

Kita semua akan sama-sama mendo'akan yang terbaik dan terus mendapat kekuatan...

Anonymous said...

Mr N'C

Both you and your beloved must not waste strength and energy on worrying - focus on keeping calm, staying strong n positive, for at 1st stage, it is very much curable.

God bless!

Anonymous said...

This is one of the best books on how to beat cancer, by Bill Henderson:

It may change your outlook on present regimes on chemo, etc and why drug companies can't and won't do the right thing.


Anonymous said...

please checkout
I know they can help heal her completely...

LC Teh said...

I add mine to your multitude of friends' prayers. Hope she pulls through. God bless.

yapsir said...

Add my prayer on,though we may have not met.but as a fellow Malaysian.May the peace of God be with you and all the family members.

Henry Yap-a pastor

motherchell said...

Take heart , you have my thoughts and prayers for everything good and fine . You take care .God understands your bond and love. God Bless for a early recovery.

nightcaller said...

Ummu Asiah

Mungkin kita pernah bertemu tetapi dalam situasi yang berlainan. Terima kasih atas doa yang dipanjatkan kepada ilahi...

Anon 2:27, 4:04, 4:12

Thks, has surfed through the links :)

LC Teh, Henry Yap, motherchell

All prayers with good intention welcome. Thanks :)

Though I will not be able to attend SABM oadshow slated on 23rd Jan '10

Anonymous said...

the grace of god be upon your wife, you and your family.

this is my first visit to your blog after reading zorro,s article about you.

godspeed! trust in him. he will never ever fail you at all.

Anonymous said...

Hey a cancer survivor I know how you must feel! Stay strong and my prayers are with you!

Anonymous said...

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Soek Eng said...

I'll keep ur wife in my daily prayers.I pray too that God will give u calm and comfort in this trying time.
Do go to Dr Budwig's site.


Anonymous said...

Dear Nitecaller, I will add your family, especially your wife to my aily prayers. We do our best and let God do the rest. God bless

angela ooi

lys2112 said...

Dear Nitecaller, Do look at this web site. I read in some articles on cancer , to reduce/eliminate the eating of meat as meat is the food for the cancer cells and also the fruit sour soup is supposedly to be very effective too. I pray for your family.

Eric said...

Nightcaller, we pray for your wife. Stay strong.

Wenger J Khairy said...

Stay strong D'Nightcaller. I know this must be tough. My friend who is an oncologist had to deal with his mom being afflicted with breast cancer.

Anonymous said...

Dear sir,

The website that i gave you on saturday (anon 8.34am ) should be instead of, please accept my deep apology for the mistake. I really hope u will find the time to visit the site, it will help you greatly in dealing with your wife's condition. Again, be positive, be strong and have faith in the Almighty, we are all praying for you and your family.

pinsysu said...

Dear Lord

Please continue to strengthen our sister's health & faith in believing Your healing power. She needs to remain positive & not sink into depression. Please continue to renew her faith & replenish her body with all the vital nutrients that are essential to beat the disease. Let her know that what a wonderful God you are. In Jesus most precious name I pray.

Amen. Thank You Lord!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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PRAY,IT WORKS. joe's blog said...

Yes, PRAY,it works. We are with you. God knows best.

Anonymous said...

Cheek brings success..........................

nightcaller said...

Dear all,

Thks for the moral support, advices and prayers...Glad to inform that Mrs NC is recuperating well.

Now that it's taken care of...will be back writing and posting soon....God willing

Athies said...

Dear dnightcaller,
I will pray for your other half. I lost mine 7 years ago...ironically on 14 Feb...
Was led to ur blog from MargeeMar.. a blog that i frequently visit.
We need people like you, RPK, Margeemar... to expose, highlight and educate the public. Unfortunately, not all the people have access to Internet. I do my part by forarding links to M2DAY or MarGeeMar..

Be strong, for she needs you.. I wasn't.. and sometimes to blame my self!!

norahaty said...

Hope she get well soon
May ALLAH bless her.

nightcaller said...

Dear Athies and norahaty

Thks for the words of encouragement. I guess I know how you feel Athies when our other half is diagnosed with the illness.

Fortunately for me, we incidentally detect it early and the Doctor has confirmed that the cancerous cells are limited to the affected area and the mitosis (spread) is arrested early. So, my other half is spared from radiotherapy and chemotherapy. However, things would have been different if the cells are detected later ie 3 months down the line - it will definitely be worse.

I hope you carry on with your life with fond memories of your other half....


Thks and it serves as a reminder than man plan but the greatest planner is Him.

Anonymous said...

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