Friday, February 05, 2010

This time - semua taruk...(just like nasi campur)

Let's go slow this time. I take this opportunity to offer my sincere gratitude to all for their prayers and advises regarding Mrs NC's operation. For the record, the operation took 10 hours. Right now Mrs NC is recuperating and will go for her first follow up in a couple of days. Hope everything will be fine from now on...

Many things has transpired since then with Anwar's case leading the pack whilst Zahid Hamidi's statement of military secrets leaked (or rather sold) to foreign embassies should not be taken lightly. With spring festival around the corner, Jeff Ooi's statement of 4PR's MPs' cross-over bid reminds me of last years spring festival's hopping that leads to the current Perak's fiasco. Another big ang pau for BN?

As for me, I am more interested to know the outcome of the coming 9th Feb's Federal court judgement on who is really the legal Perak's MB. This judgement will be closely monitored by Commonwealth countries and will determine what the rulers can and cannot do. Apart from that, it will also become another benchmark to Malaysian politics ie will the rulers follow the majority's decision or use his "constitutional" powers to dictate who will rule the state. I will also leave this issue aside momentarily and instead focus on issue that is close to my heart...

Despite our openess and diverse ethnic and religious background, we are still at a loss on harmonius living. The recent controversy on kalimah "Allah' proves that we are still groping to find an identity. To me, the civil courts should not have heard the case and instead directed the issue to be settled between religious scholars. This is more so because the court's judgement has indirectly leads to several attempts to deface churches (and Christian related buildings) and spreading to attempts to humiliate Muslims by tossing khinzirs' heads into masjids (or its compounds).

To Muslims, the kalimah "Allah" is specific. This is the starting point where different stands are made and further divides Muslims into various school of thoughts; one going along with the court's decision whilst the other verhemently oppose the court's decision. On this, let's consider these :-

  1. Zulkifli Nordin's stand on kalimah "Allah" should be respected as Khalid Samad's understanding on the same kalimah should also be acknowledged;
  2. Selangor has decreed that the kalimah "Allah" is exclusive for Islam and so does Pahang;
  3. Does that mean non-Muslim could not utter the word? No, it just simply means that the kalimah "Allah" is exclusive when the kalimah is referred to the Creator.

    Lately, I sensed a shift in understanding when my non-Muslim friends is openly discussing why there is a need to translate God to "Allah" when the correct translation should be tuhan. I see it that way too...and if this issue can be easily resolved because the correct translation is already there. The problem arise when we are becoming court dependents and we tend to use the courts to resolve everything under the sky...

  4. And this leads to the question - why are we using the courts to settle issues? Are we saying that our human minds and current laws are perfect for all occasion? Are we saying that judges are now capable of becoming totally unbiased in their approach? If that is so, why are we screaming that the courts have erred in dealing with Perak debacle? Why are we questioning the judgements when it does not favour us?
  5. Don't get me wrong here. I did no say that we can dispose the courts. The courts are there to interpret man-made laws. The courts are there to hear civil and criminal cases. But I believe that the courts should not be hearing cases involving "exclusivity" and aqidah. That should be heard in syariah courts and discussed between scholars of different faith.

    For P Ramlee's movies lovers, remember a scene when AR Tompel said that for every 10 judges, 9 will go to hell? I might be exaggerating here but the point is - it is damn difficult to find a just judge. It might hold water in other countries. Malaysia? It is up to individuals to interpret it. After all, there are only three options available: either our judges are just judges, or maybe 1 out of 10 are just or it might be worse than the figure provided. If you have been judged and the judgement is in your favour, then for you - that judge is just. Am I correct? :)

  6. Religious beliefs are something personal between us and our Creator. For some, they regard Zeus as the Father of Gods whilst others believe in the power of the Fire. That is up to them as I believe "To you your religion, to me, my religion".
  7. Remember the malay proverb "Masuk kandang kambing mengembek, masuk kadang lembu mengemboh"?

    In secular France, their law makers are launching legislative process to ban religious symbols from state schools. It looks ok on the surface but what is their real intention? Is it just religous symbols? And if Islam requires its womenfolks to "tutup aurat", and the law forbids them to do so - who is then right? Will the law supercede religious requirements?

    Are we going to go France's way too? Will our courts decide and interpret on religious matters too? As they say it "tepuk dada, tanya selera". I will not fill in the dots here, readers can decide on their own here...on the subtle message I am trying to convey....

  8. Enough of that, on other fronts, I pity Najib. Really! Whilst he is busy promoting 1Malaysia theme, his own aide demonstrate that Najib does not have a 1Malaysia team. Is this what they say "Cakap tak serupa bikin"?

    This particular aide is specifically singled out in MT's mystery man posting. That leads to this mind wandering - what happen if this aide decided to turn the screws and turn the tide against Najib? Will PR accept him when his statement does not reflect 1Malaysia? Catch 22 position, isn't it? Or is he busy negotiating his gratuity based on his "personal knowledge" as claimed by MT? Are we looking at another "self-made" millionaire in the making?

  9. Still on Najib - I just do not understand why Najib did not exercise his 1Malaysia theme during the recent Thaipusm celebration in Batu Caves. I mean, he is there, PR leaders are there but they celebrated it on different stages. Why can't they both celebrated Thaipusm together? At least show that "kita berbilang kaum, berbilang ideologi tetapi satu hati"...

    It is these minor differences that bares us open to agent provocateurs. Zahid said that our military secrets are breached, some claim that 2 of our sukhoi jet engines are also lost (in addition to the missing F35 jet engines). And what are we doing? Our leaders are squabbling over petty issues such as who gets a better stage (and better location) in Batu Caves.

  10. In a recent dialogue between tourist guides, travel agents and Minister Ng Yen Yen, she mentioned that her priority is to Najib. Is that so? If it is, then where is "people first, perfomance now"? I would rather see Minister dealing with these frontliners first before running to see Najib. Isn't it Najib who says "people first" or is it Najib who says "leaders first"?

    That said, Najib may need to remind his ministers to serve the people and not the leaders. Or does the aide learnt "Cakap tak serupa bikin" from Najib. Just like another Malay proverb "Kalau guru kencing berdiri, murid kencing berlari"...

It should be time for the leaders to bury the hatchet and work towards the rakyats' welfare. If the leaders care, they should place the rakyats above self. Sometimes, when I see Thaipusm celebrations, I think it is the leaders who needs to crack the coconuts as a symbolic gesture reminding them to break their ego so that they can serve the rakyat better...what say you?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


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