Monday, February 08, 2010

Zahid's Penang, Shafie's Kedah, Najib's Selangor...

  1. Whilst all eyes are glued to Sodomy II, undercurrents are stirring in 3 PR's held states. Sodomy II will be another soon-to-be forgotten "scripted" case and if we were to go by the records, I have not seen nor read many sequel movies who could outgross the first.
  2. TV3's news on 7th February 2010 caught my attention. If that is TV3's professionalism, then Malaysia is in the pits.
  3. First off the blokes is Zahid's comment on the so-called PR's internal squabble involving Zahrain (PKR) and the CM (DAP). Zahid openly stated that the time is ripe for UMNO (BN) to be the mandate to take over Penang from PR. Then as if on que, TV3 follow through with news report of (Malay) stalls owners lamenting on their fate since their (illegal) stalls have been demolished.
  4. Does that mean that it is OK for (Malay) traders to operate illegal stalls? Even if they operate it illegally then the law could touch them? Which laws are these? IS BN teaching traders to operate illegal stalls? Since the stalls are illegal, they do not have to pay for any licenses, is that what BN is teaching us? There is no need to apply for licences and every Tom, Dick and Harry can set up illegal stalls wherever they want?
  5. Further, Is Zahid offering carrots to Zahrain? Isn't it strange for Zahrain to go "underground" now leaving his supporters scattered like chicks? Remembering what 2009 CNY, is it possible for Zahrain to be in Pekan right now meeting a shaman to ward off evil spirits? That's what Osman Jailu and Jamauluddin Radzi did in 2009 before Perak fell to BN. If that is the case, then this Pekan shaman should be hailed as the greatest Malaysian shaman and deserves to be in Malaysia book of records.
  6. Talking about Zahid, is Penang his follow through after his 2009's role in Perak? If that is the case, then typical of Zahid to first expose the threat on Malaysian security and 2 days on said that the issue has been closed. How? Zahid mentioned that the issue has been resolved by the PM's department. How convenient. I want to know what are the actions taken on those who sells our security secrets. At least, I want to know who they are.
  7. Kedah? TV3 make a fool of themselves when the station cover about the water problems in campuses and Shafie Afdal taking the lead to issue statement potraying how this could have happen in Kedah after more than 40 years of development.
  8. Shafie Afdal must be sleeping through the years! Kedah was governed by BN since independence and only fell to PR in 2008. What Shafie Afdal is saying is just like another Malay proverb "Ludah ke langit terkena muka sendiri". Kedah water problem has been there since BN days and Shafie's just re-conformed what we already knew - BN failed to provide basic necessities to the rakyat.
  9. Shafie need not go far. He can always return to his native state and find water supply is wanting there. Who rules Sabah? Is it not BN? If Sabah is too far for Shafie, he can go to neighbouring Perlis and he will notice the same water supply problem there. If that does not satisfy him, he can always go down to Negeri Sembilan and check out the boarding school hostels and he will get a clear picture of how BN failed to provide claean and continuous water supply to some of the schools there.
  10. Selangor? Aaaah this is Najib's state. For now I see Melaka is doing a "Menjaga tepi kain orang" on Selangor. Remember YBK (Yayasan Basmi Kemiskinan)? In a power struggle, the state government has demanded YBK to pay the outstanding quit rent totalling almost RM 5.4 M. Melaka, as in Ali Rustam the one who was barred from contesting UMNO's Deputy President post dreamed of becoming a white knight and offer to pay the quit rent on behalf of YBK.
  11. Khalid rejected the payment by citing section 98 of the National land code. That leaves me wondering - Does Ali Rustam knows what he's doing? Does YBK understand the National land code? Did Najib plan the whole thing?
  12. 3 PR states under different attacks. Penang starts off with internal bickering, Kedah goes with infrastructure inadequacies, Selangor sticks with bureaucratic red tapes. All aimed at getting the leaders on high alert whilst the cooking in Perak is getting ready to be served on 9th Feb 2010. On principle, I wish Nizar get's his post back but Zambry will be the one smiling. Personally, whatever the decision, the Federal court judges sitting on this case need tyo answer to their conscious. Millions of ringgit in gratuity could not wipe out whatever guilty conscious incurred during their tenure as judges. After all, isn't "Harimau mati meninggalkan belang, manusia mati meninggalkan nama"?
  13. For the time being, let Mustapha barks on Nik Aziz's stand on Kelantan royalty money. Mustpha is not in the same league as Nik Aziz so there is no need to hype on Mustapha - not yet. Not when Ibrahim Ali's Perkasa growls louder than Mustapha. In the end, Mustapha will be another whimpering cat who failed to impress the Pekan shaman.
  14. Individually, Zahid's Penang Shafie's Kedah and Najib's Selangor is just another storm in a tea cup. Combined with TV3, it might change the perception. With the Tiger looming in the background, this CNY will be another important episode in Malaysian politics.

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


Wenger J. Khairy said...

dear mr dnightcaller sir,
umno has a shelf life of 2 yrs tops, maybe be less. in that time they have to conduct and win a ge, the issue that will bring them down is tne economic issue (and the rabid bloggers :-) . 1mpm6 is talking bout a subsidy redux which will be the self destruct button. my guess is taht they may force a coalition with pas and then turn the subsidy tap off.

If pr survives 2 yrs, they become the federal gomen, its as simple as that

its the economy, muhahaa, as some president once said

best wishes to the missues

Wenger J. Khairy said...
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nightcaller said...


2 years is a long time. By then, the rakyat forgets what happens now especially if 1MPM6 play the cards right.

But if 1MPM6 cut back on subsidies, re3move COLA, increase tax, raise fuel price, jack up basic necessities, trhen the opposition will have another field day in GE13.

Let's see what happens then...

On the GTP thing erased, let's cry for Perak first and will be addressing the issue in due time...( I read what you wrote :))

Nightstalker said...

Dear DNightcaller,
Actually if you were pro opposition, the Perak result is the best possible result.


Think outside the box. Cant mention too much, but remember for 50 yrs, Perak was under BN. But rite now, the govt has no legitimacy from a moral stand point.

Opposition cannot just expect to waltz in and take over Perak. BN must shoot themselves in the foot so bad, that the foot gets blown off.

If 1MPM6 plays the rite cards...

Sorry chief, no more cards left to be played. 2 yrs - and its game over.

Will fill in the details later

nightcaller said...

Dear Nightstalker

Put me as an observer. The judgement obviously throw out the common believe that majority rule and those elected are party supporters. It shows that greed, corruption, sex, jealousy can change a man's stand anytime.

1MPM6 is banking on Mahathir's cry that "Melayu mudah lupa" and hopes that in 2 years "Malaysia sudah lupa" for BN to sweep back states and regain their 2/3 majority. Will it happen? Nah...Perak will remind us of BN's ability to do "wonders" just to hang on to power. For that, it's either BN wins big or BN lose big. No more slim majority...

provided, of course, that PR did not disintegrate first...:)

Nightstalker said...


Perak is the least of 1MPM6 headache. Shelf life of 2 yrs,
PS: Hint hint
Why hasn't BNM released Q4 GDP even though most other countries have done so.

People are voting with the wallets and the cash is gushing out. Tengku has oledi mentioned that the disintegration happened between 1981-2003, so really there is nothing new here.

But the difference between 1998 and 2003 is that in 1998 Malaysia still had a relative competitive advantage against the likes of Thailand, Vietnam and India.

Not anymore

Number2 was that the investments for the manufacturing sector had been done in 1991-1997 so the country could enjoy the benefits in 1998 - 2001 ish.

Not anymore, investment has been neglible over the past 5 yrs.

The third has to do with the extent to which the gomen could print money without causing massive inflation. They could do so either via the public sector's "Build Baby Build" philosophy or via the Private Sector ("Build New Houses") philosophy.

Not any more. Gomen is in the red massively. One of the greatest thinkers on this subject had remarked that 1MPM6 said that this number was looking like RM 520 billion in 2008.

Additional Government deficit could result in higher borrowing costs which will cause higher interest rates which will kill the economic growth.

The 4th thing was the structure of the Gomen deficit. In 1998, the deficit structurally was managable - rite now, the same sage has said that just to pay salaries, interest, susbsidy and other funny games involving securitization, the gomen needs to spend RM 91 billion a year without even paying bil air and bil elektrik.

The 5th thing is that the economy just cannot grow. Period. 1MPM6 knows he is conning around on the Malaysia Negara Kaya pipe dream, mathematically its impossible unless tin and rubber is worth its weight in gold.

1MPM6 is shooting himself by refusing to consult with the sage on the internet, instead surrounding himself with pr consultants from mckinseh who cannot even last 1 minute with the afore mentioned sage.

nightcaller said...


Thks for the insight. Ur second comment exposed who u are :).

You are looking from the economics point of view. I agree with u on the observation that Malaysia has lost its competitive edge to Vietnam, India and Thailand. Right now, we are in a stalemate and the fact that we rely on "foreign" workers worsened the situation.

We are spending too much in public domains and the recent exposures of jet engines losses, missing jet engines, chalets purchase indicated that things get done with no proper supervision, record or paper trail (approval).

Topping it, using PR consultants is not the the miracle answer to put Malaysia back on track. 1MPM6 must be ready to listen to the voices sincere enough to right the wrongs and not to capitalise on the goodies. Trouble is, is 1MPM6 as decisive as he looks or do he needs to consult his bed-mate?

Terminating subsidies may not be the right answer and sometimes we have to listen to "practicals" instead of following the "bookworms". Yes, they may score perfect 4's in academics but when it comes to reality, their experience is zilch...nothing close compared to the "practicals" :)