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Goodbye letter, diversion, 4 heads are better than 1 and...

Sometimes do you ever wonder why certain issues are highlighted at just the "right" moment for maximum exposure? Some claim that this is deliberately done to gain maximum mileage, be it for political, religious or personal gains.

This time around, whilst there is anxiety on the outcome of the use of the word "Allah" in the herald, something else is brewing vide an anonymous letter, syariah court and suspected revival of an outlawed movement. For this, let us take our time trying to digest on these three issues that one day will return to haunt us. Coincidentally, these three were "dropped" on the same day...

The first is the anonymous letter which is said to be addressed to Mr Opposition, Lim Kit Siang. Lim KS mentioned that he witheld the author's name for privasy reasons but I take it still as an anonymous letter. If the author can reveal himself to Lim KS then why must he witheld his name to the public? Unless the author is fictitous and I will not discount the probability.

Going through the letter, these are the points raised up by the author :-

  1. The best and brightest are leaving the country in droves;
  2. The author feel that he is discriminated;
  3. The author feel that the Government is trying hard to sidelined him;
  4. The author sees that racial politics sully the environment;
  5. Unqualified people are in the high post at the expense of others (because they are Malay);
  6. The author have seen the video where some MPs uttered the words "keluar" if the people did not like what they are doing;
  7. and the letters goes on....
Forgive me if I am not going to be timid...In response to this letter, the author should first asked himself - whether others regardless of race feels the same way. Does he thinks that only he and his race is being discriminated? If the author claimed that the best and the brightest are leaving the country, the author should be asking himself and answer honestly - why do they choose to leave the country? Is it because of discrimination or looking for greener pasture and more $$$.

If the author looks deep into himself, the honest answer is those leaving the country are actually looking for greener pasture for him and his dependents. And did he thinks that only the non-Malays migrated elsewhere? The answer is no. Those who choose to leave the country comes from all races and they choose to seek other countries due to many reasons. One is to get better wage, better facilities, better chances of being promotion and there are also those who choose to migrate because of their records. And believe me, I do come across those who are n0t in the good books and choose to opt out of Malaysia.

Discrimination? If the author feels badly on that, he should be happy to know that all races are also not happy with the perceived discrimination. There are also Malays who are from the best and brightest but they are "hung to dry" because there are others with the "right connections" accorded the "green lane" to promotion and better position. And these people with connections are not only Malays but Chinese and Indians as well.

The same goes to private sectors. Is the Author willing to vouch that no discrimination happens in the private sector? The author claims that he is a medical officer by training and qualification. If so, then he can opts to go to private practise and gets more pay. And there are many private hosptals mushrooming in all parts of the country and the author can choose to serve in one of those private hospitals. I have also come across UK qualified doctors serving in public hospitals who can vouch that they learn more in Malaysian hospitals than in UK or other third countries. And these Doctors do not mind to start fresh with less wages as long as they get the experience. Isn't experience our best teachers?

Videos? Yes, there are some who hog the limelight saying the wrong words at the right time. Some uttered the word "keluar" whilst not less opposition members who uttered obscenities and vulgarity in the august house. The author must be too young and too naive to fall into the trap. Ask how the house veterans taunted the younger MPs and someday the author will realise that both sides (government and opposition) dance the same tune in the august house.

It is the author's choice to move on, if that is what he feels best. Nothing and noone is stopping him. It is his future and being more than 18 (you don't graduate from medical school below 18 unless you are Doggie Howser MD), I wish him the best. On the same note, I will also say that the author is actually running from his responsibility to right what is wrong (at least to his eyes). I will add something more - I will also say that the author is "mata duitan" and cannot call himself "pejuang" because he is shirking his duty to stand up against the establishment. Enough said on that...Ah, yes by the way, this is an old letter, isn't it because someone said that this letter has been circulating for some time now.

The second which I am going to touch on today is about Anwar going after Syariah court over 'delay'. Basically, the news mentioned that Anwar is going after the Syariah court because :-

  1. Anwar wants to ask the Kuala Lumpur syariah court on its "intentional delay";
  2. Anwar claimed that his former aide has falsely accussed him of sodomy;
  3. Anwar has filed the case 2 years ago;
  4. Anwar hopes that the syariah court will clear him of malicious allegation;
  5. Under syariah law, the former aide will be required to produce 4 credible witnesses to back up his claim, failing which he will declared a fasid (unreliable person);
Do you think just because his name is Anwar Ibrahim, I am going to blindly accept that his action is justified? First and foremost, I would rather have Anwar to explain what has he done since lodging his claim in the syariah court? Has he taken all the necessary steps to facilitate the syariah court officers in the case? Or does Anwar knows whether the syariah court has the necessary jurisdiction to hear the case?

Is there any counter allegations from the former aide? Has the aide been called to give his statements? Is the aide co-operating with the syariah court officials? Anwar, being a former DPM must surely know that the syariah court do not have enforcement and sufficient investigation officers to carry out proper and comprehensive investigation. Is Anwar looking for loopholes to blame the syariah court for the inadequacies?

Even if the syariah court commence its hearing on this case, Anwar will rightly know that there is no way for the former aide to produce 4 credible witnesses. Why? The reasons are simple, really. It all boils down to the conditions of becoming a credible witness. How do you expect a witness to have a "ringside" seating witnessing the sodomy? And apart from that the witnesses accounts (all 4 of them) must be consistent, word by word. Can the aide find them? Please note that videos and recordings are not accepted as evidence.

That said, I regards Anwar's latest move is to put extra burden and pressure to syariah courts. Anwar is good at doing that but sometimes he overestimate his capability and thinks that he is the only one right. Regretfully, I am not one of those guys who will blindly follow Anwar to jump into rivers and get drowned.

I see this as more of Anwar's diversionary tactic. You know, it's getting tired to hear the sodomy case. Appeal here, appeal there and yet the real hearing have yet to start. Maybe Anwar is using the syariah court so that he can later claimed that his civil case could not proceed as the syariah court is in session...Like this, when can end? Or is Anwar purposely highlighting this issue so that noone will ask him what he thinks about the high court judgement?

The third? The third also deals with Islam but this time about polygamy. Truthfully I heard one Ustaz claimed that "harbouring intention to practise polygamy is a man's dreams but to fulfill the needs and the responsibilities is a man's burden". Malaysian insider reported about a man who have 4 wives and briefly mentioned that :-

  1. Polygamy is a way to overcome social ills (extra marital affairs, prostitution);
  2. Ikhwan polygamy club is suspected as an attempt to revive Al-Arqam because the woman who established the club is a wife of Ashaari, the Al-Arqam leader;
  3. The club claimed that its aim is to help single mothers and women to find husbands;
  4. Members get together regularly for meetings and counselling;

On this matter,let me just say ; the least said, the better. Why? I am not an advocate of polygamy. Although Islam has the provisions for polygamy but at the same time Islam calls for fairness in treating the wives. Something that I believe not many men can do. Heck, even one Datuk who married an artiste could not be fair and thus ended up divorcing his first wife. Can I add that even a top judge could not handle what chances do commoners (meaning laymen) have? Of course, unless you are P Ramlee and you follow his tactics as in Madu Tiga. But watch out, if the guys watched the movie, the gals also watches the same movie. Moral of the story; if you can't afford to be fair then stick to one and only one :)

There you have it, My take on three issues that is coming by the sidelines when the court grants a stay order on Herald's using the word "Allah" in their publication pending an appeal. In that aspect, I believe I can see some glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. The ball is now at the religious scholars' feet. I know they do not play soccer as good as Arsenal, but I trust they can all sit down to find an amicable solution. Why waste time and efforts going up and down the courts' staircases?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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