Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Kalimah aside, what about the "visitors"?

What lures foreigners to Malaysia? Good jobs? Good pay? Lax security? Megat Najmuddin claims that the numbers of foreigners in Malaysia is approximately 20 %. That works out to nearly 5 million. Is that true? If it is, will the foreigners be a threat in the near future?

  1. It's good to know that bloggers take the lead (again) in setting up donations for the church in Desa Melawati which was torched last Friday.
  2. It is also refreshing to see photos from Minaq Jinggo who covers Nik Aziz's visit to churches in Petaling Jaya last Sunday. Minaq Jinggo even "captured the unmasked Z greeting Nik Aziz on his arrival. 2 Bloggers covering the same event and venue but each has his own perception and opinion of what happens there.
  3. It shows that we acknowledges our differences and more important we agree to disagree on issues that almost rocked the nation.
  4. It goes without condition that all Muslims condemned the cowardly act of torching places of worship, be it churches, temples, synagogues and masjids. Let's hope that the police will nab those responsible soon and charge them in open courts.
  5. It will not be complete if I were to ignore the issue totally as it is another milestone in our history. My stand on this issue is already made known in my past posting but at the same time we must be able to listen and hear what others have to say about the issue as well...
  6. In a public forum held on Monday in Selangor Chinese assembly hall, I would honestly say that, in a way, it failed to meet my expectation because I expected a forum between Islam and Christianity. However, it turns out to be an Islamic dialogue on 2 school of thoughts on the kalimah Allah and who can use the kalimah. The turnout is good and I can even see Haris Ibrahim of People's parliament and her sister there amongst the crowd.
  7. I am not going into the details of the dialogue. What I am going to list is about the laymen perception on the issue at hand.
  8. A Buddhist friend of mine did not see why the issue triggers the Muslims to protest. To him, the kalimah is just another generic name to describe the One god. Actually I have no problem with that but what concerns me more is how much we know about other religions and how many of us do comparative study on major religions?
  9. Although rusted in parts, this Buddhist friend is given a quick tour on the holy scriptures of Zabur, Torah, Bible and Quran. In doing so, it is also pointed out on the where the differences between Christians start and why Muslims are sensitive with the kalimah (at least from my point of view).
  10. Another friend of mine who comes from the Anglican church were also asked the same. Honestly, he did not know why the issue is sensationalised because he has no problem if reciting that Lord is Tuhan and he did not see why some wanted to use the kalimah Allah in Christian publications. On top of that, he sees religion as a vehicle to make him feel good through spiritual approach. He admitted that he has his doubts of what transpire thousands of years ago.
  11. Another, a Muslim is not so sure why he should be sensitive because he is too hyped up with AJL and free concerts. He fails to present his views, a clear indication that religions is not his main element.
  12. That brings me back to the question - are we going secular? Are our society ignoring the issue because our young are too busy making money to such an extent that spiritual needs no longer play an important role in their lives? Just look at the Muslims - how many really make it to Jumaat prayers? I sense an equal amount (maybe more) Muslims prefer loafing in malls than to attend Jumaat prayers. If you don't believe me, just visit any of the malls this Friday and make a quick headcount, you will be surprised!
  13. Selangor and Pahang has come out strongly on this issue with reminders on 1980's, 1990's edict on the use of the kalimah Allah. On this, I will make it short and sweet - I see that there are those who begins to question the edict. Are they laying the groundworks to challenge the rulers decision in court? If they do, apart from winking at secularism, are we going Republic's way too?
  14. Yes, I attended PKR's forum on Corruption : Cost to the Nation last Saturday. Megat Najimuddin of UMNO and a member of UMNO's disciplinary board reminded me of things Only in Malaysia. One of them is the number of foreigners flooding Malaysia.
  15. Megat highlighted the number of illegals in Sabah and his observation is not wrong. Visit Kota Kinabalu's pearl market and you will find more Filipinos, both legal and illegals, than Malaysians there.
  16. For peninsular Malaysia, try walking along Jalan Silang on weekends and you will end up wondering whether you are in Malaysia or in Indonesia/Nepal/Philippines/Bangladesh/Vietnam. Try taking a public transport and you may end up in a coach full of foreigners.
  17. What lures foreigners to Malaysia? Good jobs? Good pay? Lax security? Megat Najmuddin claims that the numbers of foreigners in Malaysia is approximately 20 %. That works out to nearly 5 million. Is that true? If it is, will the foreigners be a threat in the near future?
  18. Najib claims that there might be as many as 40,000 Indians on visas are "missing". Where are they now? Working in the numerous mamak shops around the country? Snipping our hairs in barber shops? Another friend of mine recently reminded me that 40,000 Malaysians emigrated last year. Are these 40,000 missing Indians taking their place?
  19. Only a few days back, I read on Hishamuddein's commenting on the omipresence of police, rela, civil defense force patrolling the hotspots including Puduraya. His intention may be good but will it not confuse the rest? I expected police to make their presence felt, I don't mind Rela giving a hand but civil defense? How many uniformed personnel do you need to patrol KL? Do we need our young PKLN's participants to patrol the streets too in the future?
  20. Granted, the crime rate is on the increase. But why can't the police cope with that? More, what is the government doing on illegals? I looked with despair when the police raid in Ampang was openly questioned by some Africans and caught on TV?
  21. Malaysia needs to flex its muscles to evict illegals. I remember how Saudi Arabia consfiscated houses which are rented to illegals. No questions asked, no appeals heard. Fullstop. Can we apply that approach in Malaysia? It will keep landlords on tip toes and prevent them from renting out to illegals.
  22. Call me selfish, if that satisfy you. I am all in favour of Malaysia for Malaysians. Why are we providing golden spoons to foreigners? Look at the roadside stalls and pasar malam - how the foreigners are squeezing the locals out. See how easy foreigners can set up stalls whilst locals are harrassed?
  23. Do we ever learn about the scourge of black money? NO - we live by it. See how many of our intellectuals fall preys to these scam. Yet, we still offer generous students visas to thse from the African continent. Are we letting others to trample us and take advantage of out hospitality? Or is it because our enforcement officers's hospitality comes with a price? You know - I scratch your back, you scratch mine...
  24. Enough of that. Back to the kalimah. I sincerely hope that our religous scholars can come together and talk the issue out. Facts are facts but a fact does not right what is wrong...I will not elaborate on the statement, I will leave it to you to digest and read my mind...because right now I am tired after spending 1 whole day in SJMC....moreso because the result will be out by 27th January 2010. Touch wood everything will be fine...
14th January 2010 - (Updated note : The specialist called in a day after and the results are not good. Right now, I am a bit devastated and need some time to recover. It is not about me but someone close to me..., there are more things to do tomorrow to map out what can be done. IN times like this, the only place to find solace is through prayers because I am not ready...)

15th January 2010 - In this early morning when I submit to the One God, I feel that I am just like a speck of dust in this wide universe. I feel the world is crumbling down around me. It is not a nice feeling especially when there are still many things to be done, many obligations to be fullfilled. I have faced many challenges before but this time I felt snapped and falling down the abyss...when I am supposed to be the pillar of strength.

Normally I do not make haste decision but if this is fate, then I have to accept it no matter how hard to accept the fact. Results don't lie...Truthfully, I may not be able to overcome this Ujian Allah. Thus, I am fully uncertain when I can rebound to post future postings.

If I have offended anyone, please forgive me...Comparatively I know that not many read this blog and honestly I will remain anonymous eventhough I understand that that will limit readers. I prefer it that way...Bye

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...


Anonymous said...

In my opinion, I believe secularism has been misunderstood. Secularism does not mean that people would turn into numbers. Secularism provide a platform where people with different religions, creeds & values can come joining hand in hand in building one nation. It acheives by seperating state from religion
Honestly in a region where you have different poeple with different cultures, religions & cultures, it would be better to have a neutral platform. Because just as you think Prophet Mohammad is correct in his teaching, so do I believe that Jesus is son of God & God.
Of course, Malaysia is not pure secular unlike Indonesia or Turkey. However, if you look at the original constitution, apart on Islam as state religion & malays are defined as people who practises Islam & malay culture, it's secular in nature.

Unlike you, I felt secularism is the best solution for Malaysia though Malaysia would never acheive as pure secular nation as Turkey & Indonesia but sticking to the 1957/1963/1965 original constituition is the best solution. 1957 is for Malaya. 1963 is for Malaysia with Singapore in it. 1965 is for Malaysia with Singapore seceded from Malaysia.

nightcaller said...


Thks for ur comments.

To me, once civil laws supercedes religious laws then elements of secularism has already crept in. The question then, what will happen to religious laws if civil laws overturn its rulings/judgements? Will it not lead to abandonment of religious laws? (Pls note that religious includes Islam, Christians and others)...

As an example, look at Anwar's sodomy II case. What transpired is Anwar lodge a complain to syariee court but at the same time the civil court is hearing his case. What will happen if Anwar is found guilty in civil courts whilst Saiful is found guilty in syariee court? Which court supercedes? Will it not be another headache?

For clarification, pls bear in mind that I never claim or believe that other religions are wrong. To me, all religions preaches good things and values. However, I strongly feel against any attempts to confuse religions. Why not stick to what we have been practising for years? And if there is any differences, let the scholars of different faiths meet to discuss the issue.

What I see now saddens me. Some becoming overtly agitated and provoked without really understanding the issues. Some jump in to purposely worsen things whilst some take the opportunity to play pranks.

Maybe your idea is workable to some extent if it pleases the majority but a line must be drawn to clearly differentiate the roles of each civil and religious laws. It shall not overlap and if it does, which courts supercedes...

Anonymous said...

Now the federal government has done an about turn turn on the Kalimah Allah. In Sabah & Sarawak, other religion folks besides Islam can use Allah. However, they would respect Semenanjung's law by abiding the ban
What next? Turn Sabah & Sarawak into Macau & Hong Kong. No more 1 Malaysia. Now 1 country 2 system
See the tangle web UMNO weaved themselves onto. Wait till Sikh contest their claim on the Allah issue. No in Malaysian court but Unesco

We need to reset back to 1957/1963/1965. The original consituition. That's the only solution

Anonymous said...


Something to read. Actually, perish the thought of secular state. In my opinion, it's a secular state with Malaysia characteristic

nightcaller said...

Looes 74

Thks for ur comments and observations. It is clear that the AG is not in his elements. First, we loss Batu Putih in the world court. Now the AG could not even lay out his arguments in local courts.

If this goes on, then what chance do we have to convict criminals? Does AG need re-schooling? Or is this the best legal brain available in Malaysia?

Anonymous said...

Amiable dispatch and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you for your information.