Monday, January 18, 2010

All I am asking is prayers...

This time this posting is a personal posting. No politics, no social services...
If some of you read the last part of my earlier posting, you will see some updates there which really transpired last week (you can read it after the latest news...).

Latest :-

  • 29th Jan '10 - It will not be fair if I witheld information on the operation. It is a 10 hour operation starting from 9.30 am. By 1 pm, the lymph node lab tested and confirmed negative meaning that she is in stage 1. The Doctor proceeded with the hysterectomy and she came out from the operation theatre at 7pm and placed in the recovery room and later to high dependancy unit for observation. Right now she is recovering well and is resting.

    I would like to take this time to thank all the well wishers as well as private advise and suggestions for post-op. Rest assured that I will try all the proposals for her well-being.

    The Doctor briefed us that he will send more samples to the lab to test for cancerous cells for our peace of mind. The results will be out next month and we are confident that it will turn out negative, as well. God willing. With that, this posting comes to an end...thanks for the concern and the well wishes and prayers offered, in whatever language, faith and school of thoughts available.

Briefly :-

  1. On 12th january 2010, the other side of me checked in a medicare centre for normal and routine medical check up;
  2. On 13th January, she underwent D & C and two samples were taken for biopsis. Before discharged, her doctor informed us that visually the samples looked OK and nothing to worry about;
  3. 14th january, we were called in by the doctor where she broke the news that the biopsis result indicated +ve cervix cancer. The Doctor immediately set us up with an appointment with another doctor to perform surgery.
  4. On 15th January 2010, the other doctor suggested hysterectomy and his prognosis(?) is 1st stage cancer. He ordered MRI the same day.

    And at the same time,we also visited alternative medicine where the practitioner concurred the same thing ie early stage and he recommended Germinium tablets to be taken for 1 week. Our next appointment is on 22nd Jan 2010.

  5. On 16th January, MRI results came back and we asked for some time to take second opinion and discuss on the options available.

    After consulting family members and logistics check, we first sought insights from former patients. So far, it is all positive...

  6. Then we go for other Doctors, and there are 2 options available for us :-
    • hysterectomy
    • radiotheraphy
  7. We decided hysterectomy. The ops is scheduled to be held on 26th January 2010.
  8. We will be visiting our alternative practisioner this Friday and see whether the Germanium tablets provided is effective or not.
  9. All I am asking is prayers for her speedy recovery....
  10. In the meantime, please bear with me if there is no new postings forthcoming. For some comments that is left unresponded, I will respond to it soon...maybe later in the day.
  11. Thank You for your understanding...(please note : I will update the progress here from time to time)

Updates :

  • 18th Jan '10 - Another hectic night. Drive all the way to Bangi to collect "Maharaja Dewa" herbs and tea and some other supplements for immune system. Understand that the patients numbers in Sg Pusu have been snapped up, so we might not be able to visit the Tuan haji for spiritual treatment. With another 7 more days to go, time is too short to do the things we are supposed to do.

    We have already lined up our planned program for the next day ie meeting with the insurance guy to pass him all our previous receipts and bills, going over to Klang for another traditional treatment, stock up medication for our elders since we might not be able to carry out the chores during post-op period. Maybe another late day (early morning) for me...

  • 19th Jan '10 - Drive to Klang to hand over all the funds kept in trust to another trustee (don't worry, it doesn't involve millions, just some "kutu" funds) before heading off to Meru to collect another set of traditional "paste on" medicine. Although both of us are modern educated, there is nothing wrong in trying all sorts of treatment to arrest the C. The power to heal lies in the One God as it has always been. The only non-curable disease is death.

    With that, it is confirmed that we will not be able to visit the Tuan haji for spiritual treatment.

    Both of us are getting more positive by the day and I guess we are coping well with the C factor. My other half's self-determination and confidence is high and we can overcome, God willing.

  • 20th Jan '10 - The pace slowed down allowing us to reitalise and re-energise in preparation for the ops. Time to reflect - do you know that daily there are 4 new cases of cervical cancer in Malaysia? I got that by reading pamplets in hospitals...Do we also realise that very 1 in 4 of us have cancer of sorts, compared to every 1 in 2 in USA have cancers (note : some cases are healed through time with our own natural antibodies).There is a new HPVD vaccine that can helps to prevent cervical cancer. Young girls of 12 to 15 and who are not sexually active can take this vaccine from hospitals and private clinics. The cost? Approximately RM 1500 for three doses. The government is also trying hard to make it available for free for all young girls but the vaccine cost is a stumbling block, thus far...

  • 21st Jan '10 - Sometimes you do not know what is in store for you. Words of encouragement and advice comes from many quarters which is good for my other half."Doa selamat" is done and so is "Sembahyang hajat". We will be visiting the alternative practitioner on Friday and see the latest reading. Truthfully, I am not expecting miracles but just enough progress to limit the cancerous spread for that will boost my other half's confidence before going on the operation table. I will mention his readings here before I will be incommunicado until after the operation.

  • 22nd Jan '10 - Visit the alternative practitioner and his readings are good. For the cervix area, there is an increase of 5 marks meaning to 46 (50 being normal) meaning that the Germanium tablets are working and the cancerous cells are contained and being treated. It also means that the it is healing.

    However, the lymphatic system is not that encouraging. It shows a slight improvement of 2 marks ie 42 (50 being normal). The lymphatic vessels are breached with cancerous cells and more time is needed for the tablets to take effect and control the disease. The good news is that it has shown improvement and another good news is that it is not that critical yet.

    We will be meeting our oncologist to discuss this and seeks his second opinion. We are positive that we can overcome the disease, whilst waiting for the Doctor's final decision...latest news will only be available after 26th (when the hysterectomy is scheduled to take place)...thanks for your prayers. Amin.
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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Kalimah aside, what about the "visitors"?

What lures foreigners to Malaysia? Good jobs? Good pay? Lax security? Megat Najmuddin claims that the numbers of foreigners in Malaysia is approximately 20 %. That works out to nearly 5 million. Is that true? If it is, will the foreigners be a threat in the near future?

  1. It's good to know that bloggers take the lead (again) in setting up donations for the church in Desa Melawati which was torched last Friday.
  2. It is also refreshing to see photos from Minaq Jinggo who covers Nik Aziz's visit to churches in Petaling Jaya last Sunday. Minaq Jinggo even "captured the unmasked Z greeting Nik Aziz on his arrival. 2 Bloggers covering the same event and venue but each has his own perception and opinion of what happens there.
  3. It shows that we acknowledges our differences and more important we agree to disagree on issues that almost rocked the nation.
  4. It goes without condition that all Muslims condemned the cowardly act of torching places of worship, be it churches, temples, synagogues and masjids. Let's hope that the police will nab those responsible soon and charge them in open courts.
  5. It will not be complete if I were to ignore the issue totally as it is another milestone in our history. My stand on this issue is already made known in my past posting but at the same time we must be able to listen and hear what others have to say about the issue as well...
  6. In a public forum held on Monday in Selangor Chinese assembly hall, I would honestly say that, in a way, it failed to meet my expectation because I expected a forum between Islam and Christianity. However, it turns out to be an Islamic dialogue on 2 school of thoughts on the kalimah Allah and who can use the kalimah. The turnout is good and I can even see Haris Ibrahim of People's parliament and her sister there amongst the crowd.
  7. I am not going into the details of the dialogue. What I am going to list is about the laymen perception on the issue at hand.
  8. A Buddhist friend of mine did not see why the issue triggers the Muslims to protest. To him, the kalimah is just another generic name to describe the One god. Actually I have no problem with that but what concerns me more is how much we know about other religions and how many of us do comparative study on major religions?
  9. Although rusted in parts, this Buddhist friend is given a quick tour on the holy scriptures of Zabur, Torah, Bible and Quran. In doing so, it is also pointed out on the where the differences between Christians start and why Muslims are sensitive with the kalimah (at least from my point of view).
  10. Another friend of mine who comes from the Anglican church were also asked the same. Honestly, he did not know why the issue is sensationalised because he has no problem if reciting that Lord is Tuhan and he did not see why some wanted to use the kalimah Allah in Christian publications. On top of that, he sees religion as a vehicle to make him feel good through spiritual approach. He admitted that he has his doubts of what transpire thousands of years ago.
  11. Another, a Muslim is not so sure why he should be sensitive because he is too hyped up with AJL and free concerts. He fails to present his views, a clear indication that religions is not his main element.
  12. That brings me back to the question - are we going secular? Are our society ignoring the issue because our young are too busy making money to such an extent that spiritual needs no longer play an important role in their lives? Just look at the Muslims - how many really make it to Jumaat prayers? I sense an equal amount (maybe more) Muslims prefer loafing in malls than to attend Jumaat prayers. If you don't believe me, just visit any of the malls this Friday and make a quick headcount, you will be surprised!
  13. Selangor and Pahang has come out strongly on this issue with reminders on 1980's, 1990's edict on the use of the kalimah Allah. On this, I will make it short and sweet - I see that there are those who begins to question the edict. Are they laying the groundworks to challenge the rulers decision in court? If they do, apart from winking at secularism, are we going Republic's way too?
  14. Yes, I attended PKR's forum on Corruption : Cost to the Nation last Saturday. Megat Najimuddin of UMNO and a member of UMNO's disciplinary board reminded me of things Only in Malaysia. One of them is the number of foreigners flooding Malaysia.
  15. Megat highlighted the number of illegals in Sabah and his observation is not wrong. Visit Kota Kinabalu's pearl market and you will find more Filipinos, both legal and illegals, than Malaysians there.
  16. For peninsular Malaysia, try walking along Jalan Silang on weekends and you will end up wondering whether you are in Malaysia or in Indonesia/Nepal/Philippines/Bangladesh/Vietnam. Try taking a public transport and you may end up in a coach full of foreigners.
  17. What lures foreigners to Malaysia? Good jobs? Good pay? Lax security? Megat Najmuddin claims that the numbers of foreigners in Malaysia is approximately 20 %. That works out to nearly 5 million. Is that true? If it is, will the foreigners be a threat in the near future?
  18. Najib claims that there might be as many as 40,000 Indians on visas are "missing". Where are they now? Working in the numerous mamak shops around the country? Snipping our hairs in barber shops? Another friend of mine recently reminded me that 40,000 Malaysians emigrated last year. Are these 40,000 missing Indians taking their place?
  19. Only a few days back, I read on Hishamuddein's commenting on the omipresence of police, rela, civil defense force patrolling the hotspots including Puduraya. His intention may be good but will it not confuse the rest? I expected police to make their presence felt, I don't mind Rela giving a hand but civil defense? How many uniformed personnel do you need to patrol KL? Do we need our young PKLN's participants to patrol the streets too in the future?
  20. Granted, the crime rate is on the increase. But why can't the police cope with that? More, what is the government doing on illegals? I looked with despair when the police raid in Ampang was openly questioned by some Africans and caught on TV?
  21. Malaysia needs to flex its muscles to evict illegals. I remember how Saudi Arabia consfiscated houses which are rented to illegals. No questions asked, no appeals heard. Fullstop. Can we apply that approach in Malaysia? It will keep landlords on tip toes and prevent them from renting out to illegals.
  22. Call me selfish, if that satisfy you. I am all in favour of Malaysia for Malaysians. Why are we providing golden spoons to foreigners? Look at the roadside stalls and pasar malam - how the foreigners are squeezing the locals out. See how easy foreigners can set up stalls whilst locals are harrassed?
  23. Do we ever learn about the scourge of black money? NO - we live by it. See how many of our intellectuals fall preys to these scam. Yet, we still offer generous students visas to thse from the African continent. Are we letting others to trample us and take advantage of out hospitality? Or is it because our enforcement officers's hospitality comes with a price? You know - I scratch your back, you scratch mine...
  24. Enough of that. Back to the kalimah. I sincerely hope that our religous scholars can come together and talk the issue out. Facts are facts but a fact does not right what is wrong...I will not elaborate on the statement, I will leave it to you to digest and read my mind...because right now I am tired after spending 1 whole day in SJMC....moreso because the result will be out by 27th January 2010. Touch wood everything will be fine...
14th January 2010 - (Updated note : The specialist called in a day after and the results are not good. Right now, I am a bit devastated and need some time to recover. It is not about me but someone close to me..., there are more things to do tomorrow to map out what can be done. IN times like this, the only place to find solace is through prayers because I am not ready...)

15th January 2010 - In this early morning when I submit to the One God, I feel that I am just like a speck of dust in this wide universe. I feel the world is crumbling down around me. It is not a nice feeling especially when there are still many things to be done, many obligations to be fullfilled. I have faced many challenges before but this time I felt snapped and falling down the abyss...when I am supposed to be the pillar of strength.

Normally I do not make haste decision but if this is fate, then I have to accept it no matter how hard to accept the fact. Results don't lie...Truthfully, I may not be able to overcome this Ujian Allah. Thus, I am fully uncertain when I can rebound to post future postings.

If I have offended anyone, please forgive me...Comparatively I know that not many read this blog and honestly I will remain anonymous eventhough I understand that that will limit readers. I prefer it that way...Bye

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Of DAP's miscommunication, intimidation, indigestion and ...

You have DAP's Sec gen, state chief, counsillor and state rep with their shortcomings. Are we getting shortchanged?

During my teenage years, we used to tease our love-struck colleagues with DAP which literally means Dalam Alam Percintaan. Since then DAP of Democratic Action Party legitimately took away our Dalam Alam Percintaan. After March 2008, DAP, to me becomes Dalam Alam Percubaan - some sort of P license in governing. As P holders, DAP governs some states but their performance are being scrutinised and monitored. Maybe, they will get full license in 2012 or maybe they will lost their P license then.

Coming to 2 years governing the states of Penang and Selangor, DAP's early promising start is showing some negative signs. For this posting, I am going to concentrate on few of DAP's actions that might indicate that they are not that "people-friendly" as potrayed to be. For this purpose, here are some of the actions taken by DAP which shows that all is not well in DAP country :-

  1. Communication slip-up resulted in Batu Feringgi tourist belt beaches not being cleaned during the recent festive season;
  2. Selangor DAP chief intimidates police;
  3. DAP's ex-counsillor ingests paraquat;
  4. Jawi state rep upset over parking issues;

If you were to look at those issues separately and independently, it might be a small issue but collectively it shows that DAP has much to learn and to grow up to carry out the responsibilities entrusted to the party by the rakyat of Malaysia.

It is quite ridiculous for Lim Guan Eng to blame communication slip-up when complaints on dirty beaches along Batu Feringgi tourist belt make the headline news. Beaches don't gets dirty within a day. No doubt the sea will wash in rubbish but it will take at least a few weeks before the rubbish becomes an eyesore. The CM claimed that the state government had decided to extend the beach cleaning contract in October 2009 and yet 2 months down the road, the state decision has not been relayed to the Contractor involved. To me, that is not miscommunication slip-up but more of miscommunication failure. If Penang government is ISO accredited, I think they deserved a major NCR.

Whilst we are still on the same issue, the CM should be checking on who is given the task to relay the government's decision and why he did not carry out the task. Is he too busy like the CM, shuttling between administering the state and attending parliment sessions in KL? That is why, I have hinted out in my previous postings that the opposition (read PR) is running down their elected members because they just do not have sufficient pool of resources and capable leaders to stand in public offices. How do you expect one to carry out multi-tasking responsibilities? Especially when it concerns the welfare of the rakyat?

Next on the line is Selangor's DAP chief's statement when he openly request the police to stop investigation on Penang's CM who alledgedly claimed that Ean's political secretary aide was nurdered. DAP may have its own reasons to make the alledged claim but the police should be given the chance and opportunity to carry out the investigation. Why are the public too quick to jump to conclusion when the legal recourse has not even started? Infact the coroner has not make its decision and the second autopsy report is still pending (when even state-appointed specialist has not submitted her report). This leads to the all-important question - Is DAP firing up the rakyat's sentiments to reject whatever findings the coroner may arrived to if it did not benefit DAP or pointed along the direction that the aide maybe murdered?

Granted that the police force's reputation is getting a beting and hitting rock-bottom due to some of the actions taken by them which is not opposition-friendly. Some use past experiences to back up their claims but generally the rakyats has no choice but to pray that the police will carry out their works dilligently. If not, are we saying that the police force will be disbanded when PR take over the country's management? Then who can assure that the police force under PR is different from the current police force?

What frightens me more is not lack of trust towards the police force but the way Ean Yong Hian Wah makes teh statement. He must understand that he is no longer the opposition but an appointed selangor state EXCO member. That means he is part of the present-day Selangor government. Therefore, he should not be making the statement which to me is a direct intervention to the police work. Before, opposition members are crying their voices out blaming police for intimidating them and taking actions on them whenever and wherever possible. Today, I sensed that this particular DAP chief is actually intimidating police and inferring for the police to stop investigating Penang CM.

Just imagine that. If Ean can do that when DAP is governing Penang and partially involved in governing Selangor, what will he do if DAP is given the trust to govern Malaysia? Will DAP ended up directing police to stop any investigation if it concerns their leaders? Tell me, where is the logic in requesting police to stop carrying out their duties as an enforcement agency? Is Ean hinting that DAP leaders and PR leaders saints who will never break the laws of the country? If this is an inkling of what to come, I fear for Malaysia when we have leaders like Ean running the country. Before, PR (and DAP) claims that their administration will be that of transperancy. Now I am asking, why is Ean afraid when the police is investigating on Penang's CM's alledged claim of murder involving his aide? Let it be transparent and I am sure the police will find the Penang CM statement harmless and calls for no further action and the investigation file closed in the near future. No interference necessary...

Going down the ladder, rumours of a DAP's ex-counsillor ingesting paraquat caught my attention. This time it is in Jawi, an area in mainland Penang. It is said that the councillor's term was not renewed for alledged incompetence. It is also reported that her relatives has barred DAP leaders from visiting her.

Fine! I accept the notion that if you are not competent, you will be dropped. BUT - my question now is - it has also been reported in the Sun that the ex-counsillor has returned to her hometown in Malacca. Why did Penang government appointed a Malaccan born girl to be a counsillor in Penang? Is she brought up in Penang or is she appointed because of her political affliation to DAP? Before, we blast others for cronyism, isn't this a small part of cronyism? It begins from a spark to start a fire, is DAP heading that way too now sice they are on the verge of bigger powers? Tell me, if this is DAP, then what is the difference between DAP and other political parties?

The last on the list (for now) covers the Jawi state rep who now threatens to quit DAP and become an independent. Reason? Because the state government wanted to impose car parking fees in Nibong Tebal. Hello! Mr Tan Beng Huat! Let's start with simple question - how do you expect the state government to run the state if they everything is free. Does BH Tan believe that the roads in Nibong Tebal is built for free? Does he think that the street lightings are free? Does he think maintaining the roads are done for free? Sheessh, how do Penagites elect him as a state rep?

Quiting DAP does not answer everything. Even if BH Tan decided to quit DAP, does he think the state government will stop imposing the car parking fees? If this is the way DAP leaders are thinking, Malaysia will go down the drain if and when DAP took over the reins to govern Malaysia. Do we expect Kuala Lumpur to have free parking? And if not, the MP will quit DAP?

Discussing and appealing is one thing. Threatening is another. To me, if BH Tan really threatens to quit the party for such trivial issue, I wonder what he will do when faced with larger issues? Quit becoming Malaysian citizen? BH Tan must realise that he is elected to do a job and he must do it to his utmost best. Quiting and sulking is not the way forward. Just because someone wants to better your constituency (and in the process need to charge parking fees), you do not quit the party that elevated you to be their state rep.

This is not about bashing DAP. This is about giving them a wake up call. I remember the time when I first entered form four and consider that as a honeymoon year before starting the midnight oil for form five exam. The same here. DAP may thinks that hey are in honeymoon because they won big in 2008. But the honeymoon period is over. Either DAP needs to shape up or get prepared to be shipped out.

As politicians, one must give one's best to serve the nation. Don't get success gets over your head. If not, you will end up on the wrong footing and when that happens, it will take years to rebuild shattered trust. Ean of selangor needs to grow up fast and understand that he did not control the police. Let the police do their job. Penang CM needs to understand now that his administration has weaknesses. He needs to fallback, rectify and plug off the weaknesses. The ex-counsillor should accept the fact that your actions and performance are judged by others whilst BH Tan must learn to control his outburst.

There you have it. You have DAP's Sec gen, state chief, counsillor and state rep with their shortcomings. Are we getting shortchanged?

Me? I don't get angry, I just get even...:)

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Goodbye letter, diversion, 4 heads are better than 1 and...

Sometimes do you ever wonder why certain issues are highlighted at just the "right" moment for maximum exposure? Some claim that this is deliberately done to gain maximum mileage, be it for political, religious or personal gains.

This time around, whilst there is anxiety on the outcome of the use of the word "Allah" in the herald, something else is brewing vide an anonymous letter, syariah court and suspected revival of an outlawed movement. For this, let us take our time trying to digest on these three issues that one day will return to haunt us. Coincidentally, these three were "dropped" on the same day...

The first is the anonymous letter which is said to be addressed to Mr Opposition, Lim Kit Siang. Lim KS mentioned that he witheld the author's name for privasy reasons but I take it still as an anonymous letter. If the author can reveal himself to Lim KS then why must he witheld his name to the public? Unless the author is fictitous and I will not discount the probability.

Going through the letter, these are the points raised up by the author :-

  1. The best and brightest are leaving the country in droves;
  2. The author feel that he is discriminated;
  3. The author feel that the Government is trying hard to sidelined him;
  4. The author sees that racial politics sully the environment;
  5. Unqualified people are in the high post at the expense of others (because they are Malay);
  6. The author have seen the video where some MPs uttered the words "keluar" if the people did not like what they are doing;
  7. and the letters goes on....
Forgive me if I am not going to be timid...In response to this letter, the author should first asked himself - whether others regardless of race feels the same way. Does he thinks that only he and his race is being discriminated? If the author claimed that the best and the brightest are leaving the country, the author should be asking himself and answer honestly - why do they choose to leave the country? Is it because of discrimination or looking for greener pasture and more $$$.

If the author looks deep into himself, the honest answer is those leaving the country are actually looking for greener pasture for him and his dependents. And did he thinks that only the non-Malays migrated elsewhere? The answer is no. Those who choose to leave the country comes from all races and they choose to seek other countries due to many reasons. One is to get better wage, better facilities, better chances of being promotion and there are also those who choose to migrate because of their records. And believe me, I do come across those who are n0t in the good books and choose to opt out of Malaysia.

Discrimination? If the author feels badly on that, he should be happy to know that all races are also not happy with the perceived discrimination. There are also Malays who are from the best and brightest but they are "hung to dry" because there are others with the "right connections" accorded the "green lane" to promotion and better position. And these people with connections are not only Malays but Chinese and Indians as well.

The same goes to private sectors. Is the Author willing to vouch that no discrimination happens in the private sector? The author claims that he is a medical officer by training and qualification. If so, then he can opts to go to private practise and gets more pay. And there are many private hosptals mushrooming in all parts of the country and the author can choose to serve in one of those private hospitals. I have also come across UK qualified doctors serving in public hospitals who can vouch that they learn more in Malaysian hospitals than in UK or other third countries. And these Doctors do not mind to start fresh with less wages as long as they get the experience. Isn't experience our best teachers?

Videos? Yes, there are some who hog the limelight saying the wrong words at the right time. Some uttered the word "keluar" whilst not less opposition members who uttered obscenities and vulgarity in the august house. The author must be too young and too naive to fall into the trap. Ask how the house veterans taunted the younger MPs and someday the author will realise that both sides (government and opposition) dance the same tune in the august house.

It is the author's choice to move on, if that is what he feels best. Nothing and noone is stopping him. It is his future and being more than 18 (you don't graduate from medical school below 18 unless you are Doggie Howser MD), I wish him the best. On the same note, I will also say that the author is actually running from his responsibility to right what is wrong (at least to his eyes). I will add something more - I will also say that the author is "mata duitan" and cannot call himself "pejuang" because he is shirking his duty to stand up against the establishment. Enough said on that...Ah, yes by the way, this is an old letter, isn't it because someone said that this letter has been circulating for some time now.

The second which I am going to touch on today is about Anwar going after Syariah court over 'delay'. Basically, the news mentioned that Anwar is going after the Syariah court because :-

  1. Anwar wants to ask the Kuala Lumpur syariah court on its "intentional delay";
  2. Anwar claimed that his former aide has falsely accussed him of sodomy;
  3. Anwar has filed the case 2 years ago;
  4. Anwar hopes that the syariah court will clear him of malicious allegation;
  5. Under syariah law, the former aide will be required to produce 4 credible witnesses to back up his claim, failing which he will declared a fasid (unreliable person);
Do you think just because his name is Anwar Ibrahim, I am going to blindly accept that his action is justified? First and foremost, I would rather have Anwar to explain what has he done since lodging his claim in the syariah court? Has he taken all the necessary steps to facilitate the syariah court officers in the case? Or does Anwar knows whether the syariah court has the necessary jurisdiction to hear the case?

Is there any counter allegations from the former aide? Has the aide been called to give his statements? Is the aide co-operating with the syariah court officials? Anwar, being a former DPM must surely know that the syariah court do not have enforcement and sufficient investigation officers to carry out proper and comprehensive investigation. Is Anwar looking for loopholes to blame the syariah court for the inadequacies?

Even if the syariah court commence its hearing on this case, Anwar will rightly know that there is no way for the former aide to produce 4 credible witnesses. Why? The reasons are simple, really. It all boils down to the conditions of becoming a credible witness. How do you expect a witness to have a "ringside" seating witnessing the sodomy? And apart from that the witnesses accounts (all 4 of them) must be consistent, word by word. Can the aide find them? Please note that videos and recordings are not accepted as evidence.

That said, I regards Anwar's latest move is to put extra burden and pressure to syariah courts. Anwar is good at doing that but sometimes he overestimate his capability and thinks that he is the only one right. Regretfully, I am not one of those guys who will blindly follow Anwar to jump into rivers and get drowned.

I see this as more of Anwar's diversionary tactic. You know, it's getting tired to hear the sodomy case. Appeal here, appeal there and yet the real hearing have yet to start. Maybe Anwar is using the syariah court so that he can later claimed that his civil case could not proceed as the syariah court is in session...Like this, when can end? Or is Anwar purposely highlighting this issue so that noone will ask him what he thinks about the high court judgement?

The third? The third also deals with Islam but this time about polygamy. Truthfully I heard one Ustaz claimed that "harbouring intention to practise polygamy is a man's dreams but to fulfill the needs and the responsibilities is a man's burden". Malaysian insider reported about a man who have 4 wives and briefly mentioned that :-

  1. Polygamy is a way to overcome social ills (extra marital affairs, prostitution);
  2. Ikhwan polygamy club is suspected as an attempt to revive Al-Arqam because the woman who established the club is a wife of Ashaari, the Al-Arqam leader;
  3. The club claimed that its aim is to help single mothers and women to find husbands;
  4. Members get together regularly for meetings and counselling;

On this matter,let me just say ; the least said, the better. Why? I am not an advocate of polygamy. Although Islam has the provisions for polygamy but at the same time Islam calls for fairness in treating the wives. Something that I believe not many men can do. Heck, even one Datuk who married an artiste could not be fair and thus ended up divorcing his first wife. Can I add that even a top judge could not handle what chances do commoners (meaning laymen) have? Of course, unless you are P Ramlee and you follow his tactics as in Madu Tiga. But watch out, if the guys watched the movie, the gals also watches the same movie. Moral of the story; if you can't afford to be fair then stick to one and only one :)

There you have it, My take on three issues that is coming by the sidelines when the court grants a stay order on Herald's using the word "Allah" in their publication pending an appeal. In that aspect, I believe I can see some glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. The ball is now at the religious scholars' feet. I know they do not play soccer as good as Arsenal, but I trust they can all sit down to find an amicable solution. Why waste time and efforts going up and down the courts' staircases?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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Monday, January 04, 2010

Of value dilution, withering expectations and ...

It seems my expectations are withering by the day. Once, some of us curse the living daylights of one late Federal court judge. It does not stop there.
  1. Words don't come easy. And this time it is not a song sung by FR David. It is more of looking and reflecting on what happened which, to me, basically rocked the very foundation of our pillars.
  2. Yes, this is about the court's decision on the use of the word 'Allah' by Herald, a newspaper produced by Malaysian's Roman Catholics.
  3. Others may choose to view the case and the issue from a different angle and point of view. I choose to look at it from our continual ability to dilute our age-old values. Actually, dilution is a mild word. It is more of breaking down our age-old values and mutual understandings.
  4. Are we heading towards a secularist state? Are we going the way of rejecting or exclusion of religion and religious consideration from state affairs? To me, by allowing civil courts to determine what is right and what is wrong, especially with matters relating to religious considerations is a step closer to promoting a secular state.
  5. All religions taught its believers to be better persons. I have not come across a religion which glorifies violence nor have I see any religion demanding its believers to destroy the world that we live in. In short, religions taught us to be in harmony with our surroundings.
  6. Having said that, what are my thoughts on Roman Catholics using the word 'Allah' in their publication? Before I proceed any further, this posting is not meant to be provocative nor is it meant to create tensions from parties involved. If some of you have that pre-meditated thoughts, then it is better for you to vent off your thoughts elsewhere...
  7. My first reaction to the whole issue is simple - I have never come across reading bibles (English) that mentioned 'Allah' as the supreme being. That said, I would stand by a simple statement - Quran has been handed down from generations to generations and the verses has always been in Arabic and translations of its verses are included.
  8. The problem lies here - the Bible has been printed in many languages until it has lost its original meaning and on top of that there are many versions of the Bible and thus it is difficult to determine which is the original Bible.
  9. The second reaction is that of confusion. If the Romans Catholics are allowed to use the word 'Allah' then is it a blanket approval for the Protestants, and other religious beliefs to use the word 'Allah'? Is the word 'Allah' becoming generic? All because the high court of Malaysia say so?
  10. Some pounced on exclusivity. My reaction is again simple - why jump at exclusivity. In Kuran, there is a short verse mentioning that Allah does not begets nor is He begotten. That, to me is the Islamic exclusivity for Allah.
  11. So, what is the solution? Are we letting the courts to decide on our religious beliefs and differences? The Herald editor has called for calm whilst TV3 in its Buletin Utama issued correction to their earlier reporting and now stated that Nik Aziz suggested scholars from both religion to it down and amicably resolve the thorny issue.
  12. This is not the time to come out with rhetorics or gloating that can make matters worse. There are agent provocateurs who loved to see us divided and in disarray. It takes us years to build mutual trust and mutual respect but it can just take an instance to destroy the trust that we jointly build in this land we call Malaysia.
  13. MSM and bloggers should play active role in diffusing tension. In this case, I would rather see religious scholars to sit down and discuss the issue with open hearts. If they cannot do that, then they are not "religious" enough to lead us in matters related to religions and beliefs...
  14. And that leads me to comment on MCA's stand. Being politicians, it is better for MCA leaders to stay out and let the religious scholars sort it out. No need to make matters worse. Having UMNO lashing out on the issue is already bad enough...
  15. It seems my expectations are withering by the day. Once, some of us curse the living daylights of one late Federal court judge. It does not stop there. The adverse comments continue even after his demise. Then, out of the blue, Karpal "Singh is King" remarked “He was one of the best judges we had, we can’t deny that,” and he continued “We are deeply saddened by his demise as he was a role model for us to strive to be successful in life,”
  16. Based on Karpal's sattement (or is it eulogy?), it sets me asking, is Karpal being kind or is he stating teh facts? If he is just trying to be kind, then all is well. But if his statement is based on facts, then is Karpal implying that the late Judge is correct in his verdict that "rocked" the nation years ago? If the Judge was right, then why did thousands protested which ultimately leads to March 8, 2008? Are we all blinded?
  17. Even if the Judge makes a wrong decision (based on facts laid out for his judgement), Karpal's statement that the Judge was one of the best we had frightens me. Imagine - if one of the best can make a monumental mistake, then what can we expect from those judges who are not "one of the best"? That is the reason for me to say withering expectations...
  18. Last but not least, it is understood that the Government is appealing on the 'Allah' judgement. On this, this much I can say - if the Federal court is still dragging its feet to hear Perak's MB vs MB, then what chances do I have to see the higher courts accelerate its hearing on the appeal? Even if it did, and if the Government wins the appeal, does that make everybody happy? Will it not fuel more speculation and fuel my stand on withering expectations?

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...
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