Monday, August 31, 2015

Of Yellow hangover...

BERSIH is over. My initial thoughts...

It has been a long time since I last post anything. It is not because of lack of issues but I see that it is pointless to get myself riled up for something the masses will not understand.

Although my colleagues make an all-out effort to attend BERSIH 4.0, I choose not to attend the yellow movement. The issues and the points are still there. eck, even Tun M chose to see the rally first hand. Me? I choose to opt out. The reasons will be hopefully listed below.

It is my choice and my style to write from the heart. And this is no exception.

Why I chose to sit out? First, the marathon-style rally is not our style. Not when we are a multi-racial, multi ethnic, multi-religion society. BERSIH 4.0 intention is noble from their point of view but do they consider.. the long rally and overnight rally opens the possibility of our young to be involved in social problems? Yes.. the organisers may say it is up to them but it is the responsibility of BERSIH 4.0 to ensure that these young generation especially the girls are well taken care.

Hate PAS and say what you want. I back their position to stay away from BERSIH 4.0. If you guys do not understand why, sit back and reflect with an open mind why PAS choose that path. I choose to salute PAS for their stand and on the same breath abhors GHB for their stand.

GHB was fine. They feel that because they backed Anwar as the possible future PM, they will go all out to stick to their beliefs. I will not put pictures here but when Mad Sabu allowed himself to be photographed together with his fan(s) in a questionable post, it reflects their stand and lack of stature. Think.. if Hadi or the late Tuan Guru is around, will they allow themselves to be in the same predicament as Mad Sabu?

That is not all... I see the police has been generous in allowing the rally to go on for the marathon. What I see on Sunday is utter disrespect to the authorities. Is it not paintings on the tarred road of Dataran Merdeka when the organisers know fully well that the stretch will be used for National day parade?

Next, Tun M make a brief appearance in Pasar Seni. Did you guys read what Tian Hua said? Did you guys listen to what Mat Sabu said? Blatant disrespect to Tun M.

Should I say more? Surely, I will... One thing for sure...I am back!!

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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