Thursday, April 09, 2015

Of "Serba salah"...'s not that new song. This is from R. Azmi's 40's song...

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Some claim it is blowing hot and cold between Tun M and 1MPM6. Whatever it is, I see it as a point of no return... Someone or something got to give...sooner or later.

Like 1MPM6, I too choose "elegance silence" for the past week, step back and see where the country is heading. What I see is not a pleasant scanario.

The Chinese strongly believe in bad omen. It is not good to mix joyous occasion with death. Unfortunately, nobody tells this to 1MPM6 when he opted to pay his last respects to Lee Kuan Yew when he is in the midst of celebrating his daughter's wedding.

A few days ago, 1MPM6 lost two of his trusted lieutenants in the fatal helicopter crash in Kajang. And shortly before that, another of his trusted lieutenant were called to meet his Maker.

Three within a space of 4 days. This should be a time for 1MPM6 to do some soul searching. I called it "Muhasabah"...

Last week has been a rough ride for Anwar too. He lost his father almost on the same day Jamaluddin Jarjis lost his.

1MPM6 lost three of his trusted lieutenants, Anwar lost his father...could it be a subtle way from Him? I mean, whilst everybody is taking sides for or against Kelantan's wish to implement Hudud, both 1MPM6 and Anwar has set their elegant silence regarding the issue. Are they for or against? Since both are leaders of their respective packs, they should made their stance known. They did not...

Is it because they are undecided ie "serba salah"? To second Hudud means losing portion of their supporters but going against is definite no-no as Muslims. And that brings us to the "muhasabah" issue.

Whilst 1MPM6 celebrate his daughter's wedding, he lost three of his closest confidante. Jamaluddin Jarjis, for good or for worse, is his closest confidante. They were together in the same UMNO division before Jamaluddin Jarjis "moves" to Rompin. By that move, both of them avoid "meeting" each other for the Division Head post. For that, 1MPM6 is forever linked to Jamaluddin until death do them apart.

Facing mounting issues such as the Altantunya "mystery", GST, 1MDB, 1MPM6 needs to look within himself and ask - Did I do something wrong? Am I on the right path as Malaysian leader? Am I in the driver seat or am I letting Malaysia runs on auto pilot?

The same goes for Anwar. Losing someone close is a reminder that we too, one day, will be meeting our Maker. So Anwar should ask himself - Am I as clean as I should be? Am I innocent of all charges? Did I do something heiniously mischievous? Am I "Malaysia first, family second" guy? Am I free from nepotism which I accused other of committing?

Both 1MPM6 and Anwar should also ask themselves - What they have against Hadi's intention to table private bill on Hudud? What is their main intention - to grab power or to submit to His laws?

Some may ask why I am taking such a stance where Hudud is concerned. My friend yesterday asked me the same question. My reply " I am a Muslim and as a Muslim, I am His servant and will follow His laws and abstain from things that comes with His wrath. I make it clear that as human I have my weakness and for that reason, I am always seeking His forgiveness and compassion. The same for all who profess "Allah is the One God and Mohamad pbuh is His messenger".

It is not my intention to give a sermon but...Do you guys know that Hudud was implemented in Medina on the 2nd year of Mohamad's Hijrah from Mekah? Do you know that for the next 9 years when Hudud was implemented in Medinah, only 1 person was found and sentenced guilty under Hudud? Do you realise that during Abu Bakar's time as caliphate, only 2 cases were trialled under Hudud? The message here is simple. If Hudud is implemented in Kelantan, the Hudud laws is not as draconian as some painted it to be.

If some argue that Hudud is irrelevant and is not applicable in our country, do you know that when Hudud was implemented in Medinah, only 30 % of the population are Muslims? That means, it is applicable even in a non-Muslim majority society. Why? God know best what is good for His creation...

Back to 1MPM6...1MPM6 can choose to zip his lips if others raised the question..but this time Tun M is asking the same question as we have been asking for the past many years. 1MPM6 can't afford to keeo his mouth shut as that will brings many implications. Tun M has valid reasons and questions. All 1MPM6 needs to do is to own up to Malaysians.

To me, I see an easy way out for 1MPM6. Put Tun M as candidate for Permatang Pauh. If Tun M wins, itis a boost for BN and a morale demon for PKR. If Tun M lost, it is Tun M's political death. Whichever way, 1MPM6 wins. is not over. If Tun M wins Permatang Pauh, then maybe 1MPM6 can open the door to PM's office for Tun M to return to the hot seat.

1MPM6 is not a political analyst. He will disdain this idea and will find a sacrificial goat for Permatang Pauh. Why? 1MPM6 is in such a dire state of "serba salah" that everything he touch is rotten... my feeling? "The end is near..."

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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