Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Of Goyang and shaky...

"Goyang". That's my answer to my lunchtime friend when he ashed for my opinion on BN. And if that is too long, is the 5-letter word "shaky" suffice to describe BN's position today?

It is not too late for 1MPM6 to sacrifice for BN, His fidgeting and fumbling to dissolve the parliament is not only costing BN valuable seats but drag Malaysian economy down as well.

Najib is proven to be an extra baggage nobody wants. When Muhyiddin awarded to Putri Kedah a Physical Education program worth millions in USA, Najib's best answer is to urged that the issue should not be politicised. Never mind that Muhyiddin got his "doctorate" recently from USSA (United States Sp[orts Academy) which happens to be the main benefactor of Muhyiddin's "generosity".

When BSKL goes south with FGV dipping below its IPO, do you think Najib has the guts to call Isa Samad? I doubt it because Isa happened to be MB Negeri Sembilan when Najib was caught with his pants down in PD. So, Najib has no choice but to let the matter passed even at the expense of FELDA settlers, initially thought out by his father. With that, our public funds will be called in to prop up FGV in whihever way possible, all for GE 13 dressing!

Whilst all eyes are on Sharifah Zohran in the past week and possibly this week too, I am more concern with RCI on Sabah illegals. Consider these :-

  1. The main witnesses thus far are those who have been detained under ISA and used to be government officials;
  2. Why do these witnesses came to peninsular Malaysia to sign off the documents when it can be done in Sabah?;
  3. Why do the same witnesses chose to stay in Aziz Shamsuddin's house when they have travel allowance to cover their official duties?;
  4. Why can't they sign off the documents in their headquarters, if it is too urgent and need to be done, settled there and then?

That's only the beginning. Now, let's take a step further. Remember 308? During GE 12, BN was trashed badly in peninsular Malaysia that it needs to rely on both Sabah and Sarawak to hang onto Putrajaya. Has anybody asked - what if?

What if there is no illegals given blue IC and the right to vote in Sabah? Will we have Pakatan Rakyat governing Malaysia now? The possibility is there because by many accounts, there are possibilities of up to 100,000 ICs were distributed in Sabah. And if all these 100K "instant voters" are instrumental to BN wins in Sabah, then it is not impossible for the same to affect the composition of parliamentary seats. I cringe at the thoughts that we might have an "illegal government" for the past 4 years!!

It is time for the government to come clean and put everything on the table. Do Malaysia offer citizenships to the rest of the world too? Is there any IC holders from Serbia, Bosnia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Rohinga? And if there is, how many of them are here to vote?

For the time being, SPR is playing a musical chair game with us. SPR puts the responsibility to the Registration Department (because they issue the ICs). The Registration Department may turn the table and lay the blame on Immigration Department for providing all the supporting documents.

In the end, the final end, the real losers are we Malaysians who are born, bred, educated, lived and die here. 

Will Malaysians be held "hostage" by "instant voters" in determining our future? Think about it...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

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